dusty, definitely

i will never forget the first time i heard the mystical voice of miss dusty springfield. i was about thirteen and utterly obsessed with the newman ballad, “i think it’s going to rain today”. the lyrics spoke to me in a way i had never experienced before, and i was searching for a version in which the vocals matched up. this was when i discovered dusty. her cover of this song is one of the most intimate, emotional takes on another artist’s words that i have ever heard, and only dusty can achieve this level of mastery.

dusty had one of the most unique, striking voices i have ever heard. she was smoky and soulful, but tenderness and truth rolled from her lips like honey. each perfect note is absolutely mesmerizing, and when her sound cuts through the air, one can’t help but stop and listen. dusty drew inspiration from the beauties of her time, donning a bleached beehive and heavy makeup that accentuated her naturally gorgeous features. her elegance and flair made for a truly revolutionary woman and artist.

dusty had an incredibly fascinating personal life. to me, she is easily one of the most interesting, complex musicians of all time. naturally, she was far from perfect. dusty suffered from extreme mental illness and addiction, but ultimately, she will forever be known for the music she graced us with. her story is quite tragic in many ways, dealing with more heartbreak than most. however, her legacy continues to inspire many artists. though she isn’t particularly well-known in the u.s. today, she is known as one of the most influential female artists in british history, highly acclaimed by many. her history of advocacy and activism for animal and human rights is a fascinating contrast to her mysterious nature.

i highly recommend giving her music a listen, particularly if you are a fan of soulful music from the 60s. a few of my favorites are “i think it’s going to rain today” (obviously), “you don’t have to say you love me”, and “son of a preacher man”. below, i included the link to some articles that taught me more about this complex, troubled, talented woman, and i highly encourage you to check them out! learning about the life, love, and legacy of dusty springfield has been fascinating, and i will forever be inspired by her artistry.

to close, i’d like to include a beautiful quote about dusty’s magic as a performer. simon napier-bell told the observer, “There, standing on the staircase at Philips studio, singing into the stairwell, Dusty gave her greatest ever performance – perfection from first breath to last, as great as anything by Aretha Franklin or Sinatra or Pavarotti. Great singers can take mundane lyrics and fill them with their own meaning. This can help a listener’s own ill-defined feelings come clearly into focus. Vicki [Wickham] and I had thought our lyric was about avoiding emotional commitment. Dusty stood it on its head and made it a passionate lament of loneliness and love.”

Dusty Springfield – Wikipedia

How Dusty Springfield made a remarkable comeback – BBC Culture


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Rating My Favorite Aesthetics

Dark Academia 8/10

Honestly, if you don’t like this aesthetic I don’t trust you. The color scheme in this is so pleasing to look at. My favorite thing about this one is the incorporation of different shades of brown. Just looking at it makes me feel smarter. I like that it has a sense of historical feel to it while still looking very modern. I recommend using very classy type of jewelry with this style like small pearls and diamonds. Basically something that not too sparkly or out there. Also try to add subtle color blocking, because it helps with dimensions.

Indie Pop 6.5/10

This is one of the most vibrant aesthetics I’ve come across. I personally am an all black and dark colors kind of girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this beautiful style choice. The colors in this aesthetic helps to bring more attention to the fits, if that makes sense. I’d like to think that a lot these styles were inspired by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. A lot of his artwork incorporate bright and vibrant colors that you wouldn’t think fit together. It is really beautiful to admire much like this aesthetic here. With this style I suggest being minimalistic because the colors do enough. Pick bright contrasting, complementing colors and wear colorful jewelry. Add a painted or denim tote bag and your fit is complete.

Grunge 12/10

If you see me in any color other than black, then I probably didn’t have anything to wear. I relate to this aesthetic so much because it like a literal reflection of my personality. If you look in my closet right now you’ll probably be met with 15 different shades of black and maybe like a splash of color in the back. Even though the color scheme is very limited, my favorite thing to do is play with color. For instance, I’ll pick out a graphic tee that has a splash of red in it and pair it with denim or black pants. Next, I’ll add a pair of red shoes with silver jewelry. Sometimes I don’t like wearing jewelry because it can get in the way, so what I’ll do is add a chain to my pants instead. I am a strong believer that you should not only accessorize yourself, but your clothes also. All this to say, play with color.

Jooncore 1000000/10

This style has to be my absolute favorite and not just because Joon is my bias. I’ve always loved earth tone colors and he has a way of incorporating them so well. His fashion taste is a reflection of his personality and I love to see that in style pieces. Like I said before this style has a lot of earth tones such as white, beige, sage, moss, and crocodile greens with small hints of black. I think these colors go together very well with gold jewelry. Gold still plays into that earth theme, but it also contrasts against the colors making it stand out even more. Honestly, color-blocking clothes is the best way to style this. Also collared shirts and layering adds more dimension to this style.

