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It’s been a good minute since I’ve written one of these. And what better way to close out the year than with an idea I first started out with. As usual, due to it being such a long time since I’ve written one of these I have so much music for you to listen to.

THAT THAT- Psy (feating and produced by Suga from BTS

You know that overwhemling excitement you feel when two of your most favorite people work together on a project. I can not describe to you the feral scream I scrumpt when this was announced. I went completely hysterical, even now as I am listening to it, it feels like a fever dream. This is such a good song and I feel like we got to see the same Psy that made Gangnam Style. I love that Suga still keep true to his style but Psy sort of pulled him into the world of his unique artistry also. From the dance to the beat this song does not miss! I mean its a masterpiece that is uncomparibale to anything that has ever been released. I might be overexaggeration but I love this song so much!!

Punk Tactics- Joey Valence & Brae

This has to be one of my favorite songs out right now. Since finding it on Tiktok, as one does, I have been playing it on a loop. I tend to do that a lot when finding songs I really really love and it isn’t one that you can get tired of. This has to be my favorite style of rap like it just has that old school feel it and its so hype. I truly believe it is physically impossible to not bob your head when it starts playing. From the unique but nostaglic beat to the funny yet perfect lyircs this songs proves itself to be a classic. The back and forth on the chorus is so gooddddd!!!!!!!! It really restored my faith in music production. If you like old school rap and the tingling feeling of nostalgia I strongly suggest you give this song a listen.

Logan Paul- Col3trane

This is such a perfect song for the summer time. It reminds me of late night rides with the window down surrounded with nothing but the vibrant green of trees. Or when the kickback starts to windle down and all of your friends just sit around and talk about old memories. And the vocals are so angelic, like I don’t even have the words to describe how good his voice is. The soft steady beat is just fast enough to dance to but slow enough to just sit and listen.


NEW FAVORITE ARTIST ALERTTT!!!! The clown lowkey creeps me out though. But that has nothing to do with how good this song is. I found about this song through Tiktok also when seeing the many recreations of the choerography from the music video (which you should also watch when listening to this song). It has a very good instrumental behind it, my favorite being the bass. It slowly grows on you and quickly becomes a song that you can not live without.

Gogo Dance- El Alfa

I’ve always love El Alfa’s unique voice. It’s so undescrible, yet so addicting to listen to. This song is such a good song to dance to. Like it isn’t really a song I can disect its more like an experience. You’ll just have to listen to yourself.

Cry Baby – Official Hige Dandism

This song is the best anime intro song I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. It so catchy and such a great song to head bop to. I really love how the music video pays homage to the anime also. I thought it was very cool to see the same themes from the show displayed in the music video and I really appreciate how they did it in such a unique way.

Honorable Mentions

Tek It- Cafuné

Binz- Solange

The Weekend- 88rising & BIBI 

little story- Kehlani

Vegas- Dona Cat

Tití Me Preguntó- Bad Bunny

albums i wish i could listen to for the first time again…


Need I say more?

Love Yourself: ‘Tear’

This album is so meaningful and the music is just top-tier.

The Low End Theory

Best album I have ever listened to.

Amor Prohibido



I said what I said and I’ll say it again.

Being Human in Public

More specifically, Sola. Truly underrated.


I will always advocate for OffonOff supremacy.

Revenge of the Dreamers III

Best collaboration album of the century, no one can ever convince me otherwise. LOOK AT THE FEATURES!

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 

No one is touching Lauryn with this album. Please look more into her process and the meaning behind this album. Also, be respectful to the queen!

I really want a Telfar Bag…

Actually I want their entire collection, the entire store if you will. Telfar is a black owned designer brand originated in Queens, New York. It has since taken the black community and the world by storm with its unique pieces and iconic bags. When I first discovered this brand in the summer of 2020, I knew that they were going to be very big. They have basically been a household name since it was created and I really love that, especially for it to be Black-owned.

I personally love generating money back into my community. So, whenever I have the chance to support a black owned business I usually go broke. I mean really when have you ever heard of a black owned, LGBTQ+, and unisex brand being as big as Telfar. And don’t get me started on the designs, because we’ll be here all day. I have been trying to get a Telfar bag since I discovered them and when I tell you it is one of the hardest thing to do. Every time there is a new drop announced, it is automatically sold out. Just recently they added a new color to the collection and I can just feel people typing their orders. Hopefully, I’ll get my bag before I graduate or something. One can only hope.

