The End

The time has finally come. It’s the end of my first year at MSA. It’s been a while ride, a mishmash of triumphs and failures. I’ve grown as a person and an artist.  Through it all, I’ve made friends, I’ve lost friends, I’ve made enemies, I’ve lost enemies (I think?). 

So, what’s the point of it? Is that it? Will any of this matter at all once I graduate next year?

Yes. I’m sure it will. I think that this has been an experience that will impact me for the rest of my life. I’m grateful to all of my teachers, and all of the friends that I’ve made this year. I couldn’t- wouldn’t be here now without all of them. There’s no doubt that this has changed my life tremendously. It  definitely could’ve been a better year, but there’s very little I would have changed about it.

I’m glad that I met everyone that I did, and I’m glad to have been a junior literary this year. I would also like to give special thanks to all of the literary seniors for being such a gift to the literary world. They are truly some of the best role models I could have had.  I hope that they find success and happiness wherever they go.

Thank you all for the phenomenal year. See you next year!

a bittersweet goodbye

This is not an easy blog to write, for as you all know our beloved Mrs.Sibley will not be returning to MSA next year. I want to commemorate my final blog to wishing her a goodbye. 

Mrs.Sibley, you have been one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I love your positive spirit, and how welcome you’ve always made us feel. I will miss doing workshop with you; you always give amazing suggestions and you allow us to have the creative freedom that an artist deserves! I want to thank you for introducing some incredible mentor texts to us all, and I know they will stick with me forever. I have created my favorite pieces of writing all because of you. Thank you for believing in all of us, and wanting to see us shine at our full potential. All students should get to experience a teacher like you; a teacher that makes school worth going too. Even though our time together was cut short, I am so glad that I got to experience you for at least one year. You are off to do big things with people who need your positive presence in their life, and I know you won’t be physically with us anymore but you will stay in our hearts forever. I won’t call this a goodbye, see you later is a more proper term! Thank you for all that you have done for us, and thank you for the impact that you have made on my life!

See you later Mrs.Sibley! <3

Goodbye… for now >:)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my LAST blog of the year. I’m not one to get all sentimental and stuff but I am truly gonna miss everyone, especially my literary class (worth counts). So I figured I would do a little quote book of all the literary moments to celebrate the ending of this chapter! Keep in mind that none of these are serious and are all in good fun. Enjoy.

  • “I will cut off your toes” -me
  • “Do you wanna get throat-punched?” – me
  • “What would you do if I started yodeling right now?” – adele
  • “I have to walk my fish.” -Simone
  • “We have Victoria’s Secret, Spencer’s, and Church.” -anonymous
  • “I love throwing radiators into the ocean” -Joesph
  • “Is that carbonated pee?” -Leo
  • “Not my womp womp privlegdges!” -me
  • “Ka-chow!” – Leo
  • “You can pay me five dollars to find out why I was obsessed with the word Kachow.” -Adele
  • “…” -Jordan
  • “Can MSA neuter me?” -Leo
  • “A long time ago some white guy called the sky daddy and that’s why we have Tuesday. I may be having a stroke.” – Worth
  • “Which one of ya’ll got bionic fingers?” -Adele
  • “What would you say is the central THEME?!” – Worth
  • “Back in my pants, it goes.” -me
  • “I’ll have mistki in one ear and murder in the other.” -me
  • “I want a kid and a kidney.” – Emma
  • “It’s the withdrawals!” – me
  • “One day you’ll just disappear.” -also me
  • “I’ll believe in God if we don’t do anything today.” -Leo
  • “Oh no! Our Barbie! he’s melting!” -adele
  • “Mentally I am Italian.” -Emma
  • “Handing her the divorce papers on Tuesday.” -Simone
  • “Tuesday’s at 3:30 my neck gets creaky.” -Emma
  • “you were born with the frat flu” -Emma
  • “It was direct toe to toe contact!” – Elliot
  • “Welcome H-E double hockey sticks!” – Joseph

That’s it, guys. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and has lots of relaxation time because you’ve all worked so hard this year. I love you guys! Goodbye… for now >:) 

Oh- and enjoy this little collage I made.


A Conflicted Salutation to a Chaotic Junior Year :)

So, it’s no secret to anyone on MSA campus that I’ve done some things this year. Be it my friends, who will readily attest to the unimaginable amount of growth I’ve undergone in this span of roughly ten measly months, or my not so friendly classmates who will remind you of every misdeed I’ve ever committed against them, one thing is for certain: I’ve made my mark on this campus and the people on it. 

And I think that, for better or worse, is a very amazing thing. To think that I’ve made any impression at all on these people I share each day with and the environment we cultivate is a mind boggling things. But isn’t it what we all do every day? 

