Memories that keep me up at night.

I’m still not tired of talking about Summer yet. This is why you will all read about some more summer topics. Don’t worry though, this time it’s not requests or ratings.  This is about me and some interesting stories that involve my family and me.  


It was a hot Saturday evening when my sisters and I were interrupted with the loudest sound, it sounded like an explosion.  It was insane.  The second oldest sister, we gone call her Dru, was almost out the door for work when she suddenly covered her head and slammed the door shut.  My twin and I were like; “Girl? You, okay?  What was that?”

She made the funniest expression, then she nervously laughed and said “Yea. I’m okay.  But should we just be sitting here?” We all looked at each other then we heard the third oldest sister, we gone call her Meme, saying “We should maybe look out the door and see what that noise was first.”  We all looked at her because what she said was crazy.  

Dru shrugged; “I need to go to work, so whatever it is, it better be gone by time my car starts.”  

We all didn’t know what to do, so we just watched her as she opened the door. 

And I kid you not, as soon as she opened that door we heard the noise again, and following after it all the lights in our house went out.  Meme and Ciara started screaming, Dru was laughing (She laughs when she’s nervous) and the commotion went on for about 7 seconds before Dru tried to open the door again.  We heard the noise then we saw this big spark in the sky.  It literally looked like some kind of big ball of fireworks were formulating in the sky.  

Dru said in a high-pitched tone; “Ya’ll what is happening?” 

Meme responded with; “Clearly we are looking at the same thing as you.” 

I commented with; “Maybe the world is ending?”

Ciara suggested; “Call Momma, maybe someone on Facebook knows what’s going on.” 

Dru shook her head; “We don’t have time for all that”, then she opened the door again which made the lights come on just to come right back off. 

Meme yelled; “Dru stop!” 

Dru whined; “I’m not doing anything!” 

It was so chaotic that the neighbors had to look outside and stare at the sky with us. 

Also, I didn’t mention this, but our family friend, Smiley, was cutting the grass which he stopped doing when the commotion started. 

Dru asked Smiley; “Do you know what’s going on out here?” 

Smiley responded by saying; “I think something got into the powerline because it was sparking.” 

Meme groaned; “Dru? What we gonna do?” 

And Dru said; “I guess I’m taking y’all to work with me.” 


Everyone was sleeping peacefully in the night when suddenly we all heard this big old “UGHRGHUGHRHH!”  This is the only way I can explain it.  It sounded like a zombie was pulling out its brain and it hurt really bad.  It sounded so disgusting and scary. 

I was committed to sleeping through it. So was Dru and our mom.  Then there was the oldest sister, we gone call her Popo, and Ciara.  They were closer to the sound, and it was louder to them, and they made that known greatly. 

“Tiara, Dru?  Do y’all hear that howling?”  Ciara whispered that in my ear, as I was trying to sleep.  I don’t remember what I told her, but I remember her asking a sleepy Dru the same thing.  She said, “Y’all wake up! It’s getting louder.” 
Which, she wasn’t lying.  The howling hybrid gurgle was starting to sound like someone was suffering.  I tried my best to sleep through it, but I failed.  I got up out of my good sleep and followed Ciara to where the sound was the loudest.  

When I got to the room, I saw Popo looking out the window.  She had her headphones secured tightly to her head so she could find the source without bursting her eardrums. 

“Welp.  I don’t know what that sound is, I can’t see anything outside.  I ain’t going out there…”  Popo stated while she was shutting the curtains. 

“I think a cow, or something got loose,” I said. 

“URGHUGRUHGRU!”  We covered our ears when it got louder. 

We didn’t know what to do, so most of the time we just walked around the house like chickens with their heads off. 

We just wanted to sleep. Sadly though, all we could focus on was the zombie out there fighting for its life as it choked on its heart or something.  It was awful.  Wouldn’t recommend. 

Anyway, Popo ended up going to sleep eventually because she just kept her headphones on. Ciara and I on the other hand, were up until our mom had to get up for work in the morning.  She was also irritated by the noise, so she ended up calling a friend of the family to come and check it out. We didn’t go outside to watch the friend investigate but we all heard gunshots outside. There were about two of them.   

We didn’t know what was going on, we just knew that the suffering of the “zombie” seemed to stop. 

Then our mom and the friend came in. Our mom was laughing and crying.  Then she said. 

“Y’all can go asleep now. The problem is gone.” 

Ciara asked; “What was it though?”  

Our jaws dropped when we figured out what the “zombie” was. 

The answer was unexpected. 

THE SNAKE THAT TRAPPED US IN A KITCHEN (makes me mad till this day) 

I was about five or six when this happened, but I remember how chaotic it was.  

I was leaving my mother’s room because I was in there watching the big TV and I wanted to see my Team Umizoomi in ultra form when I heard a scream coming from the main room.  I bucked it so hard – towards the source (*head smack* should’ve just stayed in the room) because I was scared that one of my sisters was in trouble. 

As soon as I made it to the edge of the hallway that led into the main room I was snatched up before I could even see anything.  Then when my brain finally processed what just happened, I realized all of my four sisters were standing in the kitchen crying with the door shut. 

“What’s wrong with y’all, what happened?” I had asked.  

Dru basically balled, “Twin! There’s a snake out there.” 

