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Howdy everyone! As we all know, Summer is fast approaching, and I know most of us are excited for it.  Especially when we are thinking about what we’re going to do, like get a job, vacations, summer camps, projects, what’s going to be your anthems for those summer jams, and all that jazz.  Well, don’t think too hard on it, because for this blog I’m going to be helping with one of these biggies. 

Yep, you know it, I’m requesting some artists that you should drop on your summer hit list.

I’m also going to drop my favorite song by them that has those Summery vibes. 




Is an artist that I’ve been listening to a lot lately after being influenced by the song demos and tour moments that keep popping up on my phone. 

He’s sort of a new trending artist, but just in case some people don’t know him, his first song “Sweater Weather” was a trending audio on TikTok.  Some say he covered it from The Neighbourhood, but other sources say it’s his.  He also made this song called “My Home” which I think everyone heard at least once, like while shopping at a clothing store or something.  

Now about Myles Smith — 

Myles Smith himself is from the UK.  His genre of music is folk Americana, R&B, and Pop.  His number one song is called “Solo” and he’s going on tour currently for his album Slightly Less Lonely which is really a joy to listen to.  He also is coming out with this song called “Stargazing” which I honestly feel is going to be a summer hit. 


There’s a reason why it’s a hit, I love the context of it. The story about true heartbreak was sung in a way that felt disappointed and not sad to me.  I feel he portrayed the feelings of it pretty well.  The tone is light and not heavy which is going to be so refreshing while driving through the hot summer heat.  This is why it’s my favorite song of his. 



She is kind of a gem when it comes to artists for me.  She’s a rising artist who’s journey I’ve been keeping up with since the start of the pandemic and I loved all the music she’s produced so far.  She started rising in early 2020 when her song “Producer Man” became viral and gained over 50 million views and she went from there.  Her top song is “In My Mind” which is a song that is basically for people that are considered outsiders or different because of how they don’t associate themselves that much socially.  It’s basically an anthem for those who were considered the quiet kids that really had whole battles in their minds.  It’s good.  

Now about Lyn Lapid — 

Lyn Lapid is American, but her ethnicity is Filipino – American.  She sings Indie and Alternative Pop. Her main aesthetic is cottage core and softie, which she does promote a lot. She has an album called “to love in the 21st century” that’s covering friendships and platonic relationships mostly.  A song I really like from that album is “Eastside ”. It’s about long-distance friendships. And fun fact, she studied classical piano and played violin and orchestra for seven years.   


The beat of itself is so chill and the way she intertwines it with the ad libs are beautiful. 
Also, the main point of the song is explaining how sometimes you just want to leave your regular life and go to another planet or something.  It gives fantasy book vibes.  Also, her voice is just soothing in all her songs and in this one it’s strong.  If you just want to escape for a moment at any point in the Summer,

This is what you want to listen to.  



She’s been on top of my Spotify list for two years straight.  Which, of course she is, her music is majestic and for all of the themes to be interesting topics paired with her strong notes, it’s admirable.  Lauren Spencer Smith sings a lot about love relationships, but it’s not just heartbreak songs, she sings more on the issues within the relationships, for example she covers narcissism, she covers manipulation, she covers commitment, she covers the actual love part, but it’s not in a way when she’s just saying she’s sad, it goes deeper than that. That’s why her music attracted me, because she’s telling a story. Her trending song is called “Fingers Crossed” and she has performed it mostly everywhere, she even performed it at Coachella.  

Now about Lauren Spencer Smith — 

Lauren Spencer Smith is a British – born Canadian.  She has an album called unplug that was a Juno Award nominee.  She was on American Idol where she made it to the top 20 at 16 years old.  She has two Platinum certified singles and more than 1 billion streams from them.  All at just 19, well she’s 20 now. 

FAVORITE SONG — “That Part” 

It is one of her happier songs that covers a long-lasting soulmate kind of love.  It’s telling a story that she wants for herself.  It’s a soft warm topic, and her voice makes it sound like she’s giving a wedding speech but boho style if that makes sense.  I like it a lot, it gives sunshine and the ocean.  If you want to just listen to something hopeful this Summer when you feel down, then this is your jam.  




I feel he’s well known, and everyone has heard that one song “Daylight” at least once.  Well, I was one of the people that stumbled upon his audio on TikTok and then went to listen to his actual song and discovered that his music is really cool.  His voice is interesting, if rustic was a sound that’s how I would describe his voice.  It has some soul in it.  The lyrics of his songs that I’ve listened to so far are very poetic and he has a neat way of getting the deeper meanings of his words across. “Daylight” is his most popular song, but it may be surpassed by his recent release “Skin and Bones.”  I don’t know, but I’m not worried about that now because I’m waiting for his new release “Buried at Sea” which he sure is taking a good minute to release.  But anyway, 

Now about David Kushner – David Kushner is an American singer and Songwriter raised up in Chicago before he moved to California.  He prominently rose to fame after becoming a TikTok star after releasing his single “Miserable Man”.  Then he kept on making music and that’s when he got recognized again for “Daylight” and that became a TikTok sensation also.  


I really can’t explain this one to you, it just gives off a vibe you know.  It’s kind of sad though, it discusses pain and betrayal, not really just a summer jam in my perspective.  But I recommend it because some others may think differently.  Though, if you want to listen to a song of his with a summer vibe, then just keep Daylight on replay.   

Any who, it’s May, anyone excited? 

Also, Honorable Mention for:  

BENSON BOONE – y’all should go check out his new album “Fireworks and Roller Blades”, my favorite song from there is “Cry.”  



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  1. I don’t know how y’all think about songs to listen to in the summer. I legit just watch TV whenever I can and that’s if I’m home with nothing to do.

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