my top ten gen 1 pokémon

i am pretty sure everyone here knows what pokemon is, if you dont, im sorry, im not going to take the time to explain it to you so yea, i dont want to fill this blog up with too much exposition so here you:


Honorable mention- so for today’s honorable mention I am going to give it to two pokemon, Ditto and Ninetails. Ditto to be honest is one of my favorite pokemon but tbh their whole thing is being other pokemon so I am not exactly sure how that would have applied on my list but I love ditto too much not to mention it so. The second honorable mention today is going to go to ninetails, I think aesthetically ninetails is a really  beautiful pokemon and was really really close to being on this list.

Ditto | Pokédex

Ninetales | Pokédex

Number 10-Arbok

Arbok | Pokédex

As someone who is very on the nose about snakes in general and also someone who doesn’t enjoy playing with poison types I have to admit that this is an incredible design, I don’t really have too many things to say about this pokemon when it comes to its looks besides that it looks cool. Tbh out of all of team rocket’s pokemon this one is my favorite. 


Number 9- Vulpix

Vulpix | Pokédex

This in my opinion is everything that ninetails didn’t get to be, I think that this without pokemon is almost without a doubt one of the cutest pokemon of all time, he is at least cuter than pikachu, which I will stand by. Looking through my list I am pretty sure that this is the only fire type pokemon which I have on it which I guess is fair because it is the best gen 1 fire type


Number 8-Farfetch’d

Farfetch'd | Pokédex

So for Farfetch’d I will have to say that out of all the ones on the list, this one is for sure the most underrated, I think that this is mostly because of its relatively simple color scheme, HOWEVER, I think that it works much better than other pokemon with this color scheme, plus his little accessory is cool.


Number 7-Alakazam

Alakazam | Pokédex

I am going to warn you all now, I am pretty sure that there are more psychic pokemon on this list than any other kind, what I like about this guy specifically is that I think he is the only pokemon who uses silverware which tbh is a pretty confident play on Alakazam’s part.


Number 6-Psyduck 

Psyduck | Pokédex

I am sorry, even though I love Farfetch’d with all my heart, this is the est duck pokemon, not even in this gen, but just in general. Literally what he is known for is having a headache, HIS POWER IS HAVING A HEADACHE. Anyway he’s just a little guy and I love him.


Number 5- JigglyPuff


This to my knowledge is one of the only fairy types on this list, not because I don’t like fairy types, but because first gen was severely lacking when it came to making more than just a very few fairy pokemon. I have been a jigglypuff enthusiast since I was a kid so (that actually explains a lot now that I think explains a lot)


Number 4- Snorlax

Snorlax | Pokédex

This is one of my favorite pokemon of all time, when it comes to type class it is my favorite normal pokemon ever, period. If anyone here wouldn’t wish to just be a snorlax than I don’t trust your judgment. 


Number 3-Muk

Muk | Pokédex

Bro I love this pokemon so much, there are so many that have tried to be what this fine gentleman is and literally no one has succeeded. I swear I love Muk so much. He just looks so cool, the texture the face, THE COLOR SCHEME. Oh my god I love Muk.


Number 2- Tangela 

Tangela | Pokédex

This is the only grass type on this list, which I am kinda upset about but yea I digress, I think this is the one people are going to disagree with the most. And yea, I can kinda understand it, even though this is a relatively hated pokemon I have to say that tangela is one of my favorite like, he’s a bundle of vines with shoes on, what is there not to love.


Number 1-Gengar

Gengar Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database

I love Gengar so much, his design, his color, his cool smile that he has, idek, I just love the way he conducts movement and I think there should be so many more ghost type pokemon. I even have a gengar sticker on the bottom part of my laptop. Even thought that is like, the only piece of pokemon merch I own (besides the cards) so.


yes, the song is bad, no you can’t be transphobic.

So, for today’s blog I really wanted to talk about something that has been bugging me lately. And yes, I am aware that I am a little late to this whole thing, but I really have ben itching to talk about it so. 


I do want to give a quick disclaimer though, a lot of the topics that I am about to touch on I cannot completely understand, ideas of being MTF, or even what it means to be a woman is something that I cannot really give too much of an insight on because, yk. But anyway, I digress.

