Prom Preparation


Okay, so prommmmmmm season is HEREEEE! I’m so very excited! I love dressing up, taking pictures, and being cute. Today is Tuesday March 21st and prom is on Saturday March 25th. There is so much time but no time at all. Oh my gosh, I have so much to do. I have to customize my suitemate and I’s wigs. I have to do my friend’s hair Thursday as well as get my nails and toes done. I haven’t even decided what nail design I’m getting yet. I have to do my suitemate and I’s hair Friday. I have to do another one of my classmate’s hair on Saturday.  

I still need to go find silver glitter eyeshadow and a new concealer for my makeup look, because I’m running out. I also need some black hair dye. (For my wig, I’ll never go black.) I need to get my nails done Thursday. My dress is black, and the top is a little sparkly. It has a see through corset in the middle with the back out and it’s lace up. It’s very long with a high thigh slit, and I have some platform black heels to go with it. 

I have some silver jewelry and this cute little hair clip that’s going in my updo. My wig is black, and I’m going to have an updo with curls in the front. I still don’t know exactly what my makeup is going to look like, but I do know what colors I’m using and what shape the shadow will be. Ohhhh I also have some sparkly little gems that are going on my eyes and it’s going to be so CUTE! You guys do not understand how excited I am. I only want to take pictures and dance. Everything else is just a plus. I am obsessed with my look and how it’s coming together. I can’t wait to put everything on at once.  

I’m a part of prom committee so I know how prom is going to look, since I’m helping to decorate. It’s coming along pretty well, and we have lots of help so everything should be done in time, no problem. I’m head of the cleaning committee, so after prom I have to help clean up everything before I go home, which is insane. There are no after parties or anything going on so that’s kind of weird. I’m used to over the top proms. Like met gala like proms, where people spend thousands of dollars preparing for prom and have parties before and after. They rent or buy cars for the line-up and all meet and take pictures before going to prom. This is a really different experience for me, because it’s kind of treated as any other day and people come as they are. It’s more comfortable to prepare for but not as exotic as I’m used to. I want to show you what I’m wearing, but that will probably be in next week’s blog after prom is over, and I’ll give all the details of where I got everything and how much it cost. That’s neither here nor there MSA prom 2023 HERE I COME! You guys should look out for me… 🙂  


Future Read

Hi guys! I am here with yet another blog. I do not even know how many blogs I have posted but it has been a lot and I am really running out of ideas so today I am going to be talking about some romance novels that I would like to read, but I will only be talking about one in this blog. I will most likely end up making this a series. I think I may find books that I am interested in reading and guess their plots or what events take place in the book, and after I read it, I will come back and say what I got right, wrong, and what else happens, I do not know if I will actually stick to that because I am so indecisive. 

  1. Ignite Me  

First up is a novel called “Ignite Me” by Tahereh Mafi. This book is part of a series called Shatter Me. There are 11 books in the series, and they all have “me” in the title. They go in this order. Shatter me, destroy me, unravel me, fracture me, ignite me, restore me, and finally shadow me. All of these books interest me. I do not really know why but they strike something in me and the “me” in the title makes the books feel so personal which I love. describes this book as a “dystopian fiction that tells the story of a teenage girl who has never been able to experience human touch. Labelled a freak, she finds herself locked up in an asylum where she is left in complete isolation until the re-establishment decides that they want to use her as a weapon.  

This book is so appealing to me because I love anything romantic, dramatic, and especially odd. I am assuming she has some form of powers or unnatural ability because they want to use her as a weapon but who knows? I am going to go look for this book in the library. If I do not find it, then I will definitely order it online. After I finish reading it, I will come back and update you guys on what happens, because then I will be able to fully review the book. I wonder why there are so many books in the series? I am not complaining, but I am very curious. Do you know how much can happen in 11 books? That is a lot! She must have so much patience and discipline to write a series because I could never, but I am still going to read all of them.  

Joe Goldberg Analysis

Okay, so hi everybody and as usual I have no idea what to do for this week’s blog soooo I guess I’ll be doing a character analysis of Joe Goldberg from the Netflix series “You.” Joe’s name in real life is Penn Badgley, but that’s irrelevant right now.  

