Old Soul

                                                        Hello Lovelies!  

  Today we’re going back to the good ole days! Chacha cha (Imagine me saying that like Grunkle Stan).  Anyway, today I’m discussing the elite and OG detective, and mystery shows that I’m pretty sure none of you youngsters have watched or even heard of (Please take no offense, I’m joking I promise.)       I’m not ranking them, just going down the list and explaining what each of them are and what makes them the best in my opinion.   Also yes, I’ve actually watched these.  




I love this dude, he’s so chill.  I’ll tell you why later.  Matlock is an elderly criminal defense attorney played by Andy Griffith, meaning he represents the “guilty.”  At least the people who are accused of committing the acts.   He solves these cases with his daughter and one of his colleagues who have the best dynamic, they’re so cute.  Together they run around with each other and find evidence that proves the defendant’s innocence.                                                                         If I’m describing to someone the format of each show, it would always start with someone unknown committing a crime, it’s either a shadow the audience sees or a voice the audience hears that’s committing it.  We never know, but what we do see is the victims, then the next day Matlock is getting called by the starring suspect of the show, to be proven innocent.  For the most part of the series, Matlock has only had innocent suspects, but one of my favorite episodes is when Matlock actually gets a guilty woman who manipulates him into making viewing her innocent.  She really thought she had him, but she forgot with age comes experience, and Matlock knew how to win her game and put the actual suspect in jail.   The episode is called “The Accused” and that’s something I could get into if I didn’t watch a single Matlock episode at all.   Matlock also gets brownie points because half of the time his clients don’t pay him with money, they pay him with food which is why I love him. 




  Monk is also an American crime drama series.  Unlike Matlock, it follows events in the main characters’ storyline as they go through handling the cases.  Adrian Monk is comical, but not in the way you might think, he’s not “Haha” funny, he’s more on the side of “You’re so smart but is so ridiculous” side.  Monk is a former detective with an obsessive-compulsive disorder who consults with the police.   His disorder is a huge impact in the show, because it helps him solve mostly all of the cases with the police.  But, while it’s helpful it’s also very annoying for the people who work with him because they have to make sure everything is clean before he investigates it, or they would have to crawl in dirty places that need to be looked at because he refused to do it.   I mean it’s so serious that the running joke of the show is that Monk only drinks one type of water.  It’s Sierra Springs Water, that’s the only water he drinks.  He doesn’t even drink his own filtered tap water.  I’m not judging, but everyone in the series does judge.  Like seriously, he got stopped at the border because he was taking 2 full suitcases of Sierra Springs water to Mexico.  Just thinking about it is making me giggle, I know someone similar to this, but Monk is a whole other story.    The show also is top notch because the theme song is by Randy Newman or known to some of the younger people as the Toy Story guy.  “It’s a Jungle Out There” is so catchy and many people agree because it won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music according to Google.  So, yea, it’s really great in my opinion.  






 My Grandma did it to me.   This was just something she had on all the time, that I became so engrossed in it.   First and foremost, she had a crush on James Arness who played Matt Dillon and secondly, she used to “rest her eyes” while this played and would jump out of her skin when me and my sisters would try to change this channel.   So, after the point of her waking up fully, she’ll play this for like, 72 hours straight.  I’ll be back at my mom’s house and still hear that playing from the 40 minutes away drive.  With that being said: Gunsmoke is set during the settlement of the American West and the main protagonist is sheriff Marshal Matt Dillon, he’s the keeper of everything in Dodger City.  If there’s a robbery, he solves it, if a mom is going on a killing spree while her estranged daughter is away, he knows about it, if there’s a man getting drunk after his best friend killed the drunk man’s wife, Matt can help that man be clean again while catching the murderer.  Also, these are some of the many episodes I watched.   Even though the show was in black and white, and had some poor graphics, I loved it.  The acting was good, and I loved Matt Dillon’s compassion.   One episode, he tried to help these kids save their father who was falsely accused of a murder.  The man was going to be executed, leaving behind his young son and daughter, but Matt wasn’t going to let that happen.  He worked really hard to solve a case that wasn’t even in his jurisdiction.  The show was beautiful.  This is why, it’s one of the elites for me. It was just that good.  


                                                      Walker Texas Ranger 


“The eye of the ranger.  The oh so helpful stranger.  Who better knows the truth from wrong and right.”  Or something like that, I really never knew the exact lyrics.  I just remember my siblings and I going around singing this to each other, right lyrics or not.   Walker Texas Ranger is one of the shows that I started watching by myself without the influence of my grandmother.  I stumbled upon it one day when there was nothing to watch and note this was during the times when Chiller existed and all they played were reruns, so you had to scavenger hunt on the DirecTV channel for a good show.  I just had it on for background noise while I did my homework, when I heard gunshots.  Wondering what was going on I looked at my TV and noticed some guys fighting with kicks and all that.  So, to say, it caught my attention.   I watched this show probably up until I was in the 8th grade I think, but that’s because my mom switched to Roku, and we got some streaming channels.  It was great.   Oh yea, and the plot is similar to the modern day Gunsmoke, and it’s inspired by the film Lone Wolf McQuade. 


                        That’s it, thanks for going down memory lane with me. 

The Characters

                                                            Hi Lovelies!  

 One of the main cable stations I watched when I was younger was Cartoon Net Work. My siblings and I used to sit in the living room analyzing all of the shows and discussing who our favorite characters were and why.  We also talked about which characters contributed more to the show and analyzed their final arc.   At the end of the day, a lot of these character arcs were so random and I’m going to rank some random characters favorite to least based on the show’s ending and how I personally felt about them.   