Dylan Mulvaney on Conservative Backlash and Reclaiming Her Transition | Them

So, about a month ago a popular influencer named Dylan Mulvaney came out with a song called “Days of Girlhood” this song was to commemorate her two-year anniversary of when she came out as trans and when she began to document her journey through her transition digitally. The song has had a relatively negative view by most, when it comes to my personal experience with it, when it comes to the music itself, it isn’t exactly my style, and while a lot of people agree, this isn’t the issue. Instead of critiquing the song itself, hundreds of people online have used this song as an excuse to spread misinformed and transphobic hate speech. 

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 72bd774b-dd10-45a3-a875-232eff5dbf41.jpg

The largest percentage of people who are making these videos and supplying hateful comments such as these are what most people have deemed as “TERFS”

If some of you aren’t familiar with this term I will explain, terf is an acronym for “trans exclusive radical feminist” this to be put simply is someone who agrees with most feminist ideologies but does not acknowledge trans women to be actual women. The main argument that they provide is that Dylan gives the song a marginalized “dumb girl” side that most women fight hard against, however this is not really the case, from my experience listening I don’t think that in any way does she say that this is what girlhood is, instead all she is doing is providing her individual experience. (She also gives some really valuable insight on the trans experience in her song so for that alone I recommend that you check it out.)

Dylan contributed a song deemed just another “white girl song” WHICH IS COMPLETELY FINE. For the most part, I don’t even really like the song but to use it as an excuse to try to say that all it does is prove that “Dylan isn’t a real girl” or “what she is doing is harming other women” is unacceptable. The way you orientate yourself with the music you choose to create is never an issue unless it causes pain to others, there have been so many songs that have been similar to what Dylan has made, songs such as “I’m just a girl” by Gwen Stefani or “Girls just want to have fun” by Cyndi Lauper have proven to be staples in millions’ playlists and music tastes, they were created and no one had a problem with them, but the moment a trans woman makes one it is as if suddenly they become harmful. Even though I have a lot more to say about the situation I will leave it at this final statement: Just because a song doesn’t sound good doesn’t mean that gives you an excuse to be transphobic.


Here are a couple of people who put in some really good opinions if you want to check them out. Also, if you want to stream the song here is the link, Days of Girlhood – Single by Dylan Mulvaney | Spotify

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I need to stop writing my opinion in these blogs.


My Top Five Timothee Chalamet Movies

Ok so I think there has been a weird coincidence, or maybe I just like Timothee Chalamet’s choices for casting calls but some of my favorite movies of all time either star or include Timothee even though I think only one or two of these movies would make it to my top ten list, but I thought that it was about time I probably make my own list so. Here we go.


(Quick PSA) this is not me ranking his performance, even though they’re all pretty good, but instead I am ranking the movie as a whole. Also, I have not seen Wonka or Dune Part two yet so those will be omitted for now. Also, I think I am just going to say TC instead of his full name because I think I am going to be saying it so much.


Honorable Mention- Interstellar

Interstellar: A Christopher Nolan Masterpiece – The Victor Voice

Even though Interstellar is a great movie, because TC was so young and his performance hadn’t grown into what it is today, I don’t think it makes a spot on my top five.

Number 5- Little Women


Little Women Poster" Poster for Sale by ccatholden | Redbubble

I think that for the most part, even though he doesn’t have a giant role in this movie, the small parts in which he is in it, his performance is so incredible. One of my favorite instances of his work in this film was his monologue when he was professing his love to Jo.


Number 4- Lady Bird

Lady Bird (2017) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDB)

I really like it when TC has to be a jerk for one of his roles. I think his role in this film as Kyle was one that fit him really well. Kind of like the “pretentious piece of garbage” to put it bluntly, however he does it well, nevertheless.


Number 3-Dune

DUNE (2021) Movie Posters: Timothée Chalamet, Jason Momoa, Rebecca ...

TC’s role as Paul in this film is indefinitely one of the biggest 180’s when it comes to his career in acting. When you think of action sci-fi movies, TC is never someone that comes to mind as a good protagonist, he has always come off as someone who is good in exclusively dramas, but he really surprised me with this, I implore you to watch it if you haven’t.

Number 2- Call me by your name.

