Burgers From Bob

This week’s blog was going to be a show recommendation that I’ve wanted to do for a while. 

My freshman and sophomore year were spent waking up early and watching tv before school. I started with friends, then the big bang theory, futurama, and many others. I’m surprised I got through so many shows in just two years. 
Anyways, one of the most memorable shows I watched before school was Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers Doesn’t seem all that appealing at first, and I can’t quite pinpoint what I like about it. Maybe its Bob’s attitude toward everything, or how crazy the youngest child Louise is. But throughout the show there are some interesting episodes. 

If you’re looking for a show that produces good morals and life lessons, I advise looking elsewhere. I’m not saying that this show doesn’t have anything to offer, but… it really doesn’t have much to offer other than mindless entertainment. 

There was no real character development, or plot, or much of anything that I can remember, it’s humor wasn’t even that unique. It’s by far one of the strangest shows I’ve enjoyed and watched all the way through. 

There were only two characters that I think had some struggle throughout the series, and that’s Tina and Bob.
Bob obviously had to keep his shop afloat and work for his restraint, but I think Tina was the one who struggled the most. I don’t remember if she finally found someone, but I do remember her going through each season trying to find the lover of her life. In a weird way, she reminds me of Mable from gravity falls. 


My favorite character was by far Teddy. He was interesting and added a colorful output on each episode he was featured in. I can find him relatable in some ways, not really, but I did think he was funny. 
         All in all, its a hit or miss but It can be entertaining if you turn off your brain and just enjoy it. 

5 thoughts on “Burgers From Bob”

  1. I watched a few Bob’s Burgers episodes in passing and some of them was really funny. I also watched the Bob’s Burgers movie while I was sick with a fever. It made me laugh through the pain, so I assume I enjoyed it, but maybe I was delirious. Either way, I agree that they’re either a hit or miss.

  2. I wasn’t really allowed to watch Bob’s Burgers when I was younger, but now I have the password to my mom’s Hulu, so I’ve watched most of Bob’s Burgers and all of Family guy.

  3. I remember my brother put on bobs burgers a couple of months ago and it was some episode about a bank robbery. Idk why but it reminded me of minecraft.

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