#1 Gumball 

Gumball Waterson is one of the funniest characters to me.   At the age 12 he was one of the most relatable children ever, especially with the topics that concerned school and school’s social life.  When discussing his development, it was interesting. I loved how in the beginning of the sitcom Gumball was just a simple awkward kid who hung out with his brother mostly at school, but his traits of being a troublemaker and a goofball with questionable morals is what made him standout to the audience.  There were many moments when we wondered if we would make the same choices he made in certain situations, especially when looking at how he treated his friends, like Tobias and Banana Joe for example.                                                                                                                               He didn’t have to prove things to them, but he did it anyway because of peer pressure and his choices took it to the extreme and made hard life so unnecessary.   Anyway, as I rate based off of the ending of the show, everything before “The Inquisition” episode was okay.  Now, I don’t want to spoil it, but if you know, you know; and we all know they did us dirty.  


                                                                                                                                      # 2 Mordecai and Rigby 


The reason why I put these two together is because I’ve always seen them as the pair that just needed each other in order to make a good show.   I love them both, but would I watch an episode with just Mordecai?  No, not really even though there have been some. The same also goes for Rigby.  I have loved this show since I was 7, which probably wasn’t a good thing at my age, but I mean, who didn’t watch what they shouldn’t have?  Their dynamic was relatable to me because I could see my older sisters and their bond within them, that’s probably why they watched it with me.   Mordecai’s intelligence and maturity matched well with Rigby’s hyper activeness and childish ways.   I loved how they interacted with everyone else at The Park and it just made my day.  The best moments were the small ones when Rigby taught lessons to Mordecai by accident and Rigby also learned things from himself.   Mordecai’s character arc was mostly him going through girlfriends and figuring out what he wants and life, while Rigby learned more responsibility.  There might’ve been more, but I stopped watching the show once they got to outer space, which brings me to the ending rank.   Personally, to me, the ending was horrible.  They didn’t have to do Pops that way, also the future epilogue with their lives did not do them justice.  Especially with Mordecai, his was just, NO.   I couldn’t do it, second place it is. 


                                                                                                            # 3 Courage  


 I really don’t know what to say about him.  He was adorable and he was brave, that’s about it.   He could be my dog if he wanted to.  I just really liked the show, that’s why he’s up here. 



                       # 4 Fire Princess

  I’m kind of sticking random ones here now until I get to the least one, but what happened to her?  Y’all should tell me because I didn’t finish the Adventure Time series because I got older and school life got more complicated, then I had to choose which show would stay in my schedule and I chose Regular Show.   From the few shows I did watch with her in it, she became a favorite character of mine. I don’t remember why, but I remember my kid self really loved her powers.  Yep. That seems about right. 




          # 5 Anais 


I actually really love her.  She reminds me of who I wanted to be as a child, but she was mean and cleverer than me.   She also reminds me of my niece, she used to be so sweet and innocent as a baby, and now she’s dangerous and a little gremlin (I still love her though). I don’t think she has any specific arc development, but there were times when she allowed herself to have fun and appreciate her hard work.   Also, Gumball and Darwin needed to listen to her more, she knew what she was talking about.  Especially when she hid that remote, they knew it was time to fear her.  Anais was petty but petty in a way that made you feel that she was in the right.  I don’t remember her ending of the show, but I think she stayed the same. 


                              Bonus: Favorite episodes they were in. 

Gumball – “Dodge or Dare” 

Mordecai and Rigby – “This is my Jam”, Quote:  You can’t touch music, but music can touch you. 

Courage- “The Shadow of Courage” 

Anais- “Responsible Babysitters”  



𝕿𝖔 𝕭𝖊 𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖔𝖗 𝕹𝖔𝖙 𝕭𝖊 𝖄𝖔𝖚?


                 Hi, everyone.    Here’s one of my free writes.    Inspired by                                                                           The Crown a show on Netflix.          


                                        I want to be like you. 

                          I want to make the moon and the sun talk. 

                               Eavesdropping on the giggles of 

                              what the weather would be like today. 

                              Be able to pay the clouds a visit and 

                              tell em I suspect rain in May.   

                             Then with no permission, I’ll get a veil 

                             to cover the sun’s cheese 

                             because no need for an early bird. 


                                              I want to be like you. 

                                         I want to write big headlines. 

                           Tell the bottom feeders to look at me. 

                           Radiating in the sparkles of the Manhattan lights. 

                          Dashing my black gloved arms around the posters. 

                          Hearing all of the oohs and awes of my name in bold.

                          Kissing my own hand for the followers 

                          that flows like the hem of my Versace dress. 


                                                I want to be like you 

                                            I want to toss money. 

                                  Waiting for it to bounce back to me, 

                             because it stays unlimited under my name. 

                     Spoil my family in the unsleeping city ordering food

                    when their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. 

                 The appetizers being gold on a platinum platter. 

                   The entrees being a flavor the people would want to touch 

                                     and turn into something magnificent. 

                                             While dessert is being served 

                           with me melting like steel in a bath of my riches. 

                                                I want to be like you. 

                            I want to be the hero even when I’m the villain. 

           Watch people gravel for my approval which isn’t even deserving. 

                            Listen to all of the haters tell me what I should be 

                                   but still watching me be what they want to be. 

                                     Being the example that good beats evil. 

                                    Although laughing as the mastermind,  

                                    resting in all of my diabolical wishes. 

                                          I want to be like you. 

                I want historic money to laugh at jokes that aren’t even funny. 

                Having the opportunity to watch my masterful calculation. 

                   Playing the game of which pawns can rule beside me. 

                   Being merciless and letting the others be in a chaotic reign. 

                        To walk the crimson carpet leading to my throne

                       as I become a queen that conquers for what’s owed. 


