Children’s books I remember reading

(and you probably do too)


I really hope you know Amelia Bedelia. My roommate didn’t and I was very sad. Amelia Bedelia is connotative with gullibility, upon being left in a house with a list of expressions and idioms she takes them all to be literal: she cuts up the towels when she hears “change them [out]”, ruins their furniture and the only reason she doesn’t get fired that day is she makes a delicious lemon meringue pie. I tried not to sound mocking because I truly do love this book, Amelia Bedelia is so witty and goofy.

And then of course came what I’d call “holiday specials” e.g. Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia; Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping, etc. etc. It’s just a trend of the medium, you’ve noticed, once people love “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” they’ll love “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” but what I find interesting is Amelia Bedelia didn’t just get picture books she also got chapter books.

An entire franchise of them!

These were published decades after the original book was released—like the Amelia Bedelia books were being published in the 60s, the one I had as a kid was written in 2013.

Also, I love this artstyle, look at her little outfit

(side note I was looking up more books for this blog and let me just say: Harry Potter is NOT a picture book.)


This one is for ME, okay? and it’s the only non-serialized one on this list. This little girl leaves her stuffed animal at the laundromat and she can’t talk yet so all she can do is babble the words closest to the sounds “Knuffle Bunny.” 🙁

It’s based on the writer’s real life family and did you know this was written by the guy who’s also written, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus?” I’m so upset no one remembers Knuffle Bunny. Let’s move on.


What I brought it up and you expected me not to use it? Yeah, you’ve read it I bet. I believe it FAR greater than either of the other ones on this list but have you actually gone back? Because wow, it is cozy. Coziest book alive, as a seven year old shares some food with a mouse who trashes his house (but the book doesn’t rhyme?) Akin to most things on this list, there were obviously more books after it and you know what, I’ll go back on my word. Despite how like. Honestly sweet the original is, I remember the variations more fondly.

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake? If You Take a Mouse to the Movies?

If You Take a Mouse to School?

I’m sorry, If You Take A Mouse to School beats out the original by a MILE, no criticism accepted (I do not remember this book, so this could all be hearsay.)


I loved this cat as a kid and I love the beat his little read-alouds were paired with. Do you remember read-alouds? Those went crazy. This cat went along with everything, his shoes are white, now they’re red, what does he say?

“I love my red shoes,

I love my red shoes,

I love my red shoes.”

Never bothered, never sad, just the coolest cat around. 10/10 Cat I don’t remember much of him but he took down the house in a single picture book.




… hey you know those “I am [historical figure]” books? They made one for ruth bater ginsberg

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  1. I did so many reading fair boards on Pete the cat and if you give a mouse a cookie. I didn’t really read any of the other books though I do know about them.

  2. Them ” I Am” books were so cool to me. I wanted them to have their own animation series and everything, which I do think they have now. I may have to research it.

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