goodbye msa

Hey guys, today’s blog is going to be about goodbyes. This blog has come faster than I imagined. Time seems so short when you think there’s too much of it. We as humans are never worried about the effects of time, but only the actuality of events. With that being said, I feel that I have been affected by this time phenomenon and it makes me a tiny bit sad about the way I have mistreated this very small portion of my life. However, I am more than ready for a huge change, and I regret nothing in life. I have enjoyed my time here at MSA fairly well, yet there are challenging policies in this place that I do not align with. On a better note, let’s get to the all the sad stuff and weepy goodbyes. 

#1 Goodbye to my dorm, room 605. This room has some of the most enticing yet insane memories, and I hope to God that I never have to forget them. This room has leaked, clanked, and almost even fell apart, yet it has occupied some of the greatest times in life. From figuring out how to clean the slick floor of the bathroom, how to stop the leaking sink, how to have dance parties after room check, deciding if we should doordash or take our chances in the cafeteria, and simply laughing out butts off @3am knowing we’ll be tired tomorrow, because the jokes only get funnier. 

#2 Goodbye to the most loving food service staff a student could have. The encouragement, advice, smiles, and simple interactions mean more each day than one could know. Thank you for the positive time, energy, and love that you pour into our food each day. There will be immense blessings given to your persons in the future; I will pray for them personally. 

#3 Goodbye to Dr. Alexis and the Literary Department. When I got here, I was expecting Ms. Sibley and didn’t know what to think of a new teacher, but I am forever grateful that I got one. I have been pushed past the shore and into the ocean of uncertainty. Every assignment, project, or masterclass has taught me patience, time management, problem solving skills. Sometimes I may have been unhappy about doing it, but I always ended up on the right side of the spectrum, because of you Dr. Alexis. There are moments in this world that make me question why things happen, but you becoming my teacher was never one of those moments.  

#4 Goodbye to my friends. If only I could express in words, the way you guys have supported me. Shakeera, Asia, Kaydence, I sincerely love you guys and nothing in this world could change that. During the hardest times of our lives, we have managed to stick together from beginning to end and there isn’t another group of people I would have rather struggled with. However, through the struggle there are always amazing times. From head bobbing to metal at 1am, to the dance parties, us playing tennis, pool, putting together puzzles, doing homework at the last minute, being upset when the sink leaks on our feet, and hiding from staff when they knock on our doors. This journey has been the ultimate test of time, truth, and trust. You are the most amazing young ladies I have ever come across, but never forget even thousands of light years away souls and hearts still may touch. I LOVE YOU. 

#5 Goodbye to my buddies. Ava, Sarah, and Erin. This is truly a bittersweet time, and I have no idea how to handle the emotions that have suddenly emerged. I don’t think I have any words to explain so wordless I will go. You guys fully occupy a piece of my heart and I will always love you. On your journeys near or far I wish you guys a wonderful and happy life. Ava you are terrifyingly beautiful, intelligent, and funny. Sarah you are the epitome of sweetness, joy, and love. Erin you are the ultimate yapper, the most committed fan, and my brain’s soulmate. BE GREAT MY LOVES. 

#6 Goodbye to myself. To the girl I was when I first came here. To the sweet, partially innocent 16-year-old that came here with a dream, I would tell her to just keep going. As a young adult I feel so bittersweet about this place, I truly can’t even tell if it was worth it or not. I’m leaving here with an entirely different outlook on life. Everyone should follow the examples of Dr. Harlie, Ms. Cristi Wolfe, and Ms. Lambert. They are sweetness and the epitome of help. 

That’s all for now guys. I hope that I see you all again in this lifetime or the next.

goodbye msa. 


Hello guys,

I am back again and tears are flooding my keyboard. Sooo, college season is coming to a detrimental end. I will be receiving my last few decisions this week. I have been accepted to 15 schools, but we always talk about the acceptances and the rejections get no attention. I understand the need of staying positive during this horrid time, but I want to talk about my rejections, how I reacted to them, and how they made me feel later on.