I was ready to cry too, our whole family was scared of snakes, and for our mom not to be home to help us somewhat, we were ready to faint or something. So of course, we were all asking where and how she saw it, and she responded by crying; “It’s black and it’s just out there in front of the living room door!  Y’all what are we gonna do?  What if it goes into the kitchen?” 

In long story short, we were all trapped in this kitchen panicking and crying.  We did that for a while until we decided that we were just going to let it sit there and prayed it slithered out the house. 

This situation turned into a bonding moment between us as we stayed in that kitchen for such a long time.  I mean, Team Umizoomi was over by then. 

Then finally, Popo said; “Y’all, come on now.  Get a broom, a mop or something, because we can’t stay here all day.”  

Since she was the oldest, we listened to her without question.  

We ran out the door about to do – nothing, because we all knew we were a bunch of scaredy cats, just to find out that we weren’t even dealing with a snake. 

It was a cord.  That was attached to the back of the vacuum.  We will never let ourselves live that down. 


Summer topics continues


                                                             Hello everyone… 

I’m just about to say there’s no exact topic for today, I’m just going to talk about some stuff. 

For example, Summertime movies and shows that I do watch but mostly keep on the TV for background noise.  I think I’m going to talk about this recent battle I’ve been keeping up with.  May do some house cleaning and remind y’all about some things I’ve requested to y’all on former blogs.  We’ll see how this goes. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 


I was in like the 3rd grade when I got this book from the Scholastic Book Fair.  I thought it was pretty funny as a kid, so of course I watched the movie when it came out. As most know, the movie is about Greg Heffley’s Summer and it’s basically chaotic as he joins a country club with his friend while getting blackmailed by his brother because he doesn’t have a job.  It’s just really comical and a nice family movie. 

To me now though, the movie is some nice background chaos for when I want to scroll on my phone while I have the living room blinds open to watch the sun.  Maybe because the movie is mostly in a Sunny setting and the overall scheme of the movie is sunshine and cool breeze elements is why it’s nice to listen to it.  I don’t pay too much attention to it now because I’ve watched that movie so many times that I know each line like it’s my favorite song.   Just to clarify, I have a niece and nephews, they’re obsessed with this movie.  This is who I play it for now.  

Finding Dory


My favorite part of this movie to listen to during the hot summer days is the scene when the van went off the cliff and there was that falling montage with the song “What a Wonderful World” playing in the background.  It made me feel something for all those poor fishes as they made their own mini-PSA.  Finding Dory screams a summer movie.  You can basically smell the chlorine from the screen.  It smells like Clorox and ginger if that makes sense, don’t ask me.  It just does.  So, this is one of my summer movies that I play when I’m about to take that Summer, setting sun, afternoon nap.  Especially when the air condition is about to be blowing on 65, it’s a chef’s kiss combo.  It’s just something so calming about the moving water noises and the sound of a crowded aquarium that gives me good summer snoozes.  Don’t question it until you’ve tried it yourself, which you should.  If I can set a vivid image for you, it’s like the feeling when you’ve been in the hot sun rolling in the grass all day and come into the house with air blowing in your face and that cold shower steam coming at you.  


I love this movie a lot.  Mostly because I just want to hug Ferdinand, but also because it’s a sweet plot about family and self-individuality.  I also love what my niece and nephews learn from it.  Ferdinand itself is those summer movies that you play while making breakfast in the morning, or just snacking on cereal until you have to leave for work, or you know just sit around all day.   It doesn’t matter how you chill with Ferdinand playing, I just know y’all better stop what you’re doing when that intro song comes on.  Y’all know the one that Nick Jonas sang, it’s called “Home.” That’s my favorite part of that whole movie, I drop everything just to listen to it.  This gives huddled under a blanket after the air gets too cold vibes.  This movie is just a comfort and I live for it. 


Has anyone else watched this movie?  I watched it and the ending one-time made me cry.   

The setting of the lone island surrounded by that water filled with mysteries was neat to me. I mostly enjoyed the music in the movie, and I thought the characters were so cute.  

I put it on my list for summer movies that you can play early-early in the morning when the sun is shining bright on your face and you’re awake.  But you refuse to open your eyes, so you just lay there.  It’s nice to just listen to the characters’ voices and the instrumental, that itself just gives fresh summer brain vibes.  It’s a great start to a hopefully peaceful day. 

Everybody Hates Chris

It’s not a movie, but it’s a funny sitcom I never get tired of binging during the Summer.  

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a sitcom about a black boy who lives in Harlem, and he’s narrating his chaotic life. Usually, the things in his life that happen are bad, so the name of the show comes from the fact that he thinks everyone hates him. 

George Lopez 

I love George Lopez’s comedy, especially since this was the show my millennial sisters made me watch every day when I was younger.  I didn’t understand most of the jokes he made when I was younger but now every time I watch this sitcom, you bet I laugh.  

I hope you all at least heard of this sitcom. It is kind of like the early 2000s but it doesn’t get old each time I watch it.  It stars the comedian George Lopez who portrays an assembly-line worker and family man who goes through difficulties in life.  It’s something interesting.  During the summer I mostly just let this play during the midnight when I’m up going through rabbit holes somewhere.  I have this on for those laughs that you have to hold back because your folks are asleep.  

