Mini Talk on Description

While I do not know how adept I am at describing my processes, I figure it’s better to try than not, because the topic for this post is writing description! Writing description is one of my favorite things to do in writing. Kind of. There’s a lot of things I like about writing.

First of all, this is basic knowledge, but it’s important you use all kinds of senses in description. Not only does it improve your work, but it also includes people who may not have certain senses, such as smell, sight, sound, etc. While writing this I thought, “Well, there’s some exceptions, like when someone screams, what else can you do but say they scream?” But then I realized I was literally ignoring one of my favorite things to do, which is translating senses into different senses. I feel the best way to describe this is with some examples.

“The choked shriek crashes into you like a wave, drenching your psyche in icy terror that sends prickles across your skin.”

“The deep red and magenta hues of the dress brought to mind the feeling of smooth gemstones.”

“The hot cocoa smelt like soft, cozy moments by the fireplace.”

Of course, these have to make sense, but also I’m the type of person that feels these things sometimes. Birds chirping being popping bubbles of colors sounds like it makes sense to me. An emotion feeling mustard yellow makes sense to me. For someone who doesn’t feel these things, I’d imagine they’d have to draw off of researching symbolisms and thinking about association. Ironically I struggle on how to describe crafting this method. I ask, “Why does X feel like X?” Does a bite feel like a kiss because the character is so used to being bitten? Does the personality of someone feel minty green because they’re calm? Things like that.

There are a bunch of more tips I can think of, but I don’t want to make this blog too long. Hope this mini talk helped!


My first thought for this post was to write about the experience of taking a nap on a damp picnic table. 

My second thought for this post was, “Is that enough?”

My third thought for this post was everything cluttered inside my brain.

As I sit at this keyboard, my skull feels like a bog of allergies and stuffiness, yet my heart beats with the urge to create so fiercely that I feel my chest melting. My fingers feel somewhat electric at the bone, and I want to write everything. I do not yearn for coherence. I want to feel the worn plastic of the keyboard bend beneath my fingertips as I write everything without a care. I want to break into sprawling prose about the raindrops pattering onto concrete after a storm, I want to write about the moments of bliss on the picnic table as I heard the world around me, I want to write the orange and textured beat that is playing in the background, I want to write map ideas for a project, I want to write- It would all jump from one topic to the next, thoughts blending together in impulsive dialogue and handmade quotes. It would mention a character’s unamused glare in a spiral of nature descriptors, observing the jumbled vines of words for one reason or another. It would describe how it feels to flex your hands above your head, with the joints stretching and skin pressing into muscles, before detailing the wooden window blinds in front of me and how they might taste. It would go on about the feeling of wiping up dust on the pad of your thumb, then break down into bullet points on worldbuilding and gods. It would wonder if my mind sounds as enthralling as I think it to be, or if I am living in the emotion of writing  too much, and go on a whole page spiel on the undermining of emotions. It would branch into the feeling of a warm embrace through the eyes of another being, then the eyes of a moth begging for the attention of a lantern. It would bubble up with sci fi horror, as wishing for the lantern’s attention is the equivalent of knocking on death’s door, then simmer down as I sternly think about frigidness seeping through the moths exoskeleton. It would leave me with a page of incoordination. It would leave me with a page I would love dearly. Despite it all, it would leave me a page that would make me wonder: 

“Is that enough?”

Ranking Animals from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hello! Recently, a certain new live action came out, prompting me to instead binge watch the original animated series. There are a lot of thoughts I have on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but for this blog I’ve decided to create a tier list of my favorite creatures from the series!

1. Appa

Of course, the first on this list either has to be Appa or Momo. Though I love both very much, I ended up putting Appa in first place due to everything he does for the group. Aang’s sassy “Why don’t we all get on your back and you can fly us to the north pole?!” quote lives rent free in my head. Appa is also insanely adorable, and I love his character design! He reminds me of one of my dogs, too, in all honesty, and I say that very lovingly.

2. Momo

Momo my beloved! I love this silly little guy and all his iconic moments, plus, his theme rocks. I also love the thought of a bat lemur- the two combined work so well! Animal sidekick characters tend to be glossed over in my mind, but for some reason Momo didn’t fall subject to that. He fit in with the group from his first introduction, and it makes me happy that not all the creatures of the air nation are gone. May his adorable eyes stare into your soul.