All the colleges I got accepted to had decent acceptance rates (30% and up), but my top schools are 15% and under and they have truly humbled me. Of course I didn’t expect to be accepted to all of them, but I definitely didn’t think there would be so many back to back rejections. The first one was the University of Florida followed by Tulane, Notre Dame, Baylor, Johns Hopkins, University of Southern California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Swarthmore, and Northeastern. After applying, thinking about the possibility of rejection initially struck me hard, and I thought I would be devastated, crying, and sad. Fortunately, that was not the case and I took the rejections pretty well. When I first open them I’m a little bummed like any normal person would be and I think about them often, not separately but as a whole and it still hasn’t struck me very hard. I only think it will hit me excruciatingly hard if I don’t get into ANY of my top schools. I’m not necessarily worried about that, because I am still awaiting 14 schools to release decisions and I think I have good odds to get at least 2 out of 23 top schools in all. 

Even if I don’t get into them that just means that it’s not meant for me to be there and I have 15 other schools to pick from and am grateful for all my acceptances. I’m just ready to know all my decisions so I can start narrowing down my options, because people keep asking me where I’m going and I am so tired of saying idk. Yet, I’m also not trying to rush the process, because I don’t want to make the wrong decision and I will never have the opportunity to do this again, to be at this exact moment in life again, or to be this same person.

Now to go more in depth on my feelings about the rejections. I am happy that I can honestly say that I have not shed a single tear over a college rejection. Sometimes I don’t know how to feel about that, because it could mean that I am secure in myself, happy with my acceptances, and proud of myself for even having the courage to submit applications to these places. On the other hand it could mean that I didn’t put enough effort into my application, I don’t care enough about the colleges, or that I am very nonchalant. Either way it’s over and I cannot redo it so I’ll just stick with the first option to keep a positive mind, because there’s no point in overthinking about things that are already done. 

The only thing that makes me kind of sad is the thought that if I were at my old school I would have been valedictorian, class president, and probably would have gotten into some of these schools. I think the MSA classes on my transcript probably aren’t taken serious, because they aren’t academic classes. I could have been taking so many more AP and DC classes, but here I am. Colleges say they like creatives and standouts, but that is only true for art, design, music, and dance colleges. College is like monopoly or spades; it’s a gamble and only a very few win. Even those that win get screwed over sometimes, but college admissions is all a game and whoever plays it the best will get the outcome they want. 

It’s been a long wait, but it’s almost over and I am truly excited for the college experience and the ability to explore the world. Thank you for listening to my sob story. The tears flooding my keyboard have now dried!

Rare Diseases & Their Symptoms

Hey guys, It’s time for another blog. I had absolutely no idea what to write about so I discovered some rare diseases, and highlighted their symptoms and a few effects on humans that live their life with them. This is very different from the types of blogs I usually write but hopefully it turns out to be a good thing. hope you guys enjoy!

1) Aarskog-Scott syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the development of many parts of the body, most commonly the head and face, the hands and feet, and the genitals and urinary system (genitourinary tract). This condition mainly affects males, although females may have mild features of the syndrome.

People with Aarskog-Scott syndrome often have distinctive facial features, such as widely spaced eyes(hypertelorism), a small nose, a long area between the nose and mouth (philtrum), and a  widow’s peak hairline. They frequently have mild to moderate short stature during childhood, but their growth usually catches up with that of their peers during puberty. Hand abnormalities are common in this syndrome and include short fingers (brachydactyly), curved pinky fingers (fifth finger  clinodactyly), webbing of the skin between some fingers(cutaneous syndactyly), and a single crease across the palm.) . Affected individuals can also have wide, flat feet with broad, rounded toes. Other abnormalities in people with Aarskog-Scott syndrome include heart defects and a split in the upper lip  (cleft lip) with or without an opening in the roof of the mouth (cleft palate).


