to all future msa students

Hi, hello, how are you? Has anyone told you that you’re doing amazing and that they’re proud of you? I hope so! ANYWHOO, my name is Brianna, you can call me Bri because we’re all friends here. I am a Junior (Senior? I don’t know. School is technically cancelled so I don’t know anymore lol.) at MSA.

Yes, I am copying Callie Matthew’s blog (Sorryyyy! It’s just a lovely idea). I wanted to leave a letter to future students as well!

To start off, I’d just like to say that I’m so proud of you for thinking about coming to our lovely school. While Mississippi School of The Arts is not for everyone, I do hope that it’s for you. It’s such a healthy environment for creativity and compassion. Okay, here’s my letter to you.

Dear Whoever You Decide To Be,

At MSA, you can be anybody you want. This is a fresh place with fresh people. You have a chance to completely start over and rebuild yourself. That’s exactly what I did, and I’ve never been this happy in my entire life. This school has amazing people who will love you and care for you deeply. I have experienced this first-hand. It’s okay to be terrified. Everyone was. It’s okay to be confused. This is going to be a confusing time. Everything is changing (For the better!) It’s okay to feel however you’re feeling coming into this world. And believe me, MSA is a completely different world.

I’m not going to lie, at first, you might feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. And that’s perfectly normal and accepted. If you’re like me, and can’t find your future roommate anywhere on social media, you have no idea who you’re going to be living with. And it’s okay to switch roommates. Your happiness is priority #1, forever and always. But once you start to feel comfortable, you’ll make friends I promise. Remember: all you need is one person supporting you to change your life. And you will always have your seniors (us) to come to. We are all so very excited to meet you guys and to love you like family!

You may be wondering what to expect here. And I’m here to tell you a few things we like to do. For one, we always sing happy birthday at lunch if anyone has a birthday. (Yes, it is kind of embarrassing to be the person being sung to, but at least you know we all care!) Second, there will always be someone you can come to. ALWAYS. If you can’t find anyone, find me! Just text me or call me and I’m there for you. I’ll leave my social medias at the bottom of the blog so you can find me and talk to me! Third, there is a lot of work for every discipline. The academic classes will be challenging, but every teacher will help you when you need it. If you’re a literary, Mrs. Sibley will love you like her own kids, but she will remind you that she is not your friend (LOL love you Mrs. Sibley). She is by far the best teacher that I’ve ever had. She is the head of the literary department and she is the most caring and compassionate person you will meet. She will give you honest and helpful advice any time you need it. She will help you grow like the beautiful flower you are.

Finally, what do you even bring?? This was my biggest question coming into this school. I won’t go into specifics, because there’s a lot. You’ll need: cleaning supplies, bathroom necessities, clothes, laundry detergent, QUARTERS (for the washing and drying machines), bed sheets, pillows, blankets, entertainment (no TV’s though. I suggest books, music, etc.), snacks (I brought poptarts, chips, ramen noodles, etc.), drinks(!!!!), clothing hangers, some kind of caffeine, and plenty of shoes for every type of weather. There’s a few more, but I’ll let you decide what you want and need to bring. Personally, books, fuzzy socks, hoodies, cranberry juice, and coffee were my life savers. We have walmart runs every Tuesday and Thursday, so you can get whatever you need then. Every weekend that we don’t go home, administration finds some fun activities that you can sign up for. They’re not mandatory, but they are fun! MSA also has a gym and a lounge for you to hang out at.

A few rules that MSA has that you NEED to know. On weeknights, you HAVE to be on your floor at 10PM and in your room by 10:30PM. On weekends, you have to be on your floor by 12AM and in your room by 12:30AM. PDA (public display of affection) is kind of tricky at MSA. A few things that ARE allowed are: brief kisses on the cheek and brief hugs. A few things that ARE NOT allowed: kissing on the mouth (Gross! Cooties!), canoodling (whatever that means lol I saw it on a TV show), cuddling, etc.

I asked a few friends what they wished someone had told them about MSA before coming. So, here’s a few things I’m going to tell you that I wished someone had told me.