Remembering the Sewol Ferry Tragedy

This pass Saturday marked the 8th year anniversary of the most horrid events in history. For those who are unaware, a ferry traveling from Incheon to Jeju sunk, killing about 325 people, around 250 were high school students. While researching this event, I found it very disheartening to watch students making final videos and distressed “I love yous” to their loved ones while also reading some of the letters written by parents years after. Birthed from this tragedy was a sort of rebellion against those in charge. One of the things I found most disgusting was how the entire situation was handled by those in charge of the ship, the government, and the coast guard.

It is important to mention the culture around authority in South Korea. As an observer, and eager learner I think it is important to note the culture and give a respectful glance into situations such as these, while also honoring the people. That being said, in South Korea, it is very common to honor those who are older than you or those who are of higher rank. However, that very culture is still being questioned because of this tragedy. Since then, there have been multiple protest against the former Korean president, which resulted in her impeachment. From looking at numerous interviews of parents, one thing that has been consistent was their regret from telling their children to listen to those in charge. The captain and a few crew members ordered the students to stay in their cabinets as they made their hasty escape. It is horrifying to know how many lives could’ve been saved because of this selfish decision.

Media’s Call to Action

I initially learned of this issue through a very popular South Korean drama titled, All of Us Are Dead. This show is about zombies, but it proves to be much deeper than that. It touches on topics similar to this tragedy by showing the struggle students had with authority figures in the show. One quote that stood out to me the most was, “I don’t trust the ones in charge anymore.” It’s not a direct quote, but it still holds so much power. Much like the students on the ferry, the kids in the show were given horrible directions and were forced to fend for themselves, the government never lending a hand to help. 

There was also another aspect I really liked about this show. To always remember those who were lost in this tragedy a yellow ribbon is used to symbolize what happened. In the show, yellow ribbons were used as a guide for the students to navigate their way through a forest. This was a sure connection between the two and I really love that they paid homage to that.

Though this event is not common knowledge in America, I do believe it is up to us to always remember what happened on April 16,2014.


I think I spend a good amount of time on YouTube watching commentary videos. Seeing how big and diverse the commentary scene has gotten I think its about time to pay tribute to some of my favorite commentary YouTubers. They really helped shaped my views on a lot of things while also providing different or conflicting views on controversial topics.

Kurtis Conner

I’m pretty sure every one is familiar with this creator. He started off on vine and then progressed to YouTube (as did every other vine creator), and since had gained a massive following. I really enjoy watching his reviews of terrible movies and most recently, his commentary on toxic masculinity shown in media, more specifically, Tiktok. Through somewhat terrible puns and the occasional highly saturated memes he has managed to really spread the message of just being a good person. 

Chad Chad

Chad Chad deserves more credit. Their content is sort of similar to Kurtis’ in the sense of very weird/funny memes and the occasional pun. I don’t think I’ve ever watched their videos and haven’t laughed. Their content is really centered around women’s issues. They call out many harmful ideas, usually generated from men, and sort of dismantles them through said jokes.


This creator is so aesthetically pleasing. Their set up and voice just scratches the best parts of my brain. The topics they choose to discuss are always diverse, but mostly centered around their blackness. But I love that it isn’t always the focus of their videos and they tend to connect those things at the right time. Their videos are very lengthy, but its all worth it in the end.


I wouldn’t really consider this commentary, its more like a discussion. However I do center a lot of my values around some of these discussions. I really love this channel, I love that we get to hear from two opposing sides and really get to the heart of conflicting views, Middle Ground. The content is very diverse they have videos like this one where  two opposing sides come together to discuss why they’re right. Or they have videos where it is a spectrum and people of the same side or common thinking talk about the extent to their values. Then they have harmless videos where they take on dating shows. It is really a huge range when it comes to this channel and I really encourage you to check it out.

“That Jada and that Will Love”

Jada & Will Oscars 2022

The incident at the Oscars has roared up much controversy. More importantly, it has raised the question, how far is too far? Whether you think it was staged or not, I think it is important to discuss these two icons and their need for privacy and respect.


