video essayists I (really) like

(bear with me, I’m very bad at promotion. These are good youtubers I swear)

Sarah Z

Super chill youtuber who does niche 2012-2015 internet history as well as musicals. She only has 60+ videos, but most of them are close to an hour long so I don’t think you’re scrapped for content. Her videos have an undeniable charm as her most baffling videos leave you just as surprised as she is. And even with the most inane videos, she comes at with an incredible amount of empathy and maturity as she never forgets there are people pulling the strings behind these internet disputes and weird rabbit holes. So, if you want to sit down with a cup of tea and listen to someone talk about the bad writing of the Mean Girls musical or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I highly recommend.


Another musicals guy who specifically dedicates and analyzes music in films, tv, and musicals. His videos are like actual analysis as he takes apart motifs, music structure, and sound in things like the Disney Live-Actions or Cats (2019). He is highly educated in his craft and it leads to some really interesting videos like Why the Music in the Live Action Disney Remakes is Worse than you Thought ← full title while also being very passionate about the work that goes into writing music. I really don’t know how to recommend him, but his thorough analysis, like—exactly hits the right spot of my nerd brain, so if you have any interest in this or you wanna learn something new, I highly recommend. Learn about leitmotifs and Howard Ashman and Disney.


Highly doubt you have not seen, watched, or been recommended this guy. I feel like I don’t even have to say anything but I will! This guy is one of the best investigative journalists I have ever seen, and this was just randomly brought to light one day when he made a video about the Roblox Oof sound (go watch it, really.) His videos weren’t even investigative journalism before this! If you haven’t seen his newest video about plagiarism and its effects on YouTube, I  suggest you go watch it. He also has a large string of fanworks before this, so if you have an interest in Fallout, Bloodborne, or RWBY—or you could give his measured response series a check. Detailed videos on social justice might pique your interest!

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  1. i dont know if you are one for analog horror commentaries or documentations but i think you would really like this channel i watch called nexpo, its rlly cool

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