  • Sometimes, it’s more work than fun. But it’s very worth it.
  • Academic classes are very important here.
  • You might have to sacrifice a few things. (not, like, ritually. LOL)
  • It is going to a feel a little overbearing sometimes, but it’s for the best.
  • MSA is just like a college, but with high school classes.
  • You will barely have any alone time unless you ask to be alone, your roommate is not in the room, or you lock yourself in the bathroom lol. You’re constantly around people, and it will get a little overwhelming if you’re not used to it. (I was not used to being around people all the time, so I struggled with this the most)
  • Be careful with what you say. You never know who will hear you.
  • You’re going to lack routine for a little while.
  • Hang out with you friends as much as possible. They’re going to miss you just as much as you miss them.
  • You are not required to keep up with anyone but yourself. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel guilty for not checking on them. You’re starting an almost completely different life.
  • DO NOT spend all your money at Dirt Cheap! It’s going to be hard, but you can do it.
  • It is going to be strenuous. You’re going to be tired. But you’re going to improve so much in your art.
  • You do not have to be perfect all the time. Nobody is, and nobody ever will be. You can make mistakes! You can make as many as you want as many times as you need to until you learn.
  • You will learn things about yourself you never thought you would.
  • I PROMISE your seniors will understand your struggles. We were there too. Some of us might still be there. We will understand and we will help you in any way we can.
  • It’s okay to be shy and introverted here. It’s okay to be outgoing and extroverted here.
  • It’s okay to not want to attend MSA. It’s not for everyone.
  • I, Brianna Cox, will be your friend. If you’re not comfortable talking to anyone else, I am right here. I will listen until you don’t feel like talking anymore.
  • Nobody here will judge you. Be who you want to be without remorse.

Thank you for reading this. We love you already. We’re just as excited to meet you as you  are to meet us!

Social medias you can find me on: Instagram- briannalaynecox, Snapchat- brianna_layne54, Facebook- Brianna Cox, and if you want my phone number, just text me on one of those and tell me! I’m here to help in any way I can.

Remember: You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are accepted.

Peace out, girl scout 🙂

Sunflowers, Strawberries, and You

I wrote this flash fiction piece for an assignment. The prompt was to write a 500 word flash fiction piece about a flower and a food. I chose Sunflowers and Strawberries. Here’s how it turned out:

     I have always had a strange obsession with sunflowers. The way they face the sun when the light is shining on them and the ground is warming up their roots. I found a strange sense of comfort in the bright colors bouncing off of their petals and stems. I love the happiness that they represent.

     I have always felt this way about strawberries as well. There is nothing better than sitting in a field of sunflowers with a basket of strawberries. Sometimes I will bring a book, but on this special day, I brought a canvas and watercolor paints. That’s how I met you. I was painting the sunset with strawberry juices dripping down my arms and sunflowers surrounding me. You were always such a curious woman. You told me that you also came out here to watch the sunset. You were sitting under a tree, a glass of sweet tea in hand, when you looked over and saw me. I hadn’t even noticed you until you were standing above me, watching me paint. But I’m glad you saw me. So, so glad.

     That’s where it all began. In a field of sunflowers. All my life, I have been reading books about finding love in a cafe. But I think our love story is so much better. My dress fluttering in the wind with your voice dancing through my hair. You were so beautiful. I can still hear your thick country accent and your melodious laugh. God, you were so beautiful. Every sunset in the world could never compare to your brown eyes and your freckles and your smile. I’ve never met someone as kind and caring as you. 

     Do you remember the first thing you ever said to me? I do. You asked me if I was okay. I thought that was so strange of you to ask. You were the one wandering around barefoot in a field with flowers in your hair and a jar full of watered down tea. But you were concerned for me. That never changed. Our love story was short but it was beautiful. I’ve never fallen in love with someone as fast as I fell in love with you. We moved in together that winter. It was nearly twenty degrees out but you still had flowers in your hair and an iced sweet tea. You brought me strawberries and sunflowers every Wednesday night because you thought that the weekend romance was cliche. You were so interesting in everything you did. 