Joe is a book fanatic who started off working in a library. He was abused as a child and eventually turned into an orphan where the library owner found him getting into trouble and took him in. As a result of his childhood, Joe clings to people and forms strange attachments to them. Joe doesn’t even have to know a person to become attached to them. If he looks at you and finds you appealing, then no matter how hard he tries, he can’t stay away from you. After Joe starts to find you appealing, he then wants to get to know every little thing about you and that can be a very good or a very bad thing. It can only be decided by how the person treats Joe.  

Joe doesn’t get to know a person like you and I. Getting to know a person usually happens by talking to a person, spending time with them, etc. Joe gets to know them by stalking them essentially. He watches everything they do, every place they go, and every they like. The person doesn’t usually notice the stalking right away. It usually takes a couple of weeks, after Joe starts to get sloppy. Then Joe creates this fake scenario in real life where he pretends to run into this person on accident, and then gets to know them. After the encounter with Joe most of them usually grasp a memory and realize that this isn’t the first time they’ve seen Joe, and then they get scared. Remember I said most! 

After Joe meets the person, everything he does next depends solely on the person’s reaction. If they get scared, want to call the police, or they confront Joe about what he’s been doing then he usually ends up locking them in a soundproof box he has in the basement of the library, or he knocks them unconscious and tries to resolve with them when they wake up, or he just denies everything they’ve said, but the people that he tends to cling to are typically highly intelligent so they won’t go for the lies. 

If they seem calm about it and they continue to interact with him as they would any other normal person, then he gets scared. Joe starts to panic, and Joe usually doesn’t panic. Everything he does is methodical, logical, and well thought out. Joe is a master of control. Anything out of his control scares him. If they are calm about it then he runs, and it’s only one person within the series that his ever been calm about his crazy, and she married him. Her name was Love. He, of course, couldn’t take it because their marriage wasn’t built on love it was built on the fact that they killed for one another and they held it over each other’s heads, so they felt like they owed each other something. They also had a child, but unfortunately Joe had to leave him behind with a nice family when joe killed his mother. In Joe’s defense Love did try to kill him first and he only killed her because of that, and he didn’t want his son to grow up to be like him. 

 I find Joe’s character very relatable and kind of funny to be honest. I don’t know if that makes me cynical or not, but that’s all for today’s blog see you guys next week! 

Rating Transformers AGAIN…

Hey guys! 

 It’s been a long week and honestly, I have no inspiration for my blog this week. I usually have my soul set on something special or particular that I’ve been eager to talk about but not this week, so I guess we’ll just rate more transformers, since they always boost my spirits. However, I’m tired so these will probably be the lowest ratings ever. 

Megatron: -10,000,000,000/0 

Okay starting off with Megatron. THIS DUDE SUCKSSSS! He is the leader of the decepticons but he isn’t a leader at all. His powers are kind of cool, but I will never openly admit it because he sucks so much. He’s old as dirt and makes all the other decepticons to do his dirty work. The only time he fights for himself is when Optimus Prime challenges him because he knows that Optimus Prime will tear through any other decepticon put in front of him. Megatron still always loses. I was so happy when he was put away for good, but somehow, he always finds a way to bring his old metal crawling back. 


Star Scream: 100/10 

Okay, I thought I would hate every transformer in this blog, but I love Star scream, even though he’s a decepticon. He’s really cool, but his colors remind me of the American flag and America is deceptive. He’s really sneaky, but loud at the same time. He has these huge shoulder guns that look like they could be rockets. 

Soundwave: 50/10 

He has these beautiful blues surrounding his metal frame, and even though he’s a sneaky spy, I love his intelligence. He spies on the autoboots to get information on them. He’s like a cool tech guy instead of a nerd. Not that I have anything against nerds. He just makes decoding data, and intercepting signals look so cool. 

Arcee: 1,000/10 

Next! Arcee is a bright pink autobot. She has these super long legs and boy does she know how to use them. She was/is a science bot who didn’t really have any interest in fighting until the war between the decepticons and autobots started. She’s very quick and is certainly lethal when she pulls out her crossbow. Since Arcee is a science bot she sometimes uses a technology that allows her to control up to 3 bodies all at once. I think she’s great! 