I think I found the CMBYN official poster with the highest resolution ...

I think that personally this movie as a whole paired with TC’s performance makes this one of my favorite movies of all time. The setting “northern Italy” and just the overall incredible scenery that the movie provides just makes these hands down one of the most beautiful films I have ever had the privilege of watching. To be honest this is pretty much on par with my number 1 choice, the only reason I put this one at second is that even though the movie is incredible I personally think that the book it is based off of is a bit better sooooo, yea. Nevertheless, I think that it is a movie you should watch, plus I need someone to talk to me about it so.


Number 1- Beautiful Boy

'Beautiful Boy' Poster- Starring Steve Carell & Timothée Chalamet : r ...

There aren’t many things that I can say when trying to talk about how incredible this film is. I think that it is one of the most incredible and accurate representations of drug addiction ever portrayed in media. It stars Steve Carrel and TC, the use of the passage of time in the film is incredible, and the fact it is based off of a true story never fails to amaze me.

Dune is better than Star Wars, change my mind (dont)

My experience with Sci-fi has always been one of an interesting accord. When I was younger it was always something that I never took much time to realize I was consuming, even though I think in elementary school I lived and breathed for star wars. However, as I entered middle school I started to move away from it, and I haven’t really taken much time to absorb any kind of science fiction until the past few months. That was with Dune.

I also need everyone here to take this with a grain of salt because, for one I have not read the actual book, and two this comes from someone who really has not liked many mainstream produced movies from the last ten years. This is mainly due to the fact that I believe that the monetization of movies within the confines of these big production companies has heavily infringed upon the quality of the movies in which they  have put out, especially with animated films, however I digress, this is a topic for another day. 

At first I didn’t really even believe that Dune was going to be anywhere as good as star wars, mostly because of star wars’ previously acclaimed fame, however, I think that is what the main issue is with modern star wars is in the first place. I would go as far as to say that only movies that stray away from the original story line is what I truly enjoyed within the confines of the modern age of the star wars saga. The main example of  this it seems is rouge one, which is in my opinion the best piece of media to go out of lucasfilm production in the last thirty years. Sorry for the tangent, back to the main topic.

After watching the first Dune, without even seeing the second one I can confidently say that this story is immensely better than that of star wars, whether it be the quality, or the characters, or the system of weapons and powers within the cinematic universe, Dune just comes out on top every single time. I think if the Dune franchise had the opportunity to grow in the same way that star wars did than I am almost certain that star wars wouldn’t remotely come close.  Another important aspect of why I think that Dune is the better of the two is that without Dune Star Wars would not be what it is today, it might not have even been a thing at all. The sand plant, the giant worm, the other worldly powers and an inept storyline about a protagonist that turns from good to evil and the story turns to his son and daughter. There is just so much that is taken from Dune that I find it so incredible that it has not become a mainstream fact that most know about. I apologize, this was more of a rant than anything but, thank you for listening. I might make a part two once I watch the second movie soooo, look out for that.

I need your opinion pls

The process of creating a poem is one that I wish that I even had close to down. It’s one of those things that are pretty much as sporadic as the mood swings that I wish I could overcome. Anyway, I didn’t mean to go that deep into a tangent in such a short amount of time. When it comes to my own personal development of artistic literary pieces it is always usually dictated off of one factor, that being the title, and whether I think of the idea for the poem itself first, or whether I think of the title first. For this specific piece that I am going to be sharing today I decided on the title first. This wasn’t because I couldn’t think of what to write (it was) but because I thought of it and how many metaphorical vises I could attach to it. But anyway here is the poem itself, I want to hear all of your opinions and process though too. I will touch on that in a second.


Pomegranate seed 


Love me like a pomegranate seed


An aperture of translucence.

A reddish glow.

Shapes crafted ever so

meticulously that it’s

as if it was molded

at the fingertips of

Gaea herself.


Love me even though none of that matters.


For the beauty of

an individual seed does

not span beyond the 

confines of the fruit’s rind.


As does the beauty

of any physical being,

when left in a room

full of people.


500 seeds to a single fruit.

My beauty is not my own.


Yet it is I who is awarded with the privilege of your love.

