Current Reads

So, since I’ve done the MCU characters series, I’ve kinda run out of ideas for a blog. So, I thought I’d just do one on some current reads. It’s not really like a book recommendation but, of course, if any of these strike as something that you might want to read, by all means. But here are a couple of them and I might end up making this another series for every time I start on a new book, but I’m not really sure just yet.

But, moving on, here are are two books I am reading as of right now, hope you enjoy:)

Natasha Preston’s The Fear.


Photo from: Goodreads 

This the one that I have been carrying with me to class. If you’re familiar with this author, or can just tell by the title, this is a mystery/thriller. Basically what this book is about so far is that there is a viral meme going on in this very small town that’s asking viewers what their worst fear of dying is and it’s gotten lots of reposts with people’s answers. One night, the main character Izzy and her friends went to a party and when they were on their way home, they found a student dead on the side of the road. When they were later questioned by police, they found out another student had died. Later they discovered that both students had died the same way they had feared the most. One had reposted the meme saying her worst fear is being crushed and the other reposted that his is drowning. 

Where I’m at in the story right now is when Izzy decides she’s going to find out who is responsible. What do I expect from this book? Heartbreak, that’s what. To try to save myself from, I don’t trust any character in here, especially any upcoming love interest. In Natasha’s books, there is usually 1 of 2 things that happens to them. Either they are the bad guy or they die/ in immediate danger and that’s where the book ends. There is no in between. So, I’m not rooting for any ship.

I love Natasha Preston as writer, she’s a really great author, but it’s almost as if her life goal is to break as many readers’ hearts as possible. Almost all her books end with a very intense cliffhanger.


Jenny Elder Moke’s The Curse of the Specter Queen

Photo from: Goodreads

Okay, I’m not as far into this one as the other one, but basically it’s a female Indiana Jones so it’s an adventure/fantasy. The main character is Samantha who is a librarian at an antique bookstore with a specialty in deciphering codes. One day, she gets a package that contains a very old journal in terrible condition. Because it is set during the winter time, it was mostly wet due to the snow. After she repairs it, she sees that it’s full of cyphers and decides to take it to her boss at his house, but he wasn’t there so she kept with her. When she gets back, she finds that two men broke into the bookstore, looking for that same journal. In desperation of not wanting her to go to the police, the two men set the store on fire, and she barely makes it out alive still carrying the journal. Fast forward to couple hours later, she, her best friend, and her best friend’s brother set off to not only get away from the two men looking for the journal but also find what’s so special about that was worth attempting to kill someone over. And that’s pretty much where I’m at in the book, that was within the first ten chapters of it.

Well, I hope you found these interesting, and these are some things you’d like to read, I recommend them and I found them both at Walmart. That’s usually where I buy my books.

Until next week :3 

How I’ve Been Feeling

I’m a literary so let’s be honest I’m always writing, but today I want to show you guys what I do when I’m not writing. It doesn’t happen a lot, because I have a good amount of work to keep up with but whenever I do get to engage in the hobbies I love, it is magical. I love to create art but not only words on the page, I love drawing as well. I got bored and drew a picture that I could analyze and describe specifically for this blog. 

     When I drew this picture, I didn’t really have anything in mind. I didn’t have any inspiration or reference photo. I just put a line on the page and kept going. Everything I draw tends to be pretty colorful, and vibrant. It also turns out very abstract. I was never one to plan something out AND THEN DRAW IT.  


     I DREW THIS PICTURE TO KIND OF EXPRESS HOW I’VE BEEN FEELING LATELY WHICH IS OVERWHELMED, OVERUSED, AND OVERPOWERED. THE 12 ELECTRICAL CORDS TRYING TO FIT INTO 2 ELECTRICAL SOCKETS IS EXPRESSING HOW MUCH WEIGHT AND PRESSURE I FEEL LIKE I HAVE ON MY HEAD, AND THE SPARKS FLYING OUT OF THE OUTLET IS THE SIGN THAT IT’S ABOUT TO BLOW UP. THE WALL OUTLET REPRESENTS ME IN REAL LIFE. EVERYONE IS TRYING TO CHARGE THEMSELVES OFF OF ME, BUT I CAN’T HELP EVERYONE. SO MANY PEOPLE NEED ME TO THE POINT WHERE I FEEL AS IF I WILL EXPLODE. I CAN’T HELP THEM ALL, AND I DON’T WANT TOO.  I JUST WANT TO BE ME. I WANT TO BE FREE. I don’t want to be stuck helping kids my age with menial little tasks. I don’t mind helping people but once you start helping them it eventually gets to a point where they literally won’t stop asking. That in itself is aggravating. The 3 different facial expressions that I have drawn at the top are my mood options and I cannot decide how I feel. 

