Hello Again:)

So you mean to tell me that I’m already a senior and that I’ll be graduating in a few months? No, I don’t believe you. I swear it felt like it was yesterday when I was sitting in my eighth grade math class listening to my teacher waste twenty minutes talking about something that had nothing to do with math.

Well, even though now it feels like it all went by really quickly, I did cherish every moment I have spent in MSA so far. Since being here, I’ve learned to be a lot more self confident and I have had an amazing opportunity to further my talent as an artist. I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear it’s true.

I know that this year promises to be the busiest as we prepare for events like preview day, portfolio day, showcases, graduation, not to mention applying for colleges and scholarships, but I have a feeling that it’ll be a great year.

Since we’ll only be posting once a month, I think it’ll be good for me to use this as just something to use to write about something silly, random, fun, etc. Like last year, I posted a lot about Marvel, my love for reading, other nerd stuff. I’ll probably be doing a lot of that again and maybe just to let off some steam.

For this go-round, I’ll talk about a new favorite movie that recently came out on Netflix: “Nimona”

Nimona - Netflix Movie - Where To Watch

I absolutely love this movie and have watched it two or three times already. I love the animation style, Nimona’s chaotic energy, the themes that play out throughout this movie, everything about it is just chef’s kiss.

If you are unfamiliar with the movie or haven’t watched it, Nimona is about a girl(Nimona) who has the ability to shapeshift and because of this, she is seen as a monster in the society. Ballister is a knight that was framed for unaliving the queen, so he’s seen as another villain. At first, Nimona just wants to be the villain’s sidekick until she learns that Ballister is innocent. The two work together to clear Ballister’s name in a society that is closed off from the rest of the world by a wall because they have lived in fear of outside “monsters” for a thousand years.

I’m not gonna lie, this movie made me laugh and cry and. I watched it after the first few previews before I’d start to see too many spoiler clips. I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot from it, just for it to be something cute and fun to watch, and I am not picky when it comes to movies, I think the only two genres that I don’t care that much for are rom-coms and anime(please don’t come for me). So Nimona was up my alley. I loved that Ballister played a fatherly role to Nimona(even though she’s a thousand years old, but she still has the chaotic energy of a teenager). I loved seeing the relationship between these two progress through the movie. And I absolutely loved both of their character development. 

Nimona' Review: This Was Worth the WaitNetflix releases official trailer for graphic novel adaptation 'Nimona'  starring Riz Ahmed, Eugene Lee Yang

If you haven’t seen this movie and you love to watch fun, animated movies with a lot of good, deep themes, I highly recommend watching it. Here’s one of my favorite scenes<3


See you later, MSA!

Agh! I can’t believe junior is already almost over; I swear it was like yesterday we were all outside ringing the bell. This is my last post for the school year which means that the next time you hear from me, I will be a senior(that’s a slightly scary thought). For my last post, I will do a self reflection of how I’ve grown as a person and a writer. This is is simply a long, boring paragraph of how much I have changed as a person for the better and as a writer and artist. If upcoming juniors ever read this post, I would hope this could relieve some of that anxiety that comes with moving into a completely new learning and living environment. Anyways, without further ado, please enjoy.

Ever since kindergarten, I have attended North Pike which, if y’all don’t know, is a very big school and not the best place to be(I won’t get into details). One of the things I will say though is that I was always self conscious about certain things, including how I was around friends and my style of clothing(to name only a couple). The students at my old school were in general just not the best people to be around and it was especially difficult for someone who really  loves art and reading like me because of course that was considered very weird. When I started coming here, I deeply appreciated how weird was the normal and that different kinds of weird were welcome and embraced. One of my biggest worries was that I wasn’t gonna be able to make any new friends, but that was changed quite literally on day one. Throughout the year, I gradually became a more outgoing person although I still consider myself very ambiverted. I was not at all the kind of person to spend her days going out just doing whatever and to this day that is still not my go-to thing but if invited by friends, I’ll be more than willing to go and have fun. I like to think that I also became a more assertive person since attending here the details of why that is are some that I’d like to not share, but you get the general idea. 

