Critiquing Horror Movies that Locklyn has Forced me to Watch. Pt. 2

-The Nun-

Well, hello again everyone! Today I will be reviewing the movie The Nun. Yes, that nun. The one with the horrifying white face and dead eyes. Also, the first movie cronologically in The Conjuring timeline. Get ready for a whole lot of me crying while watching these. Imagine me with tears running down my face watching this movie- and it will be accurate. Also imagine me clinging onto Locklyn’s arm like a koala. 


First off, never going to Romania. Romania? More like Nomania. (I’m so sorry.) Also, never ever going to set foot in an abbey. Those places are most definitely haunted, no question. The holiest places usually house the most unholy things imaginable.

So, this film takes us on a journey through the perspective of a soon-to-be nun and a priest. They have both been called down to the abbey to investigate the death of one of the nuns there. She had died by her own hands. Nuns don’t usually do this, so it was worth the investment of an investigation.
On the way there, they meet one of my favorite characters, Frenchie. He’s a French Canadian who had found the dead nun’s body and reported it. He tries to flirt with the soon-to-be nun, Sister Irene. He is the comedic relief character.

Anyway, I’m not going to spoil the whole movie; that’s just the beginning. This is also the beginning of Valek’s story, the demon who follows our characters through the Conjuring movies. Let me just say he is MAD. I have no clue why; I assume it’s because he is an ugly demon, but he is pretty terrifying when he wants to be. This movie has a lot of religious symbolism, which continues into the later movies, primarily including crosses. If a demon like Valek decided to torment me, let me just say I would be a believer immediately. Because apparently, if you don’t believe, your trust and faith in God won’t work to dispel him? It’s fascinating, to be honest. I can’t wait to dive into the lore of this series.

Top Ten Cookies – pt. 2

This blog is a continuation of one of my previous installments, Top Ten Cookies - pt. 1, please enjoy as I continue on my rant of why your opinions don't matter when it comes to cookies and mine do! :) 
(This is all a joke, obviously enjoy whatever kind of cookies you like.)

6. Chocolate Chip 

Alright, alright. There wasn’t that much outrage in the last post about me not including chocolate chip cookies, but here it is. I know it’s a staple, I know I do like them, but come on. With how many cookies there are, let’s branch out! Fortune cookies have a different fortune every time. With a chocolate chip cookie, yes you know it will be good but doesn’t that get boring? I think so.

7. Snickerdoodle

Everyone seems to forget about snickerdoodle cookies, but don’t worry! I won’t forget you, my wonderful children. Fun fact, I used to thingk Snickerdoodles were a type of dog- still do sometimes before I remember they go by some weird other name. Schnoodles or something. Anyway, how can you not like snickerdoodles? I don’t know the word to describe them, but the soft crumble of these cookies is absolutely fantastic. Makes me think of fall.

8. Kiss Cookies

Okay, how can you not like Kisses? I don’t know if I’m legally allowed to say the brand name, honestly. It’s probably fine. Anyway! Cookies with little Kisses in the middle? How is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard of? Anyway! I put this so low on the list because technically almost any of these cookies could be turned into a Kiss Cookie. Still, I think it’s a cute little idea.

9. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

I know that white chocolate isn’t for everyone, and neither are macadamia nuts. But I think it provides a beautiful balance of flavor and texture. And trust me, I am a big texture person. I cannot stand certain textures if it bothers me. But this cookie, wow! Amazing, perfect on a cold day in fall. Dont know why, it just fits. Pumpkin spice vibes.

10. Literally Any Other Cookie

Honestly those were all my opinions on cookies, but top 9 isn’t as eye catching as TOP 10(!!) you know? Anyway, comment your favorite cookies ranked or otherwise, and let me know if you agree. You don’t have to, but I will cry if you fight me on this.

Critiquing Horror Movies that Locklyn has Forced me to Watch. Pt. 1

-The Strangers-

If your girlfriend denies your marriage proposal, for the love of god don’t go to a secluded summer home together afterwards. James and Kristen move about the rose-petal covered home in uncomfortably suffocating silence. Then, a knock. A blonde woman is at their door, asking for a Tamara. The couple can’t see her face. After awkward explanation and turning her away, eventually James leaves to go on a night-time drive. Kristen then stares at her engagement ring after PUTTING IT ON and I guess thinking about what “could have been” or something? I don’t know, but it’s stupid. She’s also listening to this VERY creepy music. Personally James dodged a bullet in my opinion. Who rejects a marriage proposal then wears the ring? 

Well, eventually during the movie the couple’s house is besieged by 3 masked assailants, who attack and terrorize them simply “Because you were home.” Okay, that’s creepy as H-E-double-hockeysticks. For someone with paranoia, this made me lock my door and close my blinds. Slowly but surely during the course of the night, the couple’s communication with the outside world is cut off. Slashed tires, phone lines cut. 

Super cool. Wow, paranoia alarm is just going crazy right now. This has all been going on during the night, by the way, so the creep factor is upped by ten. But, near the end of the night, Kristen is badly injured and all of her attempts to contact the outside world have been met with silence. James is gone, probably dead (or so I thought!) Kristen is knocked out, and snaps awake tied to a chair right next to James. 