Street Fashion 3000000/10

I mostly dress like this which why I love this style so much. This style has a lot of big graphic tees, baggy pants, biker shorts, and basketball shorts, which is something I can appreciate. Another thing I love about this type of aesthetic is the use of big chunky shoes. When I first got into fashion, the first thing I bought were a pair of white, chunky Fila. No matter what kind of outfit I had on, those shoes would go with it so well. So if you plan on getting into this type of style, make sure you have a good pair of chunky shoes. Another tip I would recommend is to have a variety of long solid color socks. This is really good for adding an extra accessory to more summer styles.  What also makes this style so perfect is that fact that it doesn’t have a color scheme. However, it can also make the process of creating an outfit more difficult. You have to see what colors work best with what and what makes it stand out. You can use any kind of solid color jewelry with this style, but I personally love big silver chains. Use all of your resources and add a hat to your fit and maybe a big or slender pair of shades. If you would like to layer, make sure whatever you put on top of your graphic tee is open. For me the shirt makes the fit and if you cover it up then it’s not really street fashion anymore. However, if your jacket is your centerpiece wear a solid color shirt underneath so it won’t take away from it, but PLEASE leave it open.

Top Ten Hardest Classic Horror Movie Villains to Survive (and How I Would Attempt To Survive Them.) Part Three.

Hello and welcome back. This is the final part of this series and I’m so excited to share these with you. I want to put a disclaimer because these two movies are very gruesome, which in turn means that the means of escape are probably also gruesome. I won’t be super graphic, but this is your final warning. Reader discretion is advised. Anyways, lets go ahead and start. The chances of survival for these two are EXTREMELY low.


2. Leatherface and the towns people (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 

Okay um… guys, I don’t know how to tell you this but you’re probably not getting out of this alive if you’re there alone. The chances are low… but never zero. Let’s start out with our regular analysis of our enemies. Yes, we have more than one enemy here. The entire community in this Texan town is in on this whole murder cult thing they got going on. That means you can’t trust anyone you meet there. Leatherface will be your primary predator though. As most villains do, he has some weaknesses that we can exploit. The mask of skin he wears probably doesn’t let him have the best vision, so our chances of being seen by him are low if we find a good hiding spot. He carries around this big ole chainsaw which cannot be easy to carry or run with, especially in crowded places. He is more likely to injure himself than you in those situations because you will not be carrying a chainsaw, but something small like a knife or a lead pipe. Speaking of weapons, I think that the best weapon in this scenario would be a tire iron. These are usually made of steel and are formed in an ‘X’ formation. They look like this:

Woman accused of hitting woman with tire iron during burglary | Crime and  Courts | bozemandailychronicle.com

This one in particular has a sharp side on one of the ends. Let’s hope that we get this type so we have more than one way to survive an attack from him. Let me explain to you why this is the most suitable weapon to counter a chainsaw. The chainsaw used by Leatherface is just a regular one and it has no metal reinforcements meaning that it cannot cut through the steel. The formation of the tire iron is also very advantageous. We can hold it up if we are pinned down and keep our hands safe from the chainsaw as it would be stuck between the other two edges. From there we can manage to keep the chainsaw in that one spot and carefully work the tire iron to the tip of the chainsaw. The point of least control for Leatherface. We can push the iron upwards from that one spot and get the chainsaw blade to go back at Leatherface. If it doesn’t reach him it at least gives you some time to get up and start running away again. Whatever you do, DO NOT contact any of the townspeople for help. If you get away just keep running until you find the nearest town that seems normal. Find the police and then inform them of the issue. Then that leads to the FBI getting in on it which would indefinitely shut down that town of freaks. If you fail to find a weapon or if you get caught, I’m sorry to say this but you have no hope here.