Whether you like or hate this poem is one thing, I don’t even know if I like it but I hope the publication I submitted to likes it enough.  But anyway there are a couple things that I wanted to touch on when it comes to the process of writing poems. For the most part I think that majority of the things in which I have written have originated not from a title but from an overall idea of the piece. However this one does not specifically possess that same background, and to be honest I am not exactly sure if I need to do any other poems like this, I know it is important to have a strong basis however I don’t think that there was for this piece, it was only the two words that created the title. So I just want to hear everyones opinion on itt. :))))


My top ten Snacks that I like to Keep in my Dorm

So for next week’s blog I am thinking that I really want to implement something on the informational/political side, which I think is going to take a lot of work/ research/ and finally the observation that that is a very serious topic. So for this week’s topic I am going to do something on the opposite end of the spectrum. So for this week I am going to be talking about my top ten foods that I have ever kept in my dorm.


Number 10- Acaci Bowls

High Protein Acai Bowl - Healthful Blondie

While I do not get these as much as I want just because of the main fact of how expensive they are I really really enjoy them. I am aware that I botched the name, however I am struggling to remember how to incorporate accent marks on a keyboard so we will work with what we have I guess. They are an iced smoothie type bowl made up of a special kind of berry as well as optionally granola and a number of possible toppings like avocado, berries, and yogurt.


Number 9-Cashews

Planters Deluxe Whole Cashews - Lightly Salted 18.25oz : Target

I am aware that this is an odd choice, but I swear I will destroy some cashews anytime that I get the chance. Cashews, like most stand-alone nuts, are one of those foods that I grew into overtime but now that I actually have started to like them, I don’t think that my opinion will change anytime soon.


Number 8-Chiobani Mixed Fruit Greek Yogurt

Chobani® Low-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Mixed Berry on the Bottom - The  Fresh Grocer

So, on my journey to try to slightly improve my diet I have started consuming these things, and while at first it took me a minute to like the taste of Greek yogurt it, as well as cashews, is beginning to grow on me. These cups are really convenient in the fact that I get to eat them whenever I wake up really late some mornings when I actually feel like eating breakfast. 


Number 7-Cheesecake

Freshness Guaranteed Variety Cheesecake, 40 oz -

I know what you’re thinking, this seems really inconvenient to have in your dorm room, and you’re right. However the only time that I have ever had it in my dorm is when my parents got me one to have for my birthday, which I’m not sure if I even needed to say that but, anyway, cheesecake. 


Number 6-Yogurt Covered Raisins

How to Make Yogurt-Covered Raisins | livestrong

I stand by these things. I have stood by them since I was a kid and I will continue to do so, if you disagree, we will have it out in the comment section of this blog, I guess.


Number 5- Strawberries

Strawberry Facts - Fun Facts About Strawberries

When you live in a dorm room sometimes it can be hard to keep fresh fruit for a long time, however this is not a problem for me when it comes to strawberries, that is in part because I eat them too fast for them to even kinda start going bad. Even though I wouldn’t say that they are my favorite fruit I would say that they are up there for sure.


Number 4- uveggie ramen

Nongshim Soon Veggie Savory Vegan Ramyun Ramen Noodle Soup Pack, 3.95oz X 4 Count

So now is where we start to get to the list of my favorite foods that I know I am going to continue eating even when I leave MSA, because oh my god they are so good. I have found that there are a number of really good ramens that I have discovered this year but I have to say that this one is my favorite. It originally was supposed to just be a ramen that me and my gf who doesn’t eat meat could enjoy together but it slowly has become one of my favorite ramens of all time.


Number 3- Brown Sugar Mochi

2 Pack] Yuki & Love Boba Milk Tea Mochi 60 count, Net wt 31.8 oz (900 g) -

I found it surprising that this one was so high on the list, this is mainly because I absolutely despise ice cream mochi, however as someone who really likes boba this I was conflicted, but being it is both brown sugar and just normal mochi, I found that I really enjoyed it.