Okay guys, that’s all for this week’s blog see you guys next week. I’m going to take a nap now. 


Favorite Transformers

Hey guys! My week has been going pretty well surprisingly, but I am a little sad internally. That’s okay though, because today’s blog is going to make me feel so much better. Today I’m going to be talking about my all-time favorite transformers. If you know me, you know I’ve wanted to be a transformer since I was little, and I still do. I solely believe that one day I will gain superpowers or change form or something of that nature. I’m more into the protagonists which are auto-bots than the antagonists which are decepticons. If you’ve never watched transformers, this may be a lot to take in, but it’s worth it, and I definitely recommend watching it.  

The first transformer I have is a decepticon and his name is Bone Crusher. He is so funny to me. He has this arm/claw that seems like it belongs on a forklift or a crane or something and he grabs people, or other transformers with it. Whatever he grabs usually ends up dead or smashed. His medical feet can also fold in, and these wheels come down and he starts skating. His ability to skate is my favorite attribute about him. I also really love his tan/khaki color. The neutral color really fits his off-putting demeanor.  

The second transformer which is my favorite transformer and maybe even my favorite thing of all time and he is BUMBLEBEE!!! Even though he is young and may not have many weapons, he always seems to be successful in battle. I really like the way he and Sam bonded. It is so intriguing to me. When he first came to Earth he couldn’t speak, and he was a very old car. He then adapted a newer model car, and his vocal cords were fixed by the team’s medic so eventually he began to speak. When he started speaking their relationship grew even stronger. Bumblebee always protected Sam and Sam did the same. They went everywhere together, and they were miserable without one another. Who knew a sports car could be a human’s soulmate? 

The third transformer I really love is Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime was one of the first transformers. He is literally ancient and has saved so many lives. He’s like the sweet grandpa that teaches his grandkids how to tie their shoes or how to use the potty. He has some cool colors too, red and blue with flames on his chest. He is just an iconic transformer over all, and he knows the history of their species and how to defeat historic decepticons who mean no good. 

Til next time guys, see you next week! 

Preparing for Valentine’s Day

      Hey guys! I know in last week’s blog I wrote about sports that I’ve took part in, and I said that I would make it into a series, but I’ve decided to deter from doing so for another week.

     Today is February 8th and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday on the 14th and I’m going to tell you all how I prepare for it. So first and foremost, I think the obvious question is do I have a Valentine? The answer is……YES! I do have a Valentine and I’m not one to be consumed by “holidays” and what not, but I want to utilize every day that I can show her how much I care. She is incredibly special and dear to my heart, but I’ve been pondering on what to get her, or if I should get her anything at all. Maybe we could just spend the day together. I could make something myself, I could buy something, or I could do both, it just depends on how I feel in the moment. I feel as if handmade gifts are more heartwarming in my opinion.  

     So now for the preparation part. Yesterday we went shopping with some friends and we all found dresses for our school’s Valentine’s Day dance that is coming up next Friday. I found an elegant white dress that is very fluffy. I don’t know any other way to describe it. The dress doesn’t have any fur on it but it’s super flowy if you know what I mean. I may or may not insert a picture. I also found a black silk dress with a mesh film over top. It’s very pretty and way more fitted than the white dress. The black dress isn’t as elegant as the black one. I needed completely different options, so I bought an edgy look, and a sweet one. I’ve also been watching so many Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials. I like to look for inspiration then make things into my own. I have an idea of what I want to do, but I’m not totally sure. 

     I’ve also been looking for gift ideas and have had no real luck, except for one thing on Pinterest. It’s completely handmade, but it will take me some time to make. That shouldn’t be a problem though considering I have an entire week, but as busy as I am with school, I’m not exactly sure if that will be enough time. 

      Okay guys, I know this blog was probably pretty boring considering you don’t know who I’m talking about, and I didn’t say exactly what I’m going to get her but I ‘ll be back next Wednesday with an update and I will try to include as many pictures as possible in this post so that you all can visualize what I’m saying. See you next week! 