                                           I want to be like you. 

                                              But I’m Going to Be Better    

                                 I will come back to Earth when need be. 

                               I will show others to aspire, to rule a nation. 

       I will build kingdoms that light hearts and not egotistical darkness. 

                  I will make headlines that bring the cheerful roars of the people. 

                            I will free the Sun and break the spell of the Moon. 

                         I will have strategies to save and not to destroy. 

                             I will be victorious and not harvest destruction.

      I will carry the people that are weak on my back and encourage those 

                                             who proves stronger. 

                             I will bow to the crown that has accepted 

                                       that I’ve worked to earn it. 

                                   I will play and win the game,

                                 when my wrong wants are my losses. 






Vivid Heart (A story built from chaos) :)



                                                 Hello fellow peers!

 I kind of knew for this blog I didn’t want to talk about any shows or any books.   The reason being, I have a ton of movies and shows I can rant about, but I want to save those for later.   That’s why for this post I wanted to post one of my free writes that I used to start learning a new genre.  I don’t know what genre this would be in specifically; I just know it’s not the genre I’m used to writing.  Now, this is a free write, but it’s also an adaptation of something I already wrote.  I wrote a poem named Magenta Lights in my second semester last school year. My English teacher really liked it but there were some problems with it, and it gained her, my math teacher, my mom, and the principal’s concern.   When I remember that, I laugh so hard because I always find myself thinking “Why on Earth do they think I would write something like this?”  I don’t know, but anyway I still have the poem, and this is what this post is based off of.  I tried to turn it into a narrative, hopefully this one won’t send me to the principal’s office (kidding kidding).  Anyway, the issue of what they thought I was writing, is a story for another day and if you want to see the original poem don’t be scared to ask.  Thank You 🙂

Her phone illuminates the hazy pink atmosphere as it lays on the marble bathroom sink. She knows it’s the person she hates the most right now, so she doesn’t stop her tears from making waterfalls to peer at the message.  She just sits on the cold moist floor with her head in her knees, while her muddy brown hair hangs like a curtain.  It’s a good thing though because that curtain disguises her distress.  She only wants to listen to her own racing heartbeat and not think about the roaring music that howls love songs, which only ends with heartbreak, in the background.  She only wants to tear off the crop top that’s squeezing the life out of her blood circulation because the blue Care Bear face mocks her inner demons.  She only wants to smell the cigars that spread about the ash trays like lit fireflies and not feel the stickiness of most likely someone’s inner dignity beneath her.  Which was unfortunate because it makes her think about how soon her own dignity would be swirling in waves of shame down the abashment bowl.  She sighs and lays her head on the barriers that defend her from the plastics she’s learned to love. Reflecting, finding the point when she believed she needed to be here. 

Her phone illuminated the pastel paper atmosphere that embraced the cloud LED lights from her room. She knew it was the person that she loved the most at the moment.  That’s why she ran faster than lightning to pick her phone off of her fuzz sea green sheets that were a shield enveloping her in a soundproof mind during the bashful nights.  It was comical to her when she would find herself giggling and turning shades of magenta when she read the morning woes and the nightly serenades.    She would always take her time to wipe the puddles of laughter to study and analyze each message.  Her stuffies would turn away from her moments of shamelessness.  Though she didn’t pay attention when she rolled around the bed allowing her chocolate brown hair to halo the bed in angel wings.  It was a bad thing though because it always created static that would sting more pleasantly than her heart would.   She only wanted to listen to his words of love and commitment that made her heartbeat and not think about the scenarios that all their doubters come up with.  She only wanted to wrap herself in the crop top that he gave her for Christmas because the Care Bear makes her blood warm when she thinks about the symbolism of its fate.  She only wanted to smell his cologne as it spread through her room every evening when he came to visit her. Not feel the dread in her lower throat when that girl pointed out soon her dignity would become a trophy he’ll have to show while his guilt is beneath him.  Which was fortunate because she could express how he cherishes her dignity, allowing it to flow in his gilded bowl that holds her significance for him.  She sighed and laid her head on the pillow that absorbed her tears that form under the statements of the plastics that hate her.  Reflected, finding any truth that she is wrong when her world will turn upside down. 

Her phone illuminates the blurred darkness that fumes from her misguided brain.   The blue-ray light makes it past her eyelids that are fighting for life to be open.   As her gummy gaze looks at the mirrored screen, she knows it’s the person she can’t stop thinking about the most.   She looks around on the soaked floor, grimacing as her stringy hair pelts on her face like milked straw.   The phone keeps lighting up repeatedly, the vibration contrasting from her numb heart. She is tired of it so she blows her runny nose in her Care Bear top, letting the snot scrunch the smile into a frown.  She only wants to tune out all of the doubts that are actually concerns, from her mind.  She wants to shove the ashtray off the sink, crashing to the floor, because it’s not fair that people want to damage their lungs while she’s suffering from a broken heart.  Then it hurts.  It hurts so badly which is unfortunate because it overbears the pain in her belly as dignity becomes blood curdling.  She takes deep breaths above the sink drinking backup what she refuses to have come out.  Because it isn’t worth it.  The grotesque growl of the music gets louder as the lights bounce from yellow to red, from red to green, from green to blue, from blue to magenta until it stops when the barrier breaks letting in the white pale light of the plastics that aren’t recyclable and actually loves her.  She sighs and lays her head on a chest while a hand rubs her back.   As they lead her into the vivid night that is suffocating, she reflects on what point did her heart decide it can repair. 












Do You Remember?

                                                         Hello fellow peers! 


