Fictional Characters.

My 5 Favorite Fictional Characters. 

For this blog, I sort of came up with its last minute. I wanted to take a break from music posts and focus more on other things. So here we are.
My top five favorite fictional characters. (In no specific order ofc)

(Spoiler alerts for some of these characters.) 


#5 – Jack Torrance, The Shining. 

Jack Torrance from the shining was such an amusing character. Although he can be considered the antagonist of the story, which he is, I still find him really interesting. Jack Nicolson played the character Very well, but he was dealt a bad hand. Jack’s Character was extremely different than the book. It showed him as impatient and angry from the very beginning of the movie. But in book, he slowly became more and more aggressive. However, I still really liked the way he was played on screen. 




#4 – Billy Loomis & Stu Macher, SCREAM 

This one is a bit of a cheat, because its two characters. But I’m counting them as the same since they’re from the same movie. 

SCREAM is by far my favorite slasher. I love the story and the acting is really good too. especially in the ending scenes. I think these two make a really interesting duo, because they’re extremely different.  Billy is more serious about their goal, while Stu is more of the comedic relief. 

There’s also an interesting theory around Stu that he might still be alive.
Very far-fetched but plausible. All of the Ghostface killers have always been shot in the head. It’s a running theme with all the movies that if you don’t, they always comeback. However, Stu Macher was never shot in the head, he was electrocuted by a giant TV. So, there’s some interesting possibilities there. 

But I don’t think I would want them to bring him back. Ever since Wes Craven died (the original director) the series has taken a bit of a dip.  And I’m afraid they would ruin what might be left of Stu Macher. 



#3 – Omni-Man, Invincible 

Omni-Man is one of my favorite animated characters, I loved the mystery in the first season of Invincible. I also really like his character design. The image above is my favorite version of him, when he grew out his beard.

Invincible, the show itself, is a really interesting story. I’m sure most of you know it. It’s been a huge attraction for memes and quotes, and it’s by far my favorite show as of now. 

Omni-Man is the father of the protagonist invincible, who has just acquired his powers, and there’s a huge mystery revolving around the Guardian’s of the globe deaths. 




#2 – Puck, Berserk 

Puck is my favorite tv show mascot. If you’re unaware, berserk is a hit anime from the late 90’s where a swordsman who carries a comedically large sword tries to take down his archenemy who was once his friend and commander. 

Puck is an elf and the comedic relief in this show. He breaks the fourth wall sometimes, referencing things like Star Wars or Sun Zu in the art of war.  Although he can be serious at times and is beneficial to the plot.  

He’s a very emotional little guy, and there are tons of scenes where he cries, but he’s my favorite character in the show because he’s basically the jiminy cricket for guts, the protagonist. 




#1 – Simon Petrikov, Adventure Time

Simon Petrikov (aka Ice King) is a major character in Adventure Time. 
In the beginning he was just the poor antagonist that was a little crazy, but as the series developed, we saw that he used to be a man. A professor even. He had been researching the Ice Crown, which was his slow and painful curse. He slowly lost his mind and began to go crazy. 

As much as I like Adventure time, I really like the way the Fiona and Cake series portrayed Simon. He was the smart and quirky Simon he used to be. We also got a lot of lore from his past which was amazing. 

Anyways, those are my top 5 Fictional Characters. They change around sometimes, but these have been the most common. 

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  1. Some of the characters shown are from media I hope to CONSUME some day, and learning about them is even more of a motivator! It was really neat to get to read your thoughts on them.

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