     I wish you would’ve told me you were sick sooner. I wish I would’ve held you tighter and kissed you longer. I wish I had spent more time memorizing every crook and crevice of you. Everyone told me that this would be the hardest day yet. But they’re wrong. Every day is going to be the hardest day. I promise to never forget you. I’m really not sure I’ll be able to move on from an epic love like yours. The hardest thing I will ever have to do is wake up everyday knowing that your hair is not tangled with mine. I will have to roll over in my bed and know that you won’t be there to grab my hand and place it over you. I will never stop loving you. I had gotten so used to our routine and your company that I forgot that it would one day end. I never thought it would be this soon, though. I just wish I could have one more Wednesday night filled with your smile, sunflowers, and strawberries.  Rest in peace, my love. 


This is kind of a stretch from my usual blogging style. (But I mean, what even is my blogging style, really?)

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about how men and women should look. As a feminist, I believe that men should never ever have a say on anything concerning a woman’s body. But I also believe that women should have no say on anything concerning a man’s body.

What sparked this conversation in my head, was seeing a post that said, “Men shorter than 5’9 are useless.” Believe me, this got my blood boiling. What about a man’s height has anything to do with his character? I completely disagree with this idea that a man has to be tall to be lovable? The argument that is usually used for this statement is, “Well, I’m tall, and I want my boyfriend/ husband to be taller than I am.” And I totally get that. Believe me I do.

But as a 17 year old female that is 5’7 and growing, I can tell you that height does not and should not matter. I grew up around all tall men. My dad is 6’2, my middle brother is 6’3, and my oldest brother is 6’4. I used to want to be with a man that was that tall. But then I sat back and thought, “Well, how would I feel if someone found me unattractive because of my height?” It changed my whole viewpoint.

Another idea that upsets me is that men have to be muscular and look like a model, when it reality, most men aren’t. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But this made me want to ask a few random people how they feel about societal expectations for height preference. I asked 6 males and 5 females and here are the results. (I added my mother and her boyfriend, so I could see someone who’s older’s opinion on the matter. They aren’t being mean, they’re trying to add controversy, lol)

The bold words are my questions and the words after the ‘-‘ are the answers.

Michael Wilson

How tall are you?


Do you get discriminated against because of your height?

How do you feel about societal expectations for men?

-Depending on which expectations.

Height-wise or how you look.

-Not to be cocky, but I was lucky I look how I do and I’m as tall as I am. Because I’ve heard of guys being dogged for their looks or their height. But I do believe that if men wanna hold females to expectations, then they shouldn’t feel any type of way when it’s switched.

What do you think needs to happen in order for those expectations to change?

-People need to stop asking for their [significant] other to be so particular. You’d think they wrote each thing down in a book and then the book was given to a regular, plain person who becomes the book. Start accepting the things around you for what they are, and you’ll stop looking for what you want to change.

When do you feel most confident?

-That’s a good question. I don’t know.

That’s okay. Do you have height preferences for a partner?

-Yeah, you can’t be so tall that your hands are big enough to cover my face with.

Would you date someone your height or taller?

-Yeah, but to a degree.


Shawn Anderson II

How tall are you?


Do you get discriminated against because of your height?


How do you feel about societal expectations for men regarding height?

-It doesn’t matter to me.

What do you think needs to happen in order to change these expectations for men?

-People just have to ease off of a fact of height mattering.

When do you feel most confident?

-Once I’ve made a full adaptation to my area.

Do you have height preferences for a partner?

-How about no.

Would you date someone your height or taller?



Theo Youngerg

How tall are you?

-5’11 ½”

Do you get discriminated against because of your height?

-Not often.

How do you feel about societal expectations for men regarding appearance?

-That we have to be a certain height and be lean and muscular to look good or to be accepted by others around us.

What do you think needs to happen in order for that to change?

-We need to realize that everyone is different and we can’t keep comparing one another to other people and we need to stop setting high expectations for ourselves and others.

When do you feel the most confident?

-When I lift weights.

Do you have height preferences for a partner?

-I, personally, don’t.

Would you date someone your height or taller?

