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I had previously made a post that listed a couple of my current reads. This post will be about the one I finally finished reading. These books are taking me longer to read than usual but I finally finished one of them.

This will be focused on Natasha Preston’s The Fear, and just as I had predicted before, it was definitely a nail-biting emotional roller coaster.

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One thing out of many that I like in Natasha’s books is that something almost immediately happens instead of making the reader wait with a slow build up. I promise to try to keep the details as brief as possible in case you may want to read it in which I definitely recommend it. But, if you don’t like cliffhangers, then I would recommend avoid reading almost any of Natasha Preston’s books. That is one of the main things she’s known for in her writing. I think she’s only ever written one series, but I didn’t read it. The only book that I have read that didn’t end in a cliffhanger is The Cellar, which was her first book. It’s also very good and one of my favorites:)

Anyways, I’m done chasing rabbits, back to talking about The Fear. The book is set in a small town in the dead of winter that was the origin of a viral meme post in which it asked what your worst fear was. Izzy, the main character, seems to be the only one refraining from reposting the meme sharing her worst fear. It was just a joke until Izzy finds that a few classmates had been killed in the same way they said they feared. She of course wishes to find the person responsible and comes across a few characters to try, or pretend to try, to help her. She soon goes deeper and deeper in the case to the point there is zero turning back as she’s about to be faced with her worst nightmare.

I could honestly talk about the book and how it made me feel from the first page to the last all day. But I don’t wanna spoil it too much because I would want y’all to read it first:)

But another thing I liked about the book is that it gave me a little bit of breathing room before the next big thing happened, otherwise I’d have no nails left to bite. Each plot twist, in my opinion, fit really well in the story. They weren’t the kind where in my head I’ll say “well, that doesn’t go well with the story”, like you’re almost finished with a puzzle and you have one piece left to put in it, but instead of putting the right piece in it, you took a piece of another puzzle and tried to force it in first puzzle.

I’m gonna give you a full warning, if you do choose to read it and I’m not trying to discourage you from doing so, but please don’t get too attached to any of the characters. For your heart’s sake, please don’t.

Anyways, That’s all I have to say on this book, hopefully I’ll be done with the other one I’ve talked about in another post by next week and make a post about it.

See you next week:)

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  1. I love how consistent you are when writing your blogs. The series never go on too long, and it never gets confusing. I enjoy that you update us on things such as this instead of just leaving us hanging. Great Job!

  2. I love how you have a theme in all of your blogs and they are nice to read. I like hearing about your book interests because we have two very different preferences there.

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