This Blog might get Me kicked Out the Group Chat

Soooo, um well you read the tile let’s just get this over with. 

It was quite in the small new York apartment. The only sounds where the cars on the highway. The apartment was small, but it was also cozy, almost like home. Laying on the couch in the living room was two bodies one looked to be of a young man with messes black hair. He had a strong build to his body. He was staring at the body on top of him. A teen girl with blond hair. She had a California girl body. Half her body was hanging off of the black-haired boy. The boy was looking at the blond girl with so much love in his eyes. The girl let out a small sigh as the boy begin rubbing small circles on the side of her hip. 

     The two were enjoying the silence that took over the apartment and them. There was peace and the boy was starting to fall asleep with the blond girl when loud knocking broke the quit of the apartment. The two hurriedly sat up and it looked like the both reached for something beside them before realizing that whatever they where looking for was not next to them. The girl picked up a cap that was siting on the coffee table. The black haired boy nodded to her and slowly made his way to the door. Another loud knock was heard from the door. The knocking was getting louder as the boy walked closer to the door and more frantic at the same time. The blond girl comes back in to the room and throws something to the black haired boy that he catches.

   “Who’s there?” The boy asked not really expecting an answer. Who would be out this late in New York knocking on someone’s door. He could hear people talking outside the door from what he could tell there was a big group of people out there maybe 4 or 6ish people. “Ah. Hello is this the Riddle residence?” one of the voices asked. Riddle residence? What is this the 1800’s. The black haired boy looked at his partner, who just shook her head she didn’t understand either. “Open the door Seaweed Brain.” The blond told ‘Seaweed Brain’. He opened the door and standing there was six people. Three looked to be around seventeen years old. Next to them were two grown men one was full of scares that reminded ‘seaweed Brain’ of the many kids at camp.


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Author: Crislyn Lance

Howdy Hey! My name is Crislyn Lance, but you can call me Cris. I love reading fantasy books, and fanfics. I love creating characters and studying characters and why authors made certain characters the way they are and how that character moved the story along. I love writing fiction from stories with big dragons to stories about fairy/pixies. I love the feeling of joy I get when I write a fiction story because it allows me to express the ideas that go on in my head after a long day.

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