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The boy was about to close the door when the adults said nothing. “Wait!” The blond man called out, “W-who are you? Are your parents’ home?” He didn’t understand why there was a child in what was supposed to be the evilest person’s house. The boy just stared at them. It made them nervous, and he felt he was sizing them up to see who he could take down first. “Leo, baby where are you?” A voice called out from the house. The blond man tensed when the voice got closer to the door. “Baby, what are you doing at the door.” A woman came out the door and picked up the little boy. The boy started moving his hands in different motions at the woman. “Visitors? Now who would be crazy to come all the way.” She looked up for the child and met with the blond man and his group. Cordelia glared at the man. “Golden boy.”


The blonde man blinked his eyes a couple times. “Cordelia Levitan, we need to talk to you.” He told her. Cordelia rolled her eyes and turned away but left the door open, expecting them to follow her. “I didn’t know ‘The Witch’ has a child.” The woman said. She and the other two men walk up to the house. “If that really is her child.” The brown, harried man said. The woman hit the man on the back of his head. The three walks into the house and look around as they walk through the door. The walls of the house were a soft light brown with cream accents. They walked into a room that had a small couch and a loveseat. There was a TV on the wall. In the corner was a small Conor, a small playpen with many stuffed animals of normal and magical species. There was movement from the couch, and the three jumped when they caught it in the corner of their eyes.


“What are y’all doing?” Cordelia asked from behind them. They jump and turn around and point their weapons at her and Leo, who Cordelia was holding on her hips. Leo’s eyes widen, and he turns his head into Cordelia’s neck. “Hey it’s ok baby.” Cordelia conforms to Leo, rubbing his back and whispering in his ear. She glares at the blond man. It is almost like she is cussing him out with her eyes. She motions with her head for them to enter the room they guessed she came from. They walk into the room, which turns out to be a kitchen. 


Golden Boy as Cordelia called him seats at the table in the middle of the kitchen. His face showed a lot of frustration. ‘This can’t be The Witch’. He thought to himself. He’s met The Witch many times when he first became a protector. He was the one stopping many of attacks cause by Cordelia and her boyfriend. Golden Boy looks around the kitchen and he takes note on how the kitchen felt some homie and warm like he was back home with his grandparents. The sink had some dishes in it and there were a couple cabinets open. It seems like Cordelia was cleaning when they showed up. 


Author: Crislyn Lance

Howdy Hey! My name is Crislyn Lance, but you can call me Cris. I love reading fantasy books, and fanfics. I love creating characters and studying characters and why authors made certain characters the way they are and how that character moved the story along. I love writing fiction from stories with big dragons to stories about fairy/pixies. I love the feeling of joy I get when I write a fiction story because it allows me to express the ideas that go on in my head after a long day.

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  1. Leo and Cordelia’s relationship seems so sweet. Also, I’m interested to see what Golden Boy and Cordelia’s interactions looked like when he saw her as “The Witch.”

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