3. Bosco

Bosco! I think a big part of why I love him is because he’s a bear. Just a bear, and the show plays off of that. The comedy surrounding him overall is a big part of why he’s on this list, I think. The way the earth king asks Bosco for his opinions and the way everyone treats this wild animal as royalty is ridiculous. Bosco is also very cute in the scenes he has.

 4. Shirshu

If not for the personalities and building of the previously mentioned, shirshus would be at the top of this list. First of all, the design is absolutely baller- I really love the droopy fur, star-nosed mole face, and the simple patterning. The stance of them also gives off such vibes in general- like they’re going to rip your face off. I also love the paralyzing tongue whip and the sheer monstrosity of their sense of smell. Can you imagine moving to the other side of the world after committing a crime, only for some huge, growling animal to burst down your door, knowing what you did? Amazingly terrifying!

5. Koala sheep

I need everyone to see koala sheep. Literally look at them. Look at their smushed faces, big noses, and fluffy ears. Look at their cottony wool. What is there not to love about them, apart from them being part koala and koalas being pretty horrible? Nothing! They’re adorable and act chill even when Aang screams into one like a pillow. I wish these dudes existed in reality.

Frog Blog: Fantastic Fellas!

Frogbloginning (Frog-blog-beginning) 

It is time…

…for a frog blog. It feels like it’s been a good bit since I’ve last written one, and there’s still so many frogs to share! However, before we get into specific frogs, I figured I’d share a fun frog fact! Unlike other animals, frogs can see color in the dark. It’s one thing to have night vision, but being able to see color in extreme darkness is insane! You can read more about it here, which is where I learned this.

Turtle Frog (Myobatrachus gouldii)


LOOK AT THAT FACE. THAT SHAPE. An adorable specimen if I’ve ever seen one. As you may have guessed from the face, turtle frogs are a species of burrowing frog! Their methods of digging into soil face forward is what caused them to evolve their unique appearance. They also don’t hop, which I suspect may also be because of the whole burrowing thing. There are more frogs that don’t hop than you’d expect. Also, their main diet is termites!

Indian Bullfrog/Indus Valley Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus)


“WHAT IS THAT?!” “Are those the same frog?!”

These are Indian bullfrogs, and the answer is yes! These beautiful babies have different appearances based on their respective sexes and seasons due to sexual dimorphism. When mating season comes around, male Indian bullfrogs adorn glamorous yellow coloration and purple/blue/they can’t decide(if you should live or die) vocal sacs! The yellow reminds of a dirty highlighter, but I say this as a loving basic observation. They look absolutely rad. The females remain the same brownish color all year, but they don’t need to impress- plus their eyes look as if they know all of your sins. These frogs also don’t stop growing their whole lives, and the females are typically larger than the males.

Horned Marsupial Frog (Gastrotheca cornuta)

(Source 1) (Source 2)

Oh boy; these guys are practically on their own level of frog-existence. They also look adorable with their angular little faces and goat shaped eyes! However, the truly amazing thing about these fellas is that they’re the only species of frog with actual, true teeth on its lower jaw. Not fleshy stumps, not almost-teeth-but-lacking-enamel-so-they’re-not-really-teeth, actual teeth. What’s even more is that this species straight up re-evolved said set of lower jaw teeth, kicking Dollo’s law of irreversibility in the face and giving way to discovering how many frogs have evolved, lost, and re-evolved teeth in the past. This isn’t even the end of ride, either. Female horned marsupial frogs carry their eggs in a pouch on their backs, and these eggs hatch as fully-formed frogs. They also don’t hop and make a ‘bop’ noise. I love them. Horribly, they’re endangered due to a myriad of human-related issues and chytridiomycosis disease, which affects frogs worldwide. 

Frogblogending (Frog-blog-ending)

I had a lot of fun writing this post! Then again, It’s hard to not have fun reading about these cool little guys while looking at pictures of them for research. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the marsupial frog even existed until recently! This was a great opportunity to spend some time learning about it.