Rating Sports I’ve Been In…

Hey guys! In today’s blog post I’ll be talking about all the sports I’ve played, rating how much I liked them and why I stopped participating in them. I’ll be going in order from best to least enjoyable. 

     The first sport is cheer. I give cheer 1,000,000,000,000,000/10. Cheer is by far the best thing I have ever participated in. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my entire life, and I don’t make too many good decisions, so that says a lot. Cheer is amazing. It requires stamina, flexibility, strength, and agility. While cheering I stunted, tumbled, and jumped in competitions, as well as doing sideline cheer for football, basketball and other sports at my previous high school. Jumps require so much stamina, because we used to do them as one big group, and if one person messed up, we did it repeatedly. Stunting was my favorite because the variations within it are endless. Stunting made me gain confidence, learn to trust the people around me, and it made me incredibly strong. 

      The second “sport” is Mixed martial Arts. I give this 10,000/10. I took a Korean martial art called Han Mu Do. This taught me so much discipline and how to respect Korean culture and the other practitioners of the art around me. It taught me how to control my anger and that I shouldn’t use this art to hurt people unless necessary. Martial Arts wasn’t as popular within children my age, especially African American children. So, I wasn’t surrounded by too many people that looked like me but there were some. It made me feel special and made me appreciate the art so much more. 

     The third sport is basketball. I give this sport a 2,000/10. I loved basketball, but it had so many negative entities surrounding it. The huge crowds made me nervous. That was weird, because I loved seeing huge crowds when publicly speaking and cheering, but basketball was a whole different story. I was an average player if I’m being honest so that may be why crowds made me nervous. I was so used to being the best at everything that I did so my faults in basketball consumed me at times. But that’s neither here nor there. Basketball was fun. I gained a new family that supported me even when I failed. The guy that I was talking to at the time played basketball as well, so that made it fun as well, but he was really good, so I hated being compared to him. 

     I’ve participated in so many sports and extracurricular activities that I’ll have to make a list. I think this is interesting so I may make this a series and do three different ones each week. Until next time guys. Byeee! 

Overachiever or Just Insecure?

Hey guys! Today’s blog will be about overachieving. I’ll speak on my experience in overachieving and why we as people aim to do it. Let’s get straight into it. Overachieving is the act of performing better or achieving more than is expected or standard. Overachieving to me is the act of trying to obtain self assurity or confidence while canceling out insecurity. The main question I have is “are overachievers insecure, or do they just lack educational confidence?” During my research I learned that the act of overachieving can stem from feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. In a job or at school, completing a task or assignment can offer feelings of self-worth and relief. Instead of soaking in and savoring the feeling of that accomplishment or achievement, overachievers tend to move onto the next task and expect even more for themselves.  

Don’t get me wrong, overachieving can be a great thing. It shows how much you care about and respect the work that you’re doing, but overachievers don’t always give their work value or see finishing a task as meaningful. People usually see overachievers as smart, hardworking, successful people. That is how overachievers should be viewed but when you start to feel like your achievements are being shadowed by anxiety, or an overwhelming fear of failing you may need to think about why you want to succeed so badly. Failure is a part of so many processes of life and it eventually leads people to success, but if you can’t stand the thought of failing then you may be a perfectionist as well. Overachieving and perfectionism are a terrible pair made in the devil’s workshop. Me personally I don’t think I’m an overachiever or a perfectionist, but a mixture of the two. I say that because if I fail, I’m not okay with it, because I want to succeed, but I also don’t stress over it. I just think of it as part of the process and say “I’ll get it next time”.  

I know people that will study for hours the night before a test and then start crying thinking that they’ll still fail. Something I’ve also realized is that overachievers and perfectionists are always motivated by someone or something. For example, they may have gotten into their dream school and dedicated their success to their grandmother who passed away shortly before. Now they think if they fail, then they’ve failed their grandmother. Or their mother may be pressuring them into having perfect grades, etc. I feel like people around us fuel a lot of our personal insecurities and we shouldn’t let that happen. I know that it’s easier said than done, but it can be done. Make sure that whatever you want to achieve is truly important to you perosnally. 