  Have you ever come across one of those Tik Toks or YouTube shorts that bring up past games or shows from your childhood that you’ve forgotten about?  Yes?  Well, me too.  So, for this post I want to see if I can invoke some nostalgia for you and see if you remember any of these shows.  If you don’t; it’s okay, if you do; you can come cry in the corner with me as you reflect on how far you’ve grown. It has happened to me plenty of times (kidding, I don’t cry in corners) I’m also ranking them 1-10 to see which ones I should’ve remembered the most.    

          6/10 Foster Home for Imaginary Friends 


This show itself was on Boomerang, which was the channel after Cartoon Network, but I don’t remember what they call it.   It was one of those shows that just popped up on the TV one day and you accidentally start watching it.  I personally didn’t forget about it, but my sister did, and she was so hurt when she realized that other people in our generation might not recognize this anymore.  It was about a boy whose imaginary friend took him on adventures in a house full of abandoned imaginary friends who now need homes.  It’s a 6 because I didn’t just really find it entertaining.   

                    5/10 Read Between the Lions

  I didn’t recognize this show at all until I watched an episode of it with my niece and nephew.  But this show right here, I was like when was I so young?   You all might not remember until you’ve watched an episode of it, but it’s the one when that puppet man is getting rhyming words out of his long pants.  His name was smarty pants.  Anyway, it’s a 5/10 because it was educational. 




                               7/10   Oobi


I really hope y’all remember this.  This show was so funny and cute as a child. Don’t ask me how I feel about it now because it be looking creepy but when I was a baby, I wanted to use my hands and be one of those characters so badly.  This brings me to those days during the Summer when I woke the whole family up pretending to be one of these arms.   The googly eyes though, look how they’re on the hands.  It’s so adorable.   It’s a 7/10 because it was really cutesy and now it’s kind of weird.   We watched people talking and moving their arms like they were their own individual person.   How? 


                                 9/10 Jack’s Big Music Show      


 I’m sorry but this show made me cry so hard.  This is one of those memories that’s in the back of your head scratching the surface faintly.  I remembered this out of the blue one day and I could not think of the name.  I spent about 2 hours searching for different ways to find out the name, and I was getting angry because Google wasn’t googling.   When I finally figured it out, I got so sad watching the ending of the show.  You should all go watch it, the lights turning off in the treehouse were making my heart ache.  


                             10/10 Tuff Puppy 



  Tuff Puppy was the best.  The cat spy was awesome and inspiring to me as a younger girl.  I could just not believe it at all.  I was like, wow couldn’t believe it.  Then the episodes were comical and intriguing.  I watched one episode and remembered how the rat made me really like cheese but now I don’t obsess over it like I used to when I was younger.  But I appreciated how it started the phase of me enjoying cheese.  



                   10/10 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 

    I don’t have anything to say exactly about this, just that it was awesome. I remember the dragons looking more bigger and 4D, but I don’t know, maybe that’s just how it looked to mini me.  But the show was fun and pretty, it mostly gets a 10/10 because I don’t remember any bad aspects of the show. 


                 Honorable Mentions: 



It’s about Books


                                                Hello lovelies!  

Here’s the thing, Halloween is coming up, and usually around this month I talk about things that are creepy and scary, and downright soul screeching.  That’s what I would start writing about; but since my Blog is mostly based on that theme, I wanted to try something different.                                                                            I dug so deep into my memories to find anything that I watched that didn’t include Drama, Horror, Thriller and wasn’t an animation.   Couldn’t find anything.   Seriously, I assure you I watch happy stuff, but my happy stuff is reruns of SpongeBob and Disney movies, and anything that is funny, is mystery and comedy.  It was really tough, so I just decided to stick to what I love writing about because why wouldn’t I?                                                                                              This post is ranking books that I’ve read during October (I remember the exact month because I went on a Chiller Marathon during October my 7th grade year with a friend.   It was a happy time) and have been my favorites.  

                 # 7Ghost Of Graylock  


                          When I very first started reading this book, I thought I                                                         knew what was going to happen.  It started off a little                                                        slow; but soon the characters went into Psychiatric                                                            Hospital, I was set.   The plot twist was golden.  I                                                                   enjoyed reading this surrounded by the warm heater                                                          in the darkness of my home as I listened to the rain                                                            trickling on my window.    I really appreciated the                                                               complexity of it.  It’s also a great starter for pre-teens                                                        who wants to read more advanced books. 



  6 Asylum

   This book right here put me through something.   It’s the first book out of a   series and it’s a phycological thriller.   If you don’t mind your brain while you’re dreaming, you will enjoy this book.   I read all four books of the series, but I regretted it afterwards.   The one will do, doesn’t matter if you don’t find certain answers.  Trust me.  



             # 5 WELCOME To The Dark House


I never knew how scary mirrors could be until I read this book.   It was really fascinating as the readers get to see everyone’s back stories.  Also, this book approaches the topics of Phobias and how it impacts everyone’s daily lives.  This book was actually the book that made me write about fears as I researched more about it. 


 # 4 Going Dark

 I adored this book.   It was a fast pace read, finished it in 3 days.  It’s a chef kiss because the multi-views were really well written in my opinion. I also loved the social media format of the book.  It was also a great way to show rounded character development. I loved this book so much. I didn’t rate the others, but it was an 8/10.  


                         # 3 Most Wanted

        This book just brought back a ton of nostalgia from the times I had to read it to gain A.R. points.  The book is still one of my favorite R.L. Stines’s and it’s a delight to read.   Even while the book makes your finger ache and your skin crawl.  I loved the experience of reading it for the first time. 




