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So, season 2 of Smiling Friends just dropped, and I wanted to share how I just recently got into the show.  I don’t remember where or when I first heard of it, but I do remember it being introduced to me by my roommate. It was one of the first shows we watched all the way through. (Without him watching ahead.) 



At first, the show put me off. The interesting yet disturbing animation, the use of 3d models as well as 2d.  the pace and ideas for episodes. It all nudged me in the wrong direction. But it quickly became one of my favorite shows the more I watched. I really like the dynamic between Charlie and Pim. And the conversation/dialogue between all the characters feels real and genuine. 

I really like Charlie, I love his melancholic attitude toward everything. I like how he’s the most cool-headed of the group, and that he’s kind of just…. there. I also really like his character style. I also think he’s the funniest character personally. His voice is really funny. 

I find Pim’s character really interesting as well. The colors really mix together and his attitude is really up beat and exciting.  I always love the 100 vs 0 personality tropes. Pim always trying to keep things bright, while Charlie is more of a realist. 

He kind of just really freaks me out. At first, when my roommate was showing me this show, I thought it was a meatcanyon video, by the way this character acted and talked.  Yeah, I’d rather keep talking about him a little short. 

Other than Charlie, Allan Red is my other favorite character. I really like the way he acts and goes about his job. I’m glad he finally got some more screen time in season 2 of the show. 

Little green guy. He’s so small and awesome. I like that he speaks gibberish too and that everyone else can understand him. And I forgot to mention, but there was a scene in season 2 where they showed all his information and it basically proved that the show was set in the year like, 300. 

Anyway, that’s all. I can’t wait for the next few episodes to drop. I really enjoy them so far.

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  1. The picture of the orange guy looks like the face my brother makes fun of our mom and she doesn’t get it so she asks us about it and then my brother makes that face.

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