Chance of survival: 5%

1. Jigsaw (Saw)

Oh wow, um, it seems we have come to an end here. This is most definitely the HARDEST villain to escape, which is kind of funny because we aren’t even getting chased. If you haven’t heard of Jigsaw or the Saw movies before I’ll sum it up just a little bit. So, you wake up after being kidnapped and drugged. You’re in some type of contraption or escape room that if you fail to complete it, you die in a very… unlikable way. These rooms/machines play on many different things like your fears, basic human reactions, and religion. Though, it’s easy to not be selected by the mastermind behind the traps. He usually chooses people whom he deems to be ungrateful for their lives. He likes to believe that by putting them in these traps that if they survive that they will make more out of their lives and be more appreciative of it and if they die, that means that they never really had the strongest will to live anyways. So, for you to avoid being chosen. Don’t drink your life away, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t hurt others, etc., etc. Anything that could make you seem like you’re ungrateful for the life you have been given, just don’t do it. Now, let’s say that you’re in a trap (I’m not gonna specify bc you know… it’s gross) and this trap has a time limit. If it didn’t have a time limit just DO NOT do anything until you absolutely have to. Someone might find you before you die of thirst or something like that. Now, if it does have a time limit you first need to calm down and listen carefully to the instructions given to you. If you want to survive, you have to complete the task no matter how gruesome it might be. That is your only hope. If you’re in a trap that has other people in it, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT trust them. They might be in a separate game altogether and they might be instructed to kill you. Stay focused on completing your tasks and protecting yourself. Due to the severity and how gut-wrenching these traps are, I’d say:

Chance of survival: 2%

Inanimate Attachment: Hannah

Childhood tokens. I feel like almost everyone has one, if not more, objects that represent childhood memories. Like a travelling memory token  that stays with you through the years, it is common to hold onto something that reminds us of past years. One of my main goals that I had hoped to achieve with these blogs was to make others who have childhood tokens feel less embarrassed, and to be proud of them.

On the topic of acquired tokens along the way, this week’s blog is about my dear friend Hannah Lockett, and her stuffed toy named, “Weeble-Wobble.” Weeble-Wobble is a small stuffed rabbit that Hannah has carried with her since she got it after a surgery. Hannah has recounted to me many times the stories of Weeble-Wobble and how devastated she was the time she lost him.  She told me the stories of times she’d bring him with her to different states, and she told me of the comfort he brings whenever she isn’t feeling well.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of Weeble-Wobble, but I am sure my audience can imagine a white stuffed rabbit pretty clearly.  The little stuffed rabbit is probably something you won’t have to try hard to imagine, seeing as most of us have had our very own stuffed attachments before, whether it be a bear, rabbit, dog, or cat plushie. 

Anyways, that is it for this week of “Adele rambling about lifeless objects.” See ya next week folks!

A Series of Friend Appreciations Installment 2 :)

Hello again, my lovely little readers. I bring to you this week another installment in the series of posts dedicated to appreciating the people in my life I’m lucky enough to call friends. 

In all honesty, this week I struggled to pick someone. Not to say there was a short supply, but rather that I couldn’t meet my rubric of “who has continuous presence” to the degree I would like to. The reason for that is that I am, as a person, someone who tends to drift from friend group to friend group. I always have been, abiding by the same rule of thumb since my emergence into socialization in general. That rule being: maintain an extensive friendship with one or two constants, in this case Locklyn and Nyk, and then alternate with other friend groups. I tend to just pop in and out of different preconceived social circles on campus, rather than implant myself firmly into one in particular. 

Someone else that I tend to drift into quite often, however, is none other than the campus renowned Lauren Stamps. 

Now Lauren is someone who has had a very present presence, if that makes sense, in my life since she entered it. My earliest memory of Lauren, not that that necessarily means it’s the first, knowing my memory, is of meeting her on New Student Day. 

Granted, it may have had something to do with the story of hers that was read for the literary mock workshop. Truly, that story is one of the most amazing literary works I’ve ever read, and I’ve carried it with me from the moment I heard it spoken aloud, as I’m sure many people have, despite Lauren’s humble attempts at modesty; another thing that’s so very Lauren. 

All things considered, particularly my prominent, maybe even visceral excitement surrounding any and all things regarding my campus of Eden, the fact that Lauren was able to make an impression above the general masses is something quite note worthy. It’s also something that is so very Lauren.

Because that is the type of person Lauren is. She’s the type of person who just radiates happiness to those around her, a natural mood improvement. To be near her is to love her, as some book or another has definitely said before. Her support means the world, her praise makes your day, and should she choose to showcase one of her many interesting laughs, oh wow you should just prepare because it’s impossible to not join in. 

Being near Lauren is a perpetual serotonin booster, and I relish every moment of it. Lauren is someone who just sort of shares her happiness, which is a very rare quality in today’s world of negativity. 

I sincerely hope all of you can have at least one interaction with this somewhat erratic pink haired halo of happiness, because I promise you it is a lifechanging experience. Until next time!

Sincerely, someone basking in the glow of happiness. 

P.s. Close your tabs you absolute psycho! (said with love.)

