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Hey guys, today’s blog is going to be about goodbyes. This blog has come faster than I imagined. Time seems so short when you think there’s too much of it. We as humans are never worried about the effects of time, but only the actuality of events. With that being said, I feel that I have been affected by this time phenomenon and it makes me a tiny bit sad about the way I have mistreated this very small portion of my life. However, I am more than ready for a huge change, and I regret nothing in life. I have enjoyed my time here at MSA fairly well, yet there are challenging policies in this place that I do not align with. On a better note, let’s get to the all the sad stuff and weepy goodbyes. 

#1 Goodbye to my dorm, room 605. This room has some of the most enticing yet insane memories, and I hope to God that I never have to forget them. This room has leaked, clanked, and almost even fell apart, yet it has occupied some of the greatest times in life. From figuring out how to clean the slick floor of the bathroom, how to stop the leaking sink, how to have dance parties after room check, deciding if we should doordash or take our chances in the cafeteria, and simply laughing out butts off @3am knowing we’ll be tired tomorrow, because the jokes only get funnier. 

#2 Goodbye to the most loving food service staff a student could have. The encouragement, advice, smiles, and simple interactions mean more each day than one could know. Thank you for the positive time, energy, and love that you pour into our food each day. There will be immense blessings given to your persons in the future; I will pray for them personally. 

#3 Goodbye to Dr. Alexis and the Literary Department. When I got here, I was expecting Ms. Sibley and didn’t know what to think of a new teacher, but I am forever grateful that I got one. I have been pushed past the shore and into the ocean of uncertainty. Every assignment, project, or masterclass has taught me patience, time management, problem solving skills. Sometimes I may have been unhappy about doing it, but I always ended up on the right side of the spectrum, because of you Dr. Alexis. There are moments in this world that make me question why things happen, but you becoming my teacher was never one of those moments.  

#4 Goodbye to my friends. If only I could express in words, the way you guys have supported me. Shakeera, Asia, Kaydence, I sincerely love you guys and nothing in this world could change that. During the hardest times of our lives, we have managed to stick together from beginning to end and there isn’t another group of people I would have rather struggled with. However, through the struggle there are always amazing times. From head bobbing to metal at 1am, to the dance parties, us playing tennis, pool, putting together puzzles, doing homework at the last minute, being upset when the sink leaks on our feet, and hiding from staff when they knock on our doors. This journey has been the ultimate test of time, truth, and trust. You are the most amazing young ladies I have ever come across, but never forget even thousands of light years away souls and hearts still may touch. I LOVE YOU. 

#5 Goodbye to my buddies. Ava, Sarah, and Erin. This is truly a bittersweet time, and I have no idea how to handle the emotions that have suddenly emerged. I don’t think I have any words to explain so wordless I will go. You guys fully occupy a piece of my heart and I will always love you. On your journeys near or far I wish you guys a wonderful and happy life. Ava you are terrifyingly beautiful, intelligent, and funny. Sarah you are the epitome of sweetness, joy, and love. Erin you are the ultimate yapper, the most committed fan, and my brain’s soulmate. BE GREAT MY LOVES. 

#6 Goodbye to myself. To the girl I was when I first came here. To the sweet, partially innocent 16-year-old that came here with a dream, I would tell her to just keep going. As a young adult I feel so bittersweet about this place, I truly can’t even tell if it was worth it or not. I’m leaving here with an entirely different outlook on life. Everyone should follow the examples of Dr. Harlie, Ms. Cristi Wolfe, and Ms. Lambert. They are sweetness and the epitome of help. 

That’s all for now guys. I hope that I see you all again in this lifetime or the next.

goodbye msa. 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes I'm a Senior Literary Student at MSA with a passion for writing much stronger than a hobby. After high school I plan to attend Columbia University to major in Creative Writing (screenwriting specifically) and minor in Psychology. I love what I do and I hope to make a career out of it someday.

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