Number 2-Brown Sugar Boba Pocas Bubble Tea Kit, Brown Sugar - Instant Milk Tea Powder  with Authentic Tapioca Pearls for Instant Bubble Tea, 5 Kits Per Carton, 15  Oz : Grocery & Gourmet Food

These are so incredible, I found them at 5 below in Mccomb a few weeks ago and I need to go back, the ones at walmart are so bad, I NEED THE 5 BELOW ONES


Number 1-Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken

Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken Review – Club Trader Joe's

This will forever and always be my favorite dorm food as well as frozen food as a whole. I really enjoy trader joes for a number of reasons, however my only gripe with them is that they aren’t in MS. Which even though it makes me sad I guess I can kinda understand. And even though this is the hardest out of the ten to prepare I still stand by the fact that it is by far the best.

The Top Ten Adult Animated Shows of all time. FACT (my opinion)

Everyone take a minute with me and breathe, because oh my god I finally finished this big blog project I’ve been working on. So, for this week’s blog I thought that I would give my opinion. Because everyone loves it when someone else’s opinion is shoved in your face. Especially when it comes to controversial subjects, and in the eyes of the people who read these blogs (literaies) I would say that cartoons are a relatively controversial topic. So today I thought I would spit in the face of those who believe in non-confrontation and give the finite, only true (being my opinion) list for the top ten adult animated cartoons. 


ALSO, A QUICK PREFACE- I am not going to be explaining too in depth with the plot on any of these, I am just going to explain why I enjoy them and hope you know what I am talking about. I am also not going to be including animes on this list.

Number 10- Carol at the end of the world

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-1.jpg

Carol at the end of the world is a relatively new Netflix original series about this woman named Carol, she lives on a version of earth where a planet is on course to collide with earth in seven months. And instead of freaking out the entire earth has accepted their fate and have decided to devote the rest of their life to living it to the fullest, eliminating all wars and conflicts. The earth is at peace while everyone is on a journey of fulfillment, except for carol, who continues to frustratingly live a life of boredom and mundanity. I enjoy this because it gives a great commentary on the meaning of life as well as gives a great portrayal of the simplistic dialogue that some characters have.


Number 9-South Park

South Park Rare Sky One Promo Vintage UK Import Poster 26 x 40 | eBay

I’m going to keep this one relatively short. I enjoy South Park because of the simplistic animation style and the fast-paced time in which episodes are made. One episode made in just a week means that they get to give commentary on events that are still in the midst of it happening.


Number 8- Downtown

Where to watch Downtown TV series streaming online? |

The extent of this show that I assume you have seen is probably through TikTok sounds, which is fair, it is where I found it. But after watching it for the first time I was pleasantly delighted with the show. Even though it is a relatively older show it has an animation style I enjoy and also gives a great commentary on societal reaction to sexual attraction and life in lower income areas.

Number 7- Daria

Daria Poster 12" X 8" Vintage Metal Tin Sign Home Decor Garage Man Cave  Wall Art.

I actually don’t have too much to say about Daria, in my opinion it is a classic with entertaining characters and a really cool animation style, similar to the number 8 on this list.

Number 6- Inside JobNetflix Reveals 'Inside Job,' First In-House Adult Animation Series

Ok, sorry guys, but I am going to use this show as a means to rant about how stupid I think Netflix is. Inside Job is an animated show that surrounds the lives of characters who are a part of a secret American organization, it has a bit of drama sprinkled in, but it is mostly a comedy. And let me say, this is one of the funniest shows that I have seen in my life, the comedy, the dialogue, and even the visuals were funny in all accords. However, due to the growing popularity of shows like Big Mouth (don’t get me started on how much I hate this show), it was canceled. Which crushed me, like, I can’t even describe how sad this made me.


Number 5-Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers | Rotten Tomatoes

While this show does not have the best reviews, (which I can understand) I personally really enjoy this show, I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I can confidently say that I find this show entertaining, it’s more of a comfort show than anything. To put it simply this is the show that I like to watch while I eat, which is an honor in my eyes at least.


Number 4- Moral Orel

Petition · Bring Back Moral Orel!! ·

What to say about moral orel, it was an adult swim show from the early two thousand’s that only ran for three years. But only in its three years of running I think that it was one of the most influential pieces of media in adult swim history. Moral Orel is unique in a number of ways, such as its unique commentary on alcohol abuse, and its overall commentary on Christianity and modern-day organized religion. On a final, less important note I really like the designs. While it is animated it is based on real life puppets and clay animation which I think is really, really unique. I think it is a style that is hard to do but when it is done well, I am always a fan.


