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I watched this movie over Spring Break with my cousin, I had been wanting to watch it for quite a while. Mainly because of it’s impressive reception as seen on Rotten Tomatoes with a tomato meter of 95% and an audience score of 82%.This leaves me in sort of an awkward place because I didn’t like it all too much. I promise I am not one of those people who dislikes everything people like to seem different in fact I am pretty skewed by others perception. 

Now by no means am I saying this was a bad movie. I thought the writing was phenomonal, and it told an amazing story about grief and how seeking temporary pleasure/relief from it can be a slippery slop. I thought the concept in itself was creative and fresh. But I fail to see how it was as revolutionary as people claim it to be. Though the writing was good I found myself losing interest as it failed to suprise me. There were multiple occasions where I was able to predict what was going to happen next. I found very few of the characters to be likeable. Over all I think it was a decent movie with great writing but it was just way too overhyped. 

Certain aspects about the plot left me with a lot of questions and not in the open ended way but more in the plot hole way. The ending as a whole left me unsatisfied though I didn’t see any other way for it to end. 

Another gripe I have about this movie is that I didn’t find any of the characters particularly likeable which usually wouldn’t be an issue for me in other movies but when I watch/read/play horror I find a strong aspect of me enjoying it is the feeling of being on the edge of my seat. And I found it hard to find this feeling watching this because of my apathetic feel towards the characters the stakes never felt high enough for me to really care all too much what happened. I do enjoy the not particularly happy ending though it was nice to see. 

Again by no means was this a bad movie but I just think it was way too overhyped in my opinion. I definitely reccomend thought because I can see how a lot of peope liked it. The acting was also amazing.

Author: Sone’t Robinson

My name is Sone't Robinson and writing for me is an outlet. It's a way to be heard when I feel like my words have fallen on deaf ears. I write out of necessity as well as passion. I've used my pen to write my peace and paper has been the greatest listener I've ever met. I'd encourage even those who don't have a passion for writing or literature to do the same.

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  1. As someone who enjoyed this movie I can understand the gripes that you have, I agree with most of them as well, especially when it comes to the fact it is an A24 movie, which has come out with horror movies that are MUCH better.

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