This is not an album recommendation

I am actually so stoked. After four long years of waiting, Oolong has finally released another album. I did an entire blog about them near the beginning of the year, which I’m slightly revisiting now. 

Self Titled – Oolong – (2024)

It’s actually really funny how I stumbled upon this album. I was scrolling around on Twitter (yes, I still call it twitter cause what are you supposed to say ” I just made an X” no lol) Anyways, I was scrolling through twitter when I found Oolong’s page, I was surprised they even had one, and even more surprised that they had a large number of followers. But I was scrolling through their recent posts and found a “tweet” saying that they had just released a new album That day

I looked through it, and it looked promising with a whopping 21 songs. I was absolutely excited to listen to it. 

However, it is with complete sorrow that I say not all these songs were bangers. 
The instrumentals were amazing in all of them; however, the lyrics / vocals didn’t feel the same in most of the songs. I was halfway thought album expecting it to get better. It seemed like they were more focused on the delivery of the vocals they didn’t care much whether the lyrics themselves were the best. 

But I still have hope, I genuinely believe that this might be a huge steppingstone into more oncoming albums. I just hope they’ll revisit a style more like their first original album. 

Out of all the 21 songs, I think I could only recommend like, five. 
Although I wasn’t a big fan of most of these songs on their album, I can’t recommend the band enough. (although I’d start with their “Imaginary friends” album first)
Their second to last song on the album was really good. “F*** it, Lego hands” It’s definitely a hit or miss, But I liked it a lot. 
Anyways, thanks for letting me waste your time on Oolong once again. 


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  1. I probably shouldn’t say this online, especially on a school website but whatever. The first picture reminds me of this picture of my extended family taking shots together two years ago. Also I remember your blog from the beginning of the year and I remember thinking, “hmm maybe I would check out their music” but I never did. oopsies.

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