Number 3- Smiling Friends

Smiling Friends Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave


So, for the first member of the top three I have smiling friends. I’m going to just explain my opinion and if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend watching this show. Out of the top three that I have on my list this is the only comedy that I put, while I do love comedy, I do really enjoy drama, but in terms of comedy, I think that this show is close to perfect. Coming out in 2022, it is a relatively new show, however, with their use of very monotone dialogues and reactions in comparison to their extremely unique animation style it makes for a piece of media that has revolutionized what we know about comedy today. This is why it is on my number three spot.


Number 2- Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel - Wikipedia

Some might ask, “Oh isn’t that the trippy show” and yes, you might be right, however it is so much more than that. The absolutely incredible dialogue that was sourced from one of the creators’ podcasts that they use for the dialogue on this show is on another level. They speak on topics like meditation, regulation of widespread drug use, death, mindfulness, and mental health.


Number 1

BoJack Horseman Art Poster 30X20" 2019 Season 6 TV Show From USA

“Oh yea, of course Cooper likes this show,” I can hear your thoughts, Chanel.  But I will not be explaining why this show is at the top of my list, because this show is quite literally a masterpiece, and the only way that I could possibly explain to you how much of an impact this show has had on my life is if you go and watch this show for yourself. I am serious, if you are to take anything from this blog I have written today then please, let it be that you have to watch this show.

Finale (this is the last one i promise)

Ok guys so I’m going to apologize in advance for how long this blog is going to be, to be honest I hope Dr. A approves it, but if she doesn’t, I’ll probably just cry until she says yes so hopefully that solves its own problem. Anway, here the finale to the story that I have been implementing into my blogs. 


Traversing around the front of the living room Otto found each of his breaths becoming faster and shallower.

“Shit, shit, shit” he murmured to himself as he turned the corner and paced the hall, dust erupting from the unswept ground. His eyes wandered from wall to wall. It was only when he made his fourth round back and forth did that thing make itself apparent. Standing at the end of the hall. Its long pale arms dragging across the floorboards.

“Wha-Whar are you” Otto stammered. 

“Wha-Whar are you? ” it repeated back to him in an almost perfect repetition of Otto’s voice.


Its elongated legs protrude from its torso in such a manner that any slight movement might cause it pain. It had no hair, its skin pasty and pale. Its facial features seemed minimal beyond comparison to that of a human. No nose, no mouth, just two small black indents in its face that were made to symbolize eyes.

Otto fell back, the floorboards, leaving a litter of  splinters across his forearms.

The creature’s arms dragged across the ground as it began its approach, towering above the top of each doorway. It had to bend its neck just to traverse the hall.

“How is it speaking to me without a mouth, what is going on?” Otto was thinking to himself as its long and sickly arms stretched out towards it with every elongated step that it took.

“No, no. Get Away from me, GET AWAY”


John heard Otto’s scream echo throughout the lower floors, making its way to the attic quickly. Hurrying down the steep steps to the ground floor, his steps becoming louder and more apparent. His boots were now caked in dust and grime from the attic. 

“Otto, Otto this isn’t funny where are you?”

John searched throughout the first floor, his patience beginning to thin as minutes passed. But it was only when he reached the end of the hall did his feelings of irritation turn into an almost emotional paralysis. Blood painted along the walls and ceiling, dripping onto the floor, and as john put his finger to the wall did he realize that it was warm.


He heard Otto in what he believed to be the kitchen as he began sprinting towards it.Not just because he missed familiarity but because the end of that blood-soaked hallway left John in a continuous state of dread that wished to escape.

Turning the corner John finally caught sight of Otto, his wide and short figure sitting before him. His face sent a wave of comfort upon John as he was drowning in an ocean of uncertainty. 

“Jesus Otto where have you been? “John said, short of breath.


“In the basement taking a breaker,” Otto said, checking through cabinets.


“I-I heard you scream. “John said, attempting to explain himself.


“I don’t know what you heard hut it sure as hell wasn’t me.”


“I could have sworn I heard something” John said, in disbelief. 

“Well y-you didn’t” Otto said.