As a writer, I used be very meticulous in my writing, meaning I paid close attention to adding vivid descriptions and image and I am glad to say I have been good at that, but the overall plot and theme and other essential writing elements  weren’t quite as strong. I have gotten a lot better at it since coming here and learning to balance out the amount of imagery inclusion of plot and theme. I also liked that I have been able to learn about and write stories, poems, etc. in different formats in styles. I had some favorites of course, but it fun in general exploring those different writing styles. The process of workshop and revision is also extremely helpful because it’s where you can gather what impact its made on readers and they can give positive feedback and critique based on what you wanted them to gain and experience through your writing. There are incidents and projects(such as coffeehouse, Poetry Out Loud, podcasting, etc.) that also have taken me far out of my comfort zone and, I will be 100% honest, I really didn’t like at first but they have overall helped me for the better. This experience that I have had so far makes me very hopeful for my senior year and I am excited for it.

That is all I have to day about my journey so far, and I do hope to grow even more as a writer and person throughout my upcoming senior year. It’s a little scary but also very exciting. I hope you have enjoyed this, and I will see you later, MSA<3

Love Hypothesis pt 2

Last week I started talking about some characters from a book I have recently finished reading called The Love Hypothesis and of course this is a continuation of that since I only did two of the characters so far. I said that I was gonna talk about Olive and Malcom for this post but I think I’m gonna switch it up a bit(adding more characters). This will likely also contain spoilers from the book so proceed with caution if you haven’t read it yet and you would like to.

Olive Smith

Olive is indeed the main character of the book and it would seem that she’d be the very first one I talk about before anyone else, but I really wanted to talk about Adam and Tom. Anyways, Olive is the sunshine in the grumpyXsunshine trope in the book and she definitely lives up to that “role” very well and she is a very lighthearted and kind person. The book does dive very deep into her character, though. It breaks down why she does what she does for her best friend and it also explains why she is in Stanford to become a scientist primarily in biology- to develop a possible cure for pancreatic cancer(it goes so much deeper than that, but I’ll leave that part for y’all to read if you wish to). As lighthearted and kind as she is, she is also very much an overthinker(something I relate to a little too well) and she has a lot of self-doubt and is one of those people that couldn’t think of a single thing about herself that someone else could like about her when in reality there isn’t anything that someone wouldn’t like about her. And I absolutely love how much of a selfless person she is.

Malcom (don’t remember his last name)

Let me start off by saying that we all need a Malcom in our lives. He is one of Olive’s best friends/roommate and quite honestly one of the best friends anyone could ask for. Since he and Olive are so close, he knows very well of the various struggles she goes through and is there for her in every way he knows he can be and always finds ways to cheer her up. Now, he does not like Adam whatsoever because he was overly critical of a paper that Malcom had submitted, but he set those past feelings aside after finding out that he and Olive are fake dating and why they are. He also becomes genuinely supportive when Olive tells him she’s developing real feelings for Adam. At the end of the book, Adam and Malcom end up getting along. I honestly love Malcom so much and feel he very much deserved the happy relationship he gets into towards the end of the book.

Anh (also don’t remember her last name)

Okay, if I am being totally honest, I found Anh to be slightly annoying but she is a really good friend to Olive(I feel like most of us have one of those people in our lives that we love so much but have to fight the urge to smack them upside the head). Anh is the reason why Olive and Adam are fake dating. How, what’d she do? She didn’t necessarily do anything, but she fell in love with Olive’s ex, Jeremy, but refused to pursue him even after Olive has told her many, many times that she is completely over him and she is okay with it, which she genuinely is because she and Jeremy weren’t that serious anyway and it was a short relationship. Anh finally decides to go out with him when she sees that Olive is “dating” Adam and has really moved on. She is also the friend that first detected that there were some real feelings on both sides. The reason I found her a little annoying is that she kept putting Olive in very awkward situations but I can’t really be upset because she didn’t know that it was fake.

Holden Rodrigues 

Last one and one of the most likeable characters. He’s funny, charming, loyal, and a genuinely good friend to Adam. Adam and Holden have bee best friends since childhood and have been there for each other when each were in touch situations. He also became a good friend to Olive as well, he was the one that first told her that Adam liked her for years. As I read more about Holden, the more I saw that he was kind of conflicted about Adam being friends with Tom because he had suspected that Tom wasn’t a real friend but he put off saying too much about it because he felt that he may have been too protective and maybe even jealous, but he knew something was off. Honestly, I can kind of relate to him because I have had friends who were hanging with toxic people but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to seem like a bad friend and didn’t want to start anything that was unnecessary in case I was wrong. But, of course, Holden was right about Tom.