2) Acanthocheilonemiasis is a rare tropical infectious disease caused by a parasite known as Acanthocheilonema perstans, which belongs to a group of parasitic diseases known as filarial diseases (nematode). This parasite is found, for the most part, in Africa. Symptoms of infection may include red, itchy skin (pruritis), abdominal and chest pain, muscular pain (myalgia), and areas of localized swelling (edema). In addition, the liver and spleen may become abnormally enlarged (hepatosplenomegaly). Laboratory testing may also reveal abnormally elevated levels of certain specialized white blood cells (eosinophilia). The parasite is transmitted through the bite of small flies (A. coliroides).

When symptoms appear they may include itchy skin (pruritis), abdominal pain, chest pain, muscle pains (myalgias), and/or areas of swelling under the skin (subcutaneous). Examination by a physician may reveal an abnormally enlarged liver and spleen (hepatosplenomegaly), and abnormally high levels of granular white blood cells (eosinophilia). The adult worm (nematode) may lodge in the tissues of the abdomen and chest causing inflammation and immune reactions. This may result in inflammation of the lining of the lungs (pleuritis) and/or the membranes that surround the heart (pericarditis).

3) X-linked Myopathy with Excessive Autophagy (XMEA) is a very rare genetic condition. Autophagy is the process of breaking down damaged or unnecessary cell parts such as proteins and organelles. The most common feature of XMEA is muscle disease (myopathy) and slowly worsening muscle weakness, especially in the legs. This disorder is caused by a harmful change (mutation) in the VMA21 gene located on the X chromosome. The inheritance pattern of XMEA is X-linked, meaning that typically only males are affected and females are unaffected carriers. Signs and symptoms usually start between 5-10 years of age, but some patients do not become symptomatic until later in life. There are currently no specific treatments for XMEA. Management focuses on symptoms and may include physical therapy and exercise. XMEA was first reported in medical literature in 1988 and the VMA21 gene was discovered to be the cause of XMEA in 2013.

The most common symptom of XMEA is muscle disease (myopathy) and slow worsening muscle weakness, especially in the legs.


Deciding My Major…

Hiiii, it is blog time!! We are going to be talking about my dream career today, and it is not an average career so it may be a little unconventional. However, I’m really excited to talk about it, because it’s really all I’ve been thinking about lately, so I need to get it off my mind. Okay so first off, I will be going into some form of engineering. I was tuned into computer science for a while, and I have been teaching myself how to code and it is going really good. I have been learning python and swift but those are really easy in the coding world, however JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, and SQL are where it gets tricky and it is so specific that if you are missing a comma or parentheses your entire code will not work whether it is a game, website, or whatever. It is fun to learn at my own pace and a good skill to have but it is not the major for me I do not think. So, my next choice is engineering, specifically mechanical or electrical. I have a huge interest in cars so if I want that I will do mechanical but if not electrical. Mechanical is broader so it is the basis of all its other engineering counterparts. It focuses on things that move and do not move. Some type of engineer has designed or manufactured essentially everything around you. It is based on physics, mathematics, and material science. I can go into so many fields such as automotive, aerospace, biomedical, construction manufacturing and so much more, but I would choose the automotive industry with a focus on visual and functional design, which determines how the car looks and making it easy to repair, or internal and external testing to ensure maximum performance and safety of the vehicles being produced.


On the other hand, if I did electrical, I would be more focused on electricity and electronics from microscopic computer components to large power networks. With this degree I can go into automation and robotics, advanced driver assistance systems, aerospace and defense systems, or computer engineering. With this degree I would prefer to still work with cars, but infotainment systems, controls, and circuitry. Either way I prefer to work with cars, but I have a wide variety of opportunities with either one of these. Also, electrical engineering is based on mathematics, physics, and telecommunications. Now let’s get into credit hours, classes, base salaries, and how my life would be set up with each. I applied to multiple tech schools like Washington State, MIT, Stanford, Michigan, all the Ivies except Dartmouth, Duke, etc. The range is 120-130 credit hours for a degree, but the classes differ immensely. Mechanical has classes such as Engineering Graphics, Calculus 1, 2, &3, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, University Physics, and so on so on. Then electrical has Modern Convex Optimization, CAD Design of Digital VLSI, Speech Technology, Advanced Optical and Optoelectronic Instruments and Devices.