     Whenever I make up my mind about how I feel I’ll circle one of those faces, but until then I am undecided.  

goodnight, punpun (and how it has changed my life so far)

not too long ago, i was introduced to a manga series by a close friend here. i was immediately intrigued, especially so when i heard about the progression the series goes through. so, i borrowed the first volume from my friend and began reading. and that changed my life. 

just a series about a cute bird-boy, right?

wrong. it’s so much more than that, and that’s why it has changed my view on so many things, even my own life. we start off following the life of elementary student punpun onodera as he navigates through school, his dysfunctional family, and a girl he truly believes is the one. you feel so much sympathy for punpun solely based on his appearance, which is a key detail prominent throughout the entire series. as he grows older, and as he experiences everything his life has to offer, he changes, and not for the better. we follow him at ages 11, 13, 16, 19, and finally, 22. in the beginning, punpun’s life is more than relatable. things i’ve been through that i thought no one else understood were represented in this book. that being said, it touches on some sore subjects. (so if you plan to read it, ask me about the trigger warnings!) i had to have some parts blocked out by my friend so i wouldn’t read it</3 (it gets that real). but as the series progresses, and as punpun ages, he becomes less and less relatable. the things he’s been through start to eat away at him, and he becomes violent and angry, and then a raging depressive. 

so, what does his appearance have to do with anything? 

punpun’s appearance is one of my favorite aspects of this series, and arguably the most important one. as an elementary school student, when we first meet him, punpun is very short and rounded. as he becomes a pre-teen, he elongates. even more so when he is in his mid-teen years, and as he starts to become a young adult, he has more appearances with a human body. not only does he have a human body in the later part of the series, but his face shape changes depending on his mood. when extremely depressed or angry, he is usually pitch-black with varying amounts of uh, eyes. i still haven’t finished the series so i have no idea how he will look by the end of it. i mean, at one point he’s a tetrahedron, so. but it all is insanely significant, i promise. 

so uh, what’s the point of reading it?

WHY NOT. seriously, why not. no, i’m kidding. there’s a lot more reasons why i think it’s a great read, but i don’t have many as to why YOU should read it. personally, this series has changed my life  (so far, i’m almost finished with it though!). i’ve been struggling with certain things for a while now, and somehow this series touched on all of those memories. it’s comforting to me, in some sick twisted way, because i know i’m not alone in these thoughts. (not uhh his thoughts in the later half, that guy gets weird). but, that doesn’t mean you should read it. it gets real, and it gets serious. like i said, if you’re interested, come to me and i’ll tell you about what you might need to look out for. if you don’t think you can handle it, then that’s okay!! it’ll still be here if you ever change your mind(: but i promise, reading it won’t be a mistake. anyways, that’s all i have for this week. see you later.

“…If we see shooting stars, what would you wish for, Punpun? Wishing upon shooting stars doesn’t make them come true. Right, but what if. What would you wish if they did…? I’d wish for shooting stars to disappear forever.”

Ranking the villagers on my Animal Crossing Island

So, the FNAF lore blog didn’t quite work out. It got WAYYY too long, so I switched gears. Therefore, these are my Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers ranked from favorite to least favorite. In the next blog I am going to put together my dream set of 10 villagers (if I can choose 10). Thinking of turning blogging into animal crossing every week…jkjk…..maybe.

  1. Flurry

Flurry holds the #1 spot. She is one of my favorite villagers by far. She is a hamster villager with the normal personality type. Her hobby is the nature hobby. She is outdoors a lot catching insects or reading. Flurry is an Aquarius being born January 30th. Her goal is to be a superhero and her skill is peeling apples. I know she sounds slightly boring out loud, but she is the sweetest and very cute. Each villager also has a favorite coffee. Flurry’s is mocha. Each villager also has a quote and catch phrase. Flurry’s catch phrase is powderpuff. She typically uses is as a nick name. Her quote is “Squeak your mind, even is your voice shakes.”


