Monologue Collection

Earlier in the semester, we had some demo monologues we had to write for an assignment. Here are some leftovers


And I’ve always been surrounded by… You know. The thing. I think it’s just something ingrained in me, this sludge stuck to my body. Something I was born with until it grew and grew and now it’s just—me. It’s just who I am. Everyone wants to feel sorry for me, but I don’t think I even feel sorry for myself. Maybe I’m not fine with it, but I’m used to it, you know? Is it so bad to get used to it? To not be afraid of it anymore? I’m hanging my feet off the edge of a dock and know the water’s dangerous, but to not be afraid? As if the monster waiting for you at the bottom of the creek is… Friendly, even. I’ve known him my whole life. I see him clawing at the bottom of my feet, but I’d still like to believe he’s friendly. I’m never going to get rid of him, so I’d like to believe he’s friendly.


It’s just… Terrifying. They’re never gonna see each other again, never gonna know each other’s faces, they were a split moment in each other’s lives. They were twined at the hip, they were inseparable, and their friendship still ended all the same. Their lives still ended all the same. Isn’t that terrifying? Nine seasons of watching something and they don’t even know each other’s names by the end. Nine seasons and it’s like you wasted your whole life.

[x takes a brief pause and turns off the TV]

I hate unhappy endings anyway.


My name is one with fear. You do not hear it, do not taste it, but you know it. I know you know it well. You fought me many a time, and as we grace this song and dance, I wonder how long you will keep standing. How long before the foundation you’ve built us on collapses and you finally realize with all you’ve given, you still find nothing in this world to matter. I can reap it from the ground and rip the flowers from the weeds and I can tear the world asunder, and you’ll lose. And all this fighting, this pitiful fighting you wish to amount to, will be worth nothing. This work, this pitiful beautiful work you do, with every step and glide, as if you were a dancer, is only placing you like a buck in an open fire. And bucks can run, all they want, but everyone knows man has the gun.


5 thoughts on “Monologue Collection”

  1. OOOOHH I freaking LOVE that villain one, though villains are some of my favorite characters. The wording makes my brain bounce around in intrigue.

  2. The villain dialogue gives me, Mr. Snow from The Hunger Games vibes. Like a manipulating and overwhelming force.
    My personal favorite was the second one. It felt so real, especially the brief pause before turning off the TV.

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