By just the titles of the classes I am sure you can see the difference, but they are both heavily influenced by math and physics and they both use CAD, which is Computer Aided Design. Now the salaries because I know this is what we’ve been waiting for. The average salary for a mechanical engineer in the auto industry is 100k give or take about 5k or so. Starting salaries are more around 75 to 80k right out of college but still great, nonetheless. Meanwhile electrical engineers in the auto industry make 80k starting salary but around 93k in other industries starting salary, but the average is about 120k. Most employers also give health insurance, a good amount of PTO, options to work remote, in office, or hybrid, and they also have travel contracts where you can work within the company at different offices around the us and maybe the world depending on how big the company is. The money is definitely an incentive, but I love understanding how things work and why, especially cars, and if I can fiddle around with them fixing problems all day big or small, I would definitely love it. I know most people dread college but I am actually really excited to go. Thanks for reading my blog and basically helping me decide my career.  

House Analysis

Hey guys!! Once again, I am back with a blog that allows me to babble in nonsense for 600 words or more. I honestly think I have forgotten how to write them, but it’s only been a month so the routine can’t be too far away in my mind. Today I am going to tell you guys about a favorite character of mine on a favorite show of mine. He is the total opposite of what you would think about in his profession. The show is called House. The name is simple and sweet yet nothing you would expect from the name suggests the show’s content or context. The main character (the person I will be analyzing), his name is Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) hence the show’s name. Gregory House is a mockup per say of Sherlock Holmes but the medical version instead of the detective version. He works in a fictional Princeton Plainsboro teaching hospital with handpicked young diagnosticians, Robert Chase played by Jesse Spencer, Allison Cameron played by Jennifer Morrison, and Eric Foreman played by Omar Epps. Dr. House is an infectious disease specialist who solves the medical mysteries with his instinct and unconventional or rapid bipolar thinking. House is so different than any fictional doctor I have ever experienced. He is brutally honest, makes what seems like various false accusations such as patients’ spouses cheating on them, parents not belonging to their children biologically, and overall claiming they are stupid when they do not trust his medical opinion. He is also quite antisocial and has trauma tucked and hidden away from becoming a “crippled” individual as he calls himself. He walks with a cane and has a limp because his blood flow was cut off to his thigh muscle in one of his legs, and he lost that leg. Even though he won’t admit it he deals with the constant looks, stares, and judgement of being a “crippled” person and wants to wreak havoc on the world, because he didn’t have to be this way. He was not born this way and it was fully preventable but his doctors did not know where to look now he makes it his place to take on the most interesting, unimaginable, and unsolvable cases so that people don’t end up like him, but he has a funny way of showing it considering he hates even looking at patients who have rashes, common colds, or back aches so people think he is a bad doctor however he is quite the opposite. House also never visits his patients unless he desperately needs to and that does not include when they start rapidly declining, it only includes when he finds out they are lying. He hates liars, and never lies himself. When heWhen he finds his patients are lying, he usually confronts them, and the lies desperately affect his treatment, so when he figures out the truth, he can properly treat his patients and get them out of his way.s not visit them because he believes it affects his ability to be a doctor, because as he says and I quote to parents It’s your job to hold his hand, it’s my job to make him better. Getting attached to the patients, forming bonds, and having conversations draws his attention away from the patient’s care and gets them too emotionally involved. People may think you need to care about people or patients to be a good doctor or to help people but that is not true at all. You do what’s best for them by getting them better and you give them the rest of their life to live. That is how House thinks and I fully agree with him. People think he is cold and unworthy of his high stature and medical listen just because he won’t sit around and listen to a patient’s personal life, but he believes that getting too involved with death, analyzing and embracing every death in the hospital will slowly torture and kill him. It won’t allow him to do his job. I love his character, there isn’t a case that goes unsolved and there isn’t anyone who suffers in his hospital but him and I sincerely enjoy that. 