  1. Tangy

I absolutely love Tangy. She is a little cat villager with the preppy personality type. Her name “Tangy” comes from the sharp taste of citrus fruit. She is a Gemini being born on June 17th. Tangy’s goal is to become a hairdresser, and her skill is doing handstands. Tangy has a hobby in music. Her favorite coffee is Blue Mountain, two spoons of sugar, and the regular amount of milk. 

  1. Chrissy

I absolutely adore Chrissy. She is a rabbit villager with the peppy personality type. Chrissy’s name come from Christina Aguilera because she wants to be a famous pop star. Chrissy shares her appearance with her sister, Francine. Chrissy is a Virgo with the birthday August 28th. Her skill is staying awake and a goal of hers is to model. Her favorite coffee is blue mountain, lots of milk, and three spoons of sugar. Chrissy’s catch phrase is reeeeOWR. Her quote is “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

  1. Molly

Molly is a duck villager with the normal personality. Molly has the nature hobby as well. She is a Pisces with her birthday being March 7th. Molly’s skill includes drawing circles. Her goal is to become a florist. Molly likes blue mountain coffee with lots of milk and three spoons of sugar. Molly’s catch phrase is quackidee, used as a nick name. Her quote is “Like water off a duck’s back.”

  1. Francine

Francine is the sister of Chrissy. She is a rabbit with the snooty personality type. Her hobby is fashion. There are twenty-two rabbit villagers but Francine and one other, Tiffany, are the only ones with the snooty personality. Francine is an Aquarius being born on January 22nd. Her skill is pretending to sleep, and her goal is to be a designer. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro, a little bit of milk, and one spoon of sugar. Her catch phrase is karat. Francine’s quote is “You can’t have wise men if you don’t have fools too.”


  1. Shari

Shari is a monkey villager. She has the music hobby. Shari has the sisterly personality type. Which means she acts as a sister to you and other villagers. She will give you medicine when your sick, fighting tips, and teach you ways to relax. Shari is an Aries being born on April 10th. Her skill is remembering things and her goal is figure skating. Her favorite coffee is Blend, no milk, and no sugar. Shari’s catchphrase is cheeky. Her quote is “A good start leads to a good end.”

  1. Chai

Chai is a peppy elephant villager based off the Hello Kitty character Cinnamoroll. Chai, along with Chelsea and Marty, are not available freely in the animal crossing world. You have to buy the Hello Kitty amiibo card pack to “unlock” them. Of course, I bought it off amazon. But chai is named after the tea Chai tea, hence the teacup. Chai has the play hobby. She is a March 6th Pisces. She has a skill in napping and her goal is to own a café. Her favorite coffee is blend with no milk and no sugar. Chai’s catch phrase is flap flap. Her quote is “He who chases two rabbits catches none.”

  1. Chelsea

I personally have Chelsea for appearance. If she asked to move out, I would be fine with it. Chelsea is a deer villager based off the Hello Kitty character My Melody. She has the play hobby. Chelsea is a January 18th Capricorn. Her skill is making sweets and her goal is to be a pastry chef. Her favorite coffee is mocha, lots of milk, 3 spoons of sugar. Chelsea’s catch phrase is pound cake. Her quote is “Always look a gift horse in the mouth.” No clue what that means:D. 

  1. Marty

Marty is very sweet, and I love him, but I couldn’t find a place for him any higher on the list. Marty is a bear villager based on Pom Pom Purin from hello kitty. He has the lazy personality, and his hobby is play. Marty is an April 16th Aries. His skill includes hiding shoes, and his goal is to be a baker. His favorite coffee is blue mountain with no sugar or milk. Marty’s catch phrase is pompom. His quote is “Just wait until i get started!”

  1. Bianca

I do not particularly love Bianca. She was one of the first 4 villagers on my island. She has just grown to annoy me quite often, so I’m just waiting for her to ask to move out. She is a peppy tiger villager with the play hobby. Bianca is a December 13th Sagittarius. Her skill is vaulting, and her goal is figure skating. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro with no milk or sugar. Her catch phrase is glimmer. Her quote is “There is a such thing as love at first sight.”

