alex g “mis” literary analysis

“my baby’s alright, she just doesn’t wanna see me tonight.”

alex g “rules” album cover

       it’s not often i hear a track that immediately compels me to speak upon it. sure, i promote music that needs to be heard as much as anyone else, supposedly even more. but something struck within me because of this song. there have been many instances where i have been in trance because of a piece of music, but never have i felt the deep urge to paint the images i see. mostly because there has never been an image so greatly detailed and developed as the one alex g’s ‘mis’ has created. lyrically, the track seems to blend in, with simple depictions of a one-sided relationship. there is a play on the word mis/miss, and alex uses the emptiness of the chorus to represent unreciprocated love. but where this track really stands out is in the instrumental. 

       we start out grounded. with each note of the piano, we are guided into the twisting and turning verse. softly in the background we can hear the guitar slowly move forwards towards us until all the lights turn on and everything comes in. the percussion is sharp and heavy in the back, with it slowing down to a soft murmur at the pre-chorus. the synths seem planned and coordinated throughout the verse, so does the guitar. but when the percussion awakes from its murmur and kicks in, everything loses its planning. the synths during the chorus flow all around you in its sporadic way, no pattern to be found, but still mesmerizing. i find myself getting lost in the chorus all the time. the percussion is rhythmic and heavy, a perfect contrast to the light and unpredictable piano and synth pairing. the guitar is steady throughout the song, a reminder that you are still grounded. everything is moving around you erratically and beautifully, but you are still grounded. 

       though i fully believe the heart of this song is where the instrumental is, there is much to say about the lyrics. first off, mis. as i previously stated, mis/miss is used in this song and is given a double meaning. he misses her. he misinterprets her. see the connection? the verses are the back and forth thoughts he goes through, attempting to make sense of his situation. he debates her intention and what he should do until he confronts her. he misses her, and he tells her that. then, her response. “she says”, and then the chorus. the absence of her response is made up by the instrumentals. she says nothing, but the music says everything.

       this song is genuinely beautiful. as of now, it is my most listened song by alex. if you like the kind of music i like, then i suggest checking him out. and if i get to see him live and you’re into his music, i’ll let you have the first look at the concert videos:) anyways, thanks for reading.

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Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. I love you song analysis’ as usual. This one in particular is really different from the others in terms of the songs. This song is about a relationship that’s one-sided more or less. The others have typically been about struggle and pain which can speak for this one as well, butt he whole idea of the song is different and up for speculation. Great Job, Erin!

  2. I love hearing everything you have to say about music. All of your posts are about music and I love that I can see how much you love it too.

  3. I really love how you used the imagery to describe the different instruments played in the song and how they’re introduced in it. It shows the emotion you felt for it, and I enjoyed that. I really like how you balanced how you genuinely feel for the song and the meaning that the artist put behind the lyrics without either being too much. This was a really good post:)

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