Bye guys, see you next week! 

What Happens When the Heart Breaks?

Hi guys! I’m back and if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m obsessed with love and romance. Even though I’m a hopeless romantic I always end up heart broken or reading about a heart break. So, in this blog I’ll be talking about what happens when the heart breaks mentally, physically and emotionally. Come along with me on this roller coaster ride as we take a trip through the human heart.  

In so many movies, books, and documentaries they show heartbroken people sunken into a couch looking all sad and sappy. They usually haven’t ate, slept, or even showered for that matter. Sometimes that may be the case, but everyone takes heart breaks differently. Some people run to the gym to change themselves and make their exes regret losing them. Others lie on the couch and wish to never have to get up again. Some people get a rebound, so they don’t have to live through and experience heart break. 

When the heart “breaks,” a part of it actually enlarges. Which is kind of funny, because I used to think the opposite. I used to think that one day my heart was going to shrivel up and become dry and dead like a prune or a raisin. I thought that it would become so broken that I would never be able to love again. I still believe it’s true to some extent. I do believe that heart break takes a toll on the heart each time it happens, and I also believe that it changes the way that a person loves. What I no longer believe is that one day I would never be able to love again. There is always room to love, and you should never give up. 


The part of your heart that enlarges temporarily causes your heart to pump in a depressed function. Even though that happens the rest of your heart functions perfectly normally. Arrhythmias can also occur when your heart is broken. 

Some people acquire better physical health while heartbroken, but some people don’t. Most peoples’ physical health declines and it declines FAST! Heartbreak can lead to loss of appetite, stomach pain, headaches, overeating, or just a sick feeling. 

According to “Mental-Health-Matters there are 5 stages of heartbreak, which include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. There are studies supporting the theory that you can feel your heart breaking. The release of stress hormones after a heartbreak can temporarily stun your heart muscle producing a similar feeling to a heart attack which is kind of insane. Anyways guys, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading, see you next week! 


Favorite Movies/ Shows I watched in 2022

The Gray Man 

     The Gray Man was one of the best movies I watched all year. It was action filled, extremely entertaining, and had an amazing story line. It wasn’t your average corny or cliché action movie. On top of that it starred Ryan Gosling, which is always a plus. It had the perfect amount of divulgence and suspense. I know he was in prison, but I hate the way that company treats their hitmen after they’re done with them. It shows that the don’t even respect them as human beings but only killing machines. It’s rated PG-13 however it does include killing and bloodshed which probably isn’t acceptable to all viewers so beware of the fact that it is very graphic. 

Glass Onion: A Knives out Mystery 

I also watched the glass onion: a knives out mystery is truly a masterpiece of stupidity. There are so many twists and turns. So, don’t think you know what’s going to happen because you don’t. It’s so unpredictable and funny, but the way the friends treat one another is scary. I wouldn’t want my friends to lie on me, suck up to my friend, and be greedy just for money. They totally cheated her out of her business and her compensation which upset me.  

How to Get Away with Murder 

I started how to get away with murder maybe a month or two ago and it’s been really good so far. Everything that happens has been unexpected. You would never think that the lawyer/professor that is teaching students her craft would be the one committing murders with her students. It first started off as little accidents, or coincidences if you will. They slowly turn into stone cold murders purposely with no remorse. It is Tv-14 but the show contains blood, violence, cursing, etc. so I don’t recommend it for kids. 

7 Seeds 

I started watching an anime series a while ago called 7 seeds. I’m very off and on with this show so it’s taken me much longer to watch it than I needed. It is very interesting though. It includes the curation of certain eggs and sperm between the most desirable people whether it be for looks, intelligence, strength, survival, or diversity and babies were born to be put into facilities. The children were trained every day of their lives and eliminated one by one for the ones who didn’t make the cut. One day their city would be hit by a meteor, everyone would perish, the city would sink and become inhabitable. These desired people were put asleep underground where they would be safe from impact then released years later when it was safe to resume the population, but the world would be much different. It’s an idea that’s rarely expressed. 

That’s all for this week’s blog guys! Byeee