Care Package Explanation: Book Rec Series

Hiiii! So, for today’s blog I will be giving a short descriptive overview or breakdown of my favorite book recommendations in the hopes that it will make you interested enough to read them. I read books of all genres, it does not matter how big, small, or what the page setup or word structure looks like I will read it. I will be including a variety of genres in this blog series including self-help; healing, teen romance, mystery, utopian and dystopian societies, etc. 

The first book I will be describing is Care Package: A Path to Deep Healing. I really love everything about this beautiful piece of artwork. First and foremost, Sylvester Mcnutt ||| authored this book. He is a famous African American author who is known for his bestselling collection “Lust for Life”. Sylvester was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1985 and he is now 37 years of age.   This book was published on June 4, 2018, when he was 33 years of age. I just wanted to give you guys a little biography of the author, and now we can hop right into it. 

Anyone who asks me for book recommendations, or what types of books do I read, I always recommend Sylvester McNutt but specifically “care package”. This book is truly lifechanging. I love it because he doesn’t try to seem too articulate by using so many big words that the common knowledge of people wouldn’t understand. When the words that are being put together are too focused in a book, I feel like it disconnects the readers, especially when words are used that most people won’t understand. The book is so personal, and it reads as if you’re having a conversation with the author. He speaks in such a relatable way, and he even says a few curse words, but I think it works great and gives the book a more human feel and shows that none of us are perfect and that we all make mistakes, and that’s okay.  

Another reason that this book is so appealing is because he talks about his own experiences good, bad, or traumatic. He’s an open book with the reader no matter how much of a pun that may sound. He tells his experiences and compares and contrasts them to what you may be going through and how he dealt with it. What I really appreciate though is that he never tells you how to fix your problems, because life isn’t a one size fits all solution. There are many things to consider. He gives you advice, and things to look for when going through traumatic events or dealing with toxic people. He lets you know that you’re not alone, but you must find the strength to be able to leave those toxic people alone and remove yourself from those horrific situations. 

He writes in a way that doesn’t pressure you or make you feel bad about staying in a bad place, because we all have done it whether we like to admit it or not. We have all made mistakes and been through things, but it’s how you come back from them that matters, and I love how he embraces that theme. I also really enjoy that he doesn’t make it all about himself. He makes you the center of attention and the voice that matters most in the conversation, while not spoiling you too much making you think that your feelings make the world go round. It’s such a validating book that uplifts your spirit out of the dirt, and plants it in potting soil in the biggest vase he could find, because he knows you will flourish. 

current rotation #2

songs i’m really into right now! (9/9/22)

hi!! here’s another addition to my “current rotation” series!! this correlates with a lot of last week’s repeats, considering i didn’t release one of these but instead my alex g analysis! anyways, onto the music:)

miracles – alex g

last thursday, i went to check my instagram and saw that alex g had released this song. i kept my composure in class, but i ended up freaking out about it later. i’ve played it over 30 times so far. though the entire album hasn’t been released yet, (it’s coming out sept 23!) i strongly believe this song is going to be one of my favorites on it. so far, it’s already my favorite out of the singles he’s released for the album. it’s a cute song, very fatherly considering he is now a soon-to-be dad:) but, i was a little anxious about some lyrics. he hints at maybe quitting music for a while… and those tickets to his show are NOT set yet. alex please if i don’t get tickets to this tour give me a private performance. 

pet – a perfect circle

i’ve been listening to both tool and a perfect circle since i was like, 5. and SOMEHOW i had never heard of this song, or at least remembered it, until this past week. of course, i was not disappointed at all. in fact, this song is one of the sole reasons i believe a perfect circle is better than tool. (yeah, i said it.) my favorite part of this song is at 2:13, right when it comes back in. i especially love the lines “pay no mind to the rabble, pay no mind to the rabble“. def check this out if you’re into hard instrumentals. 

everlong – foo fighters

i feel so odd putting this here. i’ve been listening to foo fighters for YEARS, and have saved so many of their songs, but for some reason i’ve been revisiting this one more than usual. i think it’s because i saw a goodnight punpun edit with this song!! what more can i say about this? it’s my second favorite song of all time. it’s my instagram bio. i have this album on VINYL. one of my favorite lyrics in this song is “breathe out, so i can breathe you in” <3 !!