That’s it, I have pretty much said everything I wanted about the characters. The Love Hypothesis is a really good and fun book and I really recommend it. But, of course, if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s completely understandable. I hope you have enjoyed this and I will see you again next week for the last time *sadness* </3

Love Hypothesis

Love Hypothesis is the title of a book that I had just finished reading this past Saturday and, in case it wasn’t obvious, it’s a romance novel(more specifically a rom com). For this post, I thought it might be fun for me to talk about some of my favorite characters and my least favorite characters. I have a lot to say about each of them so this will more likely take two parts. Without further ado, please enjoy(full disclosure, if you haven’t read the book and you wish to, this will contain some spoilers)

The Love Hypothesis: 9780593336823: Hazelwood, Ali: Books - Amazon.com

Before we get into the characters, here’s a summary of the book:)

In the book, the main characters Olive and Adam meet in the bathroom(gender neutral, don’t freak out) and Olive’s freaking out because she’s not confident in her future in academia. Olive is wearing expired contacts(because college students can’t afford new ones) and it’s gotten to the point where she can’t see and she’s ranting to this stranger(Adam) and he encourages her. 3 years later, Olive gets caught in a situation with her best friend Anh and her ex Jeremy that leads to her and Adam fake-dating. Well, of course, as they spend more time together, Olive catches real feelings and they end up getting together for real in the end.

Adam Carlson

I felt this would be a good character to start with. In the book, it’s a grumpy and sunshine trope in which Adam is the grumpy one in this case. Adam is a professor at Stanford  University who has a reputation for being way too brutally honest when giving feedback to students. Of course, he’s different towards Olive and he’s a lot kinder and more encouraging towards her. His development in the book was really cute(in my opinion) and thanks to Olive, he becomes less cold in general. As it turns out, Adam has had a huge crush on Olive for three years, and I loved the way that it was revealed in the book. Of course it makes me wonder if that fact was the real reason that he agrees to fake date Olive. Regardless, I loved Adam’s character in general and the way he was towards Olive. The more you get into the book, the more you could tell how much he cared for her even before it’s directly revealed that had feelings for her.

Tom Benton

If you decide to read the book, do NOT get attached to Tom. Does he die in the book? If only… When he is first introduced, he seems like a genuinely good guy and he had me fooled until the end. I do hate his character. Why? Well, he does things for other people only if he knows if it’ll ultimately benefit him. There are a lot of examples that I won’t get into. But basically, he’s very good at manipulating people and he was one of Adam’s closest friends until Adam realizes the kind of person he really is. He’s one of those people to seems selfless and does selfless things for people but it’s ultimately to fulfill his own selfish agenda. You find little reason to not like him until the end and then it’s like the complete opposite, you end up finding very little reason to like him.

These are the only two I will talk about for this week. Next week, I will talk about Olive and one of her best friends Malcom. I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for part two<3

Books I’d love to experience again for the first time.

You guys know how much I love reading and this post is simply going to be about certain books that I have read that, if I could, I would love to experience again for the first time. There are some books that I’ve read that I absolutely love and won’t stop recommending and are worth reading for a second time; however, while it’d still be the  same amazing book, the feeling I get while reading it is nothing like how it was the first time. Plus, I already know what to expect so there’s no surprise. Anyways, here are some books that I would do just about anything to experience again for the first time.

The Fine Print

REVIEW: The Fine Print by Lauren Asher – Jeeves Reads Romance

This was an absolute emotional roller coaster for me. Each character was written out very well, the romantic trope within it sets it off for some drama(not the reality tv show kind of drama, some actual drama), the plot was written and brought into the story very well. This is a book I will not stop recommending and I cannot wait to read the second one.

The Cellar

The Cellar (The Cellar, #1) by Natasha Preston | Goodreads

This book had me biting my nails from the first page to the last(in a good way, since that’s what it was meant to do). It was like I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds but through the point of view of one of the victims and the antagonist of it. One of the main things that I loved about it is that each chapter would be written in the point of view of different characters. The main character, Summer, is kidnapped by a psychotic serial killer who is beyond obsessed with flowers and cleanliness and Summer meets three other girls who have suffered the same fate she did. This book was absolutely amazing and one of my absolute favorites.