My Experience Applying for Colleges

Hey guys, it is October, and I am super excited for Halloween nevertheless, but today’s blog is not about that. Today’s blog is about my experience applying for colleges so far. Okay so I have applied upward towards about 40 colleges. I have them in a binder in my room, but off the top of my head I have applied to  

Mississippi State University (MSU)      

Delta State University (DSU)           

Belhaven University                             

Arizona State University (ASU)         

University of New Orleans (UNO)     

University of Memphis (UofM)       

University of Notre Dame (UND)     

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

Xavier university       

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)   

Clemson University             

Baylor University       

Kansas State University (KSU)     

Texas A & M Vet Med School            

Florida State University (FSU)   

Spelman College and many more.   

I love MSA (Mississippi School of the Arts), and I have enjoyed my time here even though I have about 7 months left, but I am ready for something new. I like knowing what to expect, but I hate stagnancy. I love the routine I have created for myself and the life I have here. I have met the best people and some of the not so best but nevertheless it has been amazing. Back to the college experience, going into the process I really did not know what to expect. I did not know what the process was like, where I wanted to go, or what I wanted from a college. I did not even know what I wanted to major in. I had some colleges in mind that I really liked, for example SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Notre Dame, and UofM and I still like them, and I thought I would major in screenwriting, but my mind has changed since last year. I may minor in creative writing, but it will not be my main occupation. I will be majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine (specifically biology/ animal sciences). I could also major in chemistry but uhmm that’s an obvious no, because me and math do not mix. Also, going into the process I was not necessarily worried, because things always work themselves out, but when I first started it STRESSED ME OUT. I think the first college I applied to was either Delta State University or Belhaven University, and it was not hard, but it was most definitely not pretty. Belhaven had a lot of links and different ways to get to the application in the email they sent me, so that threw me off as well as trying to find the link to the Angie Thomas Scholarship and what they wanted in my writing portfolio, but on the other hand Delta State University, was so smooth and easy. After applying to Delta State, I began carrying my laptop everywhere I went and was applying to schools in all of my free time and even my busy time, but what I absolutely DREADED was FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) oh my goodness. I know it has not even opened yet, but you still have to make an account as a senior before it opens on December first and I have never in my life, been interrogated so specifically. It takes a long amount of time to create an account, but I have been told by admissions groups at different schools that they have decreased the number of questions by half or more so when it opens on December first, I will not have to answer questions for hours. I don’t want to make it seem like I hated the process I absolutely enjoyed applying for colleges, and the virtual tours were really helpful, especially when it came to the dorms, bathrooms, and other living space amenities. I think my favorite online application had to be scholarships. I loved applying for scholarships and even when applying generally to a college most would take that and put it in as a scholarship application so less work for me. Mississippi State offered me about $6,000 but that is the scholarship they give all first-year students if you have the right ACT score, but I have not applied for anymore there, because I am not going there duh! However, Kansas State University offered me $67,496 over four academic years, but I also have not applied for any of their other school specific ones. I have also applied for the Gates Scholarship which pays full tuition and more, btu I have not heard much back yet. The biggest scholarship I have right now is the Coca-Cola Scholarship which started off with more than 100,000 applicants but now is down to 1,515 applicants and I am one of those semifinalists. If I make it through this phase, then it will be 250 applicants and I must go through an interview process to be one of the 150 applicants who are awarded. This scholarship awards 80,000 dollars to be used over 4 years, it also covers books, certain personal expenses, and will pay for my travel to and from college since I will be going out of state. This scholarship also grants me a week trip to Atlanta, Georgia for a ceremony, and other activities fully paid for. I have been accepted into every college I have applied to and heard back from and scholarships so far as well, and I could not be more grateful. All I could hope for is more scholarships, financial aid, and grant money to come my way soon, Thank you guys for reading. Until next time! 