Anywho — 

I know most of us don’t check out what each other requests half the time, but I do want to express that I think you all should look at that movie “The Vanished” that I requested about two blogs ago.  I also think that a lot of you would love the game “An Elmwood Trail” that I keep talking about.  It’s not finished, but listen, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Also, so random, but has anyone else been keeping up with the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef?  Y’all, I listened to their diss tracks, and it is getting serious out there. 

 But yea, that’s about it. 


Insert Summer Playlist: Breezy Artists


Howdy everyone! As we all know, Summer is fast approaching, and I know most of us are excited for it.  Especially when we are thinking about what we’re going to do, like get a job, vacations, summer camps, projects, what’s going to be your anthems for those summer jams, and all that jazz.  Well, don’t think too hard on it, because for this blog I’m going to be helping with one of these biggies. 

Yep, you know it, I’m requesting some artists that you should drop on your summer hit list.

I’m also going to drop my favorite song by them that has those Summery vibes. 




Is an artist that I’ve been listening to a lot lately after being influenced by the song demos and tour moments that keep popping up on my phone. 

He’s sort of a new trending artist, but just in case some people don’t know him, his first song “Sweater Weather” was a trending audio on TikTok.  Some say he covered it from The Neighbourhood, but other sources say it’s his.  He also made this song called “My Home” which I think everyone heard at least once, like while shopping at a clothing store or something.  

Now about Myles Smith — 

Myles Smith himself is from the UK.  His genre of music is folk Americana, R&B, and Pop.  His number one song is called “Solo” and he’s going on tour currently for his album Slightly Less Lonely which is really a joy to listen to.  He also is coming out with this song called “Stargazing” which I honestly feel is going to be a summer hit. 


There’s a reason why it’s a hit, I love the context of it. The story about true heartbreak was sung in a way that felt disappointed and not sad to me.  I feel he portrayed the feelings of it pretty well.  The tone is light and not heavy which is going to be so refreshing while driving through the hot summer heat.  This is why it’s my favorite song of his. 



She is kind of a gem when it comes to artists for me.  She’s a rising artist who’s journey I’ve been keeping up with since the start of the pandemic and I loved all the music she’s produced so far.  She started rising in early 2020 when her song “Producer Man” became viral and gained over 50 million views and she went from there.  Her top song is “In My Mind” which is a song that is basically for people that are considered outsiders or different because of how they don’t associate themselves that much socially.  It’s basically an anthem for those who were considered the quiet kids that really had whole battles in their minds.  It’s good.  

Now about Lyn Lapid — 

Lyn Lapid is American, but her ethnicity is Filipino – American.  She sings Indie and Alternative Pop. Her main aesthetic is cottage core and softie, which she does promote a lot. She has an album called “to love in the 21st century” that’s covering friendships and platonic relationships mostly.  A song I really like from that album is “Eastside ”. It’s about long-distance friendships. And fun fact, she studied classical piano and played violin and orchestra for seven years.   


The beat of itself is so chill and the way she intertwines it with the ad libs are beautiful. 
Also, the main point of the song is explaining how sometimes you just want to leave your regular life and go to another planet or something.  It gives fantasy book vibes.  Also, her voice is just soothing in all her songs and in this one it’s strong.  If you just want to escape for a moment at any point in the Summer,

This is what you want to listen to.  



She’s been on top of my Spotify list for two years straight.  Which, of course she is, her music is majestic and for all of the themes to be interesting topics paired with her strong notes, it’s admirable.  Lauren Spencer Smith sings a lot about love relationships, but it’s not just heartbreak songs, she sings more on the issues within the relationships, for example she covers narcissism, she covers manipulation, she covers commitment, she covers the actual love part, but it’s not in a way when she’s just saying she’s sad, it goes deeper than that. That’s why her music attracted me, because she’s telling a story. Her trending song is called “Fingers Crossed” and she has performed it mostly everywhere, she even performed it at Coachella.  

Now about Lauren Spencer Smith — 

Lauren Spencer Smith is a British – born Canadian.  She has an album called unplug that was a Juno Award nominee.  She was on American Idol where she made it to the top 20 at 16 years old.  She has two Platinum certified singles and more than 1 billion streams from them.  All at just 19, well she’s 20 now. 

FAVORITE SONG — “That Part” 

It is one of her happier songs that covers a long-lasting soulmate kind of love.  It’s telling a story that she wants for herself.  It’s a soft warm topic, and her voice makes it sound like she’s giving a wedding speech but boho style if that makes sense.  I like it a lot, it gives sunshine and the ocean.  If you want to just listen to something hopeful this Summer when you feel down, then this is your jam.  




I feel he’s well known, and everyone has heard that one song “Daylight” at least once.  Well, I was one of the people that stumbled upon his audio on TikTok and then went to listen to his actual song and discovered that his music is really cool.  His voice is interesting, if rustic was a sound that’s how I would describe his voice.  It has some soul in it.  The lyrics of his songs that I’ve listened to so far are very poetic and he has a neat way of getting the deeper meanings of his words across. “Daylight” is his most popular song, but it may be surpassed by his recent release “Skin and Bones.”  I don’t know, but I’m not worried about that now because I’m waiting for his new release “Buried at Sea” which he sure is taking a good minute to release.  But anyway, 

Now about David Kushner – David Kushner is an American singer and Songwriter raised up in Chicago before he moved to California.  He prominently rose to fame after becoming a TikTok star after releasing his single “Miserable Man”.  Then he kept on making music and that’s when he got recognized again for “Daylight” and that became a TikTok sensation also.  