As Good As Dead

As Good As Dead (A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, Book 3) – HarperCollins

I’m sure y’all are aware by now that this is part of my favorite thriller series which the first book is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, and I have to say that the third is my favorite(and not just because it’s like an instructional book on how to get away with unaliving someone). The main character in this series undergoes some very traumatic experiences and this particular book mainly surrounds the after effects of her mental health after everything and where it eventually leads her. There are some parts in this book that hit a little too close to home and I feel that it’s part of the reason I love it so much.

So far, these are the books that, out of all of the ones I read, are worth reading again for the first time because all of these have taken me on an absolute emotional roller coaster and that I feel aren’t as popular as I think they should be(with the exception of The Fine Print, the whole reason I started reading it is because it’s so popular on TikTok). Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see y’all again next week<3

Canva Wallpapers

One, I have absolutely zero ideas for a good blog; two, I am also very bored; three, I use Canva a LOT, so I may as well share some of the projects I made on it, specifically wallpapers for phones and desktops. They will each consist of different vibes and different aesthetics and a very brief description of what was going through my head while making each of these. If you choose to use them, I don’t really care, but idk how you can be able to use them other than maybe take a screenshot. But without further ado, here are a few wallpapers I made using Canva.

I feel this really screams villain and the dark green(one of my absolute favorite colors) gives a little bit of a Loki vibe. I made this months ago and almost forgot that I did; I think I was simply bored and I didn’t have anything else to do, so it was a “why not?” moment.

I probably made this around the same time I made the first one and I had only just noticed the little bit of contradictory within the wallpaper; I used very dark pictures but I have quotes that are encouraging and lighthearted. Light and dark are used in a strange and accidental way.

This is a very recent one I made and I had a lot of fun making it. As you can see, there are a lot of soft neutral colors along with a few yellows, so the whole vibe of it is soft and warm. This is very much polar opposite to the other two wallpapers before and this one has a lot more graphics than pictures which is new for me because I always immediately wanna do just a photo collage. I’m glad I decided to do something different.

This is a favorite one that I did because of the whole blue theme. If there’s one thing that I’m not too crazy about for this wallpaper is that it almost looks too busy and too cluttered. I think I may have been trying too hard to have an equal amount of pictures and graphics. But I’ll leave that to y’all’s opinions.

This is my number one personal favorite that I have done so far because I love fairy/cottage core aesthetics and I loved putting the stars on this because I thought it might be good to bring it all together. I may have gone a little overboard and put too many stars on this, but I still love how it came out.

This was one that did not take me very long at all to me-well, compared to the others. Now, I’m not really the biggest fan of the color red or this particular aesthetic, but I still enjoyed making this wallpaper. This was another one in which I made simply because I was bored.

That’s all of them for this part, and if y’all wanna see some more, I’ll be sure to post them at a later date. And if there are certain colors and aesthetics y’all wanna see, I’m happy to take suggestions. While most of these I made because I was bored, these were enjoyable to make. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed this and I will see y’all next week<3

Places I’d Love to Go

So, I have no other ideas for a blog, so this week I decided to post about places all over the world I would love to go. This list includes foreign countries and places in the U.S.; these places are listed in no particular order. There are some places that I would prefer to go in a particular season because I feel that greatly impacts the experience. Without further ado, let’s get into it:)


If you couldn’t tell by the pictures, if I ever go to Austria, it better be during Christmas. Christmas in Austria is absolutely beautiful; Austria in the winter is breathtaking. There are a few reasons why it’s been on list for places to go that don’t just include the fact that it’s such a beautiful place. One of the reasons include that the film The Sound of Music was filmed there and many things from  the movie are still there. The Sound of Music is a movie from 1965 starring Julie Andrews that my grandmother dearly loved and she had me watch it a long time ago, and I came to love it as well. Like I said, there are some elements from the movie that are still in Austria and that’s one of the main reasons I want to go there someday.

New York

Barnes & Noble - Wikipedia

So, based on the first photo, one of the main reasons I’d love to go is for the massive Barnes and Noble bookstore(that should not be a shocker). But also, I was born and raised in a very small southern town, so a dramatic change to one of the biggest cities in the U.S. would be nice. Would I ever become a city girl? Never. But, for a short time, being in NY would be an awesome experience. I know that there’s also a lot of history in NY, so that’s another reason I’d love to go someday.

Paris, France

This tends to be one of the most popular places to want to take a vacation and for good reason, too. Would I want to live there? No, but I want to take a long vacation there. There are so many landmarks to want to see like Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum; I have always been a big fan of French architecture and art for as long as I can remember.