It was only when John finally sat down did his nerves begin to subside.


“Wha-what are you,” Otto murmured in an alarmed tone.


“What did you say?”


“What” Otto said, his voice now beginning to differ from how it sounded just seconds before.


Yet it was only when John heard the distortion in Otto’s voice did he hear the dripping. A dark crimson liquid began to drip on the ground from Otto’s shirt sleeve, his once calm act had now completely dissipated into a menacing glare. A rancid stench that had finally grown apparent began to envelop Otto.

“Uh Otto are you ok-”John was cut off.

“GET AWAY” Otto, or whatever that was screamed, blood beginning to flow from his mouth and eyes, deep black caverns beginning to emerge where his eyes once resided. That same feeling of panic returned to John as he fell from his chair, scrambling to his feet as he sprinted out of the kitchen, attempting to find a way out of the house. Turning the corner, he cascaded through the living room, as he began to reach the front door, he felt himself begin to lose his footing, slipping onto the dusty carpet floors. But when he stood up something was different, it was there, Otto, or whatever was pretending to be otto, now towered over the frame of the front exit. Its skin peeling off its body as if it was too large for it tp fit within the confines of the muscle tissue. John scrambled to his feet, now attempting to take refuge in one of the many bedrooms. However, he wasn’t running alone now, the sound of giant footsteps berated his ears, furniture crashing behind John as he ran. Screams began erupting behind him as turned into one of the many bedrooms in the house and locked the door.


“Go-Goddamnit it otto”

“Wha-what are you.” 

Statements spoken only an hour before being regurgitated through the gargling screams of whatever sat behind that door. 

“There are no other doors, there’s no windows, what do I do? John thought to himself. He was stuck. Stuck not only behind the grand frame of this oak door but stuck behind the ever-growing sense of panic that washed over him.

“Something, there has to be something” John thought to himself, a spark of hope paired with a sense of urgency jumped into his mind. Crawling quietly to the closet the carpet squished underneath him, wet from years of mildew. However the state of the carpet would be borderline incomparable by the time that he opened the closet doors. A mound of muscle and flash poured out of the closet. A tsunami of bones, organs, and bones, all of  it now laying on top of John. The only thing that did not come from the innards of the body was a small white name tag that laid adjacent to John “Osborne Connors” 

“Otto” he thought to himself.

John let out a scream so loud he left his own ears ringing. His once well-esteemed coworker now laid before him in a decrepit pile of flesh that John was no longer familiar with.

“No, no, no, no, no ” John muttered to himself as he crumbled against the wall. The now blood-soaked carpet begins to stain John’s Khaki pant legs. His short and stifled breaths became even less frequent when the knocking began.

The first knock caught him off guard, at first he thought he might have been imagining it. That was until he heard the second, and then the third.

“Stop this please, I’m begging you” he screamed. Yet to no avail the knocking continued, now every thirty seconds or so, the knocking even began to change positions, not just behind the door but below the floor, and above the ceiling.It became louder and faster, and louder and faster. The frequency of the knocking is now going beyond any speed capable by a human.

“Please I’m begging you”

John graspeed the cross around his neck with such strength that blood began to flow from the palms of his hands. Its sharp corners seeped into his flesh.

“Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come-”

The knocking suddenly dragged to a halt.

“HalLOweD bE ThY NaMe”

Only blood samples were found of Osborne Connors and Johnathon Patten.

Part 4

Here is part 4 to the project that I am working, I currently have another blog in the works but due to just the insane amount of assignments I have this week I have decided to put in my fourth installation of this story that I have been writing for my blog. (Adding a note here, if y’all want me to keep adding to this pls tell me, I already have a few more installations ready) 

I never realised my house looked like a nightmare when I left it | Fandom

“Where the hell is everyone?” Otto uttered.

“What, there should be someone here” John muttered to himself

“I don’t know what’s going on but I’m sure as hell not going in there,” Otto said.


While their confused demeanor was one of a great extent it was not one that lasted very long, for as soon as they sat back, awaiting further instruction while simultaneously attempting to forget what had happened just minutes earlier, they heard a scream let out from inside the house.

“Someone please, help me.”  