I really can’t explain this one to you, it just gives off a vibe you know.  It’s kind of sad though, it discusses pain and betrayal, not really just a summer jam in my perspective.  But I recommend it because some others may think differently.  Though, if you want to listen to a song of his with a summer vibe, then just keep Daylight on replay.   

Any who, it’s May, anyone excited? 

Also, Honorable Mention for:  

BENSON BOONE – y’all should go check out his new album “Fireworks and Roller Blades”, my favorite song from there is “Cry.”  



Rating Roblox outfits because why not.

I downloaded Roblox originally as a favor for my sister who wanted me to monitor her children.   All I had to do was click online every now and then and make sure they weren’t playing anything they weren’t supposed to.  That’s all I was doing at first, until it came the day that I discovered some horror games and some fashion games and some more stuff that lowkey intrigued me.   Now this app had been on my phone since Summer, and I don’t want to delete it.  

Anywhooooooo, lately I haven’t actually been on it since I can’t find interesting games on Roblox these days.  I really wanted to do something with it so it just wouldn’t be absorbing storage, so I was thinking I could do a blog about it.  

That’s why this blog is about to be me rating other people’s outfits on the “Dress to Impress” game.   

Remember this is only a game, and if I sound too harsh, remember this is a game and my opinion.  

These are all set up random by the way.  

Also, sorry if the pictures are blurry, my battery was dying at the time. 

The theme for this contest was Popstar.  This person did Beyonce from Rennaissance.  I think they actually did well. You can’t tell, but all the parts that are gray are actually a glittery silver which was a nice touch.  They did well with the hat and the hair, but I gave them a three because I don’t remember Beyonce wearing shades.  Maybe she did, but in my opinion, they don’t go well with the outfit.   But other than that, this fit was cool. 



This one I edited out the stars, but I gave it a four because it was thought outside the box.  As you may see the theme was Monster High, so the first thing everyone flocked to was Draculaura and Frankie.  I got tired of seeing just them, so I was happy when I saw this person try their best at being Operetta, the daughter of Phantom of the Opera.  They kept it nice and simple, to which I can kind of see the vision.   It’s original and that’s what matters. 



Okay, okay, this fit was giving.   You may not see, but all of the plaid is giving the movie Clueless vibe.  I don’t know who would wear this to an arcade, but I overlooked that because the fit’s colors go together.  The headphones may be a little too bright which doesn’t match the other yellows but that can also be overlooked. Now, I don’t know about other people, but I think yellow, black, and white goes well together.  In most cases it always goes together unless like the texture is off or something like that, it’s just a good thing that this shirt is black because if it was white I feel like it wouldn’t look good. 



Nope, I rate this one star.  I know it says two, but the thing is I didn’t want to be too petty, so I gave them enough for effort.  But the theme was arcade, and this duo is presenting circus meets I don’t even know.   Like, I just feel that it was a bit tacky.  The girl with the pants could do without the jacket, she didn’t need the jacket, she could also do without the purse, since it’s such a solid color that doesn’t go with what she’s wearing.  I feel that they tried, but it didn’t work so well. 



I liked this a lot, but it may because I’m being bias, and this is what my sister created for my niece.  She was inspired by the Clovers from the movie Bring It On.  I’m sorry for the ones who don’t know the movie, but it’s a classic.  The whole fit is on point, and if I were to change something, I maybe would’ve made the shoes all white because that’s what the Clovers had and added some socks.  
I gave this outfit four stars during the voting because she earned it.  Sadly, though she lost to a Toros.  Also, another cheerleading team from the movie. 



This outfit was a slay hands down.   No words just loved it. 



This outfit was good, I just didn’t think that all white screams a softie.  It may just be that way to me because the way she did it.  She could’ve added more pink in the outfit than just the bow and purse.  Maybe could’ve made the shades pink.  IDK, it just didn’t shout to me, that’s why I gave it two stars. 

Well, that’s all. 

Thriller movies that go crazy (in a well-done way)

We’re just going to talk about movies that have given me crazy reactions. I don’t know if any of you watched these before, but just in case you haven’t; there may be some spoilers.


                             I feel like I’ve talked about this movie before, but I’m still going to talk about this anyway.   

This movie was devastating a bit but the way the characters developed was so manipulating to my sense of mind that I could not be content with the ending. Yes, the character is strong, but why did she have to be resilient in that way?  It’s just, the protagonist, Ellen had the whole life she knew taken away from her.  Then when she thought she found someone to give her world back to her in some kind of form, it turns out to be distorted. She couldn’t even see colors the same way anymore, and the way they just put the viewers into her perspective was so deep that even the colors she couldn’t see looked dull to me.  If that makes sense.  I can’t really just explain it to you without spoiling it, you would just have to watch it.  Like the pacing was great and I loved how we saw what was in her mind and not what was in reality.  Also, my sister obsessed over the shot design.  

Anyway- The movie is about a violinist who was attacked and lost her sight.  She’s moved to this apartment by people she can’t see but can only hear.  Which is way important to this plot as she begins to start hearing some stuff that sounds paranormal.  So, with that, the twist left my jaw on the floor.





