My favorite youtubers and the games I enjoy watching them play

My favorite youtubers and which game they play I enjoy most


My significant other got me into Berleezy several months back when we just got together. Ive been watching him since then. He plays a very large variety of games. Honestly im not sure what to pick for my most enjoyed. I would have to say it’s more of a certain game developer rather than one game. The developer is Chilla’s Art, and I enjoy watching Berleezy play those the most because they are much more underground.

Clare Shiobhan

I got hooked on this woman when I was 14. She is one of my top 3 favorites. Her channel mostly centers around Sims 4 content, which is the game I’m going to say is my favorite to watch. She did the not so berry challenge and that would have to be my favorite collection of her videos. I also really enjoyed her playthrough of Hackett’s Quarry. I binged both series for a long time.


Of course, I had to add Mark. Everyone should’ve guessed he would be on here. We also probably know which series is my favorite, Five Nights at Freddy’s. I have rewatched the fnaf playlist too many times to count. Mark’s entire channel is a chef’s kiss.

Hailey Elizabeth

Hailey does almost everything on her channel regarding true crime. I like letting her videos play at night to go to sleep to or when I drive, I can listen to them. She covers true crime, serial killers, conspiracy theories, etc. I mainly enjoy watching her true crime videos, and she does her makeup while she talks, I enjoy watching her do that too.


Ranboo plays all kinds of games. It’s hard to only pick one. I enjoy Splatoon, Hackett’s quarry, and slime rancher the most. He is someone I watch mostly to pass time and let play in the back ground.

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