The Angry Black Woman: A Monologue

I am truly exhausted. As an empowered black woman speaking for other empowered black women, I can say that I am tired. Tired of the neglect of my people, the disconnection between races, and the unappreciation from my male counterparts. I am dissatisfied and work entirely too hard to achieve equal rights for my black brothers and sisters to be treated like I am less than such, not only by white people, but my own kin. I cannot stress this enough: I AM IMPORTANT. I am a woman, I am a creator and a destructor. I can both build and break this society with the snap of my fingers. I hold the weight of the world on my shoulders and future generations within my body.

I go underappreciated and misunderstood each day that I walk this earth. And do you know what I get for speaking my mind? I get referred to as an angry black woman! Why must I, the supporter and back bone of this country, be called angry for giving only a piece of a larger part of my mind? My people are treated in a less than humane manner and here I am smiling in the face of by-passers, protesting, and marching for those who are considered less than equal. I have been hosed, bitten by dogs, and kicked out of several places for my race. But worse to come, you and your friends with your “white girl” jokes. Well hell, I’m just as black as you are! Excluding me from certain aspects within my own community because I’m lighter than most, where as I do more for you than half of the “real black” people in this state. Where do I stand in all of this you ask? In the forefront, because I refuse to stand to the side, back, or even middle of this chaos! I will lead. I will represent my people where everyone can witness it regardless of who accepts me and who does not. I will continue to strive for black excellence and racial unity in hopes that I live to see better days. My efforts may continue to go unrecognized but, in the end, it will be me, a part of a greater good, who changes this world for the better. I will rise each day and give my last breath to change and see to it that society sees African American citizens as equal counterparts. I will also use every bit of power in me so that black women are recognized for all that they are worth and given the credit they deserve, without being viewed as “the angry black woman”.

Author: Amaria Sumler

Self proclaimed Indigo Child, crystal lover, and collector. I'm an ambivert with frequent mood changes. I'm socially aware as well as a future activist and leader. I am also an avid reader. I can go on to state that I am very much interested in the ins and outs of the human mind. I am currently finding myself, so that I can again lose myself in my work. I am a lover of words thoughtfully put together. People, their actions, and interactions influence a lot of my writing. I strongly believe in freedom of speech and many other rightful freedoms of the people. In conclusion, all is fair and life is amazing, I will remain prosperous!

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  1. MAR I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH. I support you and I’m glad I got the opportunity to read this blog. I really enjoyed the peek into your views.

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