Why Tacos Are Better Than Pizza

Before I begin, I want to say something demanding of your attention. This blog post may come as a shock to you, but please tolerate such a sensitive topic. Every once in awhile a journalist has to take a step across the line, and this is that moment in my career. I have, in fact, just crossed the line.

Inspired by Maleigh’s journey through the controversial shadows of our world, I have decided to discuss controversial material of my own. So I traveled the world, digging deep into different cultures and jotting down information about what makes people tick. And after a heap of years I spent wandering, I found it; I found the line.

At first, the line terrified me. What would the public think? What would the critics say? Paparazzi chased me around with their blinding cameras, so I retreated into isolation along with my concerning revelation. But as the years steadily fell from my fingers, my strength grew. Now I could handle the public, the critics. I could finally cross the line.

So I decided to make my comeback with the most controversial topic of all time: why tacos are better than pizza. The years I spent scrounging for evidence had prepared me for this moment, and my confidence burned brightly as I strung each weighted word onto their particular paragraph. To experience the horror firsthand, continue reading, as I have displayed the results of my finds below.

Why Tacos Are Better Than Pizza

They just are.

The end.

Well, as you can see, my article proved to be quite a devastation. In fact, it even tore apart our very universe. If you want to view the population I surveyed, please continue reading.

Tacos: 4

Pizza: 6

Enchiladas: 2

Again, as you can see, a vast group of people had differing opinions about this weighted topic, and the opinions definitely proved themselves to be intense. Numerous arguments broke out, even, and two rebels strayed from the criteria. Basically, this entire debate caused quite an uproar, and life will never resume as usual.

So I must leave controversial topics to rest, mulling over topics of lesser substance instead. I have already crossed the line, so now I must fade into the safety of the mundane. But I appreciate those that participated in the survey, providing crucial feedback that confirmed my suspicions. If you are one of the participants reading this, thank you so much (unless you chose the unpopular choice of pizza, that is).

Until we meet again.

Wednesday’s Fun Fact:

Undeniably so, tacos are better than pizza.

For information supporting this conclusion, please seek the above for reference.

Author: Callie Matthews

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." - The Book Thief

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  1. Callie, I love your writing. This really made me feel like I was reading the transcript of 60 Minutes or something like that.

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