Movies I’m Convinced only I’ve Seen

There are a couple movies/shows out there that I’m convinced only I’ve watched. For example (here comes the list):


Kubo and the Two Strings

I feel like no one has seen this. It came out in 2016 and I watched it in either 2018 or 2019. My brother was like “Hey Georgia, wanna watch a movie about two strings?” I was so confused. Anyway, it was a good movie.


Wonder Pets

Again, I’m convinced no one has seen this. I never watched it on any streaming service but I did go to the Long Beach public library and check out a DVD copy of like five of the episodes. “The phone. The phone is ringing. There’s an animal in trouble. There’s an animal in trouble.”



I swear to god I’ve brought up this show so many times and no one has heard of it. I had a couple of the episodes on DVD when I was younger and I’m pretty sure I still have it. One of the episodes involved Oswald putting too many popcorn seeds in the popcorn popper thingy and then too much soap in the pool outside and he went to go up the stairs to get popcorn but the popcorn was like flooding down the stairs and then bubbles from the pool were like flooding up the stairs and he got somehow trapped on the stairs. I remember being like five and seeing that and being like, “why can’t he just walk through the bubbles?”



Ok I feel like people have probably seen this one considering it was a little bit popular on social media a while ago. This was like my favorite show as a kid. That and Garfield.


Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


Ok I have no idea if people have heard of Wallace and Gromit but if you haven’t, you are uncultured and should be locked up (in my opinion). I had this, again, on DVD and both my brother and I watched it multiple times. I remember when we got it I was like 3 so my brother was 6. I was talking with him about this episode a couple months ago and he told me it scared him and after watching this show he wouldn’t go near rabbits again. I thought that was really funny considering I was three years younger than him when we both saw it and I wasn’t scared. Pretty much all of the Wallace and Gromit series was my entire childhood.


The Great Mouse Detective

THIS WAS AMAZING YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT. I remember the scene where the dad gets kidnapped scared me and so did the bat. That bat really FREAKED me out.


Garfield and Friends

I forking loved this series. 10/10 definitely my favorite repeat series. That and the original seasons of The Garfield Show.


Dexter’s Laboratory

I feel like people might have seen this one but I’ve never heard people talk about it. Like ever.


The Yogi Bear Shoe (1961)

I haven’t ever heard anyone talk about this show. I lived for this series when I was like three. The sound Yogi made when he ate a sandwich always made me want a sandwich. Now I want a sandwich.

Author: Georgia Bailey

I was born in Colorado and moved to Mississippi in 2008. I like reading pretty much every type of book except for romance. My family consists of me, my mom, my brother, my dog, and my brothers dog.

5 thoughts on “Movies I’m Convinced only I’ve Seen”

  1. georgia my respect for you has grown exponentially now that i am aware that you have watched garfield and friends. i literally worshipped that show growing up, not to mention i love kubo a ton, it was that movie we always had in the dvd player in our car when we were little.

  2. Theres actually no feasible way you’ve never heard anybody else mention Wonder Pets , Dexters ‘s Lab, or Yogi Bear. That actually seems impossible. I guess i can understand Oswald but i feel like most people have seen it too lol.

  3. I can sing the whole wonder pets theme song at the drop of a hat. Also, for a whole good minute of my life, I though Oswald was a fever dream so it’s cool knowing that someone else has watched it. And I haven’t seen the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, but now I want to see it because I love stop animation.

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