I mostly adore all of Stephen King’s works, so I was a little iffy about the movie when I very first read the summary of it.  It has giant bugs in the plot which we couldn’t see.  I think that it benefited the plot that we couldn’t see the bugs because it’s kind of amped up that mental distrust.  We were seeing the characters be tortured by a threat that they couldn’t even see all the way.  There were signs that the giant bugs were there, but since the movie was more philosophy driven it was like the bugs were just a domino factor.  It seemed Stephen King needed them as the starting domino to push the conflict between the characters together. I can’t explain but this movie really makes you ponder on the survival instincts of humanity.  Like, how far will we go to survive?  Also, a bonus is that the movie was purposely grainy so that it could have that old bedtime monster pizzazz. 

Any who- The movie is a science fiction horror movie that mostly focuses on a father and son who’s trapped with a bunch of people in a store.  And all of these people have different views on how they can survive through the weird catastrophe.  The ending is insane.  If you get emotionally damaged really easily, I suggest you shouldn’t watch this movie. 


This movie plot is as tasty as the food in it.   I adore this movie heavily.  I’ve watched this about six times because each time I was making a new family member watch it with me so I could see their reactions (which most of the time, replicated mine) and hear their thoughts.  I enjoyed the main protagonist’s background development here and while her personality was written a little flat it was okay because her actions were diverse to me, so it kind of made up for it.  The person she was with at this restaurant was spontaneous to me and I didn’t see his character arc coming, and he was just those characters that made such an impact on the plot that it made you look at things kind of differently.   The chef also was an 8/10 but that’s just because I didn’t jump at the things he did.  Another thing, the setting was so fun to analyze, well the whole movie was, but the setting added a little spice to the drama. 

Any who – The movie is basically about this young couple who goes to this deserted island to eat at this exclusive restaurant where they encounter some issues and surprises.  Y’all this movie genre is Horror, Dark Comedy, and Thriller.  When I tell you I laughed because of how crazy this movie was, people should at least try this movie once.  Just saying in my opinion.  


I watched this movie in about early 2020 when it first came out. It was about 2 months since quarantine had started and one of the main things, I was doing for entertainment was binging every thriller and psychological movie on Netflix. It was going slow for a minute, I didn’t really find anything that just caught my attention, until… My sister and I came across The Vanished. 

This movie was gaslighting itself in a whole, you think you know the characters actions, what they plan to do, but no; you have no idea. I assumed this movie would just be about a regular suburban family who started having family issues with their marriage and raising their child, though now I wonder why I didn’t expect the darkest twist coming.  Also, the way the layers of this movie unravel were well written to me and the characters did stay in their roles, they just kind of evolved a little. 

Anyyywayy – The Vanished, is supposed to be about a nice good ole family vacation with a mother, a father, a daughter, and even the dog, though of course nothing can go well in these kinds of movies.  Since nothing can go well, the film had to make the daughter go missing.                                                               And of course, the parents will need to go insane to find her. 

That’s all, you all should go watch these movies if you haven’t yet. 

Confusion (Question Mark)


                                                            Hello everyone!  

               First, I would like to give a brief question introduction:

Some of us look behind the shower curtain for killers every time we do something in the restroom.

So, for those who do, my question is: What are you going to do if you find someone behind them? 


Any who!  While you ponder about that I would like to show and review some of my favorite horror stories that leave me with questions.  

After I tell you about the catch; these aren’t regular horror stories.  They’re two sentences.   

*Note* I don’t own any of these, and most of their authors are unknown.  They mostly come from Reddit and google. 

# 1 “They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap.  From the main room I begin to hear popping.”

This one is interesting because of the context that’s left out (Duh), but I mean it’s like we don’t know if it’s night or day.  We don’t know if this person is alone or what.  They could be listening to their coworkers unpacking the creepy mannequins.  Who’s to say that they’re haunted?  Or to say that they are real mannequins?  This is why I like this one because it’s only scary or creepy depending on the imagination.  If you think outside the box, you may say that one of them just fell. Or maybe the wrapping is just uncurling itself because we don’t know how they wrapped them.  It’s interesting to think about.  


# 2 “After so many years living alone in this large house I came to a startling revelation.  In this time, I had closed far more doors than I had opened.” 

Are we talking metaphorical doors like opportunities?  Or are we thinking of actual doors?  We don’t know, so this one to me was kind of neutral.  Like, I know we can hypothesize that maybe there’s a ghost or something in the house or someone living in the attic.   But, then there’s the people across the room that would say, what if the person just forgot to close the doors?  Or maybe the doors have just been open since they bought the house and they’re just now shutting them?  Food for thought right.  Also, I think the narrator themself is fishy, because why are you living alone like that in a big house.  Do you have a family?  Did you have a family? What happened to them if you did?  All these questions that I want to answer.  So, I guess that kind of appeals to the spooky sense.    

# 3 “My son told me that his reflection was threatening to replace him.   I thought he was imagining things, until I saw my right-handed son write using his left hand.” 

This one right here is lowkey crazy.  Especially since we got some context, and we can clearly guess what happened.  I’m just saying, what are you supposed to do after that?   Are you supposed to keep going with your everyday routine?   Also, I wonder how long has he been writing with his left hand, like when did this switch happen?  Because if she doesn’t see him write everyday then she could’ve been living with an impostor for a good ole minute. 

