Rating Roblox outfits because why not.

I downloaded Roblox originally as a favor for my sister who wanted me to monitor her children.   All I had to do was click online every now and then and make sure they weren’t playing anything they weren’t supposed to.  That’s all I was doing at first, until it came the day that I discovered some horror games and some fashion games and some more stuff that lowkey intrigued me.   Now this app had been on my phone since Summer, and I don’t want to delete it.  

Anywhooooooo, lately I haven’t actually been on it since I can’t find interesting games on Roblox these days.  I really wanted to do something with it so it just wouldn’t be absorbing storage, so I was thinking I could do a blog about it.  

That’s why this blog is about to be me rating other people’s outfits on the “Dress to Impress” game.   

Remember this is only a game, and if I sound too harsh, remember this is a game and my opinion.  

These are all set up random by the way.  

Also, sorry if the pictures are blurry, my battery was dying at the time. 

The theme for this contest was Popstar.  This person did Beyonce from Rennaissance.  I think they actually did well. You can’t tell, but all the parts that are gray are actually a glittery silver which was a nice touch.  They did well with the hat and the hair, but I gave them a three because I don’t remember Beyonce wearing shades.  Maybe she did, but in my opinion, they don’t go well with the outfit.   But other than that, this fit was cool. 



This one I edited out the stars, but I gave it a four because it was thought outside the box.  As you may see the theme was Monster High, so the first thing everyone flocked to was Draculaura and Frankie.  I got tired of seeing just them, so I was happy when I saw this person try their best at being Operetta, the daughter of Phantom of the Opera.  They kept it nice and simple, to which I can kind of see the vision.   It’s original and that’s what matters. 



Okay, okay, this fit was giving.   You may not see, but all of the plaid is giving the movie Clueless vibe.  I don’t know who would wear this to an arcade, but I overlooked that because the fit’s colors go together.  The headphones may be a little too bright which doesn’t match the other yellows but that can also be overlooked. Now, I don’t know about other people, but I think yellow, black, and white goes well together.  In most cases it always goes together unless like the texture is off or something like that, it’s just a good thing that this shirt is black because if it was white I feel like it wouldn’t look good. 



Nope, I rate this one star.  I know it says two, but the thing is I didn’t want to be too petty, so I gave them enough for effort.  But the theme was arcade, and this duo is presenting circus meets I don’t even know.   Like, I just feel that it was a bit tacky.  The girl with the pants could do without the jacket, she didn’t need the jacket, she could also do without the purse, since it’s such a solid color that doesn’t go with what she’s wearing.  I feel that they tried, but it didn’t work so well. 



I liked this a lot, but it may because I’m being bias, and this is what my sister created for my niece.  She was inspired by the Clovers from the movie Bring It On.  I’m sorry for the ones who don’t know the movie, but it’s a classic.  The whole fit is on point, and if I were to change something, I maybe would’ve made the shoes all white because that’s what the Clovers had and added some socks.  
I gave this outfit four stars during the voting because she earned it.  Sadly, though she lost to a Toros.  Also, another cheerleading team from the movie. 



This outfit was a slay hands down.   No words just loved it. 



This outfit was good, I just didn’t think that all white screams a softie.  It may just be that way to me because the way she did it.  She could’ve added more pink in the outfit than just the bow and purse.  Maybe could’ve made the shades pink.  IDK, it just didn’t shout to me, that’s why I gave it two stars. 

Well, that’s all. 

Author: Tiara Jones

This is Tiara J and I love reading and writing Mystery and Thriller. "Blood Will Tell" is one of my favorite novels and "Law and Order" is my go to binge. I’m not dark, I just write for the shy little girl years behind me while also obsessing over R.L Stine. Favorite Quote: “ I always wanted to be funny. I never really planned to be scary.” -R.L. Stine

6 thoughts on “Rating Roblox outfits because why not.”

  1. BROO I used to play roblox all the time when I was younger, and some friends recently got me back into it. It’s absolutely insane how much has changed, from the community, atmosphere, games, everything- for better or for worse. I agree with that last outfit.

  2. I remember I used to facetime my best friend, Bea, and we would talk trash about peoples outfits on Fashion Famous. When my brother lent me one of his extra PC’s to use we could no longer play fashion famous because they have different servers for mobile and PC. WE DIDNT LET THAT STOP US. Oh crap my laptop is about to die. We started playing Sunset Island on Royale High bc that was another pagent type thing. It was during this time were we started threatening to bite each other the next time we saw each other. We only got to see each other twice a year. Still like that.

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