5 Good Bad Movies

Although I still am working on my series “Inanimate Attachments,” I recently watched a movie that could be described as nothing less but really good-bad. So, instead of publishing another installation in the inanimate attachment series, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a break and revisit some movies that I have a constant love-hate relationship with. 🙂

5. Ma

This horror movie starring Octavia Spencer is almost satirical in it’s attempt to make a scary “Cool Mom” stereotype. Throughout the movie Sue Anne, aka ‘Ma’ is a character that, due to her past high school trauma, seeks out revenge on the children of her classmate’s . While this movie is on this list for being ‘bad,’ it is actually quite fun to watch with friends. The mediocre teen acting and almost comedic plot twists lead to some very interesting jokes made amongst friends.

4. A Cinderella Story

A classic amongst many of our childhoods, this movie is the epitome of revisiting old favorites just to realize the acting… wasn’t that great. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a big Hillary Duff stan, but I can’t lie and say that the acting was phenomenal. Through the wonderful stylings of Jennifer Coolidge as Hillary Duff’s stepmother, and the outstanding “Waiting for you,” monologue towards the end, the nostalgia of the movie has stayed constant through the years. It truly is one of my favorite examples of when “too much is just enough.”

3. Daddy Day Care

While this can be said about many Eddie Murphy movies, this movies is just so incredibly good-bad. Throughout the story, Murphy’s character, Charlie, starts a day care center with the help of a friend Phil (Jeff Garlin). I always enjoy movies with Jeff Garlin in them, but especially in this movie. The reason may have been because I was so young when I first watched it, but this movie has always made me laugh my socks off. 

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

As a big fan of the books, I have to say the first movie did live up to all the cheesy expectations I had set for it in my mind. While many people feel as if the movies contain too much… gouda, per say, I think that the first movie has just enough parmesan grated on top of the perfectly plated spaghetti. (Yes, I am hungry right now mind ya business.)  Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship in that movie is almost exactly as I envisioned the books when I read them, so I for one thing it was just perfect.

1. The Twilight Saga (Yes, all of them.)

As I have stated in a previous blog dedicated solely to this topic, The Twilight Sage is collection of movies that I am unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with. (If you know you know.) Anyways, this sage was so bad for so many reasons, but also some of the best movies I have ever seen. I can’t even begin to try to explain it, but what I can say is that it just… makes sense. 

And that is the purpose of a good-bad movie. 

My Top 10 Anime List

Anime has always been something that I love to watch. I’ve been surrounded by it for as long as I can remember because my dad is such a big fan as well. Over the years I have seen numerous anime’s and so far here are my favorites and why you should watch them.

1o. Akame Ga Kill

See the source image

    Now if you’ve already heard about Akame Ga Kill its probably been from people telling you not to watch it and that it’s a waste of time. I’m hear to tell you that it is an amazing anime. For all the reasons why people dislike it, they are my reasons as to why I love it so much. The unpredictability of this anime is one of the main reasons that I enjoy it. When a main character goes into battle you are left with the anxiety of not knowing if they will survive or not. I especially love this because this is an uncommon thing in most animes. If a character dies it will more than likely be a side character but in Akame Ga Kill nobody is truly safe.

9.Black CloverSee the source image

   From the plot, to the characters, to the AMAZINGGGGGGGGG soundtrack, it would be a crime to leave Black Clover off of my list. Some complaints that I’ve heard about the show is that the “AnIMatIOn Is NoT GOod.”  which is not a valid reason. NOW I will admit, Black Clover does have its low quality moments, but that inevitable with all animes.  The animation being too “bad” should not be enough to completely drive you away from an anime. The plot is amazing to watch and follow, as well as the character development that the characters go through. Though my one warning is that Asta (the main character) yells too much, but nonetheless it is an amazing anime that is well worth your time.  

8.Magi the Kingdom of Magic

See the source image

Magi the Kingdom of Magic will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t know of too many people who have seen this anime or even heard of it though, so it’s safe to say that is is extremely underrated. The characters are easy to get attached too and the plot is very captivating. If you’re a fan of the video game series “The Legend of Zelda” like I am then I think you would love this anime.

7. My Hero AcademiaSee the source image

   My Hero Academia is one of the best new generation animes. It gets so much hate because of the western fandom, and this causes people to automatically avoid it. But despite all of the hate that it gets, its one of the most popular manga’s that is currently out and still going. The characters in this show are some of of the best characters that I’ve ever seen. The different arc’s of this show and its pacing is also an amazing quality. I highly recommend it, and I am a proud fan of this amazing series.

