Stupid reasons (in my opinion) why I’ve been grounded :)

This one’s a little long but oh well.

  1. I was like 2 and my dad took me with him to Lowe’s and we were in the aisle with those drawers filled with the fun designed door knobs and whenever we were in that aisle, I would always look at the doorknobs. Anyway, one of the workers went up to help my dad and they started talking and my dad walked out of the aisle WITHOUT ME while I was looking at the doorknobs, distracted. Side note, WHO LEAVES THEIR TWO YEAR OLD ALONE IN A STORE?? Ya I get he only went a few aisles down but when your kid is that age they can easily wander off and get kidnapped. I did half of that. Let’s say I was in aisle D when I noticed my dad was gone. I started calmly freaking out and walked to aisle E. He wasn’t there. Then, I walked to aisle C and then B. He wasn’t there. I had just turned around to go back further the other way when this nice lady who worked there was like “Hey sweetie, are you lost?” and I nodded my head. She took me to the customer service desk and asked me what color shirt and pants my dad was wearing and then she made the announcement, “Will a father wearing a green shirt and tan shorts please come to the customer service desk. Your daughter is here.” Like five minutes later my dad came. He was mad at me for wandering off. I told him I didn’t know where he went and he said, “You could have just stayed there. I was coming back.” HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??? I WAS TWO
  2. I was like 2-3 and I was in my bathroom with the door shut and locked. I heard my dad coming up the stairs so I unlocked the door. He heard the click and asked me why I just locked the door. I told him I didn’t and I had unlocked it. He said, “No you didn’t. That was the sound of the door locking not unlocking.” They both sound very similar. I was grounded.
  3. When I was in prek 4, I always had to stay for like two hours after school before my dad could pick me up. Both my parents worked late and whoever got off first picked my brother and me up. It was usually my dad. Anywho whenever he picked me up, he would ask me what color I got on. We had a color system, green, yellow, and red, to represent our behavior. My teachers hated me so I was always on red. Whenever he picked me up he would ask me what color I got on and I’d tell him red and then he would spank me. I started lying. One day he caught on and had the teachers give him notes telling him what color I was on. One day I decided to not lie and tell the truth. I told him I got on red. He was like, “really? lets go see I don’t believe you.” I guess he didn’t get the note that day because we walked to my classroom to see what color I was on. The teachers had already set all the cards to green by then and left. He saw I was on green (so was everyone else) and grounded me. When we got home he spanked me. I tried telling him that the teachers must have already reset the cards but he didn’t believe me because they usually never reset them that early.
  4. I talked about this in one of my very first blogs. I’ll shorten it. We were re doing our driveway and my brother and I were playing in the front yard. My dad said my brother had to watch me. Thomas dug a hole and put me in it. I couldn’t get out. He went inside and left me there. My dad came to the front yard like 10 minutes later and saw me. He grounded me for being in the front yard by myself which I wasn’t allowed to do. I tried telling him what Thomas did but he didn’t care.
  5. One time my dad had to take me with him to the next state over for his dr appt. We left the house a bit late so I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Side note: when I’m hungry I get really nauseous. We were a few blocks away from the hospital where his appt was and I threw up in the car. He grounded me for puking??? I was like two!!! I think. Yes I was two. This was a few months after we had moved to Mississippi.
  6. One time my dad asked me a question and he didn’t like how I answered it so he grounded me. This actually happened a couple of times.
  7. When I was in pre-k4 my dad said if I came home with food on my shirt he would ground me. I was like 3-4, of course I was going to get food on my shirt. Low and behold, I’d come home with food on my shirt and he would ground me.
  8. Ok this last one isn’t a stupid reason why I was grounded but it’s kinda funny. The summer before sixth grade my mom grounded me from my electronics (my iPad, her iPad, the TV, her computer, etc.) “until further notice” and she said if I ever asked her about it, she would sell my iPad. I never asked her about it. She forgot I was grounded. She never ungrounded me. I’m still grounded. After a couple of months I slowly started using my iPad again and she didn’t say anything so I just went back to using everything. I reminded her about this last year and her response was something about her just thinking I got sick of the internet or something. So in short, I’ve been grounded for about six years all because my mom forgot to unground me. Very fun.

Author: Georgia Bailey

I was born in Colorado and moved to Mississippi in 2008. I like reading pretty much every type of book except for romance. My family consists of me, my mom, my brother, my dog, and my brothers dog.

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