ATLA: Which Element is the strongest?

Controversial Topic, but… I want to explore it. 
In Avatar: The Last Air Bender, for those who aren’t familiar with it, you can be born to control either nothing, or one of the four elements. The elements being Earth, Water, Fire, and air. I want to explore the benefits of these elements. 

And to keep things simple, I’m going to be talking about people that have master the element, so like… blood bending, metal bending, literally stealing the air from your lungs, and lightning bending too. 


#4 Earth

Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is a powerful element to be able to use. But like, I think its also the most conditional out of the rest. 
Fire and Air benders can literally just bend whenever they want, they don’t need to meet a condition. Water benders can take their own sweat, or literally any form of hydration. Water is still technically conditional, but I would say less so. 
I know that master earth benders can move entire mountain, but like, how often are you going to need to move a mountain?? 

And this is completely unbiased too, Toph is like, my favorite fictional character. I love her attitude and behavior, and her character and background are really unique too.  But considering the prior statements, I would have to say that Earth might be coming in last for this. 

#3 Fire

So, The ONLY reason that the fire nation got control of most of the world, was because they were a literally army. Or at least they functioned as one. Air benders were peace nomads, Water benders were more of a tribal community. And Eart was close. But they had no military force, they just lived in peace because that’s how everyone literally thought the world would be. 

And how did literally no one see that the fire nation was making all these battle ships, warriors, Armour and not get suspicious??  
Not to mention they’re the only bending element that can be nerfed depending on whether or not the sun is shining. Seems weird. 
And lets not talk about how in LOK they’re “Master ability” Lighting bending, was used for powering a light bulb. 

#2 Air

Air could have dominated with their agility. Ang held his own throughout the show using barely any offense. He was dogging left and right. Imagine if he was as aggressive as a fire bender. Also, imagine being able to just, take the breath out from your opponent.  Breathing under water, flying. I think Air is one of the more underrated elements in my opinion. 

Blood Bending, Easy. Unless you’re the avatar and can just apparently say no, you’re done for.

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  1. I see an ATLA post and I click so fast. Also, I understand all of these, but for the sake of Earth bending- imagine what you could do with an entire mountain bro. You could level cities with that bro. You could suffocate things in the ground if you really wanted to. But yeah it is pretty conditional, unless you’re a metal bender as well. Even then.

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