6. Angels of Death

See the source image

   Angels of Death is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. This mysterious anime is extremely captivating, but it also keeps a lot of things unknown. The plot twists are amazing, but my favorite thing about this entire anime would have to be how it ended. Its a very analytical anime, and one that can be interpreted in a few different ways depending on the watcher. While it has its bright moments between the two main characters Zach and Rachel, this anime is fairly dark and heartbreaking. I HIGHHLLYY recommend this one.

5. Michiko and Hatchin (Finding Paradiso)

See the source image

    This is easily one of the best animes that I have ever watched. I started this series and finished on the same day. The storyline is extremely immersive. We go through the journey of Michiko and Hatchin, and we see everything that they went through to find Hatchin’s father. The main character Michiko is one of my favorite main characters from any anime. It has its sad moments but inevitably everything comes together in the end. If you like animes that are centered around action and adventure then you will love Michiko and Hatchin.

4.ParasyteSee the source image

  AMAZING ANIME. I just had to start off by saying that. Not only is it hilarious but the plot is so good. It is one of the few animes that I’ve watched that have left me completely satisfied with the ending. Its definitely on the gruesome side but it is one of the best action animes that I have ever watched. Its very unique and HAS AN AMAZING SOUNDTRACK. Also has its sad moments, but it’s all worth it in the end!

3. Assassination ClassroomSee the source image

    One of the most deceiving animes that I have ever watched. Do NOT BE FOOLED BY ITS CHEERFUL APPEARANCE. It had me in tears LOL. But that is also why I love this anime so much. I was laughing along with the characters in the show but in a matter of minuets the switch was so easily flipped. This one touched my heart and broke it at the same time. The characters are amazing, and so is the plot. It was well worth my time and every tear :’).

2. Attack on TitanSee the source image

It would be absolutely sinful to leave out this masterpiece of an anime. It is so popular for a reason. The plot is so well thought out, yet it is one of the most confusing animes that I have watched (In a good way of course). I got my dad into the show and one of my favorite things to do is analyzing the show with him!  I would consider Attack on Titan to be one of the greatest animes to ever be created.


See the source image









Top Ten Hardest Classic Horror Movie Villains to Survive (and How I Would Attempt To Survive Them.) Part Two.

Hello and thank you for coming back for part two! This is where things start to get harder and your chances of survival are much lower. As always, there will be spoilers and my biased opinion will be included. Let’s get into some villain slashing shall we?

CONTENT WARNING: Mature content, reader discretion is advised. 

5. Michael Myers (Halloween)

This man has so much plot armor it’s almost impossible to escape him. On the surface, you might think that Michael is the easiest to avoid because of his speed, but that is simply not true. This series has been going on for over 40 years and NOT ONCE has anyone found a way to defeat this masked serial killer. We have a couple options to work with here. You can escape or you can try to fight back. If you’re not related to Michael, you have it easy. Just stay out of his way and he won’t come for you. If you are, he is already coming for you and won’t stop until one of you is dead. Let’s look at our opponent first though. Michael has some downsides as do most villains. He is slow-paced, he only uses weapons as if they were a knife. (He once picked up a gun and then used it as if it were a knife, funny right? No. Not if you’re the one getting stabbed with a gun) and he grows old just like everyone else. On the other hand, he is downright unstoppable. He has gotten shot over and over and he hasn’t died yet. He has survived stab wounds, being burned alive, long falls, and has even been beaten with a lead pipe. This man is still alive and no one knows why. The second thing he has going for him is super strength. If you have seen any of the movies or scenes you can just TELL that this dude’s second home is the gym (of the mental institution.) Now, how do we defeat something that has super strength and has some sort of amazing healing ability? Let’s look at the escape option first. Earlier I mentioned that he does indeed grow old like every other human being. In the first movie, he is seen as a six-year-old when he commits his first murder, then later on we see him get older and continue these crimes. The solution to escape is to simply live your life on the run until his time runs out or someone else ends up killing him. This isn’t the best life to live, but it’s better than being dead am I right? Yes, I am. The second option, fighting back. This option is not the one that we would try to go for, but if we have no other choice, fighting back is a viable option. You can’t shoot him, you can’t stab him, and you can’t burn him. What do you do? As Thanos once said, “you should have gone for the head.” Cut this dude’s head clean off. Even if he does heal, what is he gonna do without a head? Nothing. No head equals no eyes and no eyes equals no sight. He cannot even hear you. Now you’re probably thinking about how hard it would be to cut someone’s head off. You’re right to assume that, so let’s go through two options to cutting his head off. Canonically, Michael can be forced into unconsciousness. If we can get him to pass out, that is our chance to cut off his head. Ideally, we want to get it off of his body as clean and quick as possible. For this, we would have to use something super sharp and use a lot of force. A knife or an axe would be the best option for melee, but if you happen to have a chainsaw on hand, pull a Leatherface and push it into his neck. Let’s say that you can’t get him unconscious, DO NOT try to manually decapitate him and go for the escape option instead. If neither of these work, you’re done for.

