Shows I watched when I was little that aren’t talked about enough.

Camp Lakebottom 

My twin and I were obsessed with this show. The premise of it is basically kids at this really freaky summer camp run by monsters that are overrunning with tons of weird phenomena. I literally never hear anybody giving this show its flowers. To this day it’s one of my favorites. 


Walk the Prank 

This show is kind of like Kid Punk’d meets the office-ish. The pranks themselves are said to be real and on real people but it’s spliced together with this scripted show about kids who make a prank show. The elements of it that are scripted are shot like the office while the pranks are reminiscent of punk’d. 


The Haunted Hathaways 

I’m sure people know about this show but like why don’t we talk about it. It’s a story about this single mom and her two daughters who move into this house that they don’t know is haunted by the ghost family of a single dad and two sons. I watched this show a lot when I was little and it was mostly a hit or miss. 


Crash and Bernstein 

This is a show I never hear anybody talk about. It’s about this kid who only has sisters and he wishes for a brother so this living puppet comes and takes the role of his brother. I loved this show from the theme song to the humor. I was obsessed, there isn’t one episode that I would consider a miss. 


Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything 

I love video games, and I thought this show’s premise was cool. Which is just a group of kids who play competitive video games. Not to mention Cameron Boyce was in it so I definitely wanted to watch it. 

Gullah Gullah Island 

To be completely honest I couldn’t even tell you the premise of this show besides there’s this huge frog that lives with this family. And when I tell you I was PETRIFIED of this frog. It would come on late at night and I didn’t know how to turn the tv so I would just cover my eyes whenever it came on screen. 

The Fresh Beat Band 

This show is honestly a blur the most I remember is a group of teens and smoothies beyond that I couldn’t tell you but I watched it a lot. 


For some reason this show heavily intrigued me, there’s no strong premise but none of the characters speak and their actions are narrated by a narrator.

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6 thoughts on “Shows I watched when I was little that aren’t talked about enough.”

  1. I agree with most of your points about some of these shows. I actually thought that some of Walk the Prank pranks were lowkey kind of funny, like I watched some reruns of this show not so long ago and I actually laughed at them. Also, you’re so right, Pocoyo isn’t talked about enough. I have vague memories of drinking apple juice specifically every time this show came on.

  2. POCOYO MY DARLING. Little me loved that show, especially with the art style and sound design. Also a show that has scripted and unscripted parts sounds pretty interesting!

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