My New Car

Hey guys, I’m back for September’s bloggg!  


This blog is about MY NEWWW CARRRRRRRRRRR. Okay you got me, I haven’t got it yet, but I will, I just haven’t found THE 1 yet. Sooo my family has been and will always be into cars. My stepfather is a fantastic mechanic. I grew up around racing, going to the track, trading, buying, and fixing up cars with him so I’ve always taken a great liking to it.  

I have had about 5 cars in my life, a Hyundai genesis, an Infiniti qx60, a Honda sport coupe, a Chevrolet Malibu, and a Honda Sport which is what I have now. None of these were bought specifically for me but when my mom, dad, sister, or stepdad got a new car I always ended up with what was left. That’s NOT a complaint AT ALL those are terrific cars, and they had no issues whatsoever, but they weren’t bought FOR ME. 

That made it feel like they never completely belonged to me. I have ALWAYS wanted a sports car because when I was growing up that’s all I saw my family driving. The cars above were just daily drivers. I have dreamed of owning a mustang since I could speak, I think. Me, and all 3 of my parents agreed that I could get a sports car when I turned 18, because of my “recklessness.” I’m not reckless at all, I have never had an accident, I don’t pick up my phone while driving or anything else typically dangerous, but they’re concerned about my speed range. I like driving fast, I always have. I’ve been driving since I was 13 or 14 so all the cars, I grew up driving were sports cars with V8 engines, exhaust systems, mufflers, super or turbochargers, had cold air intakes, dark tint, they were lowered, etc,etc. That set my standard for what I wanted to drive. I was driving manual cars by my 15th brithday and the snap crackles, and pops, I heard coming out of the pipes only fueled my desire to have my own someday. I’m a great driver, and I’m very experienced but my mother doesn’t trust my experience, therefore she wants me to keep driving cars she’s bought so that she can have some form of boundary for me, but that’s not what I want.  

I want to be free; I want to own a sports car and I will by June 2024. I’ve been saving money for a couple of years now, not necessarily for a sports car but for a car in general. I have the support of my parents now that my birthday is quickly arriving and they’re going to help me find exactly what I want. I’m so excited for what I’m getting. My ultimate dream is the 2022 OR 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZLE 1LE either black (exterior) on black (interior), white (exterior) on black (interior), or black (exterior) on red (exterior). The price of the car is not an issue, but I did set a limit for myself just so that I don’t go overboard, and I have a healthy down payment prepared. I really have the perfect team, A mechanic (stepdad), a financial advisor (dad), and a facilitator (mom). It sounds so professional that it’s kind of funny. Hehe 😊 Okay now more about the actual car. The car is new, so it won’t have but about 10-12k miles at the most, and it has top-tier technology, so you get performance with luxury. It has alloy, wheels, cloth seats, Wi-Fi hotspot, cruise control, a rear-view camera, remote start, push to start, ABS brakes, daytime running lights, heating and cooling seats, traction control, and a 4-cylinder v8 4L engine. I’ll most likely get an automatic car for long distance driving purposes, but they come with 10-speed manual paddle shifters on the wheel just in case I want to show out a little bit more. I know people buy sports cars for them to be eye candy and mine will look great, but I want it for the performance! 

Okay now for my favorite part, UPGRADES! First off, I’m probably going to supercharge (gives 50-100 more hp) or turbocharge (gives 70-150 more hp) the engine for more horsepower. I’ll tint it dark on the sides but lighter on the front and back windshield. I want side skirts, a valance, I want it lowered, I want a cool air intake, an oil catch can, an exhaust system, and a wing, but they usually come stock with a wing, valance, and side skirts. It just depends on what it comes stocked with and that’s how I’ll decide what to upgrade. I’ll also try to buy one with rims I like but I’m picky so I may just end up buying those too. 