Chance of survival: 20%


4. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

This is another guy that just won’t die. The plot armor is strong with this one as well. I think these are the hardest types of villains to defeat. I’ll begin by speaking out the obvious solution. Don’t go to Camp Crystal Lake. Don’t be dumb and go somewhere without doing research on its past. If you don’t go to the camp, you will most likely not run into Jason. As we should always do, and as I will always advise, assess your opponent and understand the risks you might have to take.  Little spoiler alert here; in the first movie, the killer is none other than Jason’s mother, who is now dead, so we will be ruling out the possibility of her being our opponent. Anyways, let’s get back to Jason. He doesn’t talk and just like Michael Meyers, he has trouble dying. On the other hand, he has one HUGE downside that we can and will take advantage of. Jason is deathly afraid of the water. He will not go in it despite knowing how to swim. Our first and best option is to escape. You might be thinking impulsively and just try to swim, but that is a terrible idea seeing that Jason also knows how to shoot a bow. You are leaving yourself vulnerable in the water.

Now if we look at this map, we can see that Crystal Lake is connected to a river that we can use to escape. Here is the hard part though, you have to arm yourself with a weapon, get a boat that is strong enough to protect yourself with, and you have to get it into the water all while trying to avoid Jason who is also known for setting traps around the camp. Be careful. If you do get away with this, I would have SO much respect for you. Okay, now lets say that Jason was ready for us and destroyed all the boats. What do we do now? Well, Jason is also known for how much he loves his mother. This was used against him in one of the movies when one of the survivors put on his deceased mother’s sweater and started to sweet-talk him into kneeling down in front of you. Jason is dumb enough to fall for this again, so it’s worth a try. The one mistake the other survivor made was not finishing him off when they had the chance. Like I’ve said in other blogs, you have to have a weapon on hand otherwise everything you do is for nothing. Since he is kneeling in front of you, you have the PERFECT chance to stab him right in the eye socket. Don’t be weak and just barely put it in there, like really shove that knife down in there until it hits the brain, killing him. You have to have a strong stomach for this too, you can’t just start throwing up when he could still be alive. After the initial stab, don’t stop there. I am a very dedicated believer in double-tapping or even quadruple-tapping. They teach you in CPR and first aid classes that if you’re impaled with something you should keep it in your body to stop from bleeding out, this is why we take the knife out and keep wacking at him until you have had enough and you are SURE that he is gone. If we don’t kill him with the stab wounds, he will surely bleed out and die that way. Keep your weapon on you and carefully make your way out of the camp to find help. Keep in mind that his traps are still activated and if you get stuck, all your hard work will be for nothing.

Chance of survival: 35% (if you’re okay wearing a dead lady’s sweater) 

3. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Imagine you just got home after a long day of exams, and as soon as you go to sleep you find yourself in a steamy boiler room with an ugly burnt weirdo in a striped sweater and fedora hat chasing you. Let’s not forget the iconic glove with knives for fingers. Our enemy is none other than the dream demon, Freddy Krueger. His only downfall is that when you bring him into the physical world using lucid dreaming he is mortal and cannot use certain powers of his. When he is in the mortal world, you can kill him just like any other human being. Though, it will be a small problem since he prefers to be in the dream world, solidifying his chance of killing you and his chances of staying ‘alive’. Anatomically, we are set up for failure here. Escape is OUT of the question since our bodies have to sleep otherwise we will die of organ failure. If you sleep, you die. If you don’t sleep, you die. So what DO you do? Well, you’re gonna have to get really smart. Since escape is not something we can do, what is our other option? That’s right, say it with me now. We fight back. First of all, you need to get over your fear of this guy. When I watched the movie I was like “man this guy is ugly,” and that kind of helped me get over it because frankly, this guy is actually really ugly. His mannerisms and the way that he runs like a titan from Attack On Titan, make him seem less serious and more like a goofy freak. This will help us when we decide to face him. We need to be prepared for anything here. Remember earlier when I mentioned bringing him into the real world? Yeah, that’s right, let’s bring him onto our turf instead. This is our homecourt. This is where we have the advantage. Since we barely have to sleep, there is less chance that we will die in our dreams and it gives us more time in the real world to prepare for the final showdown with Freddy. You have to be super careful when you’re asleep though. In the movies it shows us that if we cause enough harm to ourselves that it will wake us up. That is our only way out (if we’re alone) when Freddy gets a bit too close for our liking while we’re asleep. DO NOT do damage that will severely burden you because those wounds will carry over into the real world when you wake up. Now, when we bring him into the physical world, Freddy can be harmed just like any other human being. This is what we will use to beat him. While we’re awake we can arm ourselves with many many weapons. If your family owns any type of gun, that’s the best option for you. If not, that’s alright, there is always something else we can use. Creativity is crucial for survival. If you can’t find a gun, go grab a knife and hold onto it. We can also pull a Kevin McAllister from Home Alone and set up traps for Freddy (this also happens in the movie.) We have many options if we choose to go with the traps. Some ideas are electricity, fire, sharp objects, and explosions. I would prefer the gun, but if you can’t get your hands on that, set up some traps with the time that you have before you sleep, and arm yourself with a knife so you can make sure that he is dead. Now here is the hard part. To bring Freddy into the real world, you’ll have to grab onto him and wake yourself up. This is much harder than you might assume. He literally has knives on his hand, so getting that close to him and waking up has to be done in a matter of milliseconds. This is where you enlist a friend or someone else you can trust. Instruct them to wake you up as soon as you start freaking out in your sleep, or you can depend on yourself and do the method I said earlier. When you wake you up you need to be immediately ready to fight, because Freddy will be. Now is the time to use our previously mentioned methods and kill him. After you do that, burn all of the evidence that he was ever in existence. If no one knows about Freddy, he cannot manifest into people’s dreams, thus reviving himself. 

