I Could Lie to You Right Now

You ever thought about how easy it is to lie to someone?

Look, I’m probably getting eyes right now, but I’m being so honest. It’s so easy to lie to someone! In an age where fact checking is a myth because the closest thing to a real answer was Google and then it wasn’t, and you could use AI to look something up for you, but really do you want to do that?

It’s one big mess. Your social media sites? One big episode of telephone.

Someone said on Tumblr, who got screenshotted to Instagram, who was sent around a bunch of people’s direct messages that you could save someone from an overdose before an ambulance came by pouring them saltwater. And was this correct? No, it was dangerously false, but the post from 2013 where someone read something wrong is now getting posted to Tik Tok and ohh…  You just pray to God no one in this scenario is confronted with an overdose.

That’s a horrifying system! Who profits from this!

Some videos will just serve you wrong information and what? Will your mother check if NewsOutlet.com is serving her a conspiracy theory baked as a health guide? No, she won’t. It’s just the culture of the internet but now she’s involved in buying purified teeth to loop around her neck.

Which brings us back to the question: how easy is it to lie to someone?

I mean, obviously there are boundaries, if you have enough common sense you can tell when I’m lying (but the average American overestimates how easy it is to be manipulated.)

You may think I’m telling the truth, but if I’m confident, persuasive, and pretty enough, I can tell you things you would doubt experts on. Humans love to listen to confidence. And coincidentally, if your peer tells you a statistic with full confidence, what’s your chances of actually fact checking that?

Some of the things you think you know are just another myth. Daylight saving time was started for farmers, putting your phone in rice saves it from dropping in the pool, organic food is more nutritious. And then there’s the even worse ones. MSG is bad for you, vaccines cause autism, a child can’t be reported missing unless 24 hours have passed.

And that’s just the beginning!

But we’re nearing the end of this blog, so let me make the point I was going to make at the beginning. (This one is in bold because it’s the one you’re probably actually gonna read.)

Out of the five of these, four are real crimes. One is a lie. Without looking it up, which one is LEGAL?

  1. spitting at someone

  2. corporal punishment (Physical Punishment)

  3. not having car insurance

  4. Impersonating someone online

  5. downloading someone else’s content

4 thoughts on “I Could Lie to You Right Now”

  1. I watch React Channel answer these illegal questions a lot, so without me looking it up I think it’s spitting at someone, or it’s a trick question and they’re all legal.

  2. This is probably a really bad thing to say and I probably shouldn’t say it (especially online) but I’m going to say it anyway. I love how easy it is to lie and how with different body language and certain details, you can make lies more believable. It’s also very interesting how different people can detect lies in different ways so you’ll have to tell them the lie in different ways. I’ve said too much…

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