There are so many people on this campus who have made a mark on me. I’ll never walk into room 308 without expecting to hear an exclamation that surely came from a gremlin and being assaulted with the smell of approximately seven different Bath and Bodyworks fragrances, courtesy of my roommate Nyk. I’ll never enter my dorm bathroom without expecting the door to suddenly burst open and me be met with some obscure, chaotic quote from anything from a movie the world had forgotten to a Tiktok audio the world wished it could forget, courtesy of E. I’ll never not walk down the second floor hall of J.I. without hearing the pacing footsteps and clanging lanyard of a literary listening to what is, undoubtedly, music no one has ever heard of, courtesy of Lauren (said with love). I’ll never sit at the workshop table in the literary lab without the anticipation of a slammed down laptop and an “Okay, so…”, courtesy of Kit.  I’ll never walk (or in my case, duck) under any tree on campus without a thought of how hard it would be to climb it in sandals, courtesy of Madison. I’ll never walk into the Phoenix without expecting to take the seat all the way against the right wall and talk about an anime that’s been on my watch list longer than water has been on the Earth, courtesy of Ciel. And I’ll never enter the SLC stairwell without habitually yelling “LIZ!” in a greeting, courtesy of, well, Liz. 

I say goodbye to all of these people come a few days from now, and quite frankly, I am nowhere near ready. But, I wasn’t ready to meet them, either, and look how that turned out. So, with tears in my eyes and contempt for blank dorm room walls in my heart, I will face as bravely as possible the departure of my seniors, and do my best to give them one last, albeit tearstained, smile before they go. 

And, after they’re gone, I’ll spend the few days we juniors have left here in what feels like liminal space to contemplate the marks left on this campus. Even if you’re just looking at what’s occurred since it was converted to MSA, there are an unimaginable number of memories embedded into the very bricks of this campus. And I can’t help but wonder what they all are, who left them, and how many of them are in the shape of me.

So, I hope you’ll wonder with me, because wondering is no fun alone. 

a literary thank you

hey, blog! it’s crazy that this is my last post as a junior. next time i’m here, i’ll be an old woman. mentally, i already am, but i’ll have the senior title to prove it! as a farewell, i wanted to write down my gratitude for the junior literary department, and what better place than here! on the off chance that you’re  reading this as a rising junior, congratulations! we have a strange, chaotic, wonderful class, and we can’t wait to be your seniors : )

to leo,

thank you for being one of the sweetest people i know! you’re always there to help people when they need you, and i can’t tell you how much watching you make stars during workshop has helped my focus <3

to elliot,

where to even begin? you are like a personified sunflower and getting to know you has been a beautiful adventure. thank you for being my spouse and keeping me sane with your alan rickman and squidward impressions <3

to locklyn,

lockerby, lovklyn, locker, locksmith! you’re one of the coolest people i know. i’m so proud to call you my friend. you’re kind, hilarious, and you have impeccable taste in movies and guys. thanks for geeking out with me <3

to joseph,

dude, you’re seriously one of my favorite writers of all time. you always make me laugh during workshop with your honesty and humor. you’re also so talented in visual art! save some coolness for the rest of us, joe. thanks for being the comedian of the literary lab <3

to sage,

you’re such a talented writer! you began one of the most cherished literary traditions–good soup!! without you, there would have been many times where none of us knew what to say during workshop, but you provided us with excellent soup. thanks for always writing things that i find myself concerned that i relate to <3

to jordan,

not only are you an extremely gifted writer and musician, you’re literally one of the funniest people i know! just looking at you from across the room always gets me laughing. thank you for being part of the heart of house band <3

to simone,

ahhhhh!!! simone, your writing inspires me so much. you’re so incredibly creative and kind! we all love you so much, and i know that your juniors will look up to you just like we do. thank you for setting the standard by being a wonderful literary and overall person <3

to adele,

queen, you know how i feel about you. my platonic soulmate. the joel to my clem, the bones to my booth, the fred to my george. i wouldn’t have made it without you, best. thank you for being every literary’s favorite grandma <3

and, finally, to mrs. sibley,

i can say without a doubt that you are the best teacher i’ve ever had. you have genuinely changed my life, and i’ll forever be grateful for you and everything you’ve done for me. you taught me to believe in my writing ability and in myself. because of you, i’ve done and achieved things that i never thought i could, and you believed in me every step of the way. i can never thank you enough for that. because of you, i’m no longer afraid to call myself an artist. because of you, i’m proud of my work, and i’m proud to say that i am a writer. thank you for all this and so much more. this department is going to miss you so much, but we wish you all the very best in your future and know that you will continue to change lives for the better  <3


now, i couldn’t leave you guys without one last mini playlist and, of course, a picture that has nothing to do with the content of this post! this is a playlist of a few of the songs that helped me get through my junior year in one piece and a picture that makes me chuckle for some reason. ’til next time!

junior literary mini playlist:

“you don’t have to say you love me”– dusty springfield

“after the glitter fades”- stevie nicks

“guadalupe”- gretchen peters

“maybe this time”- liza minnelli

“hands clean”- alanis morissette




p.s. i’m team edward AND carlisle (duality of man) <3

World Building Project pt.12: Forward.