This couple’s relationship has always been under the harsh judgmental eye of the public. I personally believe that the nature of their relationship should be kept to themselves, however it is their choice if they want to be open to the public. This reminds me of the incident with R&B artist August Aslina. That whole situation wasn’t our business. I think it was very unprofessional to talk about in a bragging way, or just to randomly drop that delicate piece of information in an interview. It simply wasn’t anyone’s business. 

I felt as though the Red Table Talk with Will afterwards was kind of forced. The public didn’t really give this family time to process this, and that’s unhealthy. As fans, or just observers it is important to set a sort of boundary to these situations. Their relationship should not be something that is debated on Tiktok or anywhere online. To restate my claim, IT ISN’T ANYONE’S BUSINESS. You can still see how much love they have for each other, that’s all that really matters, well for me anyway. It is important to remember that you don’t know the nature of their relationship, or what goes on behind closed doors.


From what I could gather about the incident at the Oscars I could come to the conclusion that Chris Rock was most definitely in the wrong. The joke about Jada’s hair was uncalled for and as a black woman, very hurtful. And it simply was not funny, read the room Chris. As a man who recently filmed a documentary on the relationship between black women and hair, you should know better, be better. 

Jada has been very open about her alopecia. Alopecia causes hair loss from the scalp or anywhere on your body. There are many variations of this condition, and I’m not too informed on Jada’s state. She was also very open about her hair journey and how acting in Hollywood made her equate her value to her hair. I’ve learned so much from listening to her speak about this issue and I hate that she had to deal with that humiliation. She’s so beautiful and strong and I hope that this whole situation just rolled off her back.

My Opinion

The slap might’ve been deserved, but it could’ve been handled better. For one, I think it was very unprofessional to do it live on international TV. However what’s happened can not be changed. So, where do we go from here? I think we can learn a lot about respect and sensitivity from this incident. Learn from other’s mistakes.

the art of being alone

Self-isolation is something I’ve become more than accustomed with since I was very little. I grew up with four other siblings and even though the house was always full, I was always alone. It’s not because I was excluded or anything, I chose not interact with others. Of course there are a lot of other things that factor into my love for anti-socialism, but that’s not what this post is about. From the outside looking in, many people see being alone as something that is sad and depressing. As an antisocialist, I am here to debunk all the negative stigmas that surround the art of being alone.

Get to know yourself

Often times I tend to hide my own interests to fit in with the people around me. It is a survival tactic that I’ve learned at a young age to thrive in the social environment I was in. Therefore, my own personality would often drift away as I adapted to whoever I hung around. However, earlier into the pandemic I had a sort of identity crisis because I didn’t know what I liked or what I found entertaining. Being by myself really forced me to come to terms with my lack of personality. It also really helped me to identify the things I actually liked and disliked.  I found my love for K-pop and art again. I also found my love for painting and my hatred for minimalistic aesthetics. I experimented with different writing styles and unique perspectives. After the lockdown, I would hang out with my friends and often feel like I didn’t really like the things that we would do. I became a more prominent voice in my friend group and was able to really voice my opinions and advice on certain aspects of our friendship. Being alone really helped me to find my voice and place in this world.

Experience loneliness to the fullest

Social anxiety will always and forever be apart of my life, but being alone most of the time really made it more manageable. I was basically forced to be in the world by myself after not being with people I love for a long time. Since being stuck in a house for 2 years and moving to a residential high school, I’ve really learned to value being isolated. Before the pandemic you would never catch me going out to dinner or shopping by myself. I was always with my friends or my sister. Now I find it very enjoyable to do these things alone. I always try new and strange things on the menu at restaurants. I’ve learned to love the silence of working in a library alone, not to mention the many people I’ve met there. I’ve also expanded the style in which I wear/buy clothes as I’m starting form my own aesthetic. I can finally say that I enjoy my own company when doing these things alone.

Know no bounds

Like I said before when hanging out with other people I’m kind of forced to ‘s accommodate to the people around me. Of course it’s important to be considerate, but it can get tiring at times. If we’re hungry, we all have to agree on a place to eat. If we want to have fun, we all have to agree on a place to go. I didn’t know I hated to that so much until I had to reconnect with other people. With being alone you can just about do anything you want. I really took that ideal and ran with it since coming here. I really enjoy seeing knew things and experiencing the weirdness of the world by myself. Though forming relationships with people is important, I strongly recommend that you make time for yourself. Being alone doesn’t have to be as depressing as it sounds.