     # 2   How to Survive Your Murder 

 When it comes to this book; I’m just speechless.  The whole time of the book is during Halloween.    The characters are relatable and funny; and it uses Pop Culture a lot but not excessively.  It has all the components, it has true crime, comedy, slasher, Thriller, and suspense.  It’s a second chance book and the bonus for me is that it’s written like a great R.L. Stine Fear Street book.  It’s just those types of books that you can read like you’re watching a movie.  Just fantastic.                          



                                               # 1 Killer’s Kiss  

This book here took me on a road trip.  I was in for so many twists and turns.  I never knew what to expect.  It’s number 1 on my lists because it was a book that also had a lot of romance which I don’t normally read, and it mixed well with the Mystery part.  So, for that it gets a number one spot.  Highly recommend it if you’re in a reading slump and want something shocking to read.  It’s great. 


Thanks for reading about my October books.   Good day. 

A Goofy Story


                        Hello lovelies, here’s a fun story for this post 🙂

It was a beautiful Christmas Eve as the two cheerful little girls hopped excitedly while watching their mom come through the door with the stuffed garbage bags.    

They knew what time it was when their mother stepped through the door letting the fresh non-permanent snow in the house and the chill of the night air clash with the new heat of the heater.  They knew it was time for them to get presents for Christmas the next day.   It was an all-time joy for them as they clasped their hands in their fronts praying that they were getting the treasures they wanted.  Was it going to be a new Monster High Doll or a Barbie Dream House set, they wouldn’t know until the next day when they unraveled their gifts.  

As their mother walked to her room denying all obvious existence of their gifts one of the little girls piped up 

“Mommy!  Mommy!  Can I take a peek?”  

Their mother giggles.   “I don’t know why you are asking, I ain’t got you nothing.” 

But the little girl knows not to worry.   She will see her present tomorrow morning.  Even if it wasn’t something she was waiting for.  

They both gasped the next day as they saw all of the gifts under the Christmas Tree.  

There were fake janitor sets, big play ovens, Barbie dolls, Monster-High dolls, and mountains and mountains of stuffed animals.   All of those toys are there but only two toys catch their attention. 


(This isn’t the exact doll but something similar to it) 

There were two life-size African American Rapunzel dolls.  Staring deeply at the girls with their hooded moving brown eyes.  Grinning with small pink smiles.  The girls admired all of it, especially the long black hair that you could make grow with a button on their necks.  

“Mommy this is so beautiful, where did you get it?”  The youngest sister asks.   

Her mom waves her hand lazily, “Doesn’t matter, as long as you play with it.” 

Both girls nod in unison with big bright smiles.  That was the plan: Play with the dolls.   

All the children play with their Christmas presents.   Don’t they? 

Well, the little girls did.  They loved playing with the luxurious life-size dolls that looked like them.  The best part was that there were two dolls, double the fun (also double the trouble than it was worth.  But we digress.)   

They played with the Rapunzel day in and day out.  Brushing their hair, singing songs with them, making them laugh, and dancing with handsome princes.   It was a joyous time until it got too boring for them.   So, like what most children do, they discard the dolls.  They were done playing with them after the month that followed Christmas.   They were done with dolls.   But dolls weren’t done with them.  

It first started when the girls were playing with their new Kindles in the living room when the dolls were sitting on the couch behind them out of the blue.  Both girls look at each other confusingly. 

“Did you put these there?”  says the older one.  

“No, I didn’t.”  responds the youngest. 

They both give eerie glances while they pick up the dolls. 

“Let’s put these away before momma makes us play with them.” 

They put the dolls in their room closet on the top of the shelf hidden with the dusty spiders. 

The next morning the girls walk into the kitchen, getting ready to fight over who pours the new milk in their cereal first when they scream. 

Sitting with frowning pale pink lips are the Rapunzel.  They are covered in dust from the closet. 

The younger girl screeches. 

“Oh my gosh!!  Who put them there?”  

The older one shivers. 

“Oh no I don’t know.  But we have to get rid of them.”  

They plot with each other.  

The plan was to put the dolls in plastic bags and then throw them in the trash can outside.   No one would ever know they put them in the dumpster. 

So, there they were, standing in the cold, shaking in their Lalaloopsy’s pajamas as one held open the heavy garbage lid. 

“Momma’s gone whoop us.” Says the younger one as she holds the lid in her shaking chilled hands. 

“Only because we might get sick, standing out here,” says the oldest. 

No comments followed after they listened to the two heavy thuds.  

The job was done.  

That night both girls slept peacefully.  Or at least that’s how it started.  They didn’t hear when their bedroom door creaked open.  Didn’t hear the shuffling through the night. 

So, when that morning they both felt something weighing them down on their sides. 

Each of them wakes up and screams louder than wild coyotes. 

The Rapunzels are sitting on their beds covered in apple peels and meat juice.   They both were grinning slyly. 


Thank you for reading this story based on True Events. 🙂 

Good day.   

(Feel free to ask any curious questions) 

Want to crack a Cold Case?

         Hello lovelies, for this post I’m doing something different.                                     I’m going to try to convince you to play this IOS, and Android game I became addicted to.                                                                                                                                         To start off, I didn’t find this game out myself, a best friend of mine from my former school put me on this game during the Summer.  I was hesitant at first because it looked like one of those games that could hack my phone (which it didn’t so don’t say no yet) and the description was creepy.    Also, she texted me about the game out of the blue (meaning she hadn’t texted me in 3 days) while I was about to go to bed.  She said:  Hey!  I need you to play Elmwood Trail right now.   It’s about you solving a case and it’s crazy. So that right there is what caught my attention, but when I looked it up and read the summary I texted back: I don’t know this is looking too realistic.    Which to me now is a great thing, and I know I’m writing statements that contradict my statement but trust me after downloading this game all of my doubts went down the drain and I became obsessed.  

