my top ten gen 1 pokémon

i am pretty sure everyone here knows what pokemon is, if you dont, im sorry, im not going to take the time to explain it to you so yea, i dont want to fill this blog up with too much exposition so here you:


Honorable mention- so for today’s honorable mention I am going to give it to two pokemon, Ditto and Ninetails. Ditto to be honest is one of my favorite pokemon but tbh their whole thing is being other pokemon so I am not exactly sure how that would have applied on my list but I love ditto too much not to mention it so. The second honorable mention today is going to go to ninetails, I think aesthetically ninetails is a really  beautiful pokemon and was really really close to being on this list.

Ditto | Pokédex

Ninetales | Pokédex

Number 10-Arbok

Arbok | Pokédex

As someone who is very on the nose about snakes in general and also someone who doesn’t enjoy playing with poison types I have to admit that this is an incredible design, I don’t really have too many things to say about this pokemon when it comes to its looks besides that it looks cool. Tbh out of all of team rocket’s pokemon this one is my favorite. 


Number 9- Vulpix

Vulpix | Pokédex

This in my opinion is everything that ninetails didn’t get to be, I think that this without pokemon is almost without a doubt one of the cutest pokemon of all time, he is at least cuter than pikachu, which I will stand by. Looking through my list I am pretty sure that this is the only fire type pokemon which I have on it which I guess is fair because it is the best gen 1 fire type


Number 8-Farfetch’d

Farfetch'd | Pokédex

So for Farfetch’d I will have to say that out of all the ones on the list, this one is for sure the most underrated, I think that this is mostly because of its relatively simple color scheme, HOWEVER, I think that it works much better than other pokemon with this color scheme, plus his little accessory is cool.


Number 7-Alakazam

Alakazam | Pokédex

I am going to warn you all now, I am pretty sure that there are more psychic pokemon on this list than any other kind, what I like about this guy specifically is that I think he is the only pokemon who uses silverware which tbh is a pretty confident play on Alakazam’s part.


Number 6-Psyduck 

Psyduck | Pokédex

I am sorry, even though I love Farfetch’d with all my heart, this is the est duck pokemon, not even in this gen, but just in general. Literally what he is known for is having a headache, HIS POWER IS HAVING A HEADACHE. Anyway he’s just a little guy and I love him.


Number 5- JigglyPuff


This to my knowledge is one of the only fairy types on this list, not because I don’t like fairy types, but because first gen was severely lacking when it came to making more than just a very few fairy pokemon. I have been a jigglypuff enthusiast since I was a kid so (that actually explains a lot now that I think explains a lot)


Number 4- Snorlax

Snorlax | Pokédex

This is one of my favorite pokemon of all time, when it comes to type class it is my favorite normal pokemon ever, period. If anyone here wouldn’t wish to just be a snorlax than I don’t trust your judgment. 


Number 3-Muk

Muk | Pokédex

Bro I love this pokemon so much, there are so many that have tried to be what this fine gentleman is and literally no one has succeeded. I swear I love Muk so much. He just looks so cool, the texture the face, THE COLOR SCHEME. Oh my god I love Muk.


Number 2- Tangela 

Tangela | Pokédex

This is the only grass type on this list, which I am kinda upset about but yea I digress, I think this is the one people are going to disagree with the most. And yea, I can kinda understand it, even though this is a relatively hated pokemon I have to say that tangela is one of my favorite like, he’s a bundle of vines with shoes on, what is there not to love.


Number 1-Gengar

Gengar Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database

I love Gengar so much, his design, his color, his cool smile that he has, idek, I just love the way he conducts movement and I think there should be so many more ghost type pokemon. I even have a gengar sticker on the bottom part of my laptop. Even thought that is like, the only piece of pokemon merch I own (besides the cards) so.


Author: Cooper Brumfield

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  1. I love Vulpix after Eevee they are my favorite Pokémon. The Alolan Vulpix is the cutest. I used to be really scared of Jigglypuff when I was younger.

  2. I LOVE SNORLAX OMG. I sadly haven’t thought about Pokémon since I stopped collecting cards. I also have a very vivid memory of drawing Jigglypuff for some reason

  3. I remember when I was in like second grade Pokémon was so popular and everyone was completely obsessed with having the cards. I asked my friend for one of hers and she gave me this cabbage looking thing.

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