Personal Favorite Crystals and What They Do

I can’t assume that I have been the first to write a blog about crystals, considering how popular they’ve become over the years. But, I have a collection of over 200 different kinds of crystals and more rocks than I can even begin to count. So I like to think I might know more than the average person when going into this subject.
Everyone surrounding the crystal trade makes it evident that the rocks are full of “good vibes,” but how can that be true when the industry is wrought with horrible mistreatment of workers, pollution, and more? My list of top crystals is coming soon. Still, it’s essential to know about the situations around these circumstances and why ethical sourcing is so important. Finding ethically sourced crystals is much harder than it seems to be, though I promise it is possible. Trying to contact local, family-run businesses with their own land to harvest from is a good start. Or contacting a reputable, non-gigantic company that pays their workers a living wage without making them break their backs in the effort.

I could and, in the future, will write more about ethical sourcing in general and with crystals. But, for now, let’s start this list! These will not be ranked in number order because I can’t bring myself to pick and choose any specific crystal, so it will be in random order!



Sunstone has been linked to luck and good fortune by many, and can you really blame them? This rock has been named after our sun, and nobody can deny the warm feeling they have when near this precious gem. While wearing sunstone or having sunstone around you, you may feel more lively and have more energy than usual! It encourages originality and abundance. This stone is also known to increase mental strength, perhaps if you need help healing from the loss of a loved one.


Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is a curious black rock if that wasn’t obvious from the name. This stone is known for swallowing up negative energy you may be surrounded by and protecting you from it. It is also an excellent tool for grounding. If you need old, unhealthy habits to die? Black tourmaline is your crystal. Stress and tension seem to leave your shoulders and back when this rock is near you. Maybe you need a bit of creativity? This stone is known to help authors, much like you and me, when facing writer’s block.


Going through a challenging situation? Sugilite might be the stone for you! Someone upsetting you? Maybe you throw it at them, and it helps; who knows! (This is the author, please do not throw stones at people.) Genuinely, though, if you need some positive energy coming your way, I recommend this stone. Stress relief, spirituality. This grape jelly stone has got your back, no matter what you need.


And, for now, that concludes my favorite crystals and gemstones. Have a wonderful day, and remember to carry around a rock for good luck! 😀

5 thoughts on “Personal Favorite Crystals and What They Do”

  1. I love rainbow moonstone or serpentine the most, though black tourmaline is a very close third! I hope you continue on this blogging path! I wanna hear more of what you have to say about crystals! Your writing is so nice to read. I know that’s a basic thing to say, but it really does grasp my attention.

  2. As someone who loves the concept of crystals but isn’t really knowledgeable on their uses, this blog was so informational and fun to read! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading this blog so much! I associate Sugilite with the show Steven Universe, but I have never actually seen what the actual stone looks like. Now that you’ve shown it to me I am absolutely in love with its purple color. Now I might have to invest in some.

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