Jesus, this school year flew by. When I started this whole blogging thing at the start of this year, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t like it. Mostly because of how forced it was for me, as blogging isn’t exactly my forte. That didn’t change when I came up with the idea of my world building blog, at first that is. I came up with the idea not out of a want to create, but more as a means to an end. Something to get me the good grades I needed. I made it far more laborious than it should have been, and in my haste for results I rushed the conceptual design of my task. Which lead to a good bit of confusion, stress, and missed blogging dates. But as of late, I have come to realize my mistake. I overshot my own capacity for this project, which it suffered for. 

But I’m not going to drop the world building project, not now, and probably not ever. I’ve found my creative stride in this, and am genuinely invested in the world I’ve crafted so far. Hell, I think my best creature designs have come from this project. I know that doesn’t mean much yet since I’ve hardly shown any of it on my blogs, but hopefully that will change when fall rolls around.

This post is more for me to reiterate my goals for this project next year. I mostly want to focus on explaining my designs and lore of my creatures, locations, and events in a more linear fashion rather than throwing bits of it and seeing what sticks. I went back and read some of my older blog posts and found them to be way too esoteric for anyone other than myself to follow. I left puzzle pieces for a puzzle that didn’t exist yet, and I was tripped up for my oversight.

Though, I have a question for all of you willing to answer. Aside from my new objective, should my blogs be made from MY perspective, as the creator of it, or from the perspective of someone living in the world? I’ve tried the latter in the past, and it seems to have worked pretty well, but I want to ask all of your opinions on this. Just to make sure that the writing style fits with the content.

other than that, I’m pretty excited for next year, and for once blogging is a part of that excitement. In fact, I’ve been so excited that I’ve made quite the backup of drawings that I just haven’t had the chance to post yet.

Recently Added

It’s been a good minute since I’ve written one of these. And what better way to close out the year than with an idea I first started out with. As usual, due to it being such a long time since I’ve written one of these I have so much music for you to listen to.

THAT THAT- Psy (feating and produced by Suga from BTS

You know that overwhemling excitement you feel when two of your most favorite people work together on a project. I can not describe to you the feral scream I scrumpt when this was announced. I went completely hysterical, even now as I am listening to it, it feels like a fever dream. This is such a good song and I feel like we got to see the same Psy that made Gangnam Style. I love that Suga still keep true to his style but Psy sort of pulled him into the world of his unique artistry also. From the dance to the beat this song does not miss! I mean its a masterpiece that is uncomparibale to anything that has ever been released. I might be overexaggeration but I love this song so much!!

Punk Tactics- Joey Valence & Brae

This has to be one of my favorite songs out right now. Since finding it on Tiktok, as one does, I have been playing it on a loop. I tend to do that a lot when finding songs I really really love and it isn’t one that you can get tired of. This has to be my favorite style of rap like it just has that old school feel it and its so hype. I truly believe it is physically impossible to not bob your head when it starts playing. From the unique but nostaglic beat to the funny yet perfect lyircs this songs proves itself to be a classic. The back and forth on the chorus is so gooddddd!!!!!!!! It really restored my faith in music production. If you like old school rap and the tingling feeling of nostalgia I strongly suggest you give this song a listen.

Logan Paul- Col3trane

This is such a perfect song for the summer time. It reminds me of late night rides with the window down surrounded with nothing but the vibrant green of trees. Or when the kickback starts to windle down and all of your friends just sit around and talk about old memories. And the vocals are so angelic, like I don’t even have the words to describe how good his voice is. The soft steady beat is just fast enough to dance to but slow enough to just sit and listen.


NEW FAVORITE ARTIST ALERTTT!!!! The clown lowkey creeps me out though. But that has nothing to do with how good this song is. I found about this song through Tiktok also when seeing the many recreations of the choerography from the music video (which you should also watch when listening to this song). It has a very good instrumental behind it, my favorite being the bass. It slowly grows on you and quickly becomes a song that you can not live without.

Gogo Dance- El Alfa

I’ve always love El Alfa’s unique voice. It’s so undescrible, yet so addicting to listen to. This song is such a good song to dance to. Like it isn’t really a song I can disect its more like an experience. You’ll just have to listen to yourself.

Cry Baby – Official Hige Dandism

This song is the best anime intro song I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. It so catchy and such a great song to head bop to. I really love how the music video pays homage to the anime also. I thought it was very cool to see the same themes from the show displayed in the music video and I really appreciate how they did it in such a unique way.