Answering the question of what I would do though; I honestly would’ve just packed my bags and left. The person didn’t say how old their son was, so if they’re like 18 and over, I would’ve skedaddled.  Don’t worry though, it would’ve been after I tried to find some more evidence about the kid.   But if it turns out to be an impostor, he will have to watch that door close behind me. 

# 4   The driver wasn’t very chatty, so I checked my phone.                                                                                         

                    “Hey it’s your Uber, I’m outside.”

Dun Dunn DUN!  Or however that dramatic music goes. You know what I mean. This one was creepier because it’s modern and realistic.  It’s not something supernatural.  This could actually happen to someone which is chaotic.  Because you usually don’t know what your Uber driver looks like, you really only know their name like a door dasher but that’s about it.  So, at that point who’s been waiting for you?  Like are they stalking outside your house?  Or did you just decide to get in the car with a random person who decided they’ll kidnap random people.  So many questions.   I’m just saying, as soon as I see that message and the doors are unlocked, I’m dropping and rolling onto the road.  End of discussion.  


A bonus:  Wakes up confused.

                         “Pencils down.” 

Best one yet my dudes.    

 Anyway, you all should comment on your answer to the question from the beginning.  

                           Or answer this question, take your pick. 

                  If you have to go against a slasher, who are you facing?

  Micheal Myers      Chucky       Jason    

Freddy Kruger    Norman Bates    Ghostface 

Thoughts that make me stare off into space


                                                How do you do Everyone! 

I really just couldn’t think of one solid thing to discuss for this blog so instead I’m going to talk about some random things that’s been on my mind lately and give some updates about things that I’ve probably talked about in former blogs. You’re most likely reading about Youtubers or books, or games, or all of the above today.   Enjoy! 



This is a Youtuber that I started watching in the 7th grade after my friend had been trying to convince me to watch him for years. For those who may not know him, Cory is a Youtuber that mostly does horror gaming and horror stories. He’s mostly known for his horror short reaction series, Spooky Scary Sundays.  His fandom is the Samurais, and his channel is just really entertaining to me, so I’ve been watching him since the 7th grade, until recently before he took another one of his leaves.  Yes, he’s known for taking these long leaves, the last one being 10 months until he got his Diamond YouTube play button.  Now he’s been gone for 8 months, and I wonder where he has been.  Like, last I heard he was in Japan, I don’t know.  Point is (even though there isn’t really one) if anyone else watches him, did y’all unsubscribe?  Or are y’all still holding on?  

Final Destination: Bloodlines

This is a horror series which has given a lot of people fears.  It gave me the fear of escalators, roller coasters, driving behind trucks carrying logs on the road, and tanning beds.  Anyway, for those who haven’t watched the series; Final Destination is a movie franchise about a bunch of different groups of people who are dying in the most horrendous ways after cheating death.   It’s more gruesome than scary if anything, though I bring this up because after 14 years they are coming back with a new movie that doesn’t even stick to the theme. This is what I was talking about in my last blog; why are people adding movies after all these years.  Why are they fixing what was never broken?  The last movie had the perfect ending and plot twist, also the movies fit its decade, why are they trying to make it fit into the new decade.  They’re just trying to destroy it.  So, I just wanted to vent about that. 


                                                                                                                                        The HouseMaid 




Lately I’ve just been noticing how I haven’t really read a book of my own choice since I’ve been to MSA so during my free time I add books to my future summer book haul.  This was one of the books that have been on my Wishlist for a good moment.  The book The House Maid is by one of my favorite authors, Freida McFadden and it’s about a young Maid named Millie who goes to work for this rich woman, Nina Winchester and her family.   Millie has secrets and one of her biggest secrets being that she wants Nina’s life, and even though that’s big it seems that Nina Winchester’s secrets may be bigger.  Though Millie isn’t worried about it because they don’t know what she’s capable of.  

I’ve read a couple reviews about this book and so far, they’ve all been hyping it up as the best Psychological yet.  So, if any of you want to get out of a reading slump, you could check out this book too. 


The Elmwood Trail

I’ve talked about this game before in a blog last semester.  This is basically a Thriller and Mystery interactive game where you find a missing girl through her phone.  So, it’s narrated through text messages, the most realistic mobile apps, and some more stuff.  They even have a photo gallery, and the story plot is so good.   Anyway, I just got through playing the new update and y’all I think the detective I’m playing as is having their; “Am I the Bad Guy?”  moment.  

Like he neglects his wife and son and everything.  He over here has these weird obsessions and spoiler, there was a twist when he got this teenage boy into a coma because he was working with somebody, I don’t know who, to cover up leads that lead to Zoey (the girl missing).  
This game is so chaotic with this unreliable narrator.  Also, the puzzles aren’t easy but they’re not hard to the point that you want to give up.  Also, all three hints are free, and the third hint gives you the answer to solve the puzzles.  Point is (even though there isn’t really one) I’m ready for the next update because it’s supposed to be the last episode.  

That’s It.  Have a nice day. 

They need to Chill Out

Have any of you noticed how fast all of these movie productions are just shooting out these movies like they’ve been waiting to do it for a million years?  No?  Is it just me?  Well, if it is just me then I would like to rant a couple of points and examples to why I think Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, Marvel, and Illumination are just throwing up movies.  


