Cheesing about the Fear Street Trilogy

Fear Street Part One: 1994

Fear Street Part One sets up the events that are to transpire in the next two movies. Introducing us to our main characters. To avoid spoiling the movie I won’t get too into describing it because I know I’ll be tempted to fully delve into the movie. This one is probably my least favorite, not because it is bad but because the next two are just out of this world good. But the story this one sets up has LAYERS, like it has so much room to develop, it would’ve been such a great movie on its own but the fact that the story went deeper than that makes it infinitely better. The characters as well, like I geniunely was able to care for them and the progression of their story. 

Fear Street Part Two: 1978 


This movie is a flashback to the year of 1978. It is steered by another characters recount of the events that transpired at a summer camp that year.  This movie introduces us to new characters who were equally as interesting and even gives us a glimpse of younger current characters. This movie is amazing the huge plot twist, the reveal of the true villan. Also this movie definitely gripped me emotionally, like I shed a good amount of tears. It was so good, but the trilogy wasn’t done especially with making me cry. The characters in this movie were just as good as the other one, which was kind of bitter sweet knowing there fate. 

Fear Street Part Three: 1666


This one was ROUGH, we flashback to the year 1666 where we learn about the events that started the supernatural events the trilogy is driven by. When I telly you I SOBBED throughout this movie. I was shocked, we’re introduced to new characters but using the same actors as they have the last two movies. It was a choice that I am in LOVE with, I don’t know why but seeing the tragic events happen to the faces of characters we care so much about. This is my favorite out of the three it’s just gorgeous and the resolution while leaving room for more UGH I LOVE.

Final Thoughts

I can’t reccomend this trilogy enough, it does contain a lot of gore so fair warning but even if you’re not that big of a horror fan I think that you could really fall in love with it. The story, the characters, the writiting its all so worth the gross gore and the scary aspects. I was geniunely on the edge of my seat for a lot of it. Though i could predict aspects of certain characters the movie still hadn’t failed to suprise me.



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3 thoughts on “Cheesing about the Fear Street Trilogy”

  1. I clicked on this so fast because I love this trilogy. I binged this for my Summer Horror marathon when it came out because I’m obsessed with all of R.L. Stine books, especially his Fear Street books. So, I enjoyed your opinion and recognition of these movies because they were so good, and the ending of Part 2 left my jaw on the ground. Also, did you hear there’s a Part 4 in the making?

  2. I have a bit of an odd opinion about these movies, maybe it is because when it comes to the world of horror movies I tend to gravitate more towards the world of paranormal horror, but I think that these movies were just another “safe” option for Netflix. I think that they put together a lackluster storyline and got a ton of famous actors just for the sake of their notability so an audience would gravitate towards it. However, I do personally think that even though I don’t love the storyline a ton, I do have to say that the pacing of the deaths and the performances from a lot of the main characters are really well done. My favorite out of the three is the second one by far.

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