unsatisfied – the replacements

woaaah this is my favorite replacements song! my mom would play this all the time when i was little, and a couple years back while i was watching adventureland, i rediscovered it! ever since, it’s been on repeat. yes. it’s been on repeat for years. definitely recommend this song. special shoutout to “waitress in the sky”, too!!

crumble – dinosaur jr

favorite dinosaur jr song!!! something about this song just awakens so many feelings. something about his voice paired with those backing chords, and those repeated notes that drive me insane. i really enjoy this album as a whole, but this song has been the most replayed. but there is actually another song on this album that i’m putting on this playlist!!

back to your heart – dinosaur jr

i don’t know if you can tell, but i’ve been really sappy lately. this song is only making me more sappy/pos. my favorite part of this song is the chorus, especially right at 1:10. the guitar makes me want to clench onto my shirt and fall onto the floor. not to mention the lyrics. dear god the lyrics. when is it my turn. anyways!!! here’s a lyric from it i’ve been loving recently:

you are the only one, sharing song, i’ll wait for you. breathe your air, tend to me, tell me what you want and i will try to be everywhere, all the time. 

soul and fire – sebadoh 

okay, hear me out. it sounds like a sappy love song, but it’s really not. okay whatever maybe it is sappy. but a friend showed me this the other day and ever since i haven’t been able to stop listening to it. i know i’ve said this for almost every song so far, but the guitar has got to be my favorite part of it all. especially after the chorus, i think our love is coming to an end. the contrast between the lyrics and the guitar almost mixes me up. i can’t tell if i want to smile and ruminate on glances or curl up underneath my bed and never come out. still love it though.

as always, here is the playlist with all of my current rotation songs on it!! give some of them a listen and let me know if you agree with any of my opinions on them:) cya next week!

link to playlist (spotify):

My favorite video games :D

Welcome to my blog. In this one I am gonna talk about my favorite video games. I like making lists and steps so that’s what I’ve been doing. Basically, I’m going to provide the name, a picture, and a little description of the game. As a bonus I’m going to include with youtuber I enjoy watching play it the most. Enjoy!

Number 1: The Sims 4

This game is an all time favorite. I have been playing it since around 2016. This game is a life simulation game. You create a home or use a pre-built home for the beginning of your desired life story. After, you create 1-8 sims (the characters) for your story line. The you plot them in the house and force them to do your bidding :D. There are millions of story lines to play out and its 10x’s better with mods though. I personally have a very heavily modded sims game (80 GB mod folder). But its not about the mods the game is equally fun to play without.


Number 2: Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

In the number two spot we have Animal Crossing. I know I know kinda basic, but I really enjoy this game. It is a very big stress and emotional reliever for me. In this game you are flown to an island of your choosing. You get three random island formats and choose which one to start your new life in. Basically, you build this island from the ground up. You start out with two villagers and tents. The island is covered in weeds, and you clean it up to begin the first ceremony. From there you continue to make the island beautiful to your liking. The game considers your journey over once you hit a three-star island rating BUT it definitely isn’t over that is just the main goal. You proceed to upgrade everything and your home. You in total unlock 10 villagers, a museum, nooks cranny (store), and the resident services along with many other small npc characters that visit your island. 😀


Number 3: Friday the 13th

I love playing this game. I play it usually with my significant other and who ever randomly joins our lobby. Friday the 13th is an online survival type game. You must escape Camp Crystal Lake while Jason is on a mission to kill all of the counselors. During him chasing everyone you collect supplies and a weapon for the journey. After that you have 4 ways of escape that I am aware of. Starting at the easiest is the 2 cars. There is a 4- and 2-seater vehicle on each sides of the map. You have to find gas, keys, and a battery to repair the cars then drive out of the camp. Jason can and will stop your vehicle by smadshing is. If you get to that point, then good luck to you. Option 3 is a boat. You find the boats propeller and gas to repair it. This is option three because the propeller is very hard to find and there is only one in the map. Once you get it repaired you drive it away but Jason can pull you right out the boat and he swims faster than it. Now option 4. The hardest option. I have only done this once in the 2 years I’ve played the game. Killing Jason. To kill Jason, you need several things. His mask, his mother’s sweater, a female character, Tommy Jarvis, and many weapons and people willing to help you. First you call tommy. He will arrive as one of the already deceased players with a shot gun. Tommy is there to help you kill Jason. Now the female character is important. This can be anyone with a female avatar. She must put on his mother’s sweater and lure Jason. The mask is to weaken Jason and it just sits in your inventory. To get it you have to fight Jason until it falls off then just pick it up. After this is done Jason goes into a frenzy and it makes him easier to fight. Then boom done he’s dead. That’s Friday the 13th.


