This Year…yeah

This year has been a wild ride. A lot has happened…Ok…enough of the coming-of-age melodramatics. In all seriousness this year did contain a lot of growing for me specifically. A lot of it is way too personal to name specifically in this blog, saving that for that one three-person group chat (this is a joke PLEASE). I have begun to shed some of my people-pleasing behavior finally, hope to God that my saying it isn’t going to jinx my future. I am sure I am going to struggle with it more in the future but at least that seems bearable now. I have connected with a lot of people and met people I sincerely hope the best for. I am not sure if I am overall more mature probably not, to be honest, still very juvenile. I have come to terms with accepting the person I am now…not that that won’t change more in the near future but I think whoever I am currently is an alright person. I think my goal of being happier has been accomplished for the most part, I definitely still have hard days but it has been looking up as of recently. I am getting out of my Peter Pan syndrome as well thank goodness. It was becoming very concerning for a moment there. I have begun to stop being so dependent on others to determine my self-worth which has also been very freeing. I have become more ok with change I think. 


Academically I am still fairly the same. Read a good amount of books this year more towards the beginning but nonetheless still proud of that. Wrote a lot as well but that was inevitable. I have been attempting to give myself more grace and allowing myself to have off days. Which at times was hard to come to terms with but I eventually was able to cope. 


I was able to immerse myself in new things and become a fan of them. I am also open to exploring new interests, broadening my horizons, and breaking my shell. Also not allowing the idea of embarrassment discourage me from enjoying myself. I think this has contributed to my overall happier demeanor recently. 


Yeah, that’s pretty much all excuse the brain dump about this year. It’s kind of a mess but at least it was honest. Share your feelings about this year if you want or don’t. 

Author: Sone’t Robinson

My name is Sone't Robinson and writing for me is an outlet. It's a way to be heard when I feel like my words have fallen on deaf ears. I write out of necessity as well as passion. I've used my pen to write my peace and paper has been the greatest listener I've ever met. I'd encourage even those who don't have a passion for writing or literature to do the same.

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