-Yeah, I would.


Sebastian Hendricks

How tall are you?


Do you get discriminated against because of your height?

-I wouldn’t say it’s a common thing for me personally, but every once in a while it does happen. I know people that it happens to more frequently.

How do you feel about societal expectations regarding mens’ appearances?

-I would say there’s a difference between discrimination and preferences. The girls that didn’t like me because I wasn’t super tall didn’t slander me or make fun of me. They just preferred taller men. Like with me. Short girls are cute. If the right short girl has a nice personality, I’ll give it a shot. But I generally prefer taller girls. I don’t know why, but that’s just my type.

What do you think needs to happen in order for discrimination against men to stop? And I mean discrimination, not preference.

-I’d say there isn’t one thing a man can do. It has to do with how the woman thinks. If she is discriminatory against shorter men, then she has an issue and she has to work on that. Most of the women I know that are discriminatory towards men are feminists. Besides you. They get triggered if a man makes fun of them or does anything they don’t like, but they somehow think it’s ethical to make fun of men. So what it boils down to in my opinion, is that it’s in people’s heads. It’s up to them to change.

When do you feel most confident?

-When lots of people tell me I look good.

Do you have height preferences for a partner?

-I have a preference, but like I said, it’s not the deciding factor for me. I prefer 5’7 or 5’8. But I’ve gone on dates with girls that were 5’1 because I liked who they were.

Would you date someone your height or taller?



Michael Hester (Step- Father)

How tall are you?


Do you get discriminated against because of your height?


How do you feel about societal expectations for men regarding their appearance?


What do you think needs to happen in order to change these expectations?

-I don’t care.

When do you feel the most confident?

-When I know the subject.

Do you have height preferences for partners?


Would you date someone your height or shorter?


Why not?

-‘Cuz they would be amazons. 


Haley Ray

How tall are you?

-Almost 5’2.

Do you have a height preference for a partner?

-There aren’t many men in the age range I’m attracted to that are shorter than me, so no, not really.

When do you feel most confident?

-Wait, like confident in my man’s height? Or, like, makeup, dressed up, all that?

In yourself.

-When I feel passionately about something. Wait, about my appearance or decisions? I need specifics.


-When I’m determined to accomplish something.

Would you date someone your height or shorter?

-My preference is taller men, no not necessarily. But, if he’s a great person, then I might give him a chance.


Josie Deaton

How tall are you?


Do you have a height preference for a partner?

-Preferably a little bit taller, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

When do you feel most confident?

-When I’m on stage performing!

Would you date someone your height or shorter?



Azya Lyons

How tall are you?


Do you have a height preference for a partner?

-That depends on the partner. Normally, I like taller people though.

When do you feel most confident?

-Do you want me to be completely honest?


-I don’t really think I’ve ever felt confident.

Why not?

-Because I was bullied a lot for being mixed or for being big. I guess that kind of stuff just came with me as I grew up. 

[You’re beautiful, Azya. Your skin tone or your size will never define you. Although, they both make you even more gorgeous in my eyes.]

I understand that. Would you date someone your height or shorter?

-Yeah, I would. But there’s, like, a limit.


Maleigh Crespo

How tall are you?


Do you have a height preference for a partner?

-Nah. Literally everyone is taller than me.

When do you feel most confident?

-When I’m wearing a super cute outfit that makes me look smaller and my hair is curly in all the right ways.

Would you date someone your height or shorter?

-Well, I wouldn’t mind it, but I’ve never been taller than a guy, so I’m not sure.


Ashanti Keyes

How tall are you?


Do you have a height preference for a partner?


When do you feel most confident?

-When I have my hair done.

Would you date someone your height or shorter?



Michelle Cox (Mother)

How tall are you?


Do you have a height preference for a partner?

-Yes, taller than 6’0”.

When do you feel most confident?

-When I’m going into a situation when I not only look my best, but I’m prepared for it.

Would you date someone your height or shorter?


Why not?

They haven’t hit puberty yet. 


Brianna Cox (Myself)

How tall are you?


Do you have a height preference for a partner?


When do you feel most confident?