They went overboard.  I feel that society didn’t mind some of the live actions at first. We went to go see them and they were good, and if not, good they at least made sense and didn’t suck. I mean there were some that were cool because the movie was made in like the early 90s and there were millennials who wanted the movies, but then they went all the way back and decided that they’ll make all of the movies into live action.  If that makes sense.  Like I’m just saying, I just think some of the classics should have just been left alone.  I guess to give you a better understanding, maybe I should give you all an example of a live action that was needed and one that should have been left in the drafts. 

Okay: Mulan & Little Mermaid 


I was iffy about both of these live actions.  Especially Little Mermaid because the franchise had about 4 movies already, so it made me wonder what else they could do?  Also, Disney publicized and hyped up this live action so much that I thought it was going to be sitting in the trash after I watched it.   Though, after I watched it I willingly ate my words because Halle Bailey did her part, and her singing was on point.  Also, the representation was still done well while also keeping the original storyline of The Little Mermaid.  So, this one turned out to be one that we needed.   

On to Mulan, the whole movie was just beautiful to me.   The score made by Christina Aguilera was everything and the only thing that I was upset about was the fact that they didn’t have Mushu.   Like let’s be honest, they could afford to get Eddie Murphy back.  These two Live Actions could leave the drafts. 

Definitely Not Okay: Lion Kin

I was so hyped for this; I got my hopes up.  I mean I saved my good allowance for this movie and everything.  I remember everyone hyping up the cast on Facebook because Beyonce, Donald Glover, and Chance the Rapper were going to be in there with Beyonce on the score.  We thought it was gone be the bomb biggity. 

Turns out we got in there and realized they wasted those 1.663 billion dollars in box office, and we wasted 2 hours of our free time for this movie.  Like, I’m sorry if anyone disagrees but this is how I personally feel.  Everyone on Facebook was saying how Beyonce’s acting wasn’t it, and I mean, I can’t fight them on that.  The movie’s plot was kind of over the place because they somewhat deviated from the original.  The live action was not it and Disney knows that.  So why are they coming out with this new Prequel called Mufasa.   Like Disney just needs to sit down.  


I know we all feel hurt when our favorite movies end, but we should all feel that when something is good it should stop at a good point.  Stop while they’re ahead.  Though it seems that some productions (Disney specifically because they’re going downhill)  act like they can’t stop.   They keep trying to add on more to the good ole movies that we love, why can’t they just make some more classics for the new generation?  I’m personally tired of arguing with my niece because she thinks Frozen was in her time when I literally wanted to buy that Elsa costume for my second grade Halloween before she was even born.  She wasn’t even thought of yet.
It’s all because everywhere we turn, they are updating like iPhone.  Here are some examples.

Frozen 3     

Who gone see it?  Not I.  They should have left it alone. Some of us were really content with Elsa just going where she belonged and Ana finally finding happiness.  But no!  They just won’t let them have peace.

Toy Story 5     

We didn’t even need a Toy Story 4 for real.  The last words of the movie were “To Infinity and Beyond.” That was supposed to be it.  Now they are just going out of proportion.   They already gave Buzz a spinoff.  What can more happen?  They give The Toys to Andy’s kid or something? 

Inside Out 2 

This is left to be decided.  I’m going to go see it, but when I first heard about it I was flabbergasted.  I thought we were done with Riley, but it seems we have to watch her grow up with us. It may be good, it may be bad, but either way it better have something since they wouldn’t let Bing Bong rest in peace.


Also, I know I mostly just covered Disney, but it’s not just them.  There’s also Marvel and Dreamworks.  I mean, has anyone seen Kung Fu Panda 4?  Or let’s not forget all of these Marvel reboots that are not making it in the box office right now.  I heard that The Marvels and Madame Web weren’t looking so well right now.  Another thing I forgot, have you all heard the rumor that there may be a Shrek Five coming out soon?   Now we all should at least agree that isn’t right.

I don’t know, but I’m done for now.    

It’s Qubo Part II



Throughout most of my childhood, Qubo was the channel where I could watch all the fun happen.  Every Saturday morning, I could watch young travelers’ voyage to Islands until they stop at Kingdoms with Fairytale Detectives.  I could watch Polar Bears that talk, ride on Magical carpets with poodles.   On Sunday mornings I can experience people being friends with dragons (while also pretending to be a dragon tamer) while I sit on my grandmother’s couch and eat eggs with bacon.  With Qubo my childhood was a little less scary, and it also put me through a big fantasy phase which I still have work from because it was just that special to me.  

So, now that I’m done with my intro, I’m going to introduce some more shows from Qubo. 


If you were to ask me to sing the theme song to this show right now, I would most definitely do it.  This show gave me so much freedom, because Pippi was free, and she made me want to travel every knack and cranny on Earth.      

Pippi is nine years old, but when I was younger, I thought she was older because of how braver she was compared to me then.   In the show Pippi is traveling the seas armored with her superhuman strength and Mr.  Nilsson (her friend monkey) while they are accompanied by her horse.  They also live in Villa Villekulla( A island where she was left) with a boy and a girl who are her friends that’s helping her look for her father who she lost at sea.  His name is Captain Longstocking.  In the show, the overarching plot is her looking for her father, but they go through obstacles on the way, mostly mysteries that need solving.  Like this one episode when it included some history and a ghost lady who killed herself (I think), it was a weird and scary episode.  



