people that i have been told i look like through the years

Alright guys let’s see if I can do this blog in the miniscule amount of time in which I have given myself to write because I don’t know what is good for me. I am going to give one or two disclaimers before I do this, these people that I have been compared to have been through the span of several years, believe it or not I haven’t always had long hair and a beard so please keep that in mind, however with that in mind I will say that differences in some of these characters are notably different and you can tell when the comparisons become more modern.


Will Byers

Stranger Things: Noah Schnapp on the Character He Lobbied the Show Not to  Kill | Vanity Fair

When I was very very young I had a haircut that was very similar to season one will byers, like the bowlcut with the hair longer in the back, even though that hairstyle was from when I was a toddler and technically before will byers was even a character but somehow the comparison still managed to come my way.


Bling Bling Boy

The Vampirino Storyteller — Psycho Analysis: Bling-Bling Boy

I don’t want to talk about this one, I was fat in middle school, this one hurt my feelings. Is everyone going to laugh at it, absolutely, will I cry, absolutely.


Jack from the Magic Treehouse

A Guide to the Series

This one always struck me as odd because I never wore glasses but I guess I can kinda understand the hair, my hair from when I was a kid was really rough if I’m being honest. But anyway, this one never offended me too much, though I think I was really young when the comparison was made

Klaus Baudelaire

A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Klaus, Celebrity Crush, 44% OFF



Moist Cr1TiKaL 

Who is MoistCr1tikal? The internet's best commentator, explained - Dot  Esports

This one was fairly recent and yk what, this one gave me the biggest confidence boost, just wait till next year I will make it a reality smh, my hair is on the way.

The rolling giant



Jeus Christ Stickers - 2 Results | Zazzle

I think this one has been the most prominent one I have received in recent years, and yk what, according to most Modern American Christians I guess I am white enough to qualify for this man born and raised in Israel. 

Author: Cooper Brumfield

hi, im cooper (he/him) i enjoy classical art, writing poetry, and cooking. My favorite authors are hanya yanigahara, dorian gray, and mary shelly. and my main goal is to one day be someone elses favorite author. i hope that through this blog others are able to peer into my inner mindset and understand me through my work.

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  1. If you grow a full beard you would look exactly like Moist Cr1TiKaL. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but take it as you will.

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