Ranking Animals from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hello! Recently, a certain new live action came out, prompting me to instead binge watch the original animated series. There are a lot of thoughts I have on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but for this blog I’ve decided to create a tier list of my favorite creatures from the series!

1. Appa

Of course, the first on this list either has to be Appa or Momo. Though I love both very much, I ended up putting Appa in first place due to everything he does for the group. Aang’s sassy “Why don’t we all get on your back and you can fly us to the north pole?!” quote lives rent free in my head. Appa is also insanely adorable, and I love his character design! He reminds me of one of my dogs, too, in all honesty, and I say that very lovingly.

2. Momo

Momo my beloved! I love this silly little guy and all his iconic moments, plus, his theme rocks. I also love the thought of a bat lemur- the two combined work so well! Animal sidekick characters tend to be glossed over in my mind, but for some reason Momo didn’t fall subject to that. He fit in with the group from his first introduction, and it makes me happy that not all the creatures of the air nation are gone. May his adorable eyes stare into your soul.

3. Bosco

Bosco! I think a big part of why I love him is because he’s a bear. Just a bear, and the show plays off of that. The comedy surrounding him overall is a big part of why he’s on this list, I think. The way the earth king asks Bosco for his opinions and the way everyone treats this wild animal as royalty is ridiculous. Bosco is also very cute in the scenes he has.

 4. Shirshu

If not for the personalities and building of the previously mentioned, shirshus would be at the top of this list. First of all, the design is absolutely baller- I really love the droopy fur, star-nosed mole face, and the simple patterning. The stance of them also gives off such vibes in general- like they’re going to rip your face off. I also love the paralyzing tongue whip and the sheer monstrosity of their sense of smell. Can you imagine moving to the other side of the world after committing a crime, only for some huge, growling animal to burst down your door, knowing what you did? Amazingly terrifying!

5. Koala sheep

I need everyone to see koala sheep. Literally look at them. Look at their smushed faces, big noses, and fluffy ears. Look at their cottony wool. What is there not to love about them, apart from them being part koala and koalas being pretty horrible? Nothing! They’re adorable and act chill even when Aang screams into one like a pillow. I wish these dudes existed in reality.

Author: Amelia Whitaker

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