Honorable Mentions

Tek It- Cafuné

Binz- Solange

The Weekend- 88rising & BIBI 

little story- Kehlani

Vegas- Dona Cat

Tití Me Preguntó- Bad Bunny

rocks in my pockets.

have you ever seen a rock you just had to have?

whether it be on a sidewalk or in the forest somewhere, in the sand or in the snow – something about that rock just stood out to you. so you picked it up, stuffed it in your pocket, and went along with your day with the weight of the rock in your pocket as a reminder of the miniscule, but beautiful, thing that made your day.

i love to use this analogy as a way to think of something i learned at msa. over the span of the school year here ive learned a lot about myself, life, and other people, but there is one thing i learned that i constantly keep in the back of my mind when interacting with people. just like a pretty little rock i put in my pocket, there is one thing i picked up from msa and apply to all aspects of my life.

i figured that now was the perfect time to try to articulate this knowledge into a blog, especially to pass down to incoming juniors. the rock you may ask?

Conversations over Conclusions

the piece of knowledge i picked up from msa that is the most important (in my opinion) is an analogy as old as time

don’t judge a book by its cover. simple as it seems, its the truth. whether it be by a persons outward appearance, demeanor, or just the emotion they seemingly are wearing on their face at the time, don’t be quick to judge.

there were so many instances throughout this year where i was quick to judge. mostly out of my own self consciousness. i would look at all the people at msa and think ‘they are so much cooler than me, there is no way i could talk to them.’ but by doing that, i ended up isolating myself and missing out on so many amazing friendships.

it wasn’t until halfway through the school year that i started to have conversations that broke down my preconceived ideas of what people would be like. and by having these conversations, i realized that we all felt the same way. that we all were thrown into a new situation with new people. that i wasnt the only one afraid of jumping into the deep end of new friendships.

all of this is basically to just tell incoming juniors – we understand. i know it may be intimidating coming into this new situation, and i know that you’ll most likely feel intimidated or scared at one moment or another throughout the year. but dont be afraid to reach out! to your fellow juniors and your seniors. dont make assumptions about people or how they act based off of what they look like, because i promise, you’ll most likely be surprised when you get to know them!

anyways, seeing as this is my last blog of junior year, i figured there was no better time to dump a bunch of msa pictures from my downloads below it. lol enjoy!

(can’t wait to meet you new students!)








What I’m Writing About


I love zombies. I love the apocalypse. There are millions of ideas you can have about the apocalypse that doesn’t even have to be about zombies. Mine is specifically a cannibalistic virus, less so focusing on the zombie’s unfortunate habit of dying brutally and coming back to life. These “zombies” are also stronger and faster than the average person, and ground zero for the apocalypse is Seattle. Also, all my characters are named after alcohol which is very funny.

The national guard has been called in to assist the city so that the virus does not continue to ravage the United States. 

The main character is Rum. Hehehe. He’s working to find his sibling, Pinot. Here’s an excerpt of the radio transmissions for the D.C. area: 

We interrupt this program for the following alert, broadcasted at the request of the Washington state police department. This is not a test, please standby for instructions. Authorities have issued a contagious disease warning. Seattle has been plagued by a cannibalistic disease, causing infected residents to swarm to the uninfected and cannibalize them. When attacked, the uninfected may themselves turn into cannibals. This is speculated to be caused by a virus. The virus is believed to have started on September 21st, at 6:25 AM. pacific standard time. The Washington state National Guard will be attempting to contain all infected residents of Seattle. Authorities have instigated a shelter in place for all residents of King County and the surrounding areas. If you reside in King County, lock all doors and close windows. Do not attempt to use any phone lines, and close your fireplace. Standby for future-‘

‘This is a civil emergency message for residents of King County. Please standby. If you are securely sheltered, stay where you are in complete silence. Do not panic. Do not leave your home. Wait until the national guard comes to extract you. If one of the cannibals breaks into your home, hide. Stay silent. Do not run, they are faster than us. Do not fight, they are stronger than us. Stay in your home. Do not panic. Continue to stand by for-‘


Essentially, everyone is screwed. I also want it to be full of diversity and good character development. I want to make it into a series if I ever can, and I welcome any suggestions for the story you guys have. 

Do you know about viruses and diseases? Do you know how a fungal infection would work? How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? 


Send help.

albums i wish i could listen to for the first time again…


Need I say more?

Love Yourself: ‘Tear’

This album is so meaningful and the music is just top-tier.

The Low End Theory

Best album I have ever listened to.

Amor Prohibido



I said what I said and I’ll say it again.

Being Human in Public

More specifically, Sola. Truly underrated.


I will always advocate for OffonOff supremacy.

Revenge of the Dreamers III

Best collaboration album of the century, no one can ever convince me otherwise. LOOK AT THE FEATURES!

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 

No one is touching Lauryn with this album. Please look more into her process and the meaning behind this album. Also, be respectful to the queen!