An intense Paw Patrol rant.

Before I get started I know that “It’s a kids show” and “You’re not supposed to look that deep into it” but I would like to respond to these claims with the fact that I am also still technically a kid. This show should arguably appeal to me too. 

The first part of my rant takes on Chase. 

You may know him as the self identified leader of the patrol squad, in his defense I don’t think he’s said it himself but nonetheless. I don’t think he has earned this position, I mean if you think about it what does he reallly bring to the team. All I have seen him done is ride Ryder’s coattails. All he does is bark orders (hahahahaha) but he’s a police dog and I haven’t seen him make a single arrest. These leads into my next point, what does the Paw Patrol do, I mean sure I have seen them rescue, mostly the neighbors chicken but rescue regardless. But what are they doing to take actual crime off the streets. This also leads into the question of who is funding this whole organization. I know it can’t be Ryder he’s seven after all, which I have my own gripes about and the question of Adventure’s Bay child labor laws but that’s a whole nother conversation. Are the citizens of Adventure Bay’s taxes going to funding Paw Patrol, are they employed by the city? If that is the case do they have a seperate police force or is Paw Patrol, an orginization of puppies run by seven year old their only protection. Also where are Ryder’s parents? Is no one concerned about the safety of this little boy surrounded by heavy machinery.  

Back to Chase though, I whole heartedly think that he doesn’t deserve to be perceived as leader. On his Wiki, they define him as a police and traffic dog, but I have not seen him out there conducting traffic ONCE. In my opinion Marshall is better suited for the leader position if anything. Not only is he a fire marshall but A TRAINED PARAMEDIC. If I had to put my life in any dog’s hands it’d be his.  

My rant doesn’t end here however, it continues into the new characters the show has been adding to the series but I think I will save that for a part two considering the in depth thoughs I have on multiple characters. I also feel like it’s important to mention that I do not watch nor particularly like Paw Patrol in general.


Author: Sone’t Robinson

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5 thoughts on “An intense Paw Patrol rant.”

  1. I think that we should replace all police with just different branches of the paw patrol, I don’t care if you’re republican or democrat, that is the correct answer, and you know it.

  2. You’ve literally touched on all of the questions I be having when watching these shows with my niece and nephew. I’ve asked myself where on Earth does he get all of the money to do this, and also WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS? It’s an important question when my nephew asks me if he can be Ryder and I have to remind him that he has a mom who dares him to try this.

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