A Brief Review of Rambo

So, me and my roommate just recently watched “Rambo”.  And I don’t think people fully Grasped the concept of the movie.  Many might see it as just an action-packed Thrilling joy ride, with explosions and Gunfights. But that’s just the surface of the film, the tip of the iceberg. When you look closer, really getting into the movie, you can see that Rambo Isn’t just about a soldier. I think it takes a little more understanding to really see the meaning behind this movie. 

Here’s a Sum of everything that happened in Rambo. 
Spoiler Alert!

Rambo is what most people would call a drifter. A Drifter, by Google Definitions is, “A person who is continually moving from place to place, without any fixed home or job.”
After the Vietnam War, soldiers came back to more than unpleasant conditions. They were mocked, cursed and treated horribly.
Rambo Had just landed back in America, and with no friends or family to return to, he unwillingly became a drifter. Roaming from town to town, in search of something, anything.

As Rambo Comes upon a Town called Hope, in British Columbia. 
He’s looking for a diner to eat at, and while searching the town sherrif is weary of his intentions, and “helps” him out by dropping him of where the town ends on the north side. 

Rambo Walks back into the town after the Sherrif leaves. 
at this point the sheriff is fed up with Rambo and attempts to arrest him. 
Rambo resists arrest but is eventually taken into custody. 

Events lead up to Rambo escaping the Police department, and he runs into the woods.  The Cops Biased and Selfish views caused them to become narrow visioned.  

After hunting down Rambo for two days, the cops are becoming impatient. 
Rambo Steals a car and makes his way back into town. Causing all sorts of mayhem and terror.  The Sherriff, still Blinded by Hatred, is in the police department. The Town is under lockdown and curfew because of the dangerous veteran lose on the streets. 
Rambo is only trying to escape this town, but everyone sees him as a villain. which in some cases he is a criminal.  But as Rambo said “They Drew First Blood.”

One thing leads to another, and in an attempts to loot for supplies Rambo becomes surrounded in a gun/ammo shop. At this point Rambo’s Old Lieutenant, Lieutenant Tay, has made an arrival in attempts to ease Rambo into custody. 

As the Ammo shop is surrounded, The Lieutenant Makes his way into the building and confronts Rambo. After they talk for a while Rambo Breaks down, sobbing, talking about the awful things he saw in Vietnam, and the Horrors he encountered.  

Rambo Broken and Sobbing on the floor, crying out in confusion, this is where the soul of the movie is. I believe that Rambo Is a representation of all those soldiers that came home broken. Broken From the Things they had to do, or things they had to see. Some broken beyond repair. 

Author: William Hillman

StarDate 101201.8 Hello, This is Carter, I'm a new student here at MSA, I'm from Hattiesburg Mississippi. I like Movies, art, and poetry. One poet that really inspires me is Treve Cemenski. Look him up on instagram if you get the chance. And for random reasons here are my favorite actors in my favorite movies Robin Williams and Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”. Tom Hanks in “Castaway” Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in “Prisoners” And finally, Michal. J Fox in “Back To The Future”.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I have never watched Rambo, but I am endlessly interested in the Vietnam War and its effects on government, politics, economy, and society, as well as the toll it took on the psychology of individuals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this film! It sounds very intriguing.

  2. I love seeing everyone’s perspective on movies that are famous, it gives such a far-reaching audience a place to help develop their opinions and taste throughout the community.

  3. This was amazing I’ve never seen this movie before but now I really want to. To be honest when I saw the title, I thought this was going to be about the Minecraft YouTuber Rambo.

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