-When my hair is cooperating, my face is clear of acne, and when my amazing friends tell me I look pretty.

Would you date someone your height or shorter?

-I would absolutely date someone my height; I’m used to being as tall as or almost as tall as whoever I’m dating. I’ve never dated someone shorter than me, so I can’t say yes or no, because I don’t really know. 

quarantined and afraid

Quarantined and Afraid. Get it? Like that TV show Naked and Afraid? Okay, never mind.

I say quarantined and afraid because I have been quarantined in my home with my mother and her fairly new boyfriend. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Michael. He’s an alright guy. But, he’s very different than my dad.

For example, my dad is all about piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, the whole nine yards. Michael, however, is very against all of that. I have my nose pierced at the moment and I plan on getting more very soon, and he hates it so much, it’s honestly kind of funny.

Another difference I have noticed is that my mom and I love music very much. It’s a huge part of our lives. Michael, however, prefers movies and such. He’s not really a music guy at all.

I’ve officially known Michael as my mom’s boyfriend for almost a year now. He recently moved in with us. It’s been a lot of fun. He’s been helping us renovate our house and paint the walls that have had awful wallpaper on them since I can remember.

We’ve been out of school for a month now, and I realize now how much I took MSA for granted. I would give almost anything to be back. Since I’ve been home, I’ve absolutely ruined my sleep schedule. I’m writing this blog at 8AM on April 6th, and I still haven’t slept. I need school to have some sort of routine because at this point, everything just feels off.

Anyway, I’ll keep y’all updated on my sanity (or lack thereof at this point).

Peace out, girl scout 🙂

our seniors

     From the time I was in kindergarten to now, my junior year in high-school, I have known how much everyone looks forward to graduating. It’s a huge milestone in everyone’s life. Graduating brings a sense of freedom and accomplishment to anyone who does it. High- school really sucks sometimes. The light at the end of the tunnel for most teenagers is walking across that field/ stage and getting a diploma of completion. But now, because of COVID-19 (the Corona Virus), that milestone is being stripped from a lot of these teenagers.

     These kids have waited for twelve years for something that should have been guaranteed. Yes, they will still get their diploma, but they won’t have the ceremony that they most definitely deserve. Many adults are arguing that “people are dying so these seniors shouldn’t be so upset when there’s worse things going on.” While this is true, people are dying, these young adults are being stripped of something very important to them. They have every right to be angry, upset, or sad. It may not be as important as the death of these innocent victims, but it is still important. Telling these children that they have no right to be sad is just like telling someone that they have no right to be happy when better things are happening to other people. It’s the exact same thing. You wouldn’t tell a child that they shouldn’t be happy over a good grade when there are people out there who are millionaires or have everything they ever wanted, so why tell these seniors that they have no right to be sad?

     Every emotion that these seniors are feeling are valid in every way. If you are one of the people who feel that they are overreacting, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine something that you waited almost your entire life for being stripped away. It would upset you, right? The same concept applies to the class of 2020. This is such a huge milestone in a teenagers life. They have worked almost nonstop for so many years for this. Be kind to them. Treat them with the tenderness and kindness you’d want to be treated with.

Our seniors are in pain, so show them the love you want to be shown.

Peace out, girl scout 🙂

spring cleaning

i don’t know about you guys, but i just love the feeling i get after i clean something. i feel so accomplished and put together. it’s just a very good feeling for me. the same applies to when i clean out the clutter in my heart and mind.

i have a really bad habit of collecting clutter inside of my head and letting it weigh down my heart. but lately i’ve been trying to clean it out. as someone who has spent their entire life bottling up all of my emotions until they explode all over an innocent bystander, i know a little bit about clutter on the inside. but, i’m learning how to fix that.

very recently, when someone asks what is bothering me, if i trust them, i tell them. and i’m brutally honest. afterward i feel so much better now that i’ve got it out. now, don’t get me wrong, there is a difference in venting and dumping your problems onto someone else. everyone deals with their own stuff so you shouldn’t be adding your problems to theirs. instead, just tell them how you’re feeling, and let them help. and when you feel a little better, do the same for them! there is nothing worse than someone who constantly complains to you but ever even takes the time to ask you how you’re doing yourself.