Number 4: Five Nights at Freddy’s

This game right here I’ve had a love for since I was a kid. Its an indie horror game that I can talk about till my jaw falls off (This gave me an idea for the next blog. Key word: lore). Anyways, there are 13 of these games but I cannot choose one. Basically, in these games you are put in different scenarios in each game where you must survive several animatronic animals. These animatronics are trying to brutally murder you. In each game there are different means of survival so I can’t really tell you how to survive. There is SO MUCH lore behind every single one of these games, but I enjoy them very much. The lore keeps me alive right now. I know I didn’t say very much on this game, so I’m going to talk a little about FNAF one. In FNAF one you are stationed in a small security office. On your left and right are sliding doors. This game relies a lot on sound. If you listen, you can know where these animatronics are without using the camera. There are a set of security cameras offered to you where you can see each room. These are only useful for the first 2 nights really. The animatronics will randomly pop up at your door meaning you need to shut the corresponding door. You use the lights to see if they’re still there. Now, you can’t leave these doors shut because you have a power supply that drains very quickly, and the more power you use the faster it depletes. You do this from 12 AM to 6 AM. Once 6 hits you’ve completed night one. There are 5 nights (obviously) along with a hidden 6th night that is very hard to complete.


Number 5: Minecraft

You guys should’ve known I was bringing Minecraft into this. I don’t have much to say so I’m going to get into the gameplay. You spawn randomly on this big, pixilated world with no means of survival. You start by collecting a necessary material, wood. From this wood you make tools and gather items and food. Eventually you will mine netherite, the strongest mineral in Minecraft, to make tools from. You build shelter, start a garden, get companions, and survive. You can also take another rout where you “complete the game” though you don’t actually complete it. You find an underground fortress where you then find an incomplete portal. From there you make a portal to the end and kill a dragon, the ender dragon. From there it will roll credits then spawn you back at your last spawn point.

MCU Characters Who Deserved Better pt. 3

Okay, finally at the final part of this series. I am very sure that there are others who deserve their own spotlight in this, but I’ll save those for later on down the road. I’m sure that hearing me obsess over the MCU is getting slightly annoying. So this is the last part, for now:)

For those who remember last week’s post, you most likely know who this is going to be about. But for those who don’t, let me introduce Loki Laufeyson 😀


Photo from: Reason Magazine

First off, there is a lot to be said about Loki. I think out of all of the characters, he showed the most character evolvement, but that’s just my opinion.

Was he a villain? Yes, for a while. I mean, he’s literally the God of Mischief, his whole thing was being the villain. But no villain goes without reason. For those who are unfamiliar, Loki is the adopted brother of Thor, and it wasn’t until he was a grown adult that he learned that. His “father”, Odin, took him in as baby during a rampaging war in hopes that he would later be used to form an alliance. He was brought in the family as a political token. He was always treated like he wasn’t truly a part of the family and now he knew why.

But, in all honesty and I know this is an unpopular opinion, I don’t think that justifies the things he did during the movies Thor and The Avengers. He still chose to do those things with his “kneel or be killed” perspective. 

But, from Thor: The Dark World forward, there’s a gradual change in that perspective. Even though it wasn’t one of Marvel’s best movies, I still think it’s underrated because I feel it was important to show that Loki isn’t just the God of Mischief. There’s another side to him that Odin chooses not to see and that Thor just isn’t aware of until later in the movie. The film shows that he was closest to his “mother”, Frigga, when she attempts to make him feel as at home as possible even though he was being imprisoned for his actions done in The Avengers by bringing him books and making his cell feel more like an actual room.