Anyways thanks for reading my blog, see you next month! 

I’m Back!

Hello friends, long time no see. How was your guys’ summer? Hopefully well. My summer was extremely fun! I loved hanging out with my friends, working, swimming and going on vacations, but that is not the point of this blog. Without further ado let’s get into the blog. 

In the first blog of SENIOR YEAR (woohoo can you tell I’m excited?) I will be reading and analyzing A poem by the lovely, yet terrifying Edgar Allen Poe entitled “A Dream Within a Dream, using the Liz Lerman workshop method. 

I’ll insert the poem here: 

A Dream Within a Dream 

By Edgar Allen Poe 

Take this kiss upon the brow! 

And, in parting from you now, 

Thus, much let me avow– 

You are not wrong, you deem 

That my days have been a dream; 

Yet if hope has flown away 

In a night, or in a day, 

In a vision, or in none, 

Is it therefore the less gone? 

All that we see or seem 

Is but a dream within a dream. 


I stand amid the roar 

Of a surf-tormented shore, 

And I hold within my hand 

Grains of the golden sand– 

How few? Yet how they creep 

Through my fingers to the deep, 

While I weep—while I weep! 

O God! Can I not grasp 

Them with a tighter clasp? 

O God! can I not save 

One from the pitiless wave? 

Is all that we see or seem 

But a dream within a dream? 


This poem is one of my favorite pieces by him. The piece was first published in 1849 which isn’t modern at all so the writing form and some of the language is drastically different than what is commonly used in the 2000’s. That’s a big part of why I love historical poets or authors in general. First, we will start off with statements of meaning. I love the tone of this story. He sounds so desperate, so eager yet still so vulnerable. There’s something he wants but his depth of emotions leaves him so unhinged that he’s unable to grasp it, so it leaves him wondering if it’s real life or a dream. I also enjoyed that he uses only one period (.) throughout the piece. It gives me the feeling that these are fast, intense and draining thoughts that must get out, therefore they all begin running together instead of calm, concise thoughts that conclude themselves.  

He also references nature repeatedly in this poem when he talks about the shore in line 13 and the golden grained sand in line 15. He also mentions a pitiless wave in line 22 that seems overbearing in my opinion. He has a few words that are italicized in the piece which are “gone”, “All”, “One” “all”. Two of the words begin with a capital letter and two of them are all lowercase. I don’t really know why he did this, but my brain puts the words together as “all gone, all one.” I feel like he’s trying to express that everything he talks about in the poem is one “thing” or “being” but then he realizes it’s a dream and then it’s all gone when the dream perishes. At the end he cries out to God which means he has some form of religious belief and that he thinks that whatever higher power that he believes in can save him from this everlasting dream.  

Well, in the name of Looney Tunes, that’s all 4 today folks. Thanks for reading my blog, see you next month. Byeeee. 

End of The Year Blog

     Hey guys!!! This is my very last blog of the YEAR! For the last blog I thought I would do sort of a recap of the year and tell you guys things I’ve learned what I would or would not do again, talk about the friends that I have made, my plans for next year, how I’ll decorate my room, etc. Okay so let’s get into it. Oh my gosh y’all first and foremost I will be a SENIOR in high school next year. TIME IS MOVING SO FAST. I’m ready but I’m not ready. This is so bittersweet. The juniors next year will be looking up to us to help them and that’s kind of scary honestly. I’ve loved everything about MSA since I’ve been here and I feel like I’ll love it even more next year. The first day I got here I was building stuff, unpacking clothes and saying goodbye to my family members. I never imagined I would change this much in less than a year.

