Summer topics continues


                                                             Hello everyone… 

I’m just about to say there’s no exact topic for today, I’m just going to talk about some stuff. 

For example, Summertime movies and shows that I do watch but mostly keep on the TV for background noise.  I think I’m going to talk about this recent battle I’ve been keeping up with.  May do some house cleaning and remind y’all about some things I’ve requested to y’all on former blogs.  We’ll see how this goes. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 


I was in like the 3rd grade when I got this book from the Scholastic Book Fair.  I thought it was pretty funny as a kid, so of course I watched the movie when it came out. As most know, the movie is about Greg Heffley’s Summer and it’s basically chaotic as he joins a country club with his friend while getting blackmailed by his brother because he doesn’t have a job.  It’s just really comical and a nice family movie. 

To me now though, the movie is some nice background chaos for when I want to scroll on my phone while I have the living room blinds open to watch the sun.  Maybe because the movie is mostly in a Sunny setting and the overall scheme of the movie is sunshine and cool breeze elements is why it’s nice to listen to it.  I don’t pay too much attention to it now because I’ve watched that movie so many times that I know each line like it’s my favorite song.   Just to clarify, I have a niece and nephews, they’re obsessed with this movie.  This is who I play it for now.  

Finding Dory


My favorite part of this movie to listen to during the hot summer days is the scene when the van went off the cliff and there was that falling montage with the song “What a Wonderful World” playing in the background.  It made me feel something for all those poor fishes as they made their own mini-PSA.  Finding Dory screams a summer movie.  You can basically smell the chlorine from the screen.  It smells like Clorox and ginger if that makes sense, don’t ask me.  It just does.  So, this is one of my summer movies that I play when I’m about to take that Summer, setting sun, afternoon nap.  Especially when the air condition is about to be blowing on 65, it’s a chef’s kiss combo.  It’s just something so calming about the moving water noises and the sound of a crowded aquarium that gives me good summer snoozes.  Don’t question it until you’ve tried it yourself, which you should.  If I can set a vivid image for you, it’s like the feeling when you’ve been in the hot sun rolling in the grass all day and come into the house with air blowing in your face and that cold shower steam coming at you.  


I love this movie a lot.  Mostly because I just want to hug Ferdinand, but also because it’s a sweet plot about family and self-individuality.  I also love what my niece and nephews learn from it.  Ferdinand itself is those summer movies that you play while making breakfast in the morning, or just snacking on cereal until you have to leave for work, or you know just sit around all day.   It doesn’t matter how you chill with Ferdinand playing, I just know y’all better stop what you’re doing when that intro song comes on.  Y’all know the one that Nick Jonas sang, it’s called “Home.” That’s my favorite part of that whole movie, I drop everything just to listen to it.  This gives huddled under a blanket after the air gets too cold vibes.  This movie is just a comfort and I live for it. 


Has anyone else watched this movie?  I watched it and the ending one-time made me cry.   

The setting of the lone island surrounded by that water filled with mysteries was neat to me. I mostly enjoyed the music in the movie, and I thought the characters were so cute.  

I put it on my list for summer movies that you can play early-early in the morning when the sun is shining bright on your face and you’re awake.  But you refuse to open your eyes, so you just lay there.  It’s nice to just listen to the characters’ voices and the instrumental, that itself just gives fresh summer brain vibes.  It’s a great start to a hopefully peaceful day. 

Everybody Hates Chris

It’s not a movie, but it’s a funny sitcom I never get tired of binging during the Summer.  

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a sitcom about a black boy who lives in Harlem, and he’s narrating his chaotic life. Usually, the things in his life that happen are bad, so the name of the show comes from the fact that he thinks everyone hates him. 

George Lopez 

I love George Lopez’s comedy, especially since this was the show my millennial sisters made me watch every day when I was younger.  I didn’t understand most of the jokes he made when I was younger but now every time I watch this sitcom, you bet I laugh.  

I hope you all at least heard of this sitcom. It is kind of like the early 2000s but it doesn’t get old each time I watch it.  It stars the comedian George Lopez who portrays an assembly-line worker and family man who goes through difficulties in life.  It’s something interesting.  During the summer I mostly just let this play during the midnight when I’m up going through rabbit holes somewhere.  I have this on for those laughs that you have to hold back because your folks are asleep.  

Anywho — 

I know most of us don’t check out what each other requests half the time, but I do want to express that I think you all should look at that movie “The Vanished” that I requested about two blogs ago.  I also think that a lot of you would love the game “An Elmwood Trail” that I keep talking about.  It’s not finished, but listen, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Also, so random, but has anyone else been keeping up with the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef?  Y’all, I listened to their diss tracks, and it is getting serious out there. 

 But yea, that’s about it. 


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