Loki was heartbroken when Frigga was killed and even more so when he couldn’t go to her funeral.

At the end of the film, Loki sacrificed himself for Thor, and the more human side to him is revealed. Of course, his “death” was faked and that’s when we come into Thor: Ragnorok. This is the film in which Loki learns Thor always saw him as his blood brother and didn’t hold the grudge against him even though he was ultimately responsible for Odin’s death (he had it coming, but that’s just my opinion). They become closer as siblings and Loki saw that Frigga wasn’t the only one who loved him like real family.

Just because this is my favorite scene from the film, here’s a youtube video

Of course, they do end of fighting side by side to save Asgard from their sister, Hela.

In Infinity War, which is the saddest film in the MCU, just under Endgame it shows who Loki really is. The reason I say that is in my opinion the one thing that shows who a person truly is on the inside is their actions during their last moments. At least, if they know they’re at their last moments. 

During Loki’s last moments, he makes an attempt to trick Thanos in order to save Thor which shows that, in the end, he would protect his family. That is a lot of character development. One of the saddest lines from the movie is when Loki said, “I assure you, brother, the Sun will shine on us again”.

Now, into the series Loki, for those who are familiar with it but have not seen it, it is based from the scene in Endgame when 2012 Loki steals the Tesseract once again and escapes. There is a lot that happens in this series and I highly recommend watching it, but to keep it short and sweet, he starts out as wanting nothing but control and a throne and was willing to lie his way to get it but all it took was a couple of people to show him that he is more than what he thinks he is.

I strongly feel that Loki deserves better because his story shows that even the most narcissistic, pathological liar can change their ways. All it takes is someone who genuinely cares to show them that they can.

Well, that’s the end of the series for now. I think this was a good conclusion to it, you guys let me know:)

alex g “mis” literary analysis

“my baby’s alright, she just doesn’t wanna see me tonight.”

alex g “rules” album cover

       it’s not often i hear a track that immediately compels me to speak upon it. sure, i promote music that needs to be heard as much as anyone else, supposedly even more. but something struck within me because of this song. there have been many instances where i have been in trance because of a piece of music, but never have i felt the deep urge to paint the images i see. mostly because there has never been an image so greatly detailed and developed as the one alex g’s ‘mis’ has created. lyrically, the track seems to blend in, with simple depictions of a one-sided relationship. there is a play on the word mis/miss, and alex uses the emptiness of the chorus to represent unreciprocated love. but where this track really stands out is in the instrumental. 

       we start out grounded. with each note of the piano, we are guided into the twisting and turning verse. softly in the background we can hear the guitar slowly move forwards towards us until all the lights turn on and everything comes in. the percussion is sharp and heavy in the back, with it slowing down to a soft murmur at the pre-chorus. the synths seem planned and coordinated throughout the verse, so does the guitar. but when the percussion awakes from its murmur and kicks in, everything loses its planning. the synths during the chorus flow all around you in its sporadic way, no pattern to be found, but still mesmerizing. i find myself getting lost in the chorus all the time. the percussion is rhythmic and heavy, a perfect contrast to the light and unpredictable piano and synth pairing. the guitar is steady throughout the song, a reminder that you are still grounded. everything is moving around you erratically and beautifully, but you are still grounded. 

       though i fully believe the heart of this song is where the instrumental is, there is much to say about the lyrics. first off, mis. as i previously stated, mis/miss is used in this song and is given a double meaning. he misses her. he misinterprets her. see the connection? the verses are the back and forth thoughts he goes through, attempting to make sense of his situation. he debates her intention and what he should do until he confronts her. he misses her, and he tells her that. then, her response. “she says”, and then the chorus. the absence of her response is made up by the instrumentals. she says nothing, but the music says everything.

       this song is genuinely beautiful. as of now, it is my most listened song by alex. if you like the kind of music i like, then i suggest checking him out. and if i get to see him live and you’re into his music, i’ll let you have the first look at the concert videos:) anyways, thanks for reading.

link to song (spotify):

alex g:)

My makeup routine!

