“Last blog of junior year?? No way!” “Way.” Anyway I’m going to start off this blog with this amazing thing I did to my brother when I was about 12. Little backstory, my brother had this really old really crappy android. I can’t remember what type it was but it was bad. Anyway, I, being the amazing little sister I am, decided to do something about it. I searched and searched until finally I found the perfect gift for him. I wrapped it up and gave it to him. My exact words to him were, “Thomas I know you’ve been needing a new phone and I’ve been saving up my money so here you go.” and he got really excited. He had this huge smile on his face as he ripped open the wrapping paper to find a brand new Samsung phone. He was so happy and hugged me. I told him to open the box. He opened it. His smile faded. It was a rock.

On a side note, I have no idea what I’m going to write about for the exam for short fiction. I thought of something and then I remembered we’re in short fiction not short non fiction. Oopsies. Anyway I have these window planters on the front of my house and since I moved in there almost two years ago, they’ve been filled with dry dead plants. It looks nasty. I decided to do something about that. I planted rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, and lavender in them. As I was clearing out the dead plants I found a screw?? What?? Anyway, next I was going to clear out a section of my front yard full of weeds and more dead plants. I quit after about 5-10 minutes when I saw multiple black widows. I’ll leave the rest for my mom to deal with. Also, I planted this plant on easter. I think it was a flower but I can’t remember for the life of me what type. It’s growing. I replanted it into a bigger pot this past weekend. I hope it doesn’t die. I’ll update the plant situation in my first blog next year. Stay tuned.

Oh also, I took the AP English exam today and I get time and a half due to accommodations for lots of things. Anyway I divided up the time I had to write each of the three essays and it was 67 minutes. The first essay took 61 minutes to write, the second took me 23, and the third, 19. I think I made a 1.

P.S. Cooper if you’re reading this, your bag kind of reminds me of Indiana Jones’s bag.

Author: Georgia Bailey

I was born in Colorado and moved to Mississippi in 2008. I like reading pretty much every type of book except for romance. My family consists of me, my mom, my brother, my dog, and my brothers dog.

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  1. when you said I was going to be a part of this blog that wasn’t what i was expecting but ill take it, also fun fact i think that this is the first time that i have commented on one of your blogs all year. you should feel honored /j

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