Ranking My Favorite New Girl characters

My brother and I have always loved watching this show. Whenever I feel sad or things seem overwhelming, I turn to this show for it’s corny and hilarious jokes. It’s become my comfort show since moving into my dorm at MSA. And as of recent, I can’t go a day without watching an episode. Welp, let me introduce you to my favorite characters.

#5 Jessica Day

There are a number of reasons why the “main character” of this show is has this low ranking. I would’ve put her lower, but her corny jokes really balance the dynamic of the show. There are times where she doesn’t make the best decisions. One thing I do like about her though is the way personality doesn’t really change. She’s so nice and caring to everyone she meets and softens the hearts of the people around her. The best way I can describe her is a diluted Jules from, “Euphoria”.

#4 Nick Miller

A.K.A the bum of all bums. Nick is kind of a pessimistic and doesn’t really see the light of the world. He sees the world through the lens of a old, grumpy grandpa and I really love that about him. He’s incredibly lazy, but finds new innovative ways to be lazy. I also love that he’s the complete opposite of Jess or “Jessica”. Spoilers, but I really loved the season from where they were dating. Nick has a lovable and stomach curling humor. I would rank him higher, but I hate his aesthetic. Like if he were a real character that I knew irl, I’m pretty sure we would either hate each other, or be each other’s downfall.

#3 Coach

I’m kind of on the fence about this one. Well for one, Coach’s whole thing is surrounded around toxic masculinity. When he first enters the show he’s incredibly misogynistic towards Jess, because of a bad break up that he gets out of. I know that doesn’t justify any of that, but his character development is something I really appreciated throughout the series. He becomes more sensitive and in touch with the women around him. He learns that attraction isn’t everything and builds healthy platonic relationships with some of the women in the show. He’s hard working and eventually has a great personality. Although, the way he sometimes treats Winston makes me angry. I’d still pick him over Nick any day.

#2 Winston Bishop

One of the best characters from the show. He’s understanding, funny, weird, and checks all the marks when it comes to having a great personality. I’m going to use this opportunity to talk about a big nuance in this show. Before coach comes into the picture Winston is there. Up until that point Winston has been very intellectual and opinionated about topics that would come up in their dynamic. Everybody loved Winston and how he would give them great advice and care for them. However, when another black person got added to the show they made Winston the comic relief, or the laughing stock of the show. Nobody respects him anymore and they always make the things he likes or is passionate about seem stupid. Winston deserves better and he deserves to leave the apartment they all share.

#1 Schmidt

The fact that he keeps blowing up on Tiktok should tell you how funny this character is. I really love his sarcasm and how dimensional his character is. He grew up plus size and it really helped to understand why his personality in the show.  I really like that he’s a “ladies man” who is obsessed with being organized and clean. I love he uses his wit and charm as a amour against the world because of the way he grew up. My favorite thing about this character is his relationship with Cece and Jess. Cece is another character in the show who is Jess’s childhood/best friend. He fell in love with her and when he realized that it was like his entire personality hit a 280. There are many episodes of him making fun of Jess, but I really appreciate the episodes where he is just there for her. They have the best most underrated relationship in the show.

This is What We Are Not About to Do pt.2

The fact that there is even a part two for this is extremely upsetting to me, and yet here we are. This post is mostly going to be highlighting recent events that are extremely serious but is getting little to no media coverage. I feel as though everyone should be paying attention to the issues, especially during black history month.


If you’re unfamiliar on what an HBCU is, it stands for Historically Black College Universities. The population of these said colleges are almost 100% black, so you could guess why this issue isn’t being talked about.

Recently, almost 12 college campus have been sent bomb threats at the start of black history month. These colleges are Howard University, Alcorn State University, Coppin State University, Edward Waters University, Fort Valley State University, the University of the District of Columbia, Morgan State University, Kentucky State University, Xavier University of Louisiana, Philander Smith College and Arkansas Baptist College and Jackson State University. So basically almost every famous HBCU. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the social climate of the nation right now, but hate crimes and racial tension are steadily increasing against the black community.