Hello! I didn’t really know what to talk about for this blog so we’re going to talk about my skin and makeup routine :D. Throughout the blog I’m just going to name my products with a picture and small description since I do use a lot of makeup. I’m going to format it in steps so it will be in the order I use each product.

Step one: CeraVe face wash. I start here to get my skin clean and less oily.

Step two: I then use Jergens ultra healing lotion because I also have very dry skin. This smooths the dryness for a better base.

Step three: I then go in with an eyebrow gel. I use a small brush to just shape my brows how I like them, and the gel locks that shape in.

Step four: This is where the base begins. I use Morphe filter effect foundation. It’s a medium coverage. I apply this foundation with a velvet beauty blender, also by Morphe. I put it basically everywhere except my eye lids.

Step five: I use Morphe filter effect concealer. I place this under my eyes, the crease of my nose, underneath my eyebrows, and places a blemish may be. I later put it on the bridge of my nose, but I don’t do that in step five.

Step six: In this step I start my contour. Before I do that, I spray my face with setting spray. At the end is where I will talk about the spray because it is used most last. I take an Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour just putting it along the bridge of my nose, over the tip, and underneath the tip between my nostrils. I apply it with a thin, small brush. I blend it all out with a different small Morphe blending brush.

Step seven: After the contour I use a bronzer. I don’t like using a lot of bronzers because I embrace my pale complexion rather than making it darker, but I use some to give contrast. I just take this on a very large fluffy brush and put it along my cheek bones and hair line.

Step eight: I apply a small amount of concealer here. I put it on my nose bridge to make the contour stand out better. I blend this out with the small Morphe brush.

Step nine: Now, we set the face. I use a Morphe setting powder and brush for this. I take the angular side of my beauty blender and get some powder. I place it on the bridge of my nose where the contour is at and drag the product underneath my eyes. I get more on the sponge and drag that product along my jawline. We let this product sit for a while and do the next steps before we take it off.

Step ten: While the powder sits, I usually begin my eye makeup. I use whichever pallet suits my eye look but it is usually Morphe rose palette or the James Charles palette for eye shadow. Some days I wont even do eye shadow, but I love to incorporate it into the outfit I’m wearing. The eye shadow brushes I use are the crystal zodiac brushes by BH Cosmetics.

Step eleven: We can now wipe the setting powder off. With a large brush you just brush off the loose powder left. I’m also going to include eyeliner in step ten. I use NYX Epic Wear liquid liner. The way I do my eyeliner heavily depends on the eyeshadow placement, my mood, or if we don’t do eyeshadow, I make it big and bold.

Step twelve: This is where the phenomenal lashes come in. I LOVE my eyelashes and have many different sets. This step and step thirteen go hand in hand. I start off by picking the lashes I want and getting my glue ready. I use (ins glue name) lash glue. I can’t say I would really recommend this because it doesn’t hold very long. I apply the glue along the line of the lash then let it sit. The glue must get tacky before you apply the eyelash. While this glue sets, I move on to step thirteen. Usually after step thirteen the lash is ready to go on. I apply the lash to my lid after this, then repeat with the second lash. I usually finish step twelve the first time around. I get my lashes from several different places but mostly Shein, Walmart, or amazon.

Step thirteen: Blush and highlight. My favorite blush is a Sheglam liquid blush from Shein. I have two favorite highlighters, wet n wild hello halo liquid highlighter and Ownest powdered highlighter. Both brushes I use for this are from the zodiac crystal set. I usually just put the blush on my cheeks and up towards my brow slightly, not too much. I use the powder highlight on my cheeks. Before I get the highlight on my brush I spray the brush with some setting spray, then apply the product. This makes the highlighter more pigmented and shinier. I use the liquid highlight on my nose. I put it on the tip and along the bridge then blend it out. Occasionally I put highlight underneath my brow.

Step fourteen: After it is all complete i spray my face with the Morphe setting spray. This makes the makeup last longer

Brushes: These are all the brushes I mentioned most throughout. Morphe blending brush (small), crystal zodiac set, velvet Morphe beauty blender, fluffy bronzing brush, setting powder brush.

After care: At the end of the day, I remove my makeup with a cotton pad and micellar water. Then, I wash my face with just water to remove the extra micellar water. At night I put my acne medication and that’s all. I will say that the micellar water is not 100% the best for your skin though.