A Selection of Songs: Character Playlists Edition

Character playlists are exactly what they sound like: song playlists that are themed around characters. I’ve always loved the idea to them, but I struggle to create any myself. When choosing songs to represent my characters, I tend to ping-pong between being extremely nitpicky or looking for a specific vibe, leaving the pickings scarce. A part of me thinks it’s neat it’s so hard for me to find fitting songs, because perhaps that’s a testament to how out there my characters are, but that may be giving myself too much credit. In any case, as of now I have two character playlists- one for a whole group (12 songs) and one for one character (8 songs.) For this blog post, I figured I’d pick some songs from said playlists and talk about them!


Icicles by The Scary Jokes

The first thing that drew me to this song was the cover. Pink? Check. Playful imagery? Check. Scary or surreal imagery? Also check- all of these things line up with a certain pastel puppeteer of mine. Bonus points for the joke theme and violent lyrics, because that’s also right up her alley. I say this in the best way possible, but this song sounds like it would be on a stressed out teenage girl’s playlist for 3:00 am mental breakdowns. That vibe is also extremely fitting; I love it. The overall meaning of this song, at least in my interpretation, is dealing with repressed anger due to trauma, which is another check for the character box. She doesn’t repress her anger too much anymore, but she did so daily in her past.

Terror adhaerens by Yuki Kajiura

I could not create this list without mentioning a track by Yuki Kajiura, especially when it reminds me of a special interest character of mine. Contrary to the cute cover, this song is an embodiment of dread and hopelessness. The string instruments, which is something I always look for when it comes to this character, create such a sharp, creeping melody. When listening to this song, I can perfectly see a gray, blank landscape with foggy clouds and muddy soil. The song also kicks into a desperate tone further in, but desperate in a way that makes me think of gritted teeth and self destruction. Needless to say, it went straight into the character playlist. I do wish there were more fast paced, fuming songs with string instruments, though.


ព្រោះតែអូន (Because of You) by Sinn Sisamouth 

This song is more the source of inspiration than it is a direct character assignment, but it still reminds me of a character. This song is a Khmer oldie themed around love, and the sound immediately caught me. Something about this song is just so… sunset-sunrise sky colored, and it makes me think of sunlight and devotion. Listening to it lead to the creation of a motherly, yet stubborn Khmer woman with orange clothing and sunflower embroidery. She’s grown since her creation, but I definitely think this is a song she would enjoy. The meaning would remind her of her passed husband. (Sorry about that, by the way.) (You’re still not getting him back though.)


End of the Universe by Gooseworx

This is such a wonderfully goofy song, complete with a sense of otherworldly power and imminent doom. Those aspects alone, paired with the fact that this is carnival music, fits so extremely well with my pain-obsessed clown who should not have been given the power to exist outside of reality. Seriously. Who thought that would be a good idea. Oh, wait, I made them. Anyways, moving on, I think another reason this song fits so well is because of how unserious it sounds. You will never see this character take a singular moment seriously, even in the face of the atrocities they commit on a daily basis. The title itself also makes my brain happy, as this character’s story heavily revolves around universes and immortality. They have been at the end of a universe plenty of times, and there is no exit in sight. 

Tasty Tips for Character Creation!

There are so many things about writing that I love, but one of my favorite things is writing characters. Keep in mind that I am a frog that knows how to type, but for this post, I figured I could share some character writing/creation advice! This is not professional advice, but if it works for me, it might work for other people as well.

Where Does One Begin?

Personally, I begin when an idea explodes from nothingness and inserts itself into my brain. I look around at the world, think while listening to music, take note of conversations I like or think would be interesting, think of concepts I want to use somehow, and I grab them. The concepts don’t have to be character concepts- world concepts, interaction concepts, battle concepts, and more all work. They work because in order to refine those concepts, creating a character for them is just natural. Thinking of battle sequences can give you ideas on how characters move, how they hold themselves, their experiences, and personalities. The same goes for interaction concepts. World concepts are harder to create characters for, but I think it’s helpful to think about what you want to explore in that world. Once you figure that out, then you can start building a character/characters who would explore those things.

If you have a concept or thought you want to use, but have nowhere to put it, or you’re stuck building it, etc, do not cast it aside. Write that concept down and mark it. Don’t feel like you have to use that concept immediately. Sometimes I’ll have sudden ideas for concepts that have been on the shelf for months, or I’ll be working on something else and realize an old concept I had would fit perfectly inside it.