once you’ve mastered the art of expressing your emotions in a healthy way, breathe. whenever you can feel a knot growing in your throat from everything building up, breathe. close your eyes and let it digest. seek comfort. let someone see you vulnerable. it’s okay, i promise. once i learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable, i’ve been beginning to process my emotions properly. and let me tell you, it feels great.

it’s very nice having a clear mind most days. so let your mind be clear. do what you need to do to process what you’re feeling. cry, paint, write, etc. but most of all, talk to someone you trust. i promise you’re not burdening them. if you don’t have anyone to be that person, let me. if you ever need someone to just vent to, talk to me. i don’t mind at all. we all want for everyone to be happy and healthy!

thanks for reading,

peace out girl scout 🙂


okay. i KNOW i’m not the only one who has spent countless hours reading books on Wattpad. i mean. what was i thinking?? i could read, like, 200 chapters in one night when i was 13.

for those of you that don’t know, Wattpad is a free app used to share and read books that people write. you can find any genre about almost any celebrity you can possibly think of. i always preferred Harry Styles and the Dolan Twins.

i’ve spent about 4 years on Wattpad now. (yes i still read it. don’t judge me. i can’t let go some of these books.) some of these books are actually really good. a few of them have even made it to the bookshelves. for example, After has recently become a major motion film and a real book. it started off as a Harry Styles fan fiction on Wattpad. of course i read it, lol.

like i said, some of these books are really good. and i’m going to recommend a few of them to you!


  1. Untouched- _salacious
  2. Torn- arialyn918
  3. Silently Falling-EverlarkCatoniss
  4. Amidst Silver And Rust- arialyn918
  5. Stars-republicans
  6. Chasing Red-isabelleronin
  7. Wingless And Beautiful- jerileekaye
  8. She’s With Me (series)- AvaViolet
  9. After- Anna Todd

thanks for reading! peace out girl scout 🙂

my taste (in a nutshell)

I have been trying to figure out what my music taste is. I know what I like and what I don’t like. But, I never know what exactly to call it. I still really don’t know what to call it. My music taste is so broad and different, there really isn’t a way to put it all under one label.

So, I’m going to discuss the kind of music I like while hoping that whoever is reading this understands what the heck I’m talking about.

I’ve recently discovered that I LOVE music from the 60’s-80’s. Pop and rock mostly. I also love music that sounds like it should be from that era. Tame Impala’s “It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, for example, sounds like it should be straight from the 70’s. Another example is my strange addiction to the band ABBA. They’re a popular Swedish group from the 70’s-80’s. They’re most known from the movie “Mamma Mia” since the entire soundtrack (to both movies) was ABBA songs. (Mamma Mia is my favorite movie by the way.)

I also love indie rock/pop music. This genre also includes modern soft rock music. (Arctic Monkeys, The Neighborhood, The 1975, Foster The People, etc.) I’m a huge fan of classic rock, so hearing the genre continued but modernized is just *chef’s kiss*.

Now. Time for my most favorite genre of all time. Pink Floyd. That’s it. That’s the genre. This obviously includes Pink Floyd. But it also encompasses Alice In Chains, Queen, The Beatles, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, etc.) This genre of music is technically Class Rock, but I call it my Pink Floyd music. (Probably because Pink is my FAVVVV.)

This next genre isn’t really a genre. It’s an artist that I can’t seem to place with any other artists. He has a VERY close spot next to Pink Floyd. And the artist is……..JOJI! I loooooooove Joji so so so so much. He has his own category because all of his music is different, but the same. Like, some of his songs make me want to be a wild teenager while others make me want to sit in a bathtub in a wedding dress and cry. I’m not even married nor do I own a wedding dress but oh well.

And to finish out, my last genre actually has a name that I really think fits it. I call this genre “euphoria and youth”. This genre includes music that makes me want to drive down an interstate in the late evening/nighttime with the windows down. I’d want to be hanging out the window, my hair blowing in the wind, and laughing with friends. This genre could also be described as the “teenage dream”.

