The Chapter of the End

Hi, welcome back Lovelies.   For this post I’m not going to review any Thriller or Mystery shows, instead, I’m showing one of my works from my younger days that was revised.  This work is in the genre of Thriller and Mystery.  Here you go   🙂


Tommy Walt is sitting in his bed flipping through a magazine when his TV switches to the Scream movie.”  Riley Day is walking down the street late at night while reading a book that she wants to finish so much.   It’s a horror suspense book about kids that disappear from their houses mysteriously.  She flashes her camera light on her book in one hand as she keeps walking.   She starts reading back aloud.  “Tommy looks around to make sure he isn’t sitting on his remote.  When he notices that he isn’t, he doesn’t deem it weird; he just shrugs it off.   With no worry; Tommy relaxes and goes back to reading. Not even seconds later; he hears someone throw what sounds like a rock at his downstairs door.  He jumps, now that’s weird because he’s home alone so nobody in his family is pranking him.  “Who’s there?”  he asks.  Silence.   He just decides to get up and change the TV.  Minutes later he hears faint scratching on his bedroom window.  That’s when he gets scared. Tap… Tap… That’s all he hears.  “Stop it!” He shouts.  But it doesn’t work, and the scratching and the tapping get louder.   It gets quiet until someone whispers very softly… “ Tooommmy” It sounds like a soft howl of a girl.  Tommy jumps out of bed again and runs to his bedroom door.  It’s locked.  He wiggles it vigorously as he cries and panics.   Instead of escaping the lights come off.  “Ah!”  He shouts.   He runs to his window about to open it, but comes to find out the windows are already open.  He whimpers as he steps back falling to the floor.  There’s no escape unless… Tommy ran to the window and just as he was about to leap out a dark gloved hand clamps over his mouth from behind.   Tommy meets pitch blackness.   That night Tommy wasn’t found in his bedroom.  Riley stops at a crosswalk as she finishes reading the first chapter of the book.   “Tap…”  She looks around as she hears a faint sound, like the sound described in the book.  Like Tommy, she shrugs it off and walks across the street, time for the next chapter.   Leah Wright was putting on her make-up in the bathroom; the door shut so her parents wouldn’t see her.   She was singing aloud to her phone when she heard a deafening thump coming from the stairs.  She quickly turned off her music.  “Mom…? Dad…?!”  Leah shouted; she didn’t get a response.  After her family had been robbed when she was young Leah took no chances.  She quickly opened the door and peeked out.  The hall was clear, but Leah could feel in her chills that something was wrong.   She quietly stepped out of the bathroom.  When she heard no noise, she ran to her bedroom in the hall and grabbed her phone.   She quickly texted her friend Riley: Someone’s in my house.   Leah then slowly got her softball bat and creaked down the hall until she was near the staircase.   The stairs looked like they went on for eternity.  “Hello?”  Leah called out.  She heard no response, but she did hear something crash like glass in the kitchen  followed by the lights coming off.  Leah gasps with fear.   “ Oh… no don’t go down the stairs, Leah.”  Riley whispers to the book as she stops to sit on a sidewalk.   Leah starts to walk down the steps then something grabs her hair.   She shouts and thrashes, dropping her bat in the process.  The intruder pulled her back hard, but Leah pushed away, and when she let go of the grip… She tumbled down the stairs.  Each fall a “ thump..bop.. Boof.”  Leah is knocked out barely breathing as she lies on the floor.  The intruder walks down the steps slowly and grips Leah’s ankles, her parents in the corner with their mouths and bodies taped up as the intruder drags Leah away.  Like Tommy, she didn’t come back home that night.  Riley finishes another chapter, but as she keeps reading, she notices that strangely all of the characters have the same names as Riley’s friends.  But she keeps reading, not paying it any mind.   Belle Hollis gets out of her friends’ car watching as they drive off.   She slowly pulls out her phone as she walks up to her doorstep.   Stopping to read the text her boyfriend sent her;  she hears a rustle over her soft laugh.  She quickly looks up.   No one’s there.  Rolling her eyes at her own eeriness Belle goes to unlock the door.  But before she could finish turning the knob something huge hit Belle in the back of the head, it felt like a bat.   She groaned as her vision wavered; she tried to scream when she saw the hooded all-black attacker above her.   It was too late.  Belle is kicked in the temple as her breath goes away and she bleeds on the concrete.   Riley is almost to her destination as she turns to the next chapter, she isn’t creeped out about anything she reads, she just wants to finish the book.  Crunch… Crunch…  Riley snaps her neck to the source of the sound, but she doesn’t see anything she has to run as she hears sirens in the distance.   The person who wears the black hood and the black gloves sat crouched behind the car in Alex Wolfley’s garage as they waited patiently for him to step out.  The book stops there, it needs to be finished.  Riley puts the book on the driveway and puts on her black hood as she watches the boy step out of the door.  He heard the sound of her throwing rocks and he noticed when she turned off the lights from the powerbox outside.  “ Hello… Who’s there?”   Riley doesn’t respond; she only creeps behind the second car as she throws Leah softball for a diversion.  She watches from under the car as Alex picks it up.  “Leah..? No.. she’s gone.”  She feels bad as she hears him talking to himself.  But not for too long, she shuts the garage door with the button on the side.   “ Who’s..s there?”  Alex’s voice shakes as he gets nervous.  Like clockwork, Riley turns off the lights, and like usual Alex runs to the back door that leads into the house but when he is distracted by the ball Riley puts a padlock on the door. She watches as he struggles but she grabs her book and slowly crept behind him.  He turned around swiftly but Riley was quicker; she hit him in the head with the hard spine.  He fell with a thump at her feet.  Riley stared at him for a couple of moments before she pulled him by his shirt, she didn’t leave a trail this time because she made sure he didn’t bleed.                                                                                                                                                      On her way home, Riley finishes the chapter about Alex in her book, and she rereads it to make sure there is no way no one knew she wrote it about herself.  

The End?


Author: Tiara Jones

This is Tiara J and I love reading and writing Mystery and Thriller. "Blood Will Tell" is one of my favorite novels and "Law and Order" is my go to binge. I’m not dark, I just write for the shy little girl years behind me while also obsessing over R.L Stine. Favorite Quote: “ I always wanted to be funny. I never really planned to be scary.” -R.L. Stine

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  1. GASPPP I love this concept!! I love how you shifted from “OH my god she’s going to get killed, stop being a dumb horror protagonist,” to “OH…. SHE IS THE DANGER.” Her reactions make so much more sense now. This was super fun to read!

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