Rupert is so adorable, and his show has the aesthetic of warm hot chocolate freezing in snow.  I wish I could explain it but visualize a show that’s kind of like Max and Ruby mixed with Backyardigans, and mixed with some whimsical fantasy show involving magic carpets and mirror people that talk.  Rupert Bear and his friends are going on adventures in magical worlds, enchantment, and danger.  A lot of his adventures involve taming dragons in China or fighting mirror people that are your doubles. (That episode was called “Rupert in Mirror land”) It’s a bit of everything in this show with this cuddly bear. 


Sally Bollywood

Sally the Great Detective is a French – Australian show about a 12-year-old Indian girl who works in her own private detective agency called the SBI (Sally Bollywood Investigations). The is agency is inspired by from her father’s agency, Harry Bollywood.  In the basement of her home, Sally and her best friend Doowee investigate cases brought to them by their schoolmates.  They travel their local neighborhood with Sally using her detective skills and using technology Doowee invents to solve the cases.  This show would always occupy me while I was waiting for my grandmother to finish cooking her nice old bread pudding. 

Sandra the Fairytale Detective 

If you ever wanted to see how fairytale characters should actually react to a situation that they’re in, then this show is for you.  Sandra is from a long line of fairytale detectives that solves problems that come from The Land of Fairytales.  It’s now Sandra’s turn in the line, so she and her friend Fo (a 500-year-old elf), work together on the cases.  All Sandra has to do is throw on her overcoat and jump into the mystery.   I can say one of my favorite episodes is when Sandra helped Cinderella escape a bratty Prince Charming by getting him to fall in love with someone else.  That show was such a good lesson to me when I was younger.    

Qubo ! Where the fun begins

When I was a youngin,  I used to be so happy to go to my grandmother’s house for many reasons. 

Some days it would be because of the joy of seeing her, other days it was because I wanted a delicious, hot soulful meal that she would have waited for us on the stove after a long day, then there was one of the most common reasons; I was ready to watch the  Qubo channel.  

Mostly with every encounter when I have the chance to bring up this station, a lot of people tell me they have never heard of it.  I don’t be shocked when they tell me that, I actually get excited because that means I can bring up all of the amazing shows from my childhood and talk about a lot of memories associated with those shows.  Which is literally what this blog is going to be about today, we are about to have a little rundown on the Qubo kids fan favorites. 

First and foremost, the channel can only be found for people with Antenna TV.  At least that’s what it used to be; I haven’t watched  Qubo since I was in the 5th grade.   When you think about Qubo though, I want you to visualize Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon having a baby.  That’s the best way I can get you to picture it without knowing the show lineup, which I’m about to give to you anyway. 


They call him Two Two,  Jacob Two.  First off, this show has one of the coolest theme songs, y’all should listen to it when you get a chance.  The main character is a boy who has a really bad stuttering problem, and he always says things repeatedly and his last time is also two-two. 

The main plot is him going on a lot of mystery adventures which he tries to solve with his friends Buford and Renee.  The show doesn’t have an overarching theme, it’s more of just a go with the flow show.  If I could compare it to a show in this day and age, I would say it’s like T.A.W.O.G                                                There’s a bit of everything in there, to ghosts, evil principals, haunted houses where the janitor Mr. Sour Pickles work and some more stuff.  I personally love the inner mini story that stars Jacob’s weird neighbor that’s secretly a Canadian spy.   


You know what, going down the list is bringing me to happy tears with the warm memories.  Also, I just suggest y’all listen to all of these theme songs because they are so bright and catchy.  

But, back on topic, Pecola is set up like Minecraft, but they are animals.  The main character, Pecola, is a penguin whose personality is optimistic and helpful.   He’s also curious and hyperactive which sometimes causes him to wreak havoc on his cubed town.  His favorite dessert is also banana pudding.    

FUN FACT, for those who like anime, Pecola is considered a Japanese – Canadian anime.    


Who loves Fantasy with fairies and pixie dust?  Well, I did and that’s why Pearlie is one of my favorites, there is so much stuff I can say about this show, but unfortunately, I have to keep it short. 

Pearlie is a Park fairy appointed by the Fairy Headquarters to keep the park safe.  She has the help of her friend Jasper who’s an elf, but he’s lazy and doesn’t really do anything.  Then there’s my favorite character, Opal, an outback fairy from Australia sent to learn from Pearlie about the park.  They are all a group of friends that venture around the park to fix problems while eating pink cupcakes that look scrumptious to me to this day.   Too bad the antagonist is Pearlie’s evil cousin, Saphira, because I actually like Saphira and her assistant bat.  They don’t really do anything but throw trash in the park and try to get them discovered by humans, which Pearlie always stops anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. 


List gets this straight first; this is the original Riverdale.  This cartoon came before that show on Netflix and the cartoon itself came from the comic series with the same name.  As some may know, the show is about a group of teenagers in the early 2000s, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle, Betty Cooper, and sometimes Jughead Jones, who go around solving supernatural mysteries and then they write them in the school newspaper.  The show is pretty chill now (unlike how Riverdale portrayed them), but when I was younger it was scary.  This show is what made me  go through the phase of being scared of the movie theaters.  It stopped now, though every now and then I sometimes think about that episode.  


This is it for now, but there’s so many shows that make up my whole childhood that I want to discuss.  Maybe I will go back to these, have a good day until next time.