Sicily, Italy

I love Italy, and especially Sicily. I’m very partial to Sicily because I had a great-grandmother who is from there. Out of all the places that I’ve listed so far, Sicily is by far the place I’ve wanted to go to the longest; there are just so many things I love about it. The architecture, for one, is beautiful; even the ruins of centuries-old buildings are beautiful. The beaches there are also absolutely breathtaking, I’ve always loved the beach and I’ll go every time I get the chance to. Of every reason I’ve listed, the main reason I want to go is to get in touch with some family roots and to be in the place my family once was.

Anyways, that’s all the places I’d love to go on vacation and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. See you guys next week<3

My controversial opinions

So in my blogs, I’ve mainly focused on my love for reading and I’ve touched on my experience with having ADHD. But this time, I’m going back to talking about another obsession of mine: Marvel. And I’ve talked about my favorite films and characters, and now I want to talk about some controversial opinions that I have. Because they’re controversial, I know that there are some who won’t agree and that’s okay. Whether or not you watch any of the Marvel movies, this may or may not be of interest to you. But, without further ado, let’s get into this.

1. Bucky was NEVER the villain!

I know, it’s not at all a shocker that he’s the first thing that I mention. He is my absolute favorite for a number of reasons, one of which is that he was absolutely NOT the villain at any point. It always upsets me when people say that he’s one of their favorite villains or whatever, and I hear that a lot. Bucky is a VICTIM! A villain chooses to do horrible things, and Bucky did not choose to do the things he did. He was brainwashed and literally forced to do Hydra’s dirty work. Was he ever what is considered a traditional hero? No, but that doesn’t make him a villain.

Here is a scene that shows that even though he did horrible things, it was not by choice. 


2. Loki’s actions in the first Avengers movie weren’t justified.

I know that Loki is a popular favorite villain(an actual villain), and I love Loki, too. But even though he went through a rough childhood and backstory, that did not justify what he did in The Avengers. Every one of us goes through a really rough time in our lives(and if you haven’t yet, you will) and every villain comes with a terrible backstory, but not all of us decide to murder hundreds of people because of it. Loki allowed that anger towards Odin turn him into this very dark and hateful person. Now, this is not at all me saying that what happened to him wasn’t wrong because Lord knows he was mistreated by Odin. With all of that being said about him, even though in the beginning of his story he was in fact the villain, I am very glad that his character has changed and evolved.

3. Last but not least for this part, Steve Rogers deserved his ending!

*I had to include two videos bc I couldn’t find one that showed the entirety of the end scene from Avengers: Endgame.

Is it sad that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America? Absolutely. But after everything that he did before and after he went in the ice, he deserved some sort of retirement. He took the opportunity to go back to living the life that he deserved to live. Was it a little selfish? In my opinion, yes, but he had a right to be selfish. The reason I say that is because he has spent so many years fighting and sacrificing for everyone around him that he had to put his own wants last. This was his happy ending that he deserved.

That’s all I have to bother you with this time. Will I do another one later? Maybe. In the next week or two? Probably not. But anyways, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and even though you might or might not agree with these opinions about Marvel, I hope that you at least understand why I feel this way. See y’all next week:)


Books on My Wishlist pt.3

Have I said before that it was only gonna be a two-part series? Yes. Are there new books that I am dying to purchase and read and can’t help but share them? Also yes. Now, this time I am not gonna say that this will be the last part to the wishlist series because I don’t like making promises that I’m not gonna keep. With that being said, let’s get into this. Full disclosure: this will be a long post; sorry not sorry <3

1. The Island by Natasha Preston

If I am not mistaken, this is Natasha Preston’s newest book and I have been waiting for this to be in stores for a while. Now, the name Natasha Preston should be a little familiar to those who have read my previous blogs. If you’ve never heard her name from anywhere else, then you’ve at least heard me say her name a few times. A little recap: Natasha Preston is a very well-known author to those who love to read thrillers; if you want to read some really good, nail-biting thrillers, she’s your gal. However, if you hate books that end in big cliffhangers, I suggest that you read books from another author because cliffhangers are Preston’s specialty. But even though the endings break your heart, her books are all that you could want from this genre. With all that being said, I can list a couple major things that I should keep in mind for when I finally get my hands on this book: One, do NOT get attached to any of the characters, not even the main character; two, do NOT expect a resolved ending. No matter how much I can hope for one, I must know it will not happen. Being a fan of Natasha Preston is like having a younger sibling(this coming from a girl with two younger brothers), you love them but they have a knack for being annoying at that one thing.

