My thoughts on Frankenstein by Marry Shelley and Dracula by Bram Stoker

Today I am going to talk about two books that I have read recently and recommend to other people who haven’t read them. I know there’s this generalization about classic books being boring but I consider these worth it. 


I read Frankenstein in under three days, finishing the first four chapters in a singular night. I read this book soon after Dracula by Bram Stoker.

I want to begin this blog by saying that I had no idea what I was getting into when I began reading it. I think everyone has the general idea about Frankenstein given how many times its been referenced but if you have any perceptions of this book not having read it, I can assure you they’re probably wrong. 

Going into it I thought it was going to be a simple story about a mad scientist creating an abomination and having to deal with society’s reaction to said abomination. But this novel goes much deeper than that, it tells a story of love, loss, and revenge. And not being fulfilled by revenge. It’s heavy on the theme of being othered and not fitting in with society. A big aspect of the novel I didn’t expect was how much Mary Shelley honed in on the perspective of Frankenstein’s monster.I don’t want to get too detailed with this because I want to avoid spoiling it but I promise it’s worth the read.  


This book was much slower of a read for me than Frankenstein, it took me months to finish due to spans of weeks where I wasn’t reading at all. In my personal opinion because of it’s formatting being mostly newspaper articles and journal entries was harder to get into and there were a lot of chapters that felt very still but when the story was moving oh boy was it moving. A lot of the characters introduced felt like they had a very distinctive purpose and when they were in danger I cared a great deal about the outcome. 

Also as someone who is very into vampires, seeing the early lore of Dracula was incredibly interesting. How almost canine like he was, with him always having his fangs bared and being hairy. Also his ability to summon wolves. 

I do think this book is worth reading though, the way the story builds was very fun and interesting. Once you get used to the format it becomes more fun to read. 

I also don’t want to spoil this book for anyone who hasn’t read it. 

Author: Sone’t Robinson

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  1. As someone who has read both of those books I can relate to you on that accord, the special thing I had with Dracula however was that to this day it is the only book that I have ever only listened to on audio book. I enjoy Frankenstein more, but I enjoy both novels.

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