The Top Ten Adult Animated Shows of all time. FACT (my opinion)

Everyone take a minute with me and breathe, because oh my god I finally finished this big blog project I’ve been working on. So, for this week’s blog I thought that I would give my opinion. Because everyone loves it when someone else’s opinion is shoved in your face. Especially when it comes to controversial subjects, and in the eyes of the people who read these blogs (literaies) I would say that cartoons are a relatively controversial topic. So today I thought I would spit in the face of those who believe in non-confrontation and give the finite, only true (being my opinion) list for the top ten adult animated cartoons. 


ALSO, A QUICK PREFACE- I am not going to be explaining too in depth with the plot on any of these, I am just going to explain why I enjoy them and hope you know what I am talking about. I am also not going to be including animes on this list.

Number 10- Carol at the end of the world

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Carol at the end of the world is a relatively new Netflix original series about this woman named Carol, she lives on a version of earth where a planet is on course to collide with earth in seven months. And instead of freaking out the entire earth has accepted their fate and have decided to devote the rest of their life to living it to the fullest, eliminating all wars and conflicts. The earth is at peace while everyone is on a journey of fulfillment, except for carol, who continues to frustratingly live a life of boredom and mundanity. I enjoy this because it gives a great commentary on the meaning of life as well as gives a great portrayal of the simplistic dialogue that some characters have.


Number 9-South Park

South Park Rare Sky One Promo Vintage UK Import Poster 26 x 40 | eBay

I’m going to keep this one relatively short. I enjoy South Park because of the simplistic animation style and the fast-paced time in which episodes are made. One episode made in just a week means that they get to give commentary on events that are still in the midst of it happening.


Number 8- Downtown

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The extent of this show that I assume you have seen is probably through TikTok sounds, which is fair, it is where I found it. But after watching it for the first time I was pleasantly delighted with the show. Even though it is a relatively older show it has an animation style I enjoy and also gives a great commentary on societal reaction to sexual attraction and life in lower income areas.

Number 7- Daria

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I actually don’t have too much to say about Daria, in my opinion it is a classic with entertaining characters and a really cool animation style, similar to the number 8 on this list.

Number 6- Inside JobNetflix Reveals 'Inside Job,' First In-House Adult Animation Series

Ok, sorry guys, but I am going to use this show as a means to rant about how stupid I think Netflix is. Inside Job is an animated show that surrounds the lives of characters who are a part of a secret American organization, it has a bit of drama sprinkled in, but it is mostly a comedy. And let me say, this is one of the funniest shows that I have seen in my life, the comedy, the dialogue, and even the visuals were funny in all accords. However, due to the growing popularity of shows like Big Mouth (don’t get me started on how much I hate this show), it was canceled. Which crushed me, like, I can’t even describe how sad this made me.


Number 5-Bob’s Burgers

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While this show does not have the best reviews, (which I can understand) I personally really enjoy this show, I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I can confidently say that I find this show entertaining, it’s more of a comfort show than anything. To put it simply this is the show that I like to watch while I eat, which is an honor in my eyes at least.


Number 4- Moral Orel

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What to say about moral orel, it was an adult swim show from the early two thousand’s that only ran for three years. But only in its three years of running I think that it was one of the most influential pieces of media in adult swim history. Moral Orel is unique in a number of ways, such as its unique commentary on alcohol abuse, and its overall commentary on Christianity and modern-day organized religion. On a final, less important note I really like the designs. While it is animated it is based on real life puppets and clay animation which I think is really, really unique. I think it is a style that is hard to do but when it is done well, I am always a fan.


Number 3- Smiling Friends

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So, for the first member of the top three I have smiling friends. I’m going to just explain my opinion and if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend watching this show. Out of the top three that I have on my list this is the only comedy that I put, while I do love comedy, I do really enjoy drama, but in terms of comedy, I think that this show is close to perfect. Coming out in 2022, it is a relatively new show, however, with their use of very monotone dialogues and reactions in comparison to their extremely unique animation style it makes for a piece of media that has revolutionized what we know about comedy today. This is why it is on my number three spot.


Number 2- Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel - Wikipedia

Some might ask, “Oh isn’t that the trippy show” and yes, you might be right, however it is so much more than that. The absolutely incredible dialogue that was sourced from one of the creators’ podcasts that they use for the dialogue on this show is on another level. They speak on topics like meditation, regulation of widespread drug use, death, mindfulness, and mental health.


Number 1

BoJack Horseman Art Poster 30X20" 2019 Season 6 TV Show From USA

“Oh yea, of course Cooper likes this show,” I can hear your thoughts, Chanel.  But I will not be explaining why this show is at the top of my list, because this show is quite literally a masterpiece, and the only way that I could possibly explain to you how much of an impact this show has had on my life is if you go and watch this show for yourself. I am serious, if you are to take anything from this blog I have written today then please, let it be that you have to watch this show.

Author: Cooper Brumfield

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  1. YESSS Moral Orel and Smiling Friends are two of my favorites in this genre! I also enjoyed Inside Job, but I haven’t finished watching the entire thing- just the first season. Midnight Gospel also really intrigues me- I love myself some surrealism.

  2. Ok like I only knew like five of the shows in your list. Also I didn’t know they cancelled Inside Job because of Big Mouth. That’s really stupid. I understand Your dislike for Big Mouth. I never understood why some people even watched the show let along liked it.

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