So now let me tell you about the interactive game, The Elmwood Trail



Elmwood trail has the best elements (to me) for a good interactive game.  

For all of those who love interactive games, this is for you. 

For all of those who love mystery, horror, and suspense games, this is for you. 

For all of those who ever wanted to go through someone’s phone like an FBI agent (I do not mean going through real-life people’s phone without consent) and find unexpected secrets, this is for you. 

For all of those who ever wanted to be a cop or FBI agent and crack a cold case, this game is FOR YOU. 

Also, one interesting thing is, you can call actual numbers and text people that will respond, but I’m pretty sure it’s set up like a call operator so it’s not dangerous.   

Here’s what the actual game is about: 


It’s been 3 weeks since 18-year-old girl Zoey Leornard has been missing.   After finding little evidence the detectives on the case have closed the case and declared it a runaway situation.                                                                                         Everyone decides that they tried their best and she can’t be found, well everyone except YOU. 

You are playing as detective Adam Lane, someone who feels like Riverstone Town is miserable.  People keep going “missing” and everyone else is giving up on them.  Yep! You too were about to give up on Zoey’s case until a unanimous message text you, forcing you to take on Zoey’s case.    You’re hesitant, you know you can’t right now because the messages from your own phone indicate that you have too much drama going on in your life.                                                          This is what you explain to the unknown messenger, but they don’t care.  What the messenger does care about is finding out what happened to Zoey so to make that happen they give an offer they know you wouldn’t refuse. 

After all of the introductions you do some research on Zoey, but you can’t get far without any specific evidence.  So, when you’re about to tell the unknown messenger that you give up, they decide to send you a “gift.”  Shockingly, it’s Zoey’s phone.   You know it’s crazy that some unknown person knows your address and has a missing girl’s phone, but you can’t question it when you’re in too deep.  The only thing you can question is everyone that knows Zoey’s lies, truths, and what could be her secrets.   


There are necessary puzzles in this game that build the spooky atmosphere.  I’m a fan of puzzles and I loved these because they weren’t too hard.   You get to read everything on Zoey’s phone and Adam’s phone.  Reading is a ton of fun because like a real teenager’s phone there are so many contacts, and you can text all of them.  Some people you can call and ask them questions when the time is right.   Zoey and her friends have their own Instagram which is set up like actual Instagram which makes it feel so realistic.  The people themselves look drawn but it doesn’t take away from the spooky feeling.  It actually makes me feel better knowing the people aren’t real.  The background music gives you chills in a good way.  It actually provides that feeling like you’re a detective on a TV show.  The dialogue of the suspects and the way they text and speak are so emotional.   They don’t sound like robots rehearsing a speech, they read in an actual modern teenage manner.  Their reactions are our everyday reactions.                                                                   

To me the storyline is engaging; you won’t be confused of who’s speaking or who they’re talking about.  A good part is for some scenes you get to be in the narration from Zoey’s point of view.   Her view is supposed to explain to you her thoughts outside of the text messages between her friends and also let you in on the secrets she has.  But then some twists make you wonder if you can even trust Zoey yourself.  Is she telling the truth of what actually happened?    Did she actually run away?   You don’t know.   There are so many questions that will leave you on a cliff that I ended up playing this one sitting.  Especially when you’re trying to figure out what’s with Adam’s life drama?                                         Then your main question would be:  How do you know you didn’t take Zoey? 

For the technical aspects of the game, the graphics are clear and pretty.  The way you can transfer between Adam’s and Zoey’s phone is not complicated.    All of the messages are responded to quickly (when they’re supposed to).     Most importantly, There’s NO WAIT.   You don’t have to wait for time to be added back or wait 3 hours to play the next part.  You can read this game like a good book where no one can stop you (which I did.)                                                           Overall, I love this game.  They’re still updating though and if you follow the creators on Instagram they post when it’s updated.                                                      Thanks for reading this, Good Day to You. 

BEWARE!! You’re in for a Scare

Hello, hello, welcome back to another one of my posts.  

Let me start off by saying: if you get my title reference, I love you and comment if you did. 

As we all know Spooky Season is approaching and this is the time of the year when almost everyone summons their inner child and gets accompanied with the tricks and treats. There are other ways for us to celebrate the Fall weather that has the scent of pumpkin spice and background noise of Scary Halloween audio playlists; whether it’s going to haunted houses, or reading horror books (my personal favorite), or just cuddling up with your favorite snacks during this time; we do it our own ways.   Well, one of my ways to spend this time is by rewatching scary childhood movies. 

Yes!  The movies my ten-year-old self would cry while watching it in the morning daylight and with all my family in the house with me (I couldn’t help it; it was too scary.)  It’s better now though because I can watch these in a thunderstorm with all the power out, alone like a breeze (I don’t know why I’m lying to myself) and I enjoy it.                                                                        With that being said, for this post I’m going to rate my top three scary movies from my childhood that I think you should watch.  

# 3   Tim Burton’s, The Corpse Bride 


 I was about a 6 -7-year-old child when I cried watching the ending of this movie at my grandma’s house.  It was so sad which was kind of a relief to me then because it was really scary. The movie itself though was deep and now that I’m older I realize, the man had to make some sacrifices.  Now, for those who hasn’t watched the movie here’s the rundown: 

The movie is a stop-animated film that’s romance and fantasy (also horror to people like me) starring Johnny Depp playing the main male lead; Victor Van Dort and Helena Bonham Carter playing the female lead; Emily a.k.a. The Corpse Bride, in the Victorian Gothic era. Victor Van Dort is a man whose parents have betrothed him to Victoria Everglot because the Everglots need the money from the Van Dorts and the Van Dorts want their entry into high society. 