Thanks for reading yet ANOTHER blog about music. I really do love talking about it.

Peace out, girl scout 🙂


hair tips from a redhead

hiiii! before i jump right in, i would like to add that these tips will not work on everyone. i’m just giving my hair routine that works for my hair type. i’m sorry if this doesn’t work for you.

okay, to begin with, i have curly/wavy hair. if i don’t put any kind of product in it, it becomes frizzy and none of my curls are defined. it’s not a good look, lol. okay, let’s jump right in.

first, i shower and wash my hair with Garnier Whole Blends shampoo with coconut oil and cocoa butter extracts. i use the matching conditioner but only when my hair is feeling dry. and even then, i only condition the ends of my hair. conditioning the scalp makes your hair oily faster if you have a fairly oily scalp like i do. i let the conditioner sit in my hair for about 2-3 minutes then i rinse it out with cold water.

next, if i can help it, i like to dry my hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. towels tend to get caught in your hair and pull on the strands, causing breakage. t-shirts are just overall better for healthy hair!

once my hair isn’t dripping wet anymore, i spray it with this Tresemme frizz ease spray. this helps keep my curls hydrated and put together. (it also smells really good)

after i finish spraying my hair, i fill up my palm with Suave extra hold mousse. this keeps my curls in place and not looking like a witch or something. this product is probably the most important product that i use.

next, i squeeze a small amount of Green Tea Fitness Air Dry Cream into my hand and apply it to the bottom of my hair. this also helps with frizz and it helps it dry faster, so it’s less likely to get too big. (frizz and size are my biggest concerns when it comes to my hair)

after that, i squeeze a fair amount of Argan Oil of Morocco into my hands. this stuff smells AMAZING. it also helps with shine and softness. this by far one of my favorite products that goes on my hair.

and finally, i spray my curls with hair spray. i try to get a fairly strong holding spray. i prefer Tresemme and i like to get the 3-4. it holds my hair better.

results may vary depending on your hair and how you do this process.

this is how my hair usually looks when i’m done.

peace out girl scout 🙂

vibin’ dude

I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE music. I love almost every genre there is. I could spend all day every day bopping to some tunes. So I absolutely love making playlists and sharing music. I’ve done a few of those for the blog and I’m gonna do another one. You’re welcome!

This playlist is going to consist of more chill songs. Nothing too wild. Unless I see a song that I think everyone ever needs to hear. Okay, so here is my chill playlist of January, 2020. (Not all of these are on Spotify, but they’re all on Youtube or Soundcloud.)

  1. Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight- Lana Del Rey (This can be found on Youtube and Soundcloud. It’s also on Spotify, but it’s under a podcast because it’s one of her unreleased songs.)
  2. Queen Of Disaster- Lana Del Rey (It’s on the same platforms as the previous song, including a podcast episode on Spotify)
  3. It Won’t Stop (feat. Chris Brown)- Sevyn Streeter
  4. Falling- Harry Styles
  5. She- Harry Styles
  6. Roll With Us- Doja Cat
  7. EX- Kiana Lede
  8. Pray- Sam Smith
  9. better off- Ariana Grande
  10. Falling For Boys- Julia Michaels
  11. ATTENTION- Joji
  12. Imagination- Foster The People
  13. I Would Do Anything For You- Foster The People
  14. I Want It All- COIN
  15. Clouds- BORNS
  16. Rollercoaster- Bleachers
  17. Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood
  18. June- Briston Maroney
  19. Freakin’ Out On The Interstate- Briston Maroney
  20. Flowers- The Neighbourhood
  21. Past Lives- BORNS
  22. fOoL fOr YoU- ZAYN
  23. Fallingforyou- The 1975
  24. Caged Bird- Myles Cameron
  25. Show Me- Alina Baraz
  26. New Pop- Writing For Apathy
  27. Bad Religion- Frank Ocean

There were a lot more than I thought there was gonna be, but I definitely recommend those songs if you just want to hang out with yourself.

Peace out, girl scout 🙂