Why am I bringing this to your attention? Well for one, someone needs to see this. Someone needs to pay attention to these black colleges and how vulnerable they are to hate. Highlighting these issues can help boost more media coverage and help these colleges take action against racially motivated hatred. 

Lauren Smith Fields

Firstly, I would like to express the sadness that I’ve felt after hearing Lauren’s story. I know it’s very hard for people to be convicted for crimes against the black community and almost little to none get convicted for crimes against black women.

I would love to go into a full explanation about this, but this was just brought to my attention a few hours ago. So, here’s a link to an article that explains the corruption and impact of her untimely death. #SayHerName 

Greek Life

I don’t think a lot of non-black people understand the significance and influence Greek Life has over HBCUs. I’m basically referring to fraternities and sororities like A.K.As and Omega Psi Phi. There is an unspoken respect and hierarchy that comes to these things.  

That being said, recently, a lot of PWI’s frats and sororities have been seen posting social media mocking these historical traditions. I don’t know what it takes to stop people from disrespecting things that are seen as scared to my community. I don’t know anyone who would have the gall or the audacity to dare disrespect Greek Life in an HBCU.  There may be in house fighting, but when someone outside of that life disrespects anyone from that community they will not hesitate to band together and take action. Be mindful of this and apply to many other things that are associated with the black community.

Be better and educate yourself. Happy Black History Month!

does anybody remember kingdom hearts?

I think it’s safe to say that I had an abnormal obsession with Kingdom Hearts growing up. Despite being obsessed with the main characters, I really fell in love with the plot line. I love that it’s very confusing yet simplistic with childlike undertones. There were so many aspects to this games that really made it stand out in the early 2000s. It made the 13 year wait all worth it.

the perfect trio

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

These games have a way of building very strong trios. They all have a range of different personalities that makes us just love them so much. The one that stands out to me the most during this entire series is the relationship between Aqua, Ventus, and Terra. It’s almost similar to Sora’s and his friends, but I personally feel as though it’s stronger. They’re like a very close-nit family that would do absolutely anything for each other. In Birth by Sleep, I would usually play as Aqua, and her love for those two was very admirable. Once she learns of Terra running away she doesn’t hesitate to go after him and make sure he stays in the light. She also makes sure Ventus is safe no matter what. Sadly, by the end of the game they all get separated because of an “evil force”. I won’t ruin it for you just incase you want to play it.

the worlds

Kingdom Hearts III

My favorite aspect of these games is the incorporation of the Disney franchise. The gameplay is basically you jumping into different Disney “worlds” as you follow the plotline. For example there is a Toy Story world were you play in the setting of Toy Story. There is also a world for Big Hero 6 and Frozen in the most recent games. I find it something very interesting to take these original Disney stories and further them more through games. It personally helped me to fill in holes left from the Disney originals and further look into the lives of the characters.

my favorite world

Kingdom Hearts II

Growing up I also had an unhealthy obsession with The Little Mermaid. I had the dress, the outfit, the flipper, the hair, the table, the cups, the utensils, and a unmundane sized doll. So, you could imagine my surprise when I saw that it was one of the worlds on Kingdom Hearts II. I think that had to be the best storyline for me because I loved seeing Sora and Ariel develop each other’s personality. Sora’s whole thing is that he learns to be a hero by going through these different worlds and learning these lessons from Disney characters. I just really love that aspect of it as well as the plot of friendships in this game.

Kingdom Hearts III

Though I love the aesthetic and pleasant character developments of The Little Mermaid’s world, I really value the combat aspects  in Big Hero 6’s world in the latest game Kingdom Hearts III. The animation for these games has always been ahead of it’s time. The development of setting for Big Hero 6 is something I couldn’t have ever been prepared for. There’s a whole thing about the Keyblades, which can be interchangeable, that helps you fight the “bad guys” in this game. You get a new one based on the world you just beat. The best ones in my opinion are from Big Hero 6 and Frozen. The Big Hero 6 keyblade is based off of the Nano tech that Hiro Hamada developed in the movie. It has a feature that if you build of enough momentum you can do a special attack, and I personally think it’s one of the best ones. You should really watch the gameplay or even play yourself. It’s a very wholesome and interesting series to follow. It also has a manga for people who prefer to read it.