Personally, I really loved Victoria. She was so sweet, Victor also loved her, he just didn’t love the situation.  Since Victor didn’t like the idea of being married for influence, he got cold feet during wedding rehearsals and decided to leave to practice for his wedding vows (thinking about what he truly wants).  He didn’t know where he was running to, he just kept running until he had gotten to the forest.  Which was all blue and gray and looked whimsical but scary in a good way.                                                                                                                                                  While he’s practicing his wedding vows there’s a strange presence there, like someone is listening to him, Victor still practicing what he’s going to say to Victoria he puts her wedding ring on a “branch.”   He plans to continue his own personal wedding rehearsal when the tree wakes up and the scene with Victor getting scared happens.  Once all of that has passed it is revealed that the tree was actually a dead woman’s corpse, and she claims that she’s now married to Victor.  Sadly, Victor has to decide if he wants to stay married to her for eternity.                                                                                                                                         There are more details, like the fact that Emily is cursed because she was wrongly killed, and she won’t rest until she either gets married or finds peace.  Another thing is that a rich snotty dude is trying to marry Victoria while Victor starts falling for Emily and can’t decide which bride he truly wants.    Does he want Emily, the dead bride who vowed to be set free by her true love, or does he want Victoria, the one he’s supposed to marry?    Love and sacrifice are the theme of this movie, especially if it’s worth someone whose heart doesn’t even beat.  I loved this movie so much as a child, I don’t really watch it anymore because of personal reasons.                                                                                                    For the people who do love gothic animation films and are huge fans of Tim Burton I think you should go and watch it.   The graphics in the movie were cry worthy.  It brought the aesthetic it needed to the table.   Also, it has potential to be a classic.  I rate it a 7/10. 



# 2 Monster House 


I have a question for those who haven’t watched this?   What did you do in your childhood?   Like genuinely, okay, okay kidding. I’m only kidding, I’m just wondering who hasn’t gotten the time to watch this.  This is the literal movie that I played day in and day out during the Fall season.  Even after Halloween and Netflix made a mistake by adding it on there because I would ride the bus to school in the morning watching this.  Go to sleep with this playing in the background, I had two DVDs of this during quarantine and this is what I would watch back-to-back.   I know it sounds obsessive but it’s a part of the tradition once you watch it at your very first sleepover.                                                              Also, it’s okay if you don’t get my reasoning for the love of this movie if you never watched this, I’m going to tell you what’s it all about. 

There are three main characters:  a young boy, who is about 12-13 named DJ, his best friend an adorable boy named Chowder, and DJ’s crush and everyone’s favorite character, a girl named Jenny.                                                                               The movie introduces us to DJ’s life.   DJ is a boy who really loves all things science fiction and supernatural which at his age is understandable, but DJ just doesn’t want to be seen as a little kid who enjoys sci-fi, he wants to be a grown teenager.    He aims for being seen as an adult, but his parents get him a babysitter as they travel away on Halloween’s eve.                                                     Later in the movie we get introduced to Chowder, he’s DJ’s best friend.  Chowder wants to go play basketball and discuss plans for Halloween.  They go to play basketball in DJ’s yard when the ball falls in Nebbercracker’s yard. NebberCracker is an old house where this sad old man lives.  He hates when children or anyone steps onto his yard.  The reason why; well, his house is alive, and the boys find that out when the house eats their ball.                                         The boys are scared to go after that, but they really need their ball back.  The retreat of the ball is the piece that pushes all of the dominoes.                 Nebbercrakcer sees them and has a heart attack while screaming at DJ to get off the yard.  DJ starts to feel guilty thinking he killed a man.  The boys stay in the house scared with the evil babysitter Vee.    They meet Jenny when she’s trying to sell at the Nebbercracker house, and the boys decide they need to save her before the house eats her too.   They run to get her right as the house is going to take her in.  After the experience of what they all saw the boys and the girl become a trio.   Then we see the plot and the endgame of the movie; to disclose the secret of the Haunted House and put an end to the Nebbercracker curse. 

I am so obsessed with the ending of this movie.  It is literally a 9/10 (one point away because of the sad storyline of Mrs. Nebbercracker ).    All of the characters are funny and love how the house has the parts of a human.   Just really enjoyed how each secret played out and how the characters fought at the end.  I know most of us watched it so please go rewatch it to start off your spooky season. 


# 1   ParaNorman 


I’m being so real when I say this movie is ELITE (to me it is, you are welcome to disagree).                                                                                                                                         This movie is the movie I’m still sometimes scared to watch alone.   I mean there are a lot of scenes that make my skin crawl (the old cottage scene for sure with the dude that has the book) and make me cover my eyes because I would panic if I was in that situation.   This is the movie that my older sister picked out for herself and fell asleep on, leaving me wide awake to watch the horrors.  The animation on this movie is so life-like that the water they drank made me thirsty and it was fake.   Just know, this movie is nostalgic for me. 

The 2012   stop-motion animated comedy horror film centers its story in the town Blithe Hollow where 11-year-old Norman Babock lives.   Norman Babock is perceived to be a normal boy who just does his daily routine of talking to his grandmother, you know even though she’s dead.                                                          Yes, Norman can speak to the dead, no one believes him though.  No one except for his best-friend Neil.                                                                                                           Norman doesn’t seem to mind that no one believes him (he actually kind of understands) the only thing he doesn’t understand is why he has the ability.  He’s not special or anything, or so he thinks. 