Character Notes? I Keep All My Info Inside My Head.

I can almost agree. I sort of do this now, and I used to do it all the time, but then I found out just how amazing the power of notes are. You don’t need to write eloquent paragraphs on character personalities, make diagrams, or any of that stuff if you don’t want to. It gets easier with time, yes, but personally I find copy-pasting or writing down rambles to friends far easier. Ask someone you feel comfortable with if you can rant to them about a concept, then take those rambles and put them into your notes. It’s helped me so much. You can totally go back and edit your notes, too, if you feel like it!

It may also be helpful to put big events / core characteristics you know won’t change / things you for sure want to keep / etc. in bullet points off to the side. That way you can get a quick overview, and you don’t have to rewrite core elements if your character ends up changing. Or if you need to change a core element. In any case, I recommend keeping a separate document full of things you’ve changed, most importantly in early development stages.

I Just Can’t Get Invested In This Character…

(having both bad and good characteristics in characters, even if the character is supposed to be a good guy or bad guy)

Sometimes, with new characters, I have a lot of trouble becoming invested in them. It feels more like I’m looking at a sheet of characteristics, or I’m writing someone I’m entirely disconnected from. What I’ve come to realize is that when that happens, its because the character doesn’t have enough negative or positive traits, at least for me. Adding negative traits to a ‘good guy’ and adding positive traits to a ‘bad guy’ makes them feel so much more lifelike, and therefore easier to connect to. Or maybe it’s that it makes them more interesting, and therefore more fun to write. Either way, it works! Little positive and negative traits can help, but in my opinion, the best stuff is when you go all out. It’s even better when the negative traits effect other people, not just themselves. Here are some examples:


  • Uncaring towards others, but tries to be caring for (reason). Or just uncaring to one or a few people in particular.
  • Often underestimates (or overestimates) people/circumstances/etc. Depending on what you choose, it will have different effects.
  • Not breaking the law, but creepy or weird. 
  • Extremely critical/judgmental


  • Family is extremely important to them.
  • Funny, charismatic, etc.
  • Kind of positive? Thinks they’re doing the right thing, when they’re really not.
  • Animal lover (frog lover)

And there are so many more you can create!

Special Interests

I’ve had a multitude of special interests (also known as hyperfixations) over my life. They’ve lasted for years- the shortest one being my first, I believe, and it was on the LEGO movie, which I watched at least fifty-one times according to my counter. I was really young then, and the movie still slaps. My interests shifted as I grew. Undertale, Steven Universe, a myriad of Danganronpa characters from all across the games… Wings of Fire and Warrior Cats were probably special interests too, at one point. Despite how many times my special interests have changed, it wasn’t until recently that a thought occurred to me, years into a hyperfixation I knew was a hyperfixation at the time:

“What will happen when I change hyperfixations? Will I feel like I’ve betrayed my old one? Will I not love it anymore? Will it not make me smile? Will I even notice if its gone, and if I don’t, is that worse? What if I just never change hyperfixations?” 

These thoughts terrified me. Change is a frightening thing, and I really did think I’d feel guilty- like I would be turning my back on the characters that had meant so much to me for years upon years.

Anyways, guess who changed hyperfixatons not that long ago? Surprise, past me, it’s me, and changing special interests didn’t hurt you. It does feel kind of weird, though, which is why I’m writing this post. 

I still love my past special interest, but past me was kind of right. It doesn’t make me smile like it used to. Not in a bad way, mind you- it makes me smile sometimes, but in a mellow way that’s nothing akin to the “oh my gosh are you ready for a five hour rant about this subject” smile it gave me previously. Thinking about it that way does make me kind of sad, but its true. It also sounds harsher on paper than it actually feels. 

Another thing that interests me about this change is that my current special interest is on my own character and my friend’s character, who are story-related. This is my first time having a special interest on something that isn’t a widely known form of media- there’s no show to go to for content, no fanart to see, no fanbase apart from my friend group. I’m already very bubbled when it comes to fandoms, so only discussing it with a small group of people isn’t new, but it’s still kind of weird. On the plus side, though- this is my own character! I can write him as my own, I can make things canon, there’s no terribly out of character fanon (aside from 3:00 am memes.) I also get to write him with my friends, and being present as a story unfolds gives me the same amount of joy as watching a show or reading. So, that’s great! 

