What YouTube videos have I been watching? :)

I wasn’t sure what I should write about this month since I have previously written about everything involving my interests. I realized I watch YouTube A LOT so here we are. I watch it while I eat, which is a must for me to enjoy my food, and to go to sleep. I also use it as background noise for almost everything I do. 

  1. Jay3

Jay3 is an Overwatch youtuber/streamer who puts out a variety of content. He is someone I watch while I eat and for background noise. On his channel you can watch many different series. I enjoy his two series’ called Elo Hell and I spectated. In Elo Hell he watches people who think they deserve a higher rank in Overwatch 2 and Jay determines if so and if not he gives tips. I spectated is just Jay spectating players in competitive who are hacking/cheating. He has a huge variety of Overwatch content that I love to play in the background while I work or eat. 

2. Ice burgs

Ice burgs is not a channel but a category on youtube consisting of videos that are anywhere between 1-3 hours long. Each video is a certain category that the youtuber discusses in a chart. The chart is shaped like an ice burg showing the two top layers, middle layer, and 2 bottom layers underneath the water. Basically, each 5 sections of the ice burg is filled with subcategories related to the main subject that get progressively deeper, worse, or darker the further down the ice burg. There are tons of these videos regarding different subject matter that I love listening to. Videos like these I mainly sleep to but occasionally I’ll use an ice burg video as background noise to work to.  

3. Broogli

I LOVE Broogli. A lot. He is a youtuber that focuses his entire main channel to explaining the backrooms. He does explanations of each level, item, or entities you can find in the backrooms. I pretty much only watch him when I’m going to bed because I like his voice and his videos aren’t as serious as most videos that explain things. 

4. Stories

Recently, I have been listening to stories to sleep to. I am obsessed with cryptids, specifically skinwalkers. I love to find a good 5-10 hour video of someone telling short, scary stories about skinwalkers. Usually, they get the stories from Reddit and read them with rain or fire sounds in the background. I love listening to these. Chefs kiss. 


BONUS: My Encounter with a Skinwalker (totally real)

I drove to Raymond, MS a couple months ago to meet up with someone I had started being friends with. His name is Ken. Anyway, I picked him up from his house and we went to this park called Raymond Military Park, I think. It’s basically just a big circle trail. We get out and decide to do a lap around the trail, and we do. On our second lap around we decided to stop at this bridge we found off to the side of the trail. Underneath was just a small creek. I was not satisfied with being on the bridge because I wanted to explore the underneath. We both found a little area where we could get underneath the bridge and sit. Some stone pilers were broke in the sand making the perfect benches so that’s where we sat. I would say about 30 minutes later we hear rustling in the bushes behind us. It was on the edge of the creek off to our right more but still behind us. We look that way, then back at each other, and we hear something jump out of the woods. It was a deer. We both just kind of froze and looked at this deer in awe. Personally, I knew it was mating season and that buck would smack me with an antler, so I just sat still and watched as it ran down the creek. It got close to the other tree line in front of us and just stopped. The deer turned around and stared at us. Not its body, just its head. I think Ken and I made solid eye contact with this deer for 3 minutes before it leaped back into the woods. No way this deer wasn’t a skin walker fr. 

The End. 

Author: Ava Lambert

hi hi hi. im avaaa. i love writing poetry and short stories. i love horror, psychological, fantasy, or slice of life stories. my poems have a slightly different dynamic involving mental health and feminism. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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  1. Broooo, I’m so tired of this deer skin walker story. That deer was not a skin walker, and all deer turn their heads without moving their bodies and that’s the end of it.

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