It’s daylight. Okay, so maybe the terror is over? Maybe it was all a prank, and they’ll leave? 

The curtains open, and as the warm sunlight seeps into the room, the couple is killed. Curtains open. The Strangers don’t care if anyone sees, that doesn’t matter to them. The sunlight brought no comfort to the couple. There was no twist, no catch. This truly was just a random attack. The couple answered the door, so the strangers decided they would be the prey.


The Strangers satisfy no curiosities. Nothing is explained. When masks are taken off, the people truly are just.. Strangers.


(I want to thank Locklyn for making me watch all these movies. Please check her blogs out as she explains how to fight back against killers in movies like this one.) 

Personal Favorite Crystals and What They Do

I can’t assume that I have been the first to write a blog about crystals, considering how popular they’ve become over the years. But, I have a collection of over 200 different kinds of crystals and more rocks than I can even begin to count. So I like to think I might know more than the average person when going into this subject.
Everyone surrounding the crystal trade makes it evident that the rocks are full of “good vibes,” but how can that be true when the industry is wrought with horrible mistreatment of workers, pollution, and more? My list of top crystals is coming soon. Still, it’s essential to know about the situations around these circumstances and why ethical sourcing is so important. Finding ethically sourced crystals is much harder than it seems to be, though I promise it is possible. Trying to contact local, family-run businesses with their own land to harvest from is a good start. Or contacting a reputable, non-gigantic company that pays their workers a living wage without making them break their backs in the effort.

I could and, in the future, will write more about ethical sourcing in general and with crystals. But, for now, let’s start this list! These will not be ranked in number order because I can’t bring myself to pick and choose any specific crystal, so it will be in random order!



Sunstone has been linked to luck and good fortune by many, and can you really blame them? This rock has been named after our sun, and nobody can deny the warm feeling they have when near this precious gem. While wearing sunstone or having sunstone around you, you may feel more lively and have more energy than usual! It encourages originality and abundance. This stone is also known to increase mental strength, perhaps if you need help healing from the loss of a loved one.


Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is a curious black rock if that wasn’t obvious from the name. This stone is known for swallowing up negative energy you may be surrounded by and protecting you from it. It is also an excellent tool for grounding. If you need old, unhealthy habits to die? Black tourmaline is your crystal. Stress and tension seem to leave your shoulders and back when this rock is near you. Maybe you need a bit of creativity? This stone is known to help authors, much like you and me, when facing writer’s block.


Going through a challenging situation? Sugilite might be the stone for you! Someone upsetting you? Maybe you throw it at them, and it helps; who knows! (This is the author, please do not throw stones at people.) Genuinely, though, if you need some positive energy coming your way, I recommend this stone. Stress relief, spirituality. This grape jelly stone has got your back, no matter what you need.


And, for now, that concludes my favorite crystals and gemstones. Have a wonderful day, and remember to carry around a rock for good luck! 😀

Top Ten Cookies – pt. 1

I am going to preface this article by saying, everything you read about this topic is fundamentally true and you cannot argue with me based on the results. Everything that is found on the internet is always true and correct, and I will have NO SLANDER under this post about not including chocolate chip. I refuse to allow it. Anyway, that's besides the point. Let's get right into the batter!


 1. Oatmeal Cookies

Notice how I specifically say oatmeal cookies and not oatmeal raisin cookies. I do not like the texture of raisins because it gives me “beef-jerky-of-the-fruit-world” vibes. I also hate oatmeal, but when baked like this I think it gives the cookie the perfect amount of crunch and flavor without being too boring. I never got the whole dipping a cookie into milk thing, but with oatmeal cookies I can imagine it. 

2. Sugar Cookies

I know that this was supposed to be a “hot-takes” sort of blog, but I do genuinely enjoy sugar cookies. That’s kind of it to be honest, I just like the softer sugar cookies because it reminds me of when I was a kid and I would shove as many into my mouth as I could and then go running so I could eat them alone.

3. Macaron Cookies

I always loved the crumbled texture these cookies had, and I’m a HUGE texture person. I can only eat specific cheeses for that reason. If I find the texture of something to be off, I refuse to eat it. But these cookies are light and airy while still giving you flavor and filling you up. I’m pretty picky with flavors, but since they are so popular now theres hundreds of different kinds of macarons! 


4. Cutout Cookies

Yeah, yeah. “These are basic! What kind of tier list is this?!” Listen for a second. Nothing beats nostalgia, also this is MY PERSONAL TIER LIST SO LEAVE ME ALONE. Anyway. I remember making these cookies every christmas and mine always looking the best, though nobody said that. Decorating them was my favorite memory from every Christmas, better than the presents or anything else. I mean, the presents were awesome, but I loved making the cookies and decorating them. I swear I can still smell them as I write this in the library.