     My style is so different. I’ve always worn black but I like my clothes way bigger than I used to. I feel like I’ve grown so much more confident in myself and my body. I used to only wear like tight clothing. Not for attention but because that’s what other girls would wear and I thought it was what I should wear too. Now I only care about what I want for myself and how I feel about me. I’ve always been independent and haven’t let other have too much influence over me but in the back of my mind I wanted to be like those other girls and now I only want to be me. I’ve made so many fantastic friends here. My roommate is so special to me and it’s crazy to think that I didn’t even know her when we got here. We originally met on instagram like 2 days before our official move-in day and she was not my original roommate. I used to room with my friend from my hometown and old school and I moved in with Shakeera in September. We’re polar opposites yet exactly the same. We have so much fun together, there is never a dull moment, and I’m so grateful that we were brought together. My suite mates Asia and Kaydence are some great friends I’ve made as well, they have great taste in music we always have dance parties in the bathroom and do each other’s hair and makeup. My entire suite is simply a vibe. Ronada is another friend. We always laugh when we’re together and if one of us dances the other has to dance too. I have loved dying her hair this year. SHE HAS AMAZING HAIR. That reminds me earlier this year Shakeera and I bleached our roots blonde and kept the ends of our hair pink and twinned for a while, it was so cute.

     My passion for writing and becoming a published writer has flourished tremendously. I’ve seen my fellow literaries accomplish some things that I want for myself and this school has shed light on so many competitions, and writing camps that I can attend and I plan to take part in each one. There were so many things about writing I had no idea about. Haibuns, abecedarians, kwansaba’s and so many others. My teacher is amazing and I can’t thank her enough for pushing me and my peers through this year as I thought I couldn’t finish so many of the assignments she gave us. My plans for next year are to apply for as many colleges and scholarships as I possibly can so that I have money to work with and options to choose from. I want to major in creative writing and probably minor in something such as English or psychology.

      Next year Shakeera and I plan to decorate our room with a hippie theme. You know all different sorts of colors, patterns, and designs. The bathroom will be more of a earthy, plant vibe. I can’t wait to see what the summer has in store for me and what next year brings.



My Favorite Foods

Hey guys, I am producing yet another blog, only one left after this. Since last week I did my least favorite foods, this week I’ll do my favorite foods. There aren’t the healthiest, and I don’t even know if some of these are even considered foods, but these are just foods I don’t think I would be able to live without.

  1. Bacon 

Yes, it’s greasy and has fat and it’s unhealthy but I put it on everything, burgers, baked potatoes, omelets, and anything else I can think of. It’s so crunchy, and the flavor is out of this world. You can season bacon, but you really don’t have to do anything, and it still tastes so good. It’s also really easy to make. 

  1. Pasta 

This is like a wide variety of things. I love any type of pasta and my mom tells me I eat too many carbs, but I don’t care. Macaroni, rotini, farfalle, ziti, penne, and fettucine, I eat it all. I like spaghetti, alfredo’s, and any other pasta bakes. 

  1. Cheese 

I think this may be my favorite item in the list. Cheese is everything to me. I PUT IT ON EVERYTHING! I put it on sandwiches, pasta, burgers, baked potatoes, chicken strips, and anything else I can put it on. I feel bad for people who are lactose intolerant because I love dairy products. 

  1. Pickles  

I’ve loved pickles all my life. I only eat sour and hot ones. They’re so good and I always put pickle salt on them. I eat so many sometimes I have to take a break and let my body rest but when I eat them, I eat multiple a day. They are so good, especially if they’re juicy and crunchy. I love pickles. My favorite brand is Best Maid, and you can only find them in select gas stations, which is kind of sad, but they also sell them at Wilson’s Meat Market in my city. 

  1. Mayonnaise 

This is really the only condiment I like for real besides barbeque sauce and Polynesian sauce. It’s so thick and smooth and it goes on literally anything. Sometimes I put it on bread and just eat it by itself. It has a little bit of a tangy taste but it’s not sour nor is it sweet and that’s what I like about it. It’s the perfect neutral condiment to put on any food. 

That’s all for this week, see you later!