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To be honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this, mainly because I thought that I had done it before but after review I don’t think that I have, I think it might have just had something to do with how many similar music blogs I read but I digress. I also want to say that these are in no particular ranking or order. 


So, first off, I want to talk about how much I love this band as a whole, late night drive home is one of my favorite bands of all time and I don’t see them leaving that ranking anytime soon, the most unique aspect of this band for me is that I think that it is going to be the only upbeat album on this list. I have never been one to be crazy for upbeat music, I used to be but as I have gotten older it has started to deplete a bit.

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Memo boy is an anomaly to me, it is one of those things where I am pretty sure most people know about their music however no one really knows that it is their band, it is one of those things where if you were to hear songs such as insomnia or and you realize you’ve heard it online but I would strongly recommend you listen to more of their music.\

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I cannot emphasize how this artist has simultaneously put me through horrible things and got me through everything all at the same time. It is honest to God more like an acquired taste than anything. Which I know is an odd description for music, but it is great, nevertheless. I am quite literally in the top 0.01 percent of their listeners and I know that say a lot about me but I DONT CARE.

Hurting | sign crushes motorist

This is one of the artist groups that I recommend to everyone that asks me for recommendations, their vibe, their music, their collaboration quality is just EVERYTHING. I am a die-hard lowertown fan and even though their audience is on the smaller side the quality of their music is still just as incredible as any popular indie bands. My favorite songs of theirs have to be gaping mouths, it is like a weird combination of a song and a manifesto, and I love it.

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