Part idk of Cartoon Foods I want desperately


The Bugs from Lion King

I know they’re bugs and in real life that they would be disgusting but I think Simba was being so dramatic because they looked delectable. Also he could’ve shown some appreciation for them, that look is so disrespectful when they could’ve just let you starve. 

Breakfast from Fairy Odd Parents

All of the food in Fairy Odd Parents looked scrumptious. I don’t even like omelets yet I would DEVOUR that one. You see how happy they are you know that meal is about to be fire.

Burger and Burrito from Teen Titans Go

photo of burger not available


The burger and burrito from Teen Titans go looked unnecessarily good. Especially at the end when they combined them. I would do obscene things for a portion of one of them. I remember my tummy rumbling watching that episode for the first time and every episode since. 

Steak from Tom and Jerry

They way this dog was craving this stake I know it had to be good. It even has Jerry foaming at the mouth and I’m not sure mice even eat meat. One thing Tom and Jerry’s animators were going to do is draw a steak. 

Reptar Bar from Rugrats

Just they way he’s holding it makes it look good.This is what Angelica really should have been fighting for. The way they bit into it. OMG. I need it.

The Perfect Sandwhich from Teen Titans Go 

It’s literally called the perfect sandwich and I’m trying to test that theory. The bacon looks cooked to perfection. My only note is that I would prefer my bread toasted. 

Big Meatball from Wow Wow Wubzy 

THIS MEATBALL. The sauce looks absolutely perfect, it’s touching the ground which isn’t ideal but I would still inhale this. I’m saying not a trace of it would be left. 

Peanut Butter from Wow Wow Wubzy 

I absolutely DESPISE peanut butter. The very smell of it disgusts me but there’s just something about it here that looks appetizing.

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Little Bear 

 Something about the simplicity of this animation makes these cookies look good. I remember watching this show at midnight at like 8 and my stomach immediately rumbling.

Apples from Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

I don’t know what it is about these apples, maybe it’s the shine but they look so good. Especially the green ones. These are the true granny smiths I can’t name one cartoon apple competing with them.

Pizza from Bubble Guppies 

I know it looks raw but I have always wanted to try this pizza from this episode. The amount of the sauce on it looks perfect for me like I would genuinely devour this whole think with no help. I would need like two personal pans though because there’s no way this is a full sized pizza.


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  1. Little Bear. . . I’m so happy that someone else watched it too. And I wanted those cookies so bad when I watched that episode one Saturday morning.

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