My makeup routine!

Hello! I didn’t really know what to talk about for this blog so we’re going to talk about my skin and makeup routine :D. Throughout the blog I’m just going to name my products with a picture and small description since I do use a lot of makeup. I’m going to format it in steps so it will be in the order I use each product.

Step one: CeraVe face wash. I start here to get my skin clean and less oily.

Step two: I then use Jergens ultra healing lotion because I also have very dry skin. This smooths the dryness for a better base.

Step three: I then go in with an eyebrow gel. I use a small brush to just shape my brows how I like them, and the gel locks that shape in.

Step four: This is where the base begins. I use Morphe filter effect foundation. It’s a medium coverage. I apply this foundation with a velvet beauty blender, also by Morphe. I put it basically everywhere except my eye lids.

Step five: I use Morphe filter effect concealer. I place this under my eyes, the crease of my nose, underneath my eyebrows, and places a blemish may be. I later put it on the bridge of my nose, but I don’t do that in step five.

Step six: In this step I start my contour. Before I do that, I spray my face with setting spray. At the end is where I will talk about the spray because it is used most last. I take an Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour just putting it along the bridge of my nose, over the tip, and underneath the tip between my nostrils. I apply it with a thin, small brush. I blend it all out with a different small Morphe blending brush.

Step seven: After the contour I use a bronzer. I don’t like using a lot of bronzers because I embrace my pale complexion rather than making it darker, but I use some to give contrast. I just take this on a very large fluffy brush and put it along my cheek bones and hair line.

Step eight: I apply a small amount of concealer here. I put it on my nose bridge to make the contour stand out better. I blend this out with the small Morphe brush.

Step nine: Now, we set the face. I use a Morphe setting powder and brush for this. I take the angular side of my beauty blender and get some powder. I place it on the bridge of my nose where the contour is at and drag the product underneath my eyes. I get more on the sponge and drag that product along my jawline. We let this product sit for a while and do the next steps before we take it off.

Step ten: While the powder sits, I usually begin my eye makeup. I use whichever pallet suits my eye look but it is usually Morphe rose palette or the James Charles palette for eye shadow. Some days I wont even do eye shadow, but I love to incorporate it into the outfit I’m wearing. The eye shadow brushes I use are the crystal zodiac brushes by BH Cosmetics.

Step eleven: We can now wipe the setting powder off. With a large brush you just brush off the loose powder left. I’m also going to include eyeliner in step ten. I use NYX Epic Wear liquid liner. The way I do my eyeliner heavily depends on the eyeshadow placement, my mood, or if we don’t do eyeshadow, I make it big and bold.

Step twelve: This is where the phenomenal lashes come in. I LOVE my eyelashes and have many different sets. This step and step thirteen go hand in hand. I start off by picking the lashes I want and getting my glue ready. I use (ins glue name) lash glue. I can’t say I would really recommend this because it doesn’t hold very long. I apply the glue along the line of the lash then let it sit. The glue must get tacky before you apply the eyelash. While this glue sets, I move on to step thirteen. Usually after step thirteen the lash is ready to go on. I apply the lash to my lid after this, then repeat with the second lash. I usually finish step twelve the first time around. I get my lashes from several different places but mostly Shein, Walmart, or amazon.

Step thirteen: Blush and highlight. My favorite blush is a Sheglam liquid blush from Shein. I have two favorite highlighters, wet n wild hello halo liquid highlighter and Ownest powdered highlighter. Both brushes I use for this are from the zodiac crystal set. I usually just put the blush on my cheeks and up towards my brow slightly, not too much. I use the powder highlight on my cheeks. Before I get the highlight on my brush I spray the brush with some setting spray, then apply the product. This makes the highlighter more pigmented and shinier. I use the liquid highlight on my nose. I put it on the tip and along the bridge then blend it out. Occasionally I put highlight underneath my brow.

Step fourteen: After it is all complete i spray my face with the Morphe setting spray. This makes the makeup last longer

Brushes: These are all the brushes I mentioned most throughout. Morphe blending brush (small), crystal zodiac set, velvet Morphe beauty blender, fluffy bronzing brush, setting powder brush.

After care: At the end of the day, I remove my makeup with a cotton pad and micellar water. Then, I wash my face with just water to remove the extra micellar water. At night I put my acne medication and that’s all. I will say that the micellar water is not 100% the best for your skin though.

Author: Ava Lambert

Hello, my name is Ava. I love writing very deep or whimsical stories. I hope to reflect and find my writing style through blogs. Also, I just hope to have discussions with everyone.

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  1. how long does this all usually take you??? i only have like 3 steps and i still manage to spend 15 minutes on it , so i can’t imagine the time and effort you must put into it all

  2. I really appreciate how detailed you are in showing your audience your routine, and the pictures add lots of character by giving the readers a visual of what you are doing. Great Job, Ava!

  3. I like that you give details of each step without overwhelming the reader with too much. It felt like I was watching one of Mikayla’s tik tok videos (hopefully you know who that is, but if not, she’s an amazing makeup artist) I enjoyed this post:)

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