Chance of survival: 14% 

Mwuahahaha! (evil laugh) Thank you for reading, and if you want to figure out the top two hardest villains to defeat and how I would attempt to survive them, you’ll have to come back next week! I am doing this because I realized that this blog would be way too long, and I like to cause suspense. See you next week! 😛

Rating MY Top Three Favorite Protective Styles

Bantu Knots 7.5/10

Bantu Knots are my most favorite to look at. What I love most about this style is not just the small beautiful buns, but the intricate parting styles. What ties this whole style together is the geometric work put into the parts  by the stylist. I’ve seen circle parts, triangle parts, and even heart shaped parts. Though the shaped and instruction is limited, there are many other things you can do to spice-up this beautiful hairstyle.

1. ADD MORE HAIR!!! Adding more hair to your own helps to accentuate the style. With Bantu knots being an up-do style, it already brings more attention to your face. Having bigger knots help to make everything flourish together. I can’t really explain it in words but big Bantu Knots are so beautiful and it really adds another element to this prominent cultural style.

2.ACCESSORIZE PLS!!!! I personally loveee adding jewelry into my hair. It makes your hairstyle sparkle more. With Bantu knots, I heavily recommend using GOLD jewel pieces. Silver is good, but gold makes you seem more out-standing especially, if you’re going for a more early 2000s or African look. Enjoy the finer things in life and add these unique pieces to your hair.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EDGES. As I stated before, this is an up-do style, and while edges may not seem important, they do also help bring more attention to your hairstyle. I personally can’t do edges to save my life, but after getting this hairstyle so much in my early stages of the “Big Chop”, it made me want to learn. With this style, you can jus do a simple swoop on the edges on your head, or you can be an over achiever and Picasso the thing. Whether big small, curly or laid, edges can always bring that special something to any style.

While the style itself is a beauty to witness, taking it down is my favorite part. Knot-outs are what we call the result of keeping and maintaining the hairstyle for so long. In result of this, we are left with defining curls and a lot of volume. However, in my experience, it doesn’t always come out this way. The result of Bantu Knot-outs depend on humidity, the amount of product, and pure luck. You’ll never see the same results twice with this hairstyle, but it is a pretty protect style nonetheless.


Fulani Braids 1000000/10

Honestly, if there was one style I could wear for the rest of my life, it would be Fulani Braids. They are so beautiful ands very easy to manage. Like the previous style, adding edge designs to this look takes it to a whole other level. If anybody wants to donate funds to me for this hairstyle, I take CashApp <3. Anyways, let’s get more in depth about this hairstyle.

Fulani or feed-in braids originate from the Fulani (Fula) people in West Africa and the Sahel region. It is most widely known for the its unique braiding patterns and the unique braided loop on the side of the head. I personally love seeing this style with huge beads. If I had to choose a favorite type of bead to complement this beautiful hairstyle it would probably be in between wooden and clear ones. I really emphasize on accessorizing these hairstyles, but this style is so detailed that you could do without.