5. Fortune Cookies 

The idea of a cookie that tells you a fortune is pretty cool. If you were reading a fiction book and that was described, everyone would be losing their mind! It kind of looks like an old man’s ears when you break it apart, but I can look past that to appreciate how creative an idea it is. I knew someone once who would eat them whole and never knew there was paper inside of them. Wonder how they’re doing.


This concludes part 1 of my Top Ten Cookies list, and once again: you can’t disagree! I am the author. Just kidding. Your opinions are your own, just like mine are. Tell me about your favorite cookies and the memories you have surrounding them! 

Songs that Radiate Arthur Morgan Energy

                            Red Dead Redemption II was and still is an amazingly groundbreaking game, in my opinion. Our story begins in 1899, taking you across a fictionalized representation of the Western American Frontier. You play as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw in the Dutch Van der Linde gang. The gang is doing their best to escape civilization and return to the old ways of the wild west. Chased at every turn- by government officials, another gang, even nature- our gang is desperate to escape. If you have heard of this game, you probably already know most of this. Some of the songs in this article need explanation, and the last thing I want to do is spoil such a fantastic game for anyone. So please be advised, there will be spoilers ahead! And not small ones either; most of these songs relate to Arthur during the game’s later stages. 

                            Alright, hopefully, that got rid of most of the people who could complain about spoilers. Now it’s time to get into the meat of this article. 

5. Keep The Wolves Away – Uncle Lucius

                            Arthur cares for his family, the gang, more than anything. At a young age, he incorporated into their fray, Dutch practically picking him up off the streets and raising him. He was more than loyal; he dedicated himself entirely to what he was doing and never questioned. Then, things started to turn for the worst. He had put his faith in someone who did not care for his feelings or thoughts. After that point, the gang began to fall apart either by betrayal or false accusations and deaths tied to their crimes. In the end, he did his best to let the others escape the gang unscathed. The wolves he was protecting his family from turned out to have already infiltrated their ranks.

4. Everybody Walkin’ This Land – Paul Cauthen 

                            The unfair world fuels Arthur’s want for change. You, the player, can choose to help anyone and everyone you come across. When you finally visit the city of Saint-Denis in Lemoyne, you meet a man of the cloth. Brother Dorkins. Whether you donate money to his cause of helping the poor or not, Dorkins will ask for Arthur’s assistance in a matter of utmost importance. A nearby fence is holding children as slaves for work. Arthur frees the children, and Dorkin is very grateful and even offers him the donation money as thanks. Doing this mission shows that Arthur indeed does have sympathy for humanity, and this is not the first or last time he will help someone. Arthur can build an entire railroad, help a suffrage movement, and he will make up for his past mistakes as best he can manage if you play your cards correctly. Charles, another member of his gang, needed help aiding the Wapiti Native Americans. Arthur was very close to death when he was asked to help, his sickness taking hold, yet he put everything on the line to help them. Arthur second-guesses himself and puts himself down constantly, but that does not mean the man can’t stand up to help those in need. He knows just how unfair the world can be. 

3. Sweet Creature – Harry Styles 

                            Throughout this overlapping and sometimes uplifting story arc, you will be able to visit a woman named Mary Linton. She was Arthur’s former love interest, but their relationship fell through because of Arthur’s attachment to the gang. As it progressed, these missions were one of the most tragic parts of the story (to me). On the outside, he’s a bitter, heartless man. But Arthur has been through enough heartbreak for anyone to realize he is a fully fleshed out, fully realized man. Mary and Arthur spend sweet moments together, and she makes him happy like no other, but when she gave him a chance to run away with her, he didn’t take it. He was so immensely loyal to a ship he couldn’t see was sinking. His vulnerable heart takes the final chapter of the game by storm when he realizes he is dying from tuberculosis and there is no way to stop it. Arthur desperately wants to fix his mistakes.

2. Devil’s Advocate – The Neighborhood 

                            Dutch Van der Linde. A man Arthur considered to be his father after his blood betrayed him. The gang leader, the mastermind behind their plots, and a man overcome by his narcissism. Throughout the game, we watch as Arthur’s loyalty is ripped from him, as he is hurt again and again with no sign of stopping. Death ensues as the gang desperately tries to escape from the world, and the entire time Dutch listens to the devil on his shoulder. He never learns from his past mistakes, always saying, ‘one more, one more time,’ until there is no time left. Even towards the end of the game, Arthur can’t bring himself to lose faith in Dutch. Until everything begins to fall to ruin around him, and he realizes who his true family is. 

 1. I Gave You All – Mumford and Sons

                            This song once again reinforces the fact that Arthur was betrayed, wholeheartedly, by a man he loved. But that is not all. Arthur makes the final big sacrifice for his true family, the ones who were always there for him even throughout their problems and vice versa. The last objective of the game, the last mission, is to protect John Marston’s family. A man who he knew he did not treat well. But he knew, even throughout everything, they still had a chance. The others who died along the way did not have a chance, and Arthur viewed himself as dead already. But John, his wife, and his son? They all had a chance. Arthur put the last of his faith into them and made the ultimate sacrifice in the end. Gasping for breath, we watch Arthur’s final sunrise.