2. Kill Joy by: Holly Jackson

Quick question: what do you notice about this book right off the bat?…Yeah it’s a really thin book; this is actually the new novella to the series that I dearly love known as A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. I absolutely loved reading this series and I already have big hopes for the novella because the last book in the series(don’t worry I won’t completely spoil it if you wish to read the three books) ended in not necessarily an unresolved ending, but rather one that still raises a few big questions. Hopefully, Kill Joy will answer those questions. Now, Holly Jackson and Natasha Preston are both really amazing authors in my opinion but Holly Jackson doesn’t leave her books ending in cliffhangers even if they are in a series. Jackson is a fairly new author with only five books now(I’ve already talked about four of them, so you can probably guess what I’ll talk about next). She is also one of three of my absolute favorite authors that write thrillers.

3. Five Survive by Holly Jackson

Now, there is another version of the book cover that I like better than this one(you can go look it up if you wish) but I used this one because if you can read it, the words on this particular cover tell a little more about the book than the other one does. It’s pretty simple: There are six friends who are trapped somewhere, there is a sniper threatening their lives, they have eight hours and only five will make it out alive. Eight hours for what? My guess: to decide which one of the six friends won’t make it. I know, no pressure and not terrifying at all, right? But still, from what I know about the plot of the book and the author, this is a read that I am excited for.

Also, not at all part of the list, but I feel it should be said. For those who are unfamiliar with Holly Jackson, what do you picture her as? Any ideas? Well, let me show you…

This beautiful ray of sunshine wrote the three books that had my family worried if I was planning on unaliving someone. Now, do not get me wrong, this is absolutely no hate whatsoever towards this woman; I love her as an author and I think she is very pretty. I was simply shocked because I am 100% convinced that this is what they meant by looks can be deceiving and to never judge a book by its cover(yes, the pun was intended).

Okay, last book for this part, I appreciate it if y’all decided to bear with me for this long <3

4. How to Survive Your Murder by Danielle Valentine

Now, I have no idea who this author is and I’m sure she is a new author, but I saw the title and I was immediately intrigued. Does that sentence in itself say a lot about me? Probably so, but moving on. Now, if I had to guess based on the title and the visual elements used for the cover, I’d say that it’s about a girl in high school who is trying to survive someone who has the intention to kill her. Probably what you would guess, too, right? Okay, so y’all can see why this is on my wishlist: one, this is the typical genre of books that I read and two, I liked that R.L. Stine’s review, “Great, nasty fun!” was included on the cover and I wish to see for myself if it is “great, nasty fun”.

Anyways, that is all I have to bother you with this week. I hope this post wasn’t too boring and that some of these books peeked your interest. If not, I completely get it. But that’s is for this week, and I will see y’all next time:)

Spring has Sprung

Hey, guys. I hope you all had a very good Spring Break! And since it is now officially spring, I thought I might share some things that I look forward to during the warm seasons. Of course my favorite season is autumn(I know, what a shocker), but there are some things that enjoy doing more in the spring and summer rather than autumn or winter. So, lets get into it; I hope you enjoy:)

So, sometime last year, I had found that I enjoy doing activities like reading or writing outside instead of inside. The reason for this is that it feels so much more calming to me when I’m in the fresh air enjoying a good book or writing a new poem. Looking out towards my surroundings also gives me some new ideas for a piece- it’s like I have a whole yard, garden, etc. of fun writing prompts. But, I am very particular about when the right time for me to go outside and do these things is. I prefer to do these things while it’s warmer and I know the daylight lasts longer, whereas doing it in the colder weather is not as comfortable and before I know it, I’ve run out of daylight and have to go inside.

There are also other activities that me and my family like to do during spring such as going to Percy Quin State Park. We usually do this only whenever my cousins decide to have a birthday party there. And since I have a lot of cousins, that is more often than you might think; and it’s always a very fun time when we go.

Well, that’s pretty much it, guys. I know that it definitely was not a lot of activities that I do during the spring time that I don’t during all other seasons. But I hope that you have enjoyed this very short post and I will see you guys next week:)