That’s pretty much it for this blog post. Minds are interesting flesh blobs.

Inside a Mind

One of my favorite things to write is prose; specifically prose about emotion. I love to delve into my character’s feelings and try to write them with utmost detail, hoping to ignite those same feelings within the reader. I haven’t been able to write prose for a while due to other things capturing my attention, but while daydreaming, I came up with a prompt I’d love to share: getting a glimpse into a few experiences having ADHD. Or at least my version of ADHD- there’s plenty of different variants. I love looking into other people’s brains, but I have yet to find anything going into detail on neurodivergent OR neurotypical experiences. I’ve seen explanations, but not anything immersive, which makes sense. Explaining how brains feel is difficult. Still, though. I’ve figured: “Hey, if I can’t find anything, I can at least write my experiences instead!” So… here!

Keep in mind that everyone’s experiences are different, no matter what they have. I am one voice who speaks for one person: myself. 


You have so many things to do.

There’s a test in three days, laundry to do at home, a shower to take at home, a submission in a week, a math guide due tomorrow, pages to write, the fans are rumbling, you have to finish this painting, you didn’t know you had to paint two, there’s two paintings due tomorrow, your classmate is moving, the sketch won’t stay still, you have a test in three days, you have to study, you have to move classrooms, people are moving- the shuffling of chairs and art supplies fills your ears, but you can hardly hear the noise over your whirlpooling thoughts and the sight of your cluttered desk. There’s a bag of art supplies on the desk’s edge, a jug of paint water to your left, paintbrushes on paper towels to your right, a sketch in front of you, a painting in front of you, and you have to clean up. You have to move classrooms, like everyone else. You have to study for your test, you have a shower to take, you have to finish this painting, you have to finish another painting, so move, move, move, move, move. 

Your heart is beating so fast it feels nonexistent, screaming and bouncing and leaving nothing but a horrifically bright, prickly feeling in your chest as you scramble for your supplies. Cleaning up is such a simple task, and you’re already behind everyone else. Cleaning up is such a simple task, but you’re clumsy and trying to stop the feeling of your lips falling off, your eyes watering, and your tongue rolling. Everyone is doing fine. You have to clean off your paintbrushes, clean off your hands, the teacher is looking at you, your classmate is by the door, you have to throw way the paper towels, you have to move classrooms, you don’t have time to move classrooms, you have to finish  your painting, you have to take a shower, you hate showers until you get in them, you have to study for your test, your hands are shaking, you have to do your math guide, you have to finish your paintings, you have to move classrooms- the teacher calls for you to hurry up as you try to figure out how to fold your sketch. What do you do with all this supplies? Carry it? Leave it? The sketch won’t fold right, and you give the teacher a smile that you hope doesn’t look deranged. The crinkling sketch makes you want to scream; your lips feel like tiny balls of energy are exploding inside your flesh. The crinkly paper feels like it’s shaving off your fingertips and prying off your buzzing hands. You want to tear it to shreds and hit the table. Your chest feels like it isn’t there- like it’s just a gaping hole that’s serrated at the edges, sucking in your limbs and eyes and soul and filling them with prickles, prickles, prickles, FOLD, FOLD, FOLD. You shove the innocent, serene paper into your tools bag, wanting more than the sharp crumpling noise you get in return, but also wanting that noise to shut up.


It’s testing day in math class, and you’re on the fifth problem of twenty. You’re also off your ADHD medication, and while medication doesn’t solve everything, yours is pretty helpful. Not that it can help you now.

You know you need to finish the problem you’re working on, and you’re staring at the text, pencil in hand. What equation do you need to use? You read the text with furrowed brows, but the words slide across your eyelids like rain on a windowpane. You frown to yourself and try again. The words still slide, and, unbeknownst to you in the slightest, your thoughts slide with them. You stare blankly at the paper you’ve forgotten exists, imagining prose, dialogue, and interactions between your characters. You roll around some scenario that has to do with your special interest, thoroughly captivated by whatever you’ve created.