These screams of distraught were low and raspy, yet the voices somehow boomed throughout the confines of the ambulance. An eerily similar voice to that of the one over the transmitter, even the static was still apparent, not from the radio but from the voice coming from the house.

“We have to go in, cmon” John stated abruptly, already climbing out of the ambulance 


“John I’m not going in ther-”

“GOD DAMMIT OTTO” John finally screamed. His exclamation left silence throughout the front seat. It was one of the few times that Otto had heard John raise his voice.

Neither spoke as they climbed out of the seats, swiftly closing the doors. Otto had never experienced such silence, the rain had suddenly and abruptly subsided sometime throughout that altercation , thunder had developed into nothing but a distant memory.

The steps of the porch had rotted, moss enveloped the corners of each rotten floorboard.

The remains of what seemed to be a rocking chair rested upon the porch, almost unrecognizable. The outside of the home was similar to that in that aspect. It was as if they had stepped on a carcass, a shell of what this home might have used to be.’


“How are we supposed to even get into here?” Otto whispered as they approached the chipped wooden door. However the moment that John pressed his hand against the rusted copper doorknob the front door creaked ajar. 


“No wonder someone got in here” otto muttered to himself. John swiftly nudged his elbow into Otto’s ribs, effectively silencing him.

Peeling, peeling, everything in the home was peeling, the dated floral wallpaper stained a deep yellow with brownish undertones. A once stoute leather armchair sat in the middle of the living room. It was left crumbling, The synthetic brown leather peeling from the arms and back of the padded giant. It was padded like the very floors that it sat on, the floors enveloped with a moldy cream colored carpet that spanned from wall to wall. It was as if stenches could pile.



Otto turned to John abruptly, startled, “What the hell man?”

John was too startled to speak. His thoughts began to speak to him again.

“It sounded like me, it sounded exactly like me. What I just said, what the hell.”

“It wasn’t me” John said shakily 

The voice was not just similar, it was verbatim, neither of them spoke for a moment. Until it began to call out to the men again. 

“I’m not going in there” it called out.

“The attic” John said, quickly traversing to the second floor.

“Hell no the attic,” Otto replied

“Whatever” John said, finally tired of Otto’s unwillingness to do his job John finally climbed the final set of stairs.

The attic was cramped, dozens of boxes, stacked to the top of the low ceilings. John searched with caution, someone in such a small confined space would not be hard to find. Yet there was no one there.

Part Three

Quick Disclaimer, I’m currently suffering with covid in my bed so here is part three to a story blog that I wrote a few months ago. 


“JOHN” Otto screamed as John stomped the bottom of his worn out leather working boots upon the brake pedal. Weather from the puddle-ridden highway erupting into the air as the ambulance’s tires screeched to a halt. Now skidding across the asphalt, John’s once calm and collective demeanor now littered with thoughts of alarm and panic as they attempted not to hit the figure that stood in the road.


“What was that? Who was that? Why can’t I move? Why won’t I move”


However his inner dialogue was cut short almost immediately by Otto’s apparent audible reaction.


“Wha-What was that, why did it look like that. Its eyes, Jesus John it’s eyes. Do we go back for it, does it need help? John for the love of God say something.”


“Otto shut up, give me a minute” John interrupts, his mind racing.


They were plagued with silence, not because neither of them wanted to talk, but because neither of them found it within themselves to do so. All John could do was grasp the metal cross that hung from his neck and rested upon his collarbone. 

John and Otto both knew that neither of them had time for this, however they couldn’t move, a feeling of dread washed over both of them in the same manner that rainwater now washed over the ambulance. It was the type of dread that towered over them far more than the idea of any impending consequences that they might have received, and so they sat there. Seconds turned into a minute a minute turned into ten, their silence speaking louder than any scream that they possibly could have let out. It was almost as if they found themselves in a collective trance, whether it was one of their own making or not was not something that either of them were at liberty to say.


“Alright, we have to go,” John said as he turned the keys into submission.


The ride was tense, thoughts of both panic and confusion berated the minds of the EMT’s as they arrived.


“This is the place they said, right?” Otto asked, finally breaking the silence.

“On the dot,” John replied.


The house was deserted, not just by any possible residents but by any authority as well. Not a policeman or fireman in sight.