Getting these braids are worth the pain. Now I am labeled  as “tender-headed” in my community, which basically means my pain tolerance of someone pulling on my hair for hours on end is very low, but I am very willing to sit through that just for these braids. How long it’ll take solely depends on the length and pattern of your hair. The only down-side to this style is the pain you’ll feel after getting them and the long hours of sitting in a chair while someone neatly and tightly braids your hair. That is if you’re not “tender-headed”!


Mini Twists 6/10

I love a good twist out, HOWEVER twisting my thick 4c hair takes up so much time!!! And sure they look cute when they’re fresh, but after taking a short well-needed nap they look so weird. Though this is still a controversial topic in my community right now, I still struggle with my relationship with length. I have shrinkage. That basically means after my hair dries, it poofs and shrinks down.  When I twist my hair, I usually use a lot of product to successfully comb through my very kinky coils. After my products dries over night, my hair goes from my shoulders, to the tops of my ears. This is perfectly normal and it actually means that you hair is very healthy. This is where harmful stigmas come into play. Black women are very hyper-emasculated and that often comes from seeing black women with short hair and a strong physique. Though a lot of  attention is being brought to this issue, I still try to separate myself from that narrative. Thus sprouting my love-hate relationship with my natural hair. 

Mini twists aren’t the bad guy, but the twist-out is. Like Bantu knots, the results of a good twist-out is solely based on luck. It may give you gurl defining hair one day, and poofy naps the next, but the real skill is finding what technique gives you the results you want. Honestly, the time and effort I put into these aren’t worth the results I see after I take them out, but freshly done twists always make me come back to this hairstyle.

NOTE: Please do not attempt these hairstyles if you are non-black. This is not an exclusive statement, but one of concern!

the genius casting of impeachment

from my early childhood, i have been utterly obsessed with true crime. typically, my interest lies in the investigation of murder and other such heinous crimes; but a case that has haunted my brain all my life is that of former president bill clinton- perhaps one of the greatest abusers of power in american history.

now, i could honestly go on and on for days about the lewinsky scandal, and i won’t subject anyone to that. for the sake of a dead horse, i will simply be discussing the gorgeous casting choices of the ryan murphy series based on the case- american crime story: impeachment. upon hearing that a series would be made about the case, i was equally excited and nervous. i knew it would be interesting and would bring light to different perspectives, but i feared that it would just be another cheap jab at a woman’s dignity. however, five episodes into the series, i can say that my fears were unfounded.

first of all, i’d like to talk about the positively genius casting of beanie feldstein as monica lewinsky. i feel that monica is likely a difficult woman to portray as an actress because of the pictures so recklessly painted of her by the media. however, beanie allows you to see monica as she was and is- human. she talks about heartache and diets and sales at macy’s. she is more than the tabloids of the late 90s would have you think, and beanie makes this abundantly clear with her masterful subtlety and sweetness. you see monica in yourself and yourself in her, which is very different from most other portrayals of her that i’ve seen (i’m looking at you, saturday night live).

the casting, in my opinion, is wonderful all around. sarah paulson plays linda tripp seamlessly, evoking a conflict between pity, relatability, and unlikability.  at first, i had my doubts about billy eichner being cast, but he makes an incredible drudge and truly steals the few scenes he’s in. cobie smulders is an absolutely uncanny ann coulter, bringing a chill to my spine each time i experience her stone cold grimace and icy wit. annaleigh ashford is a sad, endearing paula jones. judith light captures susan carpenter-mcmillan’s calculated goodness brilliantly. so far, we’ve only seen glimpses of edie falco as hillary clinton, but i cannot wait to see her impeccable acting as such a complex character. the makeup artists and stylists on this show all deserve raises for transforming these actors into these infamous icons of the 1990s. i’ve even seen people compare pictures from real life with stills from the show, and the attention to detail is incomparable and greatly appreciated by viewers like me, who tend to do extra research on the subject matter.

as with all of my blogs, this is a bit self-indulgent, and i completely understand why someone would be uninterested in dissecting something that happened so long ago. however, if you have any interest in true crime cases involving the abuse of power, feminism, and trial by media, this is absolutely something for you. there’s a ton out there about this scandal, and if you find the right resources, it can be super informative and interesting. below, i listed a couple articles that i enjoyed reading and found helpful in my personal research. i hope that if you have any interest in this case, you’ll take a look at these and gain something from them 🙂

Monica Lewinsky – Dress, Bill Clinton & Now – HISTORY

President Clinton’s Answers to Judiciary Committee’s 81 Questions | AustralianPolitics.com

These Are the Sexual-Assault Allegations Against Bill Clinton (businessinsider.com)