Norman wants this to be a regular day when he just rehearses for his school play that’s based on the Salem trials, but no,  he has to have his dead ghost uncle show up and tell him he has a special ritual to do or the whole town will feel the fury of a curse cast by a witch who was wronged by Blithe Hollow way back in time.  Norman thinks this is crazy, but he also realizes this could be his purpose in this world, so he agrees to do it.                                                              Norman and unlikely companions go through obstacles fighting the undead and going through what seems like the end of the world to break the curse.  In the midst of it all Norman discovers the horrid truth behind the curse which also helps him find a piece of himself.                                                                                         Now the only thing standing between the town, and which is the decision of what Norman believes is the right thing to do.   

I love this movie so much; I rate it a 11/10.  The animation was beautiful and the lesson the story tells is so unique and something everyone should learn.  Also, it’s a fun movie for the kids and the parents, there’s a good number of jokes in there for everyone.  


Thank you for reading my rant on more horror topics and have a good day 🙂  

Let’s Talk About Fear

Hello lovelies, I have a question for you.        

Is there something out there in the big scary world that holds your deepest, darkest, waking fear?                                                                                                                  Yes?   Then be warned while reading this post because you might come across some of it.                                                                                                                                          No?   Then read this post and see the nightmares that I have uncovered. 

When I was younger my teachers used to ask, “Do you have a phobia?”   I used to always say “Yes of course!  I’m scared of spiders,” but never thought about if that was actually a phobia. 
I mean, I am scared of spiders and snakes a little bit, but not so much because I can kill them.  Then I start thinking to myself, is that really a phobia?   Well, what is a phobia exactly? 

The dictionary says: Phobia –




  • an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something:
    “He had a phobia about being under water” · “a phobia of germs” · “a snake phobia.”

If you go by the definition a phobia isn’t something you’re scared of, it’s something you’re terrified of.  It’s a fear that doesn’t even allow you to think straight.   With that, I’m going to discuss a couple of Phobias that interest me, and I decided to research them because I wanted to learn some of the reasons why people fear certain things.  

1) Agoraphobia: Fear of Open Space or Crowds 


Agoraphobia, I can see why this is a thing.  Sometimes places that are filled with tons of people can be pretty overwhelming.   I mean think of the types of scenarios.  There could be killer clowns hidden amongst all of those faces, but you wouldn’t know because there are too many people.  Also, I know someone who hates places where there are a lot of entries for bad people to get through and it’s easy for them to get mixed in the crowd.  Babies can have a minor fear of a lot of people because they can get easily lost among the crowd and don’t know how to go through all of the bodies of people. So, for this to be an extreme fear is understandable.  When researching why this is a common fear in society the causes of it come from anxiety of public places and environmental experiences of panic attacks.   Symptoms can be identified as shallow breathing, sweaty palms, and panic attacks.  This fear is real and affects a great amount of civilization, this interested me because a lot of people have it. 

2) Genuphobia: Fear of Knees


Genuphobia, all I have to say is, who is out here scared of knees?  I’m not making fun of it; this is most likely genuine which is why I’m interested in the reasons for it.                                                                                                                               When thinking about it, someone has to be going through it by looking at their knees and being frightened by them.   For people who have knees (because some people are unfortunate to not have any legs) use them every day to walk, play soccer, do squats, jump rope, etc. and will most likely struggle without knees.  This is why I researched and read some articles for the background of this fear.   An article I found by Lisa Fritscher states “Some people are afraid only of seeing uncovered knees in person, while others are afraid of bare knees even on film. People with this phobia may be afraid of all knees or only their own. Some people are actually scared of kneeling.”  Which to me is strange but it is rare; so, someone out there must have their reason. The same article says a main cause is personal trauma, someone could have been hurt in an accident where they almost lost their knees or saw someone else, they were close to lose their knees.   Another cause could be traced from highly religious or cultural upbringings.  There’s nothing wrong with that, once you tell me it’s because of your beliefs I fully understand, you do you.                                                                                                  The people with this phobia cope by averting their eyes away from people or their knees.  People who have it more severe are recommended to a therapist to get better treatment to cope.                                                                                                          I can’t see myself having this phobia, but I will show respect towards those who do.  Also, here’s the link to explore the religion part of the phobia. 

Genuphobia, the Fear of Knees (verywellmind.com)

3)Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words 


I’m not even going to repeat this one, it’s way too long to type out.                            The fear of words with too many unnecessary letters is a rare fear in society.  There could be many reasons for why someone would adapt this fear that might sound like a good reason to some but if it doesn’t, as long as it doesn’t bother you, we shouldn’t make fun of the people who are frightened of words like  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.                                                                                          There are many sides to having this fear.  People just don’t have to be scared of the word itself, they can be scared of how many syllables the word has, some might be scared of the word because they never saw it or discovered it.   In other actions a person may be scared of words that are longer in length and look squished together. 

In my view, these words are intimidating and too clunky.  The letters just kind of blend together and look like you fell asleep on your keyboard.  It seems like someone just typed gibberish.   
I mean if someone asks me to read this word aloud for them, I’m going to run away screaming.  Especially if I’m put on spot.                                                                       Some things you might do with having this fear is avoid reading books, lack on English bases Academics and avoid talking with new words you don’t understand or want to understand. 

Symptoms of it may include: 

Abdominal pain

Chest Pain 




Which will likely occur in front of these words.  

Treatment for it could be going to therapy.   Taking anxiety medication, SSRIs for example and getting Psychotherapy treatment.                                                   While researching this I found that there were other factors that caused the development of this fear.  One of those causes being behavioral inhibition, some might have that being anger issues. 

You can read more about right here: Fear of Long Words: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (verywellmind.com)

It was interesting reading about different fears and anxieties in society.   I’m more informed about how people cope with things that may be strange or weird to me or you, daily.    

It’s best to remember to respect people who have certain fears different from ours and to have their backs about it.  Also, if you don’t mind, comment on any of your fears. 

Good day 🙂