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I haven’t written one of these in a while, so I have a lot new music to talk about.

Kyle Dion, DUCKWRTH, & UMI

Never would I have thought to see my favorite artists all on one track. Everything about this song is perfect. From the video aesthetics to the smooth voices and beat, everything was so well put together! Whoever thought to make this collaboration deserves both of sides of their pillow to be cold. I’m struggling to put my admiration for this song into words. Kyle Dion is an icon when it comes to slow/up beat songs like this. He really brings the track together with his high notes and his bridge and chorus is heavenly. After his verse is done, we are introduced to the godlike voice of UMI. UMI has been my favorite artist since 2018 and to see her make a song with DUCKWRTH is very overwhelming. When I found out about this track I could’ve died!! She is a really great lyrists and her feminine voice highlights the song’s light heartedness really well! Last but not least, DUCKWRTH. This man really takes all of my money every time he drops an album. Though I can listen to his music for free digitally, I find the action of buying it is more pleasing. He is a really good alternative rapper and he complements the song really well. I would like to add that the first few lines of this song is kind of vulgar, so listen with caution.


I really love this group!!! I just discovered them today through Apple Music’s autoplay feature. Autoplay suggests and plays songs that are similar to the one that you are currently listening to. It is a great feature for music fanatics like myself because it helps us to discover more smaller artists like Juanpalitoschinos! When I clicked on their profile, (because I tend to do that a lot), I noticed that they only have two songs released on apple music. However, that did not stop me from listening to those two songs over and over again. It’s classified under the pop genre, but I feel like that’s not a genre they deserve to be under. If you ever heard of other Hispanic/ Latino artists like Cuco, then you would get the type of genre they make music under. It’s kind of a spin on bedroom/indie pop with a lot of Latino undertones. It’s honestly my top three favorite genres of music. The first song I ever heard from them was Lo que tú me das and words can not describe how good this song is! The beat really grabbed my attention and the grainy/smooth Spanish that comes after is so good! It feels like your in a coming to age film! If you like artists like Beach Bunny, Cuco, boy pablo, or BROCKHAMPTON, I strongly suggest you give these artists a listen!

Little Simz

I mean look at her…iconic. It’s surprising to see that not a lot of people in the U.S know who this artist is. If you’re a little confused on who this woman is, then let me tell you how she recently blew up all around the world. Tiktok started a trend with her song Venom to showcase women empowerment. Though that is my favorite song by her, she also has so many tracks that are phenomenal. She is a rapper based in the UK and she is mostly known for her pen work and her ability to rap with incredible speed. She is so inspirational because she unapologetically herself and you can see that confidence in her performances. She recently dropped the track Woman featuring another one of my favorite UK artist Cleo Sol. The song is about empowering black women no matter where they are from. It talks about our hardships and close sisterhood and how we always have each other. I love this artist so much because of her womanist statements and her ability to incorporate that into her artistry.

Still Woozy

Still Woozy will always and forever be one of the most wholesome artists I have ever listened to. He really has a way to express topics through music in a way that is so unique. They way he puts really sad stories/messages in such a upbeat and happy song is a skill that not many can master. I don’t really know how to describe his voice because it’s not really singing. It’s a mixture between talking and singing, but when he does sing!! I feel like he knows exactly when to sing a certain part of the song, because he knows it will add such a heavy impact on the song. Here are some songs to get you started, That’s Life, Goodie Bag, and Maybe She. These are just a few of my favorite songs but any song from his discography can hit for you in a completely different way.


I love Harry so much. He is one of the funniest and down-to-earth people I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. He is a rapper based in South Korea signed under the label H1GHR. His music is so good! I am a really big rap fan and I’ve always wondered what rap looked/sounded like in different countries and languages. His music was the opening experience for me. He was actually one of the first Korean artists I listened to and let me tell you this man’s music does not disappoint. His more chill/love songs are my favorite because it really complements his personality more. However, his more hardcore/hype songs are so good. I really encourage to listen to this artist not only for his amazing music, but also for his great personality! Here are some of my favorite songs from him: Like Me, Perfect, Nerdy Love, and a track that he was featured on called The Purge.

Writing these posts really makes me feel like I should be paid to be their promoters. I do really love all these artists to much and I really hope ya’ll decide to listen to them.

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