The inky forms of the text then swiftly fade back into your consciousness. You blink, maybe even jump a little bit- Oh, crap, you forgot about the test. How much time do you have left now? You need to solve this problem fast. You reread the text, having an easier time comprehending them, and move on to solving. Your special interest pops back up, and you end up imagining…

CURSES. You snap back into it again after an undetermined amount of time, still on the fifth problem of twenty. Your time concerns only grow, and you rush to finish the last of the problem- or at least, you try to. You think for too long on one section before you remind yourself of the time limit. You move onto the next problem, and it goes better. You circle your answer, look at the tiling on the floor, and you don’t realize yourself starting to think about…

There are a lot of other experiences I could share, but this blog post can only be so long! Maybe I’ll write some more eventually. For whatever reason you read these, I hope you enjoyed! Second person is pretty fun to write in.


I adore bugs. Their biology is incredibly interesting, they’re the most populous creature on the planet, they look almost alien, and they are incredibly important parts of the environment. Bugs are absolutely incredible, and I love them for it.

Past me, however, disagrees. Bugs are terrifying little critters for reasons past me can’t explain. Their twitching wings and spindly legs make past me want to scream. Their compound eyes and clicking mouths are worth past me’s tears. Is there a house fly stuck in the blinds? Time to move location. Is there a cockroach in the bedroom? Time to sleep on the couch.

That last one was actually rather recent in the grand scheme of things- it happened in 2023. So, question: how on earth am I not afraid of bugs anymore?

The answer: I’m still afraid of bugs, but I’m working on it. My fear has been steadily declining. One of my life goals is to be able to hold a bug.

I wish I could give a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of this me-metamorphosis, but memory is a murky thing. I know the driving factor in this change of heart was realizing just how amazing bugs are. Instead of thinking of them as little pests, I recognized them for the important roles they play in the cycle of life. I’m much more into weird things now than I was in the past, too, and what’s more whacky than bugs? There are some absolutely crazy bugs out there. 

There are also bugs that are strikingly beautiful!

The more I learned about bugs, the more interested in them I became. Perhaps knowing more about them lessened my fear? Maybe learning about other fears of mine will make me less afraid of them, too. Not all of my fears are as cool as little critters, though.

Whenever I think about this bug-loving journey I’m on, it reminds me of all the other ways I’ve changed, and the ways I’m still changing. With humans, I don’t think there’s an end to our metamorphosis as a whole. I think parts of us go through metamorphosis at different times, then go through the cycle again. Though maybe that opinion itself will go through metamorphosis in the future. What does it feel like to emerge from a cocoon, anyhow?

Frog Weather

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit…


Recently, it was raining buckets at school. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, but having to walk through shoe-soaking paths with a paper-thin backpack full of important items wasn’t very funky fresh. Climbing onto the bus, my socks were soaked to the bone, and it would take the entire day for my backpack and purse to completely dry. The bust seats were also watery, I had a dripping umbrella in hand, and the thought that my hair probably looked disastrous nagged at my mind. It was a fun experience to share- I have gladly added it to my brain folder for future writing reference, as I like to collect moments like trading cards- but during the moment, it was nothing special. I joined in on complaining about the weather despite how anxious complaining can make me, because it was complaint-worthy. Doing so did make me feel… not sad, but not good. Neutral with a side of “Man. This sucks.”

But then a thought came to me. My braincells aligned themselves in perfect form, and I realized something truly amazing.

“It’s frog weather.”

A likely goofy grin broke onto my face as I blurted out that thought, voice unfurling in leafy wonder. It’s frog weather. Being soaked is exactly what a little frog would love, and my shoes were squelchy like a frog’s step. Frogs slipping into mud puddles, frogs sitting in loafs on drenched trees, frogs blinking their eyes as droplets plonk onto their faces. Frog weather! 

The amount of happiness this thought gave me feels almost childish, but I love it. I remember walking to class with a smile, and I impulsively said to a passing woman, “It’s frog weather!” She said “Yeah!” in response, likely not realizing the gravity of the phrase. Frog weather! 

I think I said the words to some of my friends as well, but I know I thought it more often than I said it. Frog weather, frog weather. I loved watching the raindrops hit the classroom window, imagining the earthy, lush scent of a rainstorm outdoors, mossy and muddy and froggy with frogs. Frog weather makes rain feel so much more sparkly. Maybe someone reading this will feel the same